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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  November 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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thanks for joining us on this chilly morning. i'm britt moreno and this is the news on thursday, november 17th. i'm alan gionet. we got a change for you this morning. here's what's happening now. ski areas are hoping to get some snow cover like this snow they've already received in washington state. the big weather change is arriving. >> reporter: lots of snow making going on at loveland near the eisenhower tunnel. we're live ahead of the storm wime details coming up on cbs4. thank you, jamie. police are expected to serve and protect. but a cbs4 investigation looks into one officer receiving complaints from at least three women for unwelcomed behavior. up to 10 inches of snow on the way for most of the ski areas throughout the colorado high country. here in denver, clouds and cold air, but no precipitation yet. we'll talk about the timing of this straight ahead. that means dry roads this
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seeing a few more cars as well, we'll break down speeds coming up. let's start with the weather alert. we are expecting cold. we are expecting possible snow to start in the mountains. and maybe creep into the metro area. >> we can already feel it a little bit this morning. 33degrees out. our jamie leary treked up to the mountains in the mobile weather lab and she is joining us live from the eisenhower tunnel. okay, jamie, what are conditions like? >> reporter: i think you had to send me to spots here. it's freezing and we have snow making machines making snow now here at loveland. they've got a lot of work to do if they want to open a few more runs. that's what all the background noise is now. we have the groomers out making nice corduroy for the students if you want to take the one -- skiers who want to take the one or two runs. cdot has changed their signs
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is in the forecast for today and expect traction and chain laws to be in effect. make sure you have those chains with you. i want to show you what we're looking at here. we've got 29 degrees. this is actually much colder than when we started. it was about 32 when we got here and it's getting colder. there's a little bit of haze over the moon, so we know snow is in the forecast. be prepared. we'll be out here ahead of the storm keeping an eye on those conditions all morning long so stick with jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. >> you look great all bundled up. thank you for that report. cdot does have new tools to help take care of the roads this winter. >> cbs4's shawn chitness live along i-25 near arapahoe with a closer look. shawn. >> reporter: alan and britt, good morning. cdot is certainly excited about one of the new tolls that -- tools that they are going to be putting to good use as we get
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look at this tow plow, they were showing it off yesterday. they have 13 of these ready to go that they'll be using and they'll bring in another 10 with the new year. we're told that with these different plows they can actually clear two lanes of traffic at the same time. this of course will allow them to open up the roads sooner and they'll be able to get the job done using less people. they also have 142 of the more traditional plows just for 90 focused on the i-70 mountain corridor. >> doing our job safely and effectively means getting moms and dads to and from work, children home from school, friends to community events, and goods that we all depend on delivered safely to their destination. >> reporter: so with the traditional plows and especially with these new plows, that same phrase is just as important, if not more important, bow to the plow,
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right they want to remind drivers it's safe to be a good distance behind the plow. i'm not sure what alan just said and i'm not sure i want to know. let's move on. temperatures are in the 30s now around the denver area. it's a lot colder than it was yesterday 20 to 25 degrees colder. you'll certainly notice the difference. cloud cover on top of us. but no precipitation yet for denver or the front range. yesterday we said it should be dry for the morning commute and it will be dry for the morning commute here in denver. meanwhile, look what's happening over here in eastern utah, around moab. big batch of moisture here and it's about to cross the utah/colorado state line. this will be the initial snow in the high country and over the next couple of hours that big batch of precipitation will
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along the i-70 corridor. deteriorating conditions in the mountains today, with snow picking up as time goes on. here in the denver area i can't rule out a quick cold rain shower throughout morning hours. i don't think we'll see that much precipitation until lunchtime. we'll reach our high then of around 39. through the afternoon and temperatures fall, some of that cold rain will transition into some snow. we could see from a trace to maybe up to 2 inches in the surfaces, rooftops and vehicles, because joel, it was 80 degrees yesterday. we found it has to be in the mid-20s or at least i have over the last couple of years as i've watched it before we start to see accumulating snow on the roadways. that doesn't mean that will be the same situation into the high country. you may say, ashton, he was just fooling us. it was nice and dry and you head up into the high country and you aren't winter driving
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look at the volume we have southbound coming into town, not affecting speeds, into the 50s and 60s now. dry roads across the denver metro area. 9minutes from thornton to denver. thank you, joel. a cbs4 investigation reveals a police officer acting like a stalker. women say he makes unwanted advances. one even locks herself away when she sees him coming. here's our brian maass. >> reporter: ramone young ha police department since 2013. but three women say he's acted inappropriately with them, something denver's police chief is well aware of. >> obviously i was greatly disturbed about his behavior. >> reporter: it started last year, when the officer, a military veteran, responded to a call at rose medical center. according to these city reports, young flirted with an employee there, then used a law enforcement database to get her
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unwelcomed, made her upset and uncomfortable. he lost two days pay. then this year, an employee of a denver 7-eleven reported the officer made her uncomfortable when he came in. so much so, that when he visited onduty, she would hide in the cooler to get away from him. at a denver restaurant, a female employee said when young came in he made her very, very uncomfortable. