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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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f0 good morning. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. president obama arrives in europe on his final foreign trip of his presidency. the message he his successor. what we know about the plan to clear homeless camps from downtown sidewalks today. good morning from colorado's weather center. the sun will be up in about 45 minutes from now. lots of sunshine and very warm temperatures for today and tomorrow. and then a dramatic change. your forecast is coming up. it's starting to load up on the roadways. all these headlights heading into town. thank you very much.
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effort today, this morning to clear a homeless camp downtown. so many issues. our jamie leary live downtown with the story. jamie. >> reporter: good morning. we've been following this story for some time. we were here last march when they did homeless camp cleanups. it worked for a few months, but the camps have returned in full the city citing health issues. these folks don't know where else to go. there's a lot of resources here for them. they can only take what we can carry when they're forced to leave. the rest will be stored by the city for 30 days. for 21-year-old ashley and her husband joshua, that's a huge problem. ashley is pregnant with twins and says there are no shelters that will take her and her husband. >> they expect you to be on the hard concrete and expect you to
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shelter. and it's just like, it doesn't help, especially when you're away from the person you really love. >> reporter: josh and ashley say to make a statement there's a group that plan to go to the capitol to sleep on the steps of the capitol once they're swept out of here today. officials say there are enough shelters, but say many are refusing help. we talked to those out here this morning and they disagree. they say the solution is the city has posted warning signs in the past week or so, warning the people camped out here that the sweep will happen today. it could happen this morning and through the afternoon just like it did last march. the city is going to proceed with the sweeps despite the threat of a class action lawsuit. we were in federal court when the attorney was fighting, representing a thousand homeless people and he says anybody out here today that is
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represent those people free of charge. it's going to be a really long day out here and those protests are expected. jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. >> jamie, thank you for that report. the search for a missing woman from littleton is focused on a landfill in commerce city. charlene voight disappeared over the summer. our shawn chitness is live with the story near that landfill we may have lost shawn. crews have been searching for that missing woman since yesterday. they are searching for her. we'll find shawn in just a moment. one american is dead after a -- person is dead after a driver hit a man crossing the street in denver last night at the intersection of east denver and 11th. police say the driver had the right of way.
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yesterday after the plane ran out of fuel. nobody was hurt. but for a while a lane of i-70 was closed until they could tow the plane off to the rifle airport. close call. let's find out what weather and traffic is looking like every 10 minutes on the 4's. >> quiet in the weather department for now. big changes the end of the week, with rain and snow, even in denver on thursday. for now we have clear skies, beautiful view to the east. sunrise temperature trend. last couple of days 60s and 70s. yesterday officially 72. today 78. that would be tying the record. tomorrow the record is 77. we'll be close with 76. look at that, thursday down to 49. i'm being optimistic, because i think we'll reach 49 around lunchtime. colder than that in the afternoon thursday, with cold rain changing over to some snow. maybe an inch or two of accumulation in denver thursday. today, sunny skies. new like summer weather, enjoy
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afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, then we go straight to winter weather thursday and friday. now let's get a check of traffic. copter 4 over the denver metro area. one of the best views there is in town, isn't it? we can see all that volume picking up. southbound coming into town, volume leading to slowing, speeds from the 60s to 50s and into the 40s now. ten minutes from thornton denver. eastbound along i-270 slowing starting to develop. that degrades slowly, when it does we'll see speeds into the teens and 20s. you can turn on our partners koa newsradio, get your traffic and cbs weather together. president obama arrived in greece now. his final overseas trip as commander-in-chief. he shook hands with leaders as he got off the plane there.
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reassure european allies that president-elect trump is committed to nato and the allies. president-elect donald trump meets with vice president elect mike pence at trump tower today. this comes as he continues to build his administration. trump has nearly 4,000 jobs to fill before he takes the oath of office in january. a campaign source tells cbs news rudy giuliani is favored to serve as he refused to discuss his chances during a forum in washington last night. instead, he is defending trump's choice of chief strategist bannon. >> he's a patriot. he loves america. he may have a different view of america than you do. but he loves america as much as you or i do. >> white nationalists have celebrated bannon's appointment. democrats on capitol hill are blasting trump's decision.
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proof of the ugly direction mr. trump intends to take this country. >> president obama says it is important for trump to make his own decisions. trump's spokesman praised him in a statement last night saying he'll work hand in hand with chief of staff reince priebus. vote counting continues. it's not quite over yet in denver. but supporters of a plan to allow marijuana use in some victory. backers are ahead 53% to 47% right now. initiative 300 creates a pilot program to let denver bars, restaurants and other businesses apply for permits that would allow bring your own marijuana use at their establishments. backers have said it protects people who don't want to be exposed to marijuana. but opponents never bought that. >> we don't want this in public. we want this in private places, where it's permitted, where
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older and where the staff are trained to be in charge of these environments. >> now we're going to have marijuana on rooftops and on patios. that's open and public. no two ways about it. >> the fighting on this one may be over. initiative 300's wording shows establishments that win neighborhood approval could designate areas for people 21 and over to vape or consume cannabis indoors and smoke outdoors as long as it is not visible from way. happening today, we are expecting to learn about a plan to keep denver a preponderence lar place to visit for years -- popular place to visit for years to come. experts studied competitive cities, interviewed elected officials, and surveyed more than 1,000 people, denver welcomed more than 16 million overnight visitors last year
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installing arcade games for a new denver gastropub not an easy job. parts of a road was closed down last night. crews have to move dozens of games into the building before it opens next month. big job. they'll have to close glen arm place again tonight, tomorrow and thursday between 15th and 17th. the closures will last from 10:00 until 4:00 in th doing late night work. we're at 6:09 now. coming up next on the cbs4 morning news, a new rule is changing how electric and hybrid cars sound. from the new zealand earthquake, how these cows got
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we told you about this story a moment ago. the search for a missing woman from littleton is now focused on a landfill in commerce city. you're looking at charlene voight who disappeared over the summer. our shawn chitness is live near that landfill with her story. shawn. >> reporter: britt, police aren't sure if charlene voight is still alive, so it's unclear what they maybe clues that could help them find her or possibly her remains. either way, the search started just this week, and police tell us it will likely take several months to complete. they last heard from charlene when her family said they talked to her in late june. someone had a conversation with her over the phone. littleton police started investigating her as a missing person when the family reported
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july. as we watched, search teams are out here. during that investigation for a missing person, voight's long term boyfriend was arrested for an unrelated sexual assault. in september court documents revealed that the district attorney's office was dismissing that case. documents said the decision was made because that case was now mixed in with an ongoing missing persons case, which is unclear now of course if that's related to this that is now here at the landfill. live in commerce city, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. big weather news coming. as a matter of fact, ashton, you've been telling us it's been coming for a week. >> we started tracking this last week, when the storm system was off the east coast of japan. yeah, we've been tracking it for a while. give you the details in just a moment. first i had to share some of the best pictures we've seen
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supermoon. elliott lawrence. look at this from the san juans. set it up perfectly from the chair. unfortunately no snow there. quite the supermoon shot. and jack dempsey, that's summit sky ranch in silverthorne. spectacular. 51 outside, and it's the 15th of november. very mild for this time of year. here comes the big change. storm system moving out of gulf of alaska and heading towards the pacific northwest. a lot of rain washington. that's our storm system. it's going to bring several inches of snow to our mountains and cold rain to denver and the front range thursday. that cold rain should briefly change into snow late in the day thursday. likely during the thursday drive home. here's the low as it moves into utah by thursday at 8:00 a.m. it will track basically right over central colorado. looked like it would stay farther to the north yesterday. now it tracks farther to the south. it's why the chance for moisture along the front range
