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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 14, 2016 3:07am-4:00am MST

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contractors were killed in saturday's attack. 16 american troops were wounded. today we learned the bomber was a former taliban member who worked at the base. on monday, president obama embarks on his final overseas trip as president. he is meeting with world leaders in greece, germany and peru. no doubt he wille the outcome of the u.s. election. the cbs "overnight news" will be
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almost sixty million americans are affected by mental illness. together we can help them with three simple words. my name is chris noth
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cer: you taught him how to hit a baseball. how to hit a receiver. you even taught him how to hit the open man. but how much time have you spent teaching him...
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130 people were killed in a wave of terror attacks across paris. more than 300 injured. isis claimed responsibility. seven of the nine attackers were killed by police or blew themselves up. two others were killed the following week. charlie d'agata shows us how paris is healing. >> plaques stand where so many victims fell. they read out the names of each person whose life came to an end. all 130. french president visited the sites of all six attacks. marking that night in paris, when isis brought its brutal campaign of violence from the
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they struck the national stadium. restaurants and bars. the worst of the attacks unfolded here inside the theater where terrorists opened fire on the crowd. in all, 90 people were killed in the rampage. the last sounds to ring out from the theater were gunshots. screaming and explosions. its doors have been shut ever since. but on saturday night, sting, brought the concert hall back to >> hello. >> he told concert-goers -- we shall not forget them. before marking a minute of silence. among the audience, those who survived, and loved ones of those who did not. bataclan survivor, artur denovo could not bring himself to go. >> what is your memory of that night? >> it was, in the pits of the
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top of each other. that was just one big body. you know, you could not move. you were trapped by other people. a big pile of people. >> you remember like yesterday? >> yeah, definitely. >> nine of the known main attackers either died that night or in the days following. one that got away, was later arrested. he is in custody but refusing to talk. he told us, he refuses to be angry at the attackers. human. >> will you ever be yourself? again? >> not the same. but i think, not necessarily some one weaker or worse or anything. but no, we will all be different. that's something that changes
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still recovering from the physical and psychological trauma. some are still in the hospital. dozens of children will grow up without one or both of their parents. elaine. there are some wounds that time will never heal. >> charlie d'agata, thank you. a new study out tonight looked at safety of the commonly used anti-inflammatory drug celebrex. dr. jon lapook. >> celebrex is anti-inflammatory, to treat arthritis. it works by a similar mechanism to another drug called viox, viox pulled off the market in 2004 because it caused heart
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so a big study was done. 24,000 people over ten years, to compare celebrex to two other very common anti-inflammatories, ibuprophen and naproxen. i talked to the cleveland clinic about that study. when you and your colleagues unsealed the results what was your reaction? >> i must tell you i was stunned by the results. celebrex was not worse than the older drugs that had been around and taken by so many americans. both in the over-the-counter form or in the this casehe very high prescription doses that we used for arthritis in this trial. >> this was a higher dose than people say, take for headache. >> quite a bit higher. two to three times as much. it really does take a drug that was under a cloud of suspicion, after viox was withdrawn and lifts that cloud and lets us now think abut this in different ways. >> so, jon could this change the way arthritis patients are treated? >> it very well could, elaine. because the the idea was, people were kind of afraid of using celebrex because of possibility that it worked in the same way viox did to create increase in heart problems. now it doesn't cause any more problems than ibuprophen. people may use it more. it didn't cause as much ulceration and bleeding as
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>> legendary singer, songwriter, leon russell has the died. ? ? >> russell was known as much for long beard and hair, and collaborated with jerry lee lewis and rolling stones and bob dylan and beach boys. leon russell was 74. coming up next. university case. and what we're being told about
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increased risk of bleeding or bruising may occur especially if taken with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners. manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. a class action lawsuit alleging fraud by trump university is set to start in california. last night, lawyers for the president elect filed a motion seeking to postpone the trial until after his inauguration. a ruling by federal judge could come tomorrow. if that name sounds familiar it is cause trump made the judge's
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>> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. a hater. he is a hater. his name is gonzalez cu rich. el. >> the statement mr. trump made was in spanish it is called -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> without shame. san diego attorney, greg vega has known judge curiel since childhood. >> frustrated? >> not frustrated more angry. >> because judge curiel cannot defend himself. we in the legal community feel an obligation. >> defense attorney jeremy warren tried cases in his courtroom. >> he is open and fair. >> reporter: during the campaign, trump called him something else. >> the judge who happens to believe, mexican, which is great, i think that's fine. >> you are saying a barrier? >> he is not the freeing me fairly.
