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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  November 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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,, ,, f0 hi, everyone. 5:30now. this is the news. this is a live picture downtown. this is that homeless camp near the denver rescue mission. we know today the city once again is going to move belongings and move people out of there. we're covering the latest on that live this morning. just one of the big stories today. thanks for joining us.
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warm we are going to get today ahead of a big change coming later this week. ashton, you're tracking this and i cannot believe the highs. it will be a big, big change for us. today highs coming close to 80. if we make it to 78 we'll tie the record for the date. i think that probably will happen later today. now we're at 53. yeah, 53 for a morning here in the middle of november. our cbs4 weather watchers mitch and sandy in 62 now. also in the 60s in nearby boulder. we'll check today's forecast and talk about the change for the end of the week, it's all straight ahead. now let's check in with joel. good morning. we're watching a trouble spot to the south of i-70 along smith. it's lately been lights malfunctioning, but now it's the crossing guard at the railroad that's malfunctioning, the crossing gate, and that could lead to delays on the a line. thank you for updating us on that.
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after a young woman disappeared in littleton. cbs4's shawn chitness is live at the commerce city landfill with this disturbing story. shawn. >> reporter: britt, police tell us they're not sure if she is alive. so therefore, it's unclear what they're looking for here at this landfill. they could be looking at clues to try to find charlene voight or may be looking for her remains. the search just started yesterday and several months to complete. this happened months after she was last heard from. charlene voight was last heard from her family when they had a phone conversation with her in late june. an investigation to try and find her began in july after police got that report of her as a missing person. we know that search teams here are getting dressed up in hazmat suits, using protective vests and hard hats at the landfill as part of that
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missing person, voight's long- term boyfriend was arrested for an unrelated sex assault. but in september, court documents related to that case from the district attorney's office were dismissed. some of the documents in that case went on to say that the decision to release that case was because it was now mixed in with a different missing persons investigation. we'll have to see where it goes from there. live in commerce city, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. thank you, shawn. denver officials say it is time for another homeless because the sidewalks downtown are becoming a health hazard. it's not too far from the denver rescue mission. the city says it has enough beds in shelters to house the homeless. according to the group denver's road home, most of the people camping on the street are refusing those services. people who work downtown are responding to these homeless camps. >> sometimes it's a little
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bunch of people you see shady things, syringes. >> we probably could come up with a better solution of that. seems a bit draconian. i think people coming to town want a spotless city. humans do have rights. >> back in march city crews did a similar sweep. people in the neighborhood say they think the camps will get pushed farther east greece this morning on his first trip to that country in his final official overseas tour. he's scheduled to hold talks with greece's president and prime minister. they've had a lot of financial problems there. the president will then head to germany and back across the ocean to south america. he'll go to peru during his seven-day trip. let's get a check of weather and traffic every 10
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the weather is still very quiet across colorado. it's going to be another unusually warm day, even warmer than yesterday. we hit 72 yesterday afternoon. today i think we'll be at least 6 degrees warmer than that. the record for today is 78 set on this date about 74 years ago. it's a record that's been on the books for a while, and i think we may tie it this afternoon. here's our storm system in the pacific northwest. as it moves in dramatic change end of the week. good chance for snow in the mountains as well. meanwhile, today, nothing but sunshine. couldn't be more different from what i just described. 9:00a.m., 56. noon 73 and high of 78. more weather coming up. now let's check in with joel. just got a couple trouble spots this morning. starting to see building volume, that's not really causing delays. we have delays at the crossing guard there, crossing gate,
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42nd. that can cause delays along the a lines. we'll continue to watch that. yellow icon, we have a deer on the roadway at dtc boulevard. watch out. can happen any time of the year that we have wildlife on the road. 9minutes from thornton to denver. great speeds across the denver metro area. today vice president elect mike pence will be in new york city to talk with donald trump ab administration. there are 4,000 jobs to fill. the secret service is now vetting employees and residents at trump tower as they provide security. here's hena daniels. >> reporter: a campaign source tells cbs news rudy giuliani is favored to serve as secretary of state in donald trump's new administration. speaking at a "wall street journal" forum in washington last night, the former new york city mayor refused to discuss
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instead, he came to the defense of steve bannon, a right wing media mogul attached as the president-elect's chief straited gist. >> he's a patriot. he loves america. he may have a different view of america than you do. but he loves america as much as you or i do. >> reporter: while most support trump's decision, democrats on capitol hill blasted his appointment. >> his appointment of stephen bannon is proof of the ugly direction mr. trump intends to white house, president obama was more diplomatic. >> i think it's important for us to let him make his decisions and i think the american people will judge over the course of the next couple of years whether they like what they see. >> reporter: in a statement last night, trump's spokesman praised bannon saying he'll work hand in hand with chief of stay reince priebus as he continues to help implement's
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all americans. president-elect trump has nearly 4,000 jobs to fill in his administration before he takes the oath of office in january. hena daniels. >> john bolton is also said to be in contending for secretary of state. a new scam targeting homeowners. it starts with a post-it note left on a front door. a message from a fictional company called and you need to call. the people who do are then asked for personal information, which the scammers use to steal their identities. >> if you were to give them your personal identifying information they can open up an account in your name, they can purchase stuff under your name. >> legitimate delivery companies already have all the information they need. they would never ask you for that.