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this at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. notice just a little bit of rain and snow right around leadville at that point. most of the snow in the high country will get going in the early morning hours of thursday. look at all that snow over there in the west part of the state. here's lunchtime thursday. snow in the mountains, cold rain around denver, and around 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. that rain should transition into snow. it's not going to snow for long, probably a couple of hours at most. but enough to maybe produce an inch or two of accumulation for the denver the evening commute on thursday. temperatures this morning are in the 20s and 30s in the mountains. mild, 50s now. 70s later on. 78 which would tie the record. tomorrow the record is 77. we'll be close. thursday 49 with that rain and snow. friday 40. and friday night, saturday morning we drop to 18 and saturday's high only 51. let's check in with joel. traffic alert, southbound along i-25 this is at thornton
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you have the curiosity slowing in the southbound direction. speeds into the 60s, doing great. past 104th into the 40s. 11 minutes from thornton to denver, not too bad. across the denver metro area, south of i-70 and it's really a good scene. lot of green. starting to see that slowing develop as you get on the approach to the tech center. and as you take a look along smith we've got gates malfunctioning at 42nd that could cause delays. look at this start to develop slowing in the southbound direction of i-25 getting past i-70. drive times now, both directions along i-70 from i-25 to i-225, speeds into the 50s. thank you, joel. companies are responding to president-elect trump's plans for trade and a big change may be for lyft. jill wagner live from the floor of the new york stock exchange now.
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this morning, jumped 21 points yesterday. the nasdaq fell 18 points. shares of tech companies like apple and microsoft are dropping on concern that trump's policies could hurt their sales in global markets like china. futures pointing to a higher open. the head of the sec is stepping down. mary joe white is leaving at the end of the obama could move to undo restrictions on wall street banks and corporations. lyft is getting a new look, swatching its pink mustaching and replacing them with beacons which light up in different colors. alan. >> aha. thanks a lot. appreciate it. we want to get to tuesday's top stories now. teens have started a rescue operation in new zealand after
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hundreds remain stranded. crews are ferrying people out by military helicopter. the first u.s. war ship to visit the area in more than 30 years is now changing course to help evacuate people. meanwhile, the cows stranded on a small island of grass are now safe. a farmer and helpers apparently dug a track to help lead the calfs and cows off the butte. a man who spent 28 years in prison for rape is found not guilty and clarence moses ells's retrial ended in an acquittal. another man admitted to the crime last year. he is now a free man. >> didn't think negative. i had to think positive and you know, this moment here is a moment that i fought for for a long time. >> the victim had originally said his name came to her in a dream after the 1987 attack.
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case. it could not be used in that second trial. and we are remembering veteran journalist gwen ifill known as a female pioneer in a widely male trade. she died of cancer at the age of 61 just yesterday. she was a cohost of the long running pbs news hour. both the president and attorney general have extended their condolences to her family. you're going to have to wait a few hours to watch the broncos play the sunday after thanksgiving. the nfl has announe will now be in the primetime slot on the 27th. it had been earlier in the afternoon. kickoff is now at 6:30. so make a note. back to work for the av's tonight. they'll take on the l.a. kings at the pepsi center. puck drops at 7:00. 52 degrees on a day that could get incrediblely warm. here's ashton. >> you're right. we're expecting to tie a record this afternoon with 78. it's mild in most places. even 41 in aurora.