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is mexican. >> an american of mexican dessert. >> reporter: curiel was born in indiana for three decades practiced law in california. >> he spent his career protecting the border from mexican drug trafficking and violence coming across the border. >> my parents came here from mexico with a dream of providing their children opportunities. >> reporter: this was curiel in 2012 after being appointed as a federal court judge. whats >> honorable. >> reporter: does he owe your friend an apologies? >> yes. >> do you think you will get one? >> no. >> reporter: trump's attorneys are asking the president-elect be allowed to tape his testimony. they argue with his transition on the horizon he has more important obligations to focus on. judge curiel strongly encouraged both side to work together on a settlement. elaine. >> mireya villarreal, thank you. still ahead the view from
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calp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care ugh, it's only lunchtime and my cold medicines' wearing off. i'm dragging. yeah, that stuff only lasts a few hours. or, take mucinex. one pill fights congestion for 12 hours. no thank you very much, she's gonna stick with the short-term stuff. 12 hours? guess i won't be seeing you for a while. is that a bisque? i just lost my appetite. hours, when just one mucinex lasts 12 hours? start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. [ speaking foreign language ] that's china central television news anchor, uyang xiodin, announcing president ping sent a message of congratulations to president elect donald trump. after all the tough talk about china during the campaign, how
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largest population and second largest economy reacting to trump's victory. adrianna diaz reports from beijing. >> reporter: at one of china's busiest ports, cranes load containers headed for america. part of the half trillion dollars worth of exports essential to keeping china's economy afloat. but a donald trump presidency has beijing worried the exports may be in jeopardy. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country. it is the greatest theft in the history of the world. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, trump regularly accused china of stealing american jobs. and vowed to punish them with tariffs as high as 45%. if his rhetoric becomes policy, china's economy could suffer. and job losses rise. >> i think it would be very, very painful for china. >> reporter: long time china watcher and finance expert, michael pettis told us china could be in for a shock.
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process. the enormous growth of the last 20, 30 years. has left the economy very distorted. and in need of significant changes. if there is a trade war on top of it, it will be that much more painful. >> reporter: uncertainty is causing concern. if tariffs go up, chinese exports will go down said this man. and it engineer. that's bad for china. will that then hurt americans? >> generally in a trade war, one thing that we know for sure, is that the global economy does worse. >> reporter: for now, china's adopting a wait and see policy. and chinese president ping's congratulatory message to donald trump, he said he is looking forward to a win-win relationship what conflict on confrontation. adriana diaz, cbs news, beijing. up next, a travel blogger
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a wheelchair.,, ,,
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,, ,,
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finally tonight, more than 2 million americans need a wheelcair to get around. but few have traveled as far as a wheelchair travel blogger named cory lee. brook silverbraga has his story. >> reporter: for cory lee, started with a short cruise to the bahamas in high school. >> the trip sparked somethin further. spinal atrophy type 2 kept him from taking steps. didn't stop him from traveling, australia to israel. finland to iceland. >> how many countries? >> 18 so far. >> reporter: cory has done it all with his mom sandy by his side. >> his dad and i had gotten divorced when he was 4 years old.