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they are being moved to their new location at the denver pavilions. cranes are lifting some of the games into a new gastropub. the work is going on after 10:00 at night for the next few days, so parts of glen arm place will be closed between 15th and 17th streets. how much do you think people recycle in denver? >> a public interest watch group says denver is actually doing lousy job at this. our kelly werthmann be recycled. you've got leaves which could be composted. >> reporter: when it comes to recycling, denver is basically garbage. >> denver's recycling rate is 18%. it's one of the lowest in the country. >> reporter: the national recycling rate average is 34%. a pair of nonprofit groups say denver is so wasteful because there aren't enough recycling options. >> about a third of residents in denver live in apartment buildings with seven or more
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recycling options. >> reporter: eco cycle and colorado public interest research groups say solutions are cutting fees for composting, providing more access, and financial incentives for recycling. >> the recommendations from the report are actually pretty much in line with what the city recommendations are. >> reporter: denver solid waste management's charlotte pitt says the city is working on a plan to improve recycling rates. when there's never been a cheap, pitt says it's hard to drive policy initiatives. >> we're trying to buck that system a little bit. >> denver is taking steps in the right direction, but we need to do more, more quickly. >> faster just means money. i think the city is investing in the resources we need, but it is a slow process. >> that was kelly werthmann reporting for us. as for apartment recycling, the city says it's basically a free market. after an ordinance was put in place last year, denver has been able to finally collect
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waste is being recycled and if the city needs to step in. city officials expect to release that report next month. people in aurora can take part in america recycles day, it's an opportunity to get rid of batteries, devices with liquid mercury. you can take them to the dropoff site today between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 this rn near the aurora hills golf course. i think they'll have signs up there. good information. right now 38 degrees in denver and the high close to 80 today. ahead, we showed you the damage the earthquake that stranded cattle in new zealand
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the latest on that earthquake in new zealand this week. a u.s. war ship is helping with evacuations. re c hundreds of tourists and homeowners stranded. they're using military helicopters and a navy ship to help. remember the cows that were caught in this iconic video in the aftermath of that earthquake? well, they're now in a better situation. they were trapped for hours on a tiny little bluff of land when all of the land around them collapsed. a farmer and helpers dug a
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that's just given way. let's get a check on weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4s. >> good morning to you, britt, hi, alan. if you missed the supermoon last night, you still have an opportunity to go out early this morning and see it. yes, the full moon isn't quite as bright, not quite as full as it was the previous night. but still, it's 98% full. 52 degrees outside in denver. it is a very mild star tuesday. watching a couple of clouds today move in, mostly sunny, but very warm for today and tomorrow, ahead of a storm system that's moving closer to us. it's still more than 1500 miles away, though. it's here to the west of seattle and portland. it's going to bring several inches of snow to our mountains and it's looking increasingly likely this system will bring cold beneficial rain to denver coming up on thursday and that rain should briefly change into some snow around here coming up late in the day thursday,
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tomorrow, or excuse me, thursday at 8:00 a.m. that's when the snow will really start getting going in earnest in the high country. looks like the track will be a little farther south than we originally thought and that's why that's looking better and better we'll see moisture here in denver, and probably our first snowfall of the season, getting close to a record. if we had made it to monday without snow, we would have had a new record. 6:00p.m. tomorrow, you can see a little bit of snow in lake county. that would be it. then as we get into thursday morning, that's again when snow really gets going in the high country through the daytime thursday. snow in the mountains. we'll start seeing cold rain around before, boulder and fort collins thursday. green replaced by white and blue, a brief period of snow during the evening commute thursday. the timing may not be terrific. could be a slow go home thursday. look at the highs for today. definitely the warm before the storm. 70s, 80s on the eastern plains.
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today. today's record is 78. i think we'll tie it. tomorrow's record is 77. we'll be close. on thursday, 49 with that cold rain shifting over to some snow. and friday 40 and look at the overnight lows, into the teens and 20s. here's joel. time to get out that extra blanket. i-225 into the tech center, we've had reports of a deer on the road, and of course you can always have wildlife at any time here in colorado on the highways. just a good reminder. there it is there, not delays. quite a bit more volume. we also have the signal guards malfunctioning along smith road to the south of i-70 and 42nd. that could cause delays. southbound coming into town we have great looking speeds into the 50s and 60s. but they are dipping just a bit as we get a few more cars out there. nine minutes thornton to denver. here's a look at the drive times from the east.