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our weather watcher heather jones on the southeast side of aurora, cooler there. westminster 62. arvada 61 right now. hard to believe it's the ,,
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f0 welcome back. it's 6:24. time for weather and traffic on the 4's. we want to check your travel forecast. no weather related problems around colorado, or anywhere in the rocky mountain region for today. pacific northwest, there will
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few delays into portland and seattle. middle of the country looks good, except for chicago. there are issues with fog there. east coast, a few showers from new york city to boston. chicago o'hare is red right now. they've got a ground stop program going on because of all the fog there. other airports are in okay shape. let's check the traffic. here's joel. we have a trouble spot southbound coming down into town. i-25 and thornton parkway, off to the ri just saw the truck arrive to take one of the cars away. that will cause some curiosity slowing. you'll see it stack up behind there. slow westbound along i-76, eastbound along i-270. along i-70 itself and inbound along pena boulevard and we're seeing good speeds, middle 50s. hybrid and electric cars are so quiet, they're causing problems with people used to noisy cars. the vehicles are now required
6:26 am
order and in -- forward and in reverse driving up to 19 miles per hour. safety regulators say that could prevent about 2400 pedestrian injuries each year. when you travel there's nothing more frustrated than lost luggage. airports are coming up with new ideas. delta is using a $50 system to give flyers way to track. alaska airlines is testing electronic bag tags. experts say companies could save up to $3 billion over the next seven years with this new technology. dude, that is really cool vinyl. a spike in recent album sales over the past two years is creating a new trend, turn
6:27 am
to hit $194 million this year. that's up from just $19 million, 11 years ago. several companies are doubling staff. these here cost four grand. my lienales are finding the amazement of watching records go round and round and sound coming out. yes, there is a cool factor. new details on the search for a missing 13-month-old boy in a colorado landfill. we're going to show you fami soldiers to colorado.
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good morning, everyone. if you can't quite see it from
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gorgeous shot of the supermoon out this morning. take a look at your screen. a gorgeous shot of the moon. 52 degrees this morning across denver. it is mild outside. and our ashton altieri is talking about record setting heat coming later today. we'll talk to him in just a moment. thanks for joining us here on the cbs4 morning news. i'm britt moreno. >> i'm alan gionet. let's get right to ashton. the moon has been incredible. what you're talking about is incredible. >> it's all incredible. everything about the cbs4 right? especially when talking about our weather. as we look to the west we see the supermoon. yes, it's not quite as big and bright as it was the night before last. still impressive. about 97% full. also impressive our temperature, 50 degrees now in the denver area. as we look at the other direction to the east, look at this beautiful sunrise. sun will be up at 6:44. normal high temperature this time of year in the morning is 26. we're 25 degrees warmer than
6:32 am
year is 52. we'll be more than 25 degrees above normal. we're going to reach 78 this afternoon. that would be a record set in 1942. a warm day. let's check the traffic. here's joel. we've been watching from copter 4, in this lower left corner here of the screen, you see the flashing lights we have. this is that ramp as you get from i-70 to i-25. you can see there's a little portion blocked off. you have the go accident. that's something we'll be watching. earlier accident southbound along i-25 at just about 92nd has been moved to the right shoulder. wrecker on scene. hopefully we'll get this cleared shortly. the search for a missing woman has turned to a landfill in commerce city. the question, is she there? family members have not heard from charlene voight since the summer. our shawn chitness live with
6:33 am
>> reporter: well, alan, police can't say if charlene voight is still alive. that's why it's unclear exactly what they might find and what they're looking for. maybe clues to find her or her remains. the search should take several months to complete either way. she was last heard from in late june on the phone with a family member. littleton police started an investigation into her disappearance in july, after the family reported her as a ss getting dressed up in hazmat suits, hard hats, some of the effort they're putting into this search. during that investigation of the missing persons case, voight's long-term boyfriend was arrested for an unrelated sexual assault. in september court documents revealed the district attorney's office was dismissing that case and a document from there says the decision was made because his case is now mixed in with an ongoing missing persons case,
6:34 am
clear for sure, that's related to charlene voight. live in commerce city, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. also this, the search for the body of a 13-month-old baby boy believed to be in northern colorado is now over. the search happened in a landfill there. he was reported missing from his home in cheyenne, wyoming last month. crews looked through a landfill in ault, the mother's boyfriend logan rogers told authorities the boy fell off a counter, hit his head and died. investigators had reason to believe they say rogers dumped the boy's body. he now is facing charges.
6:35 am
boy's mother last week. want to get to weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's. >> record warmeth today, close to a record today, and huge change the end of the week. if we had made it to monday without snow we would hit a new record, but looks like that won't happen with snow in the forecast for friday. there's a storm system moving out of moving towards seattle and portland. this is the storm that will bring snow to our mountains and cold rain to denver thursday and will transition it looks like into light snow. it will be in utah by thursday morning, and as it approaches, it will spread snow over the mountains and rain that will eventually transition into snow for denver. the track of the low is a little farther south than it looked yesterday.
6:36 am
here's the futurecast. i want to start this at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. maybe a little bit of rain and snow for lake county at that point. most of the precipitation is going to hold off until the early morning hours thursday. look at the snow as it spreads over the mountains. north central, and even the san juans will see snow. this is lunchtime thursday. cold rain around denver, boulder and fort collins and that transitions into some light snow likely during the thursday evening commute from about 4:00 p.m. until e maybe an inch or two of accumulation for denver and the front range. temperatures are mild around town. but this afternoon we'll be down right warm for this time of year. will feel like summer this afternoon. same thing for tomorrow, with mid- to upper 70s today and tomorrow. clouds on the increase as that system approaches tomorrow. then 49 thursday with the rain and snow. friday only 40. friday night 18. saturday's high around 51. but it will be sunny for the weekend. of course it will be.
6:37 am
that's typically what ashton brings us this weekend. westbound to southbound, right at the mousetrap there we've got a little issue. police seem to have cleared that gore point. still have the cars in the way, that will cause delays. heading in the westbound direction, southbound we have typical slowing and actually no slowing in the westbound direction at the moment. knock on wood, right? across the couple of side street incidents. southbound coming into town, speeds from the 50s dipping into the 30s. 14 minutes from thornton out to denver. you may need to plan a little bit of extra travel time for the thanksgiving travel this year. aaa forecasts this will be a busy period on u.s. roads and skies, the bussest since 2007. the improving economy is
6:38 am
even though now i-70 nice and wide open, won't look like that thanksgiving week. >> that is so beautiful. let's just live in that moment for a second. that's breckenridge peak, james peak. thousands of firefighters are battling the drought stricken south, including one in north carolina. fallen leaves are just not helping the situation there. >> careful when it comes to our hot, dry weather we're experiencing. new brush fires kept crews busy in two different cities yesterday. fireworks started a small fire in brighton and crews fought a small brush fire near the aurora reservoir. both are out this morning. happening today, if you live in jefferson or broomfield counties you may get an emergency notification on your phone or inbox.
6:39 am
system during an emergency situation. you have to visit your to add your cell phone and e- mail address if you want to be notified that way. a group of fort carson soldiers is enjoying well deserved time with loved ones just in time before the holidays. about 100 soldiers came home last night from afghanistan. they deployed to afghanistan back in february. >> can't really describe guess. >> words cannot describe. it's been too long. feels like forever. >> another homecoming ceremony at fort carson is planned for tonight. about 340 fort carson soldiers will looking forward to reuniting with family. coming up next, an anti- trump protest turns violent on a college campus. and wood helps power an alaska airlines plane. the colorado company behind the
6:40 am
colorado rapids have announced tim howard will undergo season ending surgery thursday. howard was injured in friday's world cup qualifier. the rapids will begin the western conference finals against seattle a week from tomorrow. speaking of seattle, cu hosting seattle last night, taking part in the legends classic. we pick it up in the second half. derek white with the bucket. he led with 15. josh fortune had a good all around game last night. only had two field goals, both were three pointers. that one put cu up 61-53. and they get a 67-55 win. on the ice, the av's back in action tonight, hosting the
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welcome back to the cbs4 morning news. it is now 6:44 on this beautiful start to a tuesday already showing up across the front range. 51 degrees the temperature right now. look at it, look at that gorgeous sunrise. 50 at lookout mountain. very mild for a november morning. normal high this time of year 52. the record for the date is 78. we expect to at least tie that record this afternoon with 78. tomorrow's record is 77. we'll be close to that one as well. then a huge change for the end of the week. we'll talk about that coming up, rain and snow.