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years. i just always told him. if you can't stand up. stand out. >> reporter: as a team there is no end to the hassles of wheelchair travel. >> whoa. >> reporter: three years ago, cory started a blog, curb free with cory lee with tips to help other wheelchair travelers. tourism board and tour operators took notice. and started sponsoring adventures that wouldn't have salary working at a nursing home. >> he does things and has done more than i could ever imagined for wished for him. there is lots of things he can't do that other children have done. so i am glad that he is now has found a career and life that, he can really inspire others and, and enjoy for himself. >> sma makes cory a bit weaker every year. >> used to be able to lift my arms up. now i can't really do that. >> reporter: there is urgency to
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was off to south africa. on safari. >> plenty of people with fewer obstacles don't leave their hometown. >> yeah. >> reporter: why is it worth it to you? >> i don't like being stuck in one place. i am, me going out, not only shows other wheelchair users, but shows, able-bodied people, that are just here in central park. he is out here. rolling around with us. i feel like people have this preconceived notion of wheelchair users as just staying at home. laying in the bed. i want to break that perception. >> brook silverbraga, cbs news, new york. >> that's the "overnight news" cbs news legend bill plant on his retirement. he joined cbs in 1964. he interviewed dr. martin luther king on the march from selma to montgomery. vietnam war, five presidents and sunday night news anchor. all of us at cbs news thank bill for his inspiring work. i'm elaine quijano in new york. thank you for joining us.
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welcome to the overnight news. i'm elaine quijano. donald trump's administration is take shape in his own image. trump selected the republican national committee chairman as chief of staff. priebus was a staunch trump supporter when many in the gop were turning their backs on candidacy. and steven bannon, former banker whrv will serve as chief strategist and senior counselor to the president. meanwhile there are signs that president trump will be more pragmatic in the oval office than candidate trump was on the campaign trail. the president elect discussed with lesley stahl of 60 minutes. >> well, congratulations, mr. trump. >> thank you. >> you are president-elect. >> thank you. >> how surprised were you?
3:31 am
i was on a string of about 21 straight days of speeches, some times many a day. and the last two days, i really -- i really had a -- had a pretty wild time. i did six speeches. then i did seven. >> everyone thought you were going to lose? everyone? >> the final speech in michigan at 1:00 in the morning. we had 31,000 people. many people outside of the arena. and -- i felt, when i left, i we set it up a day before. and we had, all of these people. and it was literally at 1:00 in the morning. i said, this doesn't look like second place so. we were really happy. these are great people. >> on election night, i heard you want completely silent. was it a sort of realization? of the enormity of this thing for you? >> i think so. it is enormous. i have done a lot of big things. i have never done anything like this.
3:32 am
it is so enormous. so, amazing. >> just took your breath away. couldn't talk? >> a little bit. a little built. and i think -- i realized that this is a whole different life for me now. >> hillary called you. tell us about that phone call? >> so, hillary called. it was a lovely call. and it was a tough call for her. i mean i can imagine. tougher for her than it would have been for me and for me it would have been very, very difficult. she just said, congratulations, donald. well done. and i said i want to thank you very much the you were a great competitor. she is very strong. and very smart. >> what about bill clinton? did you talk to him? >> he called the next day. >> really? what did he say? >> he called last night. >> what did he say? >> he couldn't have ben more gracious. he said it was an amazing run. one of the most amazing he has ever seen.
3:33 am
very nice. >> it was a pretty nasty campaign. do you regret any of the things you said about her? >> well, it was a double-side nasty. they were tough. i was tough. do i regret -- i mean, i'm sitting here with you now and we're going to do a great job for the country. we're going to make america great again. that's what, it began with that. there are so many things -- >> no regrets? >> i can't regret. i wish it were softer. i wish it were nicer. i wish maybe it was more on policy or whatever you want to say. but, but, i will say that -- it really -- it really is something that i'm very proud of. it was a tremendous campaign. >> can we talk about yesterday? president obama? >> sure. >> 90 minutes. scheduled for 15? >> 15 max. >> we talked about foreign policy.
3:34 am
>> this was going to bea quick little chat. it lasted close to an hour and a half. it could have gone on for four hours. it was just, in fact, it was almost hard breaking it up because we had so many things to say. and he told me the good things and the bad things. there are things that are tough right now. >> look what? give us some meat? >> look, i don't want to divulge. we talked about the middle east. tough, tough situation. i wanted to get his full view. i got his full view. i got a good part of his view. i like having that because i am going to be inheriting that in a short period of time. i found him to be terrific. i found him to be very smart. and very nice. great sense of humor. as much as you can have a since of humor talking about tough subjects. we were talking about some pretty tough subjects.