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speeds averaging right at 60 miles per hour, westbound direction average speed 63. a judge frees a man convicted as a teenager in the case that gained national attention in the netflix documentary series making a murderer. now wisconsin prosecutors are preparing to appeal the order to free 27-year-old brendan dassey. they still have to decide if they will prosecute dassey again. hena daniels has the latest. >> reporter: 27-year-old brendan dassey could soon be walking out prison, after spending almost a decade behind bars. dassey was sentenced to life in prison for the 2005 murder of teresa halbach. the case made famous by the 10- part netflix series, making a murderer. the crime rocked the small town in wisconsin. >> something definitely wrong with it. i carry that with me all the time, because i wouldn't like it to happen to me.
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federal judge ordered dassey be freed under supervision, while prosecutors appeal his overturned conviction. dassey was 16 years old when he confessed to helping his uncle, steven avery, rape, murder, and mutilate teresa halbach, a 25- year-old freelance photographer. >> it's okay. what did he make you do? >> cut her. >> cut her where? >> on her throat. >> reporter: ruled police unfairly questioned and coerced dassey to confess, citing factors including age, intellectual deficits and absence of a supportive adult. >> you had a young man who believed that the only way he was going to get out of that room was to tell these police officers what they wanted to hear. >> reporter: dassey's attorney
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hena daniels, cbs news. groundbreaking journalist who covered politics for three decades. gwen ifill made history on pbs and was considered a pioneer as a black woman in a field dominated by white men. she died yesterday from complications of cancer at the age of 61. here's our michelle miller with a look at her life. >> a huge week in politics. >> reporter: gwen ifill was a trailblazer, on the pbs news hour she was part of the first female anchor pair in washington politics. she was trusted three times to moderate an election year debate, including in 2008 between governor sarah palin and then senator joe biden. >> how as vice president would you work to shrink this gap of polarization? >> reporter: and also a primary debate this year between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. she was born in new york city to carribean immigrants in 1955. a child of the civil rights
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cover it. >> i knew by the age of 9 i wanted to be a journalist because i liked to write, i liked asking questions. i imagined that people would answer them, sometimes it's true, sometimes it's not as it turns out. >> reporter: she graduated from simmons college in boston, covering desegregation, before moving on to the baltimore evening sun, then the "washington post," and the "new york times." she switched to television, reporting for nbc, and pbs. alm the while, making friends in a town best known for rivals. face the nation's john dickerson. >> washington is tough and it can get very small, and gwen was plenty tough. but she was also the kind of person you wanted to be in her company because it was a vacation from all of that. >> reporter: she wrote her first book about race and politics in the obama era. today the president remembered her. >> she not only informed
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inspired tomorrow's journalists. >> reporter: she once told an interviewer, i am a blessed woman, even when i am the most stressed, the most frazzled, god always rescues me. i'll never be ,,
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,, ,, in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with,
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it's now 5:55 here on this tuesday morning. it will be a very warm day. our normal high temperature 52. the record for this day, 78 set in 1942. and we have 78 in the forecast for today. tomorrow's record is 77. n' there. about 76 in the forecast for tomorrow. regardless, it's warm. it's mild this morning. maria gomez in commerce city, our weather watcher over there, she's got 51 degrees. at the bus stop around 50 with mostly clear skies and obviously mild conditions. yes, at least a light jacket is necessary this morning. but nothing like the jacket you'll need at the end of this week. we have the five-day forecast informed coming up. let's check in with joel. pretty good morning commute. southbound along i-225, we had
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roadway there. watch out for wildlife. it can happen any time in denver. 9minutes, starting to see speeds slow down a little bit westbound along i-76 from brighton to denver. robert kennedy, jr. is expected to join protestors at the pipeline in south dakota. he is an environmental lawyer. protestors there are fighting to stop a pipeline from coming through native american tribal since last summer. the pipeline would run beneath a reservoir in north dakota that provides drinking water to the tribe. supermoon is quite a sight to see, but for people in parts of miami, it's causing trouble. >> the gravitational pull has water rising, causing street flooding. here's a look at that. some of the streets along coconut grove sunday night, here is what it looked like. there were about 6 inches of flood waters there.
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partially to blame. >> that additional graf tational pull has caused our high tides to be a little bit higher than they would have been without that supermoon. >> the city of miami is spending at least $400 million trying to keep the city higher and drier. one study finds south florida could see a 6-inch increase in sea level by 2030. that's four years before the next supermoon. 38 degrees here at home in the cbs4 morning news. jamie is live this morning. >> reporter: city of denver planning another homeless camp cleanup after they returned after the last one citing health hazards. coming up we talk to the people who are getting kicked off the street, finding out where they're going to go. >> reporter: and i'm shawn chitness live in commerce city, where the search for a missing woman has come to this landfill. what investigators are looking
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f0 good morning. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. president obama arrives in europe on his final foreign trip of his presidency. the message he his successor. what we know about the plan to clear homeless camps from downtown sidewalks today. good morning from colorado's weather center. the sun will be up in about 45 minutes from now. lots of sunshine and very warm temperatures for today and tomorrow. and then a dramatic change. your forecast is coming up. it's starting to load up on the roadways. all these headlights heading into town. thank you very much.


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