6:45 am
watching this from copter 4. i- 25 and yale in the northbound direction. you can see the skid marks there. there's at least two cars involved off to the left shoulder. fire crews have arrived and blocked off the left two lanes as well as the left shoulder as they wait for police. just the right two lanes and the ramp getting by now. this will create a mess for drivers onto the roadways. as a matter of fact, look at the drive times we have, southbound coming into town speeds this a mess for a commute. joel, thank you so much. city dwellers say the homeless use denver streets as bedrooms and bathrooms. this morning city crews are once again trying to clean up the illegal homeless camps in the ballpark neighborhood. jamie leary is live in that area. good morning, jamie. >> reporter: good morning, britt. we talked to a lot of folks this morning. people sleeping on the streets. despite what the city says,
6:46 am
go, and need more shelters. when we were here for the last homeless sweep in march, many advocacy groups are saying what a will have people are having issues with, that if you push them out, they'll come back. that is exactly what has happened since the last sweep in march. but the city says they have to go, citing a health hazard and say it's been a blight on this growing neighborhood. the sweeps will specifically take place west and lawrence streets. there are signs warning of sweeps. the sweeps will begin gradually this morning and last well into the afternoon just like in march. people can take with them what
6:47 am
families in need says there are better solutions. >> that's pretty manageable to get them into homes. if not, why not have tents, tiny homes, $500 a unit where they can have accommodations that are safe and dignifyed? >> reporter: despite the threat of a class action lawsuit, we were in federal court for the beginning of that process, the city is still moving forward with the thousand homeless people in this class action lawsuit, it happen been classified as class action yet, that's what they're hoping for, that attorney who is moving forward that case says he will represent and help bail out anybody who is arrested protesting or resisting the sweeps today. it will be a long day for these people and the city of denver. we'll keep our eye on the situation. jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. president obama has arrived in athens, greece for the first stop on his final foreign trip
6:48 am
and prime minister of greece, which has had financial troubles. his trip includes visits to germany as well as a visit to south america and peru. he will spend time reassuring european allies that president- elect donald trump is committed to nato and the transatlantic alliance. a source tells rudy giuliani is new administration. he faces criticism for picking stephen bannon. white nationalists are praising the decision. trump's team is going on the defensive. >> what i think is frustrating is when we see so much news coverage, particularly on this network, unfortunately, on the issues that divide us following the election. i think that's irresponsible.
6:49 am
mixture of white nationalism, misgone and anti-semitism. president obama asking americans to give trump's administration a chance. new video shows someone shoving an anti-trump protestor in columbus, ohio, down a flight of stairs student union. police eventually arrested the attacker. some students protesting in denver. students left two schools yesterday. they marched to the state capitol and held a short rally. they carried signs reading, trump is not my president, and united we stand. we can learn the results of a plan to allow marijuana use in some public places in
6:50 am
300. backers are head 53% to 47%. initiative 300 creates a pilot program to let denver bars, restaurants and other businesses apply for permits under the clean air act, allowing bring your own marijuana use at their establishments. this would let people 21 and over vape and consume cannabis indoors and outdoors as long as it is not visible from a 28 years he was in prison for rape, and in the clear this morning. another man admitted to that crime last year. moses-el was released from prison a year ago. the victim said his name originally came to her in a dream after that attack in 1987. denver police accidently threw away the dna evidence in that case.