3:35 am
victories also, some things that he feels very gadabout. -- good about. >> like? >> what i wanted to focus on? middle east. north korea. obamacare is tough. health care is a tough situation right now. >> oh, i bet he asked you not to undo it? >> no, he told me the merits. and the difficulties. and we understand that. >> you looked pretty sober sitting there in the oval office? did something wash over you? >> no, i think i am a sober person. i think the press tries to make you into something a little different. in my case, a little bit of a wild man. i'm not. i'm actually not. i'm a very sober person. but it was respect for the office. it was respect for the president. again, i never met him before. but we had -- we had a very good chemistry going. and i really found it, might not be that i agree with him, but i
3:36 am
conversation unbelievably interesting. >> i want to emphasize to you -- mr. president-elect that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed. because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> was it at all awkward? at all? given what you have said about each other, you said he was not born in this country. he said you are unqualified. >> it was a very interesting thing. because a few people have asked me from my fame flee what was that first, period of time like. we never discussed what we said about each other. i said terrible things about him. he said terrible things about me. we never discussed what we said about each other. >> there was no awkwardness? >> i will be honest, from my standpoint zero.
3:37 am
and that's strange. i am actually surprise to tell you that. it's, little bit strange. >> thank you. >> do you think that, that your election its a repudiation of his presidency? >> no. i think it's a -- moment in time where politicians for a long period of time have let people down. they have let them down on the job front. they have even let them down in terms of, the war front. we have been fighting this war for 15 years. >> the message of your campaign? >> spent $6 trillion. we could have rebuilt our country twice. you look at our road and bridges and tunnels and all, and airports, like obsolete. and i think it was just a repudiation of what's been taking place over a longer period of time than that. >> we'll have more of lesley stahl's interview with donald trump in two minutes. the "overnight news" will be
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president elect donald trump invited 60 minutes into his inner sanctum, trump towe. it was his first television interview since winning the presidential election. here is more of lesley stahl's interview. >> so let's go through very quickly. some of the promises you made and tell us if you are going to do what you said. or gng >> are you really going to build a wall? >> yes. >> they're talking about a fence in the republican congress. >> sure. >> would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would. certain areas the wall is more appropriate. i am very good at this. called construction. >> part wall/part fence. >> could be some fencing. >> what about the pledge to deport millions and millions of undocumented is grants? >> what we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, we have a lot of these people, probably two million.
3:41 am
or going to incarcerate. but we are getting them out of our country. they're here illegally. after the border is secured, and after everything gets normalized we are going to make a determination on -- the people that you are talking about. who are terrific people. they're terrific people. but we are going to make a determination at that. before we make the determination. leslie, it is important. we want to secure or border. >> we had a fantastic productive meeting. >> so you were with paul ryan. you met with the republican leadership. what was the -- one thing that you all agreed you want to get done right away? >> well, i would say there was more than one thing. there were three things. health care. there was immigration.
3:42 am
country. we are going to substantially simplify and lower the taxes. >> you have beth houses. >> i have both houses and the presidency. >> you can do things fast. >> long time since it happened. and they gave me a lot of credit. don't forget. i was abused four, five weeks ago. they said, instead of having all three. going to lose all three. that was good. but, those are the three things that we really discussed. >> you said that -- lobbyists own politicians. >> yeah. >> bau you admitted you used to do it yourself. >> and when you say, lobbyists and special interests. >> you want to get rid of it? >> i don't like it. >> your own transition team. filled with lobbyists -- verizon, oil and gas, food. >> everybody is a lobbyist down there. >> on your own transition team. >> trying to clean up washington.
3:43 am
they're all people that work -- that's the problem with the system. the system. right now, we are going to clean it up. we are having restrictions on foreign money coming in. we are going to put on term limits. happy about. we are putting on term limits. we are doing a lot of thing to clean up the system. everybody that works for government. they leave government and become a lobbyist essentially. the whole place one big lobbyist. >> you are saying you have to rely on them though you want to >> i'm saying they know the system right now. but we are going to phase that out. you have to phase it out. >> talk about your cabinet? have you made any decisions? >> yes. >> tell us. >> i can't tell you that. >> come on. >> you know the amazing things. to show you the incredible nature of our country. first of all, every major leader and probably less than major leader has called me. i have spoke tine many of them. i will call the rest of them. and i said, boy this really shows you how powerful our
3:44 am
france. and uk. and, i mean, everybody. all over asia. and -- very, just to congratulate. really shows the the power of our country. >> one of the things you are going to obviously get an opportunity to dupe is name some one to the supreme court. and i assume you will do that quickly. >> yes, very important. >> during the campaign you said you would appoint justices who were against abortion rights. will you appoint, are you looking to appoint a justice who wants to overturn row v. wade. >> look, here's what is going to happen. i am going to, i am pro-life. the judges will be pro-life. they will be -- >> what about overturning this law? >> couple things. they will be pro-life. in terms of -- the whole gun situation, we know the second amendment. and everybody is talking about the second amendment. trying to dice it up and change it. they will be pro second amendment. but, having to do with abortion, if it ever were overturned, it
3:45 am
so it would go back to the states. >> some women won't be able to get an abortion. >> become to the states. >> some states. >> they will have to go to another state. >> that's okay. >> we'll see what happens. a long way to go. you understand. that has a long, long way to go. >> are you in any way? intimidated, scared, about this enormous burden, the gravity of what you are taking on? >> no. >> not at all? >> i respect it. but i am not scared by it. >> you're not scared. but there are people, americans, who are scared. and some of them are demonstrating right now, demonstrating against you. against your rhetoric. >> that's only because they don't know me. i really believe that.
3:46 am
campaign. >> i just don't think they know me. >> what do you think they're demonstrating against? >> in some cases you have professional protesters. and we had it, if you look at wikileaks. >> you thing the people down there are -- professional? >> some of them will be professional. >> what about they're in every city? when they demonstrate against you and there are signs out there, don't you say to yourself, i guess you don't, "do i have to worry about this? do i have to go out and assuage them, tell them not to be afraid, they're afraid." >> i would tell them don't be afraid. absolutely. >> that's not what you are saying. i said it. >> i am saying it. i have been saying it. don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back. but certainly don't be afraid. we just had an election. and -- sort of like -- you have
3:47 am
people are protesting. if hillary had won, and if my people went out and protested everybody would say that's a terrible thing. and, it would have been a much different attitude. there is a different attitude. a double standard here. >> not my president! >> reporter: it has been five full days since election, and anti-trump demonstrations driven in part by hillary clinton's edge in the popular vote, have been significant. when we interviewed him on friday afternoon, mr. trump said he had not heard about some of the acts of violence that are popping of in his name, or against his supporters. nor he said had he heard of reports of racial slurs and personal threats against gays, by some of his supporters. >> i'm very surprised to hear that. >> telling muslims. >> i hate to hear that the i hate to hear that. >> you do hear it? >> i don't hart. i saw, one, two instances. >> on social media? >> very small amount. >> do you want to say anything to those people? >> i would say dent do it. that's terrible. i am going to bring this country
3:48 am
>> they're harassing latinos, muslims. >> i am so saddened to hear that. and i say, stop it. if it -- if it helps. i will say this. i will say it right to the cameras. stop it. >> when the "overnight news" returns, we'll get two views of donald trump's election. one from former house speaker newt gingrich. the other from senator bernie sanders. put some distance between you and temptation with meta appetite control. clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. mended brand. ahh...still sick, huh? i'll take it from here. i'm good. i just took new mucinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooooling thing happening?
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now on the transition of presidential power from barack obama to donald trump. john dickerson of "face the nation" spoke with former speaker newt gingrich vice chair of the trump transition team and former presidential hopeful senator bernie sanders. >> now that he is president, are a lot of things bright lines in the campaign are they much more negotiable? >> if you listen to the brief there are going to be substantial deportations they're called criminals. i mean 2 million people would be a lot of people to deport. if at the same time you again control of the border. and if you passed a guest worker program. you would be a long way toward then, three, four, five years from now dealing with the rest of the folks who are here without legal permission. and i think by that stage we would acome date in some way. i think in terms of obama care it will be repealed. there are aspects of it that are very widely supported.