6:51 am
netflix documentary making a murderer could soon walk free after a decade behind bars. a judge sentenced brendan dassey to life in prison for the 2005 murder of teresa halbach. he was 16 years old when he confessed to the crime. a federal judge in wisconsin yesterday ordered dassey to be freed under supervision, while prosecutors appeal his overturned conviction. in august a judge ruled police unfairly questioned and coerced >> a young man who believed the only way he was going to get out of that room was to tell these police officers what they wanted to hear. >> dassey's attorney believes he will be home by thanksgiving. dassey has until noon today to tell the court where he will live when released. the georgia father responsible for his son's death in a hot car will be learning his punishment next month. the jury found justin ross
6:52 am
yesterday. in 2014 he locked his 22-month- old son cooper inside a car for seven hours. during that time, he sected with several women and a minor. people are suing after this american airlines airplane caught fire last month on the tarmac in chicago. passengers captured the chaos on video. the lawsuit claims general electric aviation sold boeing faulty engine. passengers says american airlines employees should have done a better job inspecting the plane. 20 people suffered minor injuries. new this morning, a plane just flew across the country, dig this, with wood based fuel made by a colorado company. this alaska airlines flight flew from seattle to washington. the company extracted alcohol
6:53 am
first alternative jet fuel from wood. happening today, people in aurora can recycle batteries and mercury containing devices. this is part of america recycles day. just visit the central facilities dropoff center on east ellsworth, and you can do this between 9:00 this morning and 1:00 this afternoon. the city will not accept electronic devices. how often do a new report out suggests denver actually does a pretty lousy job of recycling. data from eco cycle and colorado public interest research group shows the city's recycling rate is 18%. the national average, 34%. researchers say people in denver need better recycling options. city workers say they are working on a plan to improve recycling rates. they say it's hard when there
6:54 am
disposal is chief. all lanes of eastbound i-70 open after a pilot made an emergency landing near rifle on the highway yesterday. the pilot of this single engine cessna apparently ran out of fuel. fortunately, nobody was hurt. the pilot did not hit any cars. crews eventually towed the plane off to the rifle airport. new video as a crane hosts arcade games into a new gastropub into the denver pavilions. the work is causing some overnight closures on glen arm place. this is happening tonight, tomorrow and thursday between 15th and 17th. the closures will last from 10:00 until 4:00 in the morning. >> i don't know what they're going to get done late at night if it's snowing. that's true. that's remarkable that that requires street closures, though. >> isn't it amazing? >> not something you see every day. look at this spectacular shot.
6:55 am
this every day. 51 degrees the temperature in denver. that's what we have usually in early september, not november. this afternoon will feel like late summer, with highs in the upper 70s, close to 80. maybe a few clouds from time to time, that will be it. here's the system we've been tracking almost a week now. it's making its way to the pacific northwest, seattle and portland. it will bring several inches of snow to our mountains starting tomorrow night, wednesday night, and a lot of snow in mountains thursday. it's looking increasingly likely we'll see moisture on the front range as well, because the track of the low looks a little bit farther south than it did yesterday. it will be in utah by thursday morning and looks like it will track right across colorado thursday into thursday night. let's break down the timing of this, 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, maybe a few snowflakes in the mountains. here's 6:00 a.m. thursday, snow spreading across the high country. lunchtime thursday, some cold rain for denver and the front
6:56 am
or 4:00 p.m. thursday. looks like we would have light snow around the area during the thursday evening commute. paul in westminster has 51 this morning. nancy in wray has 37. nancy, you'll make it up to 75 today. here in denver, 78. that's enough to tie the record for the date. tomorrow's record is 77. we'll be very close. thursday 49 with the cold rain changing over to light snow. and after that just cold. it will feel cold compared to what here's joel. we'll feel alive. c-470 and santa fe, nearby eastbound direction accident at broadway causing delays. across the denver metro area, not only do we have this accident, the backups from wadsworth, but one in the westbound direction of 6th avenue as you get to sheridan, and northbound along i-25 at yale blocking off the left side of the highway. accident highway 93 and highway 72, and an accident southbound
6:57 am
blocking off the left two lanes. >> roads will finally looking differently later on this week when that snow rolls ,,
6:58 am
,, ,,
6:59 am
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? good morning. it is tuesday, november 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president-elect trump eyes rudy giuliani to be hec he's also looking at ways to give his older children top secret security clearance. raising new concerns about business conflicts. more than 70 wildfires burn across a bone dry southeast. hundreds of buildings are threatened. we're on the front line of one of the toughest sites. plus, a group of moms helping underprivileged students. a more perfect union that highlights stories of americans from different backgrounds


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