3:52 am
their parents insurance. you want to protect the right to, to have insurance coverage without, without any kind of precondition. but that means, if you are not going to have a mandate which we are not. hasn't been effective. they can't punish young people with taxes enough to get them to buy insurance. belter have a high risk pool which paul ryan suggested or some device so that if you have a precondition but not inshierd you still get health care. >> why should anybody who doesn't like donald trump think oh i should think he is legitimate now? >> question of whether or not you want america to be successful venture. if you are hard left, it is very hard to imagine why you are going to accommodate, trump presidency. because the two, the two goals of the, remember, george w. bush was attacked from day one by the hard left. oeb was attacked from day one by conservatives. we have now been through 16 years of the siege warfare. interestingly involved in a fight with clinton, no one ever
3:53 am
or reagan or carder for that matter. >> anthem going on about donald trump, he is not my president. is he your president. won the election. i did everything that i could to see he not become elected. but he within. our job is to hold him accountable. mr. trump claimed he was a champion of the working class of this country. and as you know there e working longer hours for low waejs don't have any health care. can't afford to send their kids to college. can't afford child care. if mr. trump in fact has the courage to take on wall street, to take on the drug companies, to try to work forward, go forward, to create a better life for working people we will work with him onner to by issue. but if his -- presidency is going to be about -- discrimination, if it is going to be about, scapegoating, immigrants, scapegoating african-americans, or muslims, we will oppose him vigorously. >> a lot of democrats are bereft at this outcome. not just a loss, there are people who are -- who are shaken by this.
3:54 am
>> our message is that we have to -- do a lot of rethinking. ask ourselves how does it happen that we have a president, a u.s. senate, house, and most governorships are controlled by people who want to give huge tax breaks to billionaires, cut social security, medicaid, who do not even believe in the concept, the understanding of climate change which is virtually unanimously agreed to by the scientific community. how does the happen they win elections and democrats lose? i think, what the conclusion is -- is that -- democrats have focussed too much with a liberal elite which is raising incredible sums of money from wealthy people in the upper middle-class. but has ignored to a very significant degree the working
3:55 am
,, ,,
3:56 am
3:57 am
,, the story of 2016 presidential campaign will be written by different people. in different ways. one person with a unique view is fox news anchor megyn kelly has a memoir coming out this week. jamie yuccas has a look. >> mr. trump, hi. >> hello. >> how are you doing? >> n the friction between fox news anchor megyn kelly and donald trump has been well documented according to a "the new york times" review of kelly's memoir she writes trump was upset prior to the first republican debate in 12015. phoning fox executives saying he heard the first question was a pointed question directed at him. folks are starting to worry about trump she writes. yes his first debate. this was bizarre behavior for a man who wanted the nuclear code. >> you called women you don't
3:58 am
disgusting animals. >> honestly, megan, if you don't like it. i am sorry. i have been very nice to you. although i probably could not be based on the way you have treated me. >> reporter: according to "the new york times," kelly alleges trump threatened her with social media after taking issue with the segment on her fox show. she claims he said, i almost unleashed my beautiful twitter account against you. i still may. >> you know, she, she, gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her -- wherever. >> prior to his candidacy, kelly also writes trump made an effort to shape her news coverage. by offering a trip to his mar-a-lago resort and picking up the tab at one of his hotels. kelly says she declined. something she alluded to in ants interview with charlie rose. >> some think about this. they look at it. they say why her? >> i think it is very clear to
3:59 am
>> just that, that's all it its. >> i wouldn't want to speculate beyond that. >> according to the times review, kelly describes an odd moment the morning of the first gop primary debate. in which her driver insisted on getting her a coffee. she said she declined but he persisted. later when she drank it she became violently sick 15 minutes later. apparently the incident ratted her enough that she mentioned it to roger ailes and lawyer. late last night, kelly responded to the times review on twitter the i believe the reason i got sick the day of the first debate was i contracted a stomach virus. in ano t book also does not suggest frump -- trump had any debate questions in advance. nor does i believe that he did. >> that's the "overnight news" for this monday. for some of you the news continues. for others, check back with us a little later for the morning news and cbs this morning.
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captioning funded by cbs it's monday, november 14th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." president-elect donald trump sits down for his first >> we are losing this country. that's why i won the election and, by the way, won it easily. >> trump talks about everything from his pledge to overturn roe v wade to his promise to build a wall along the mexican border. a powerful earthquake rocks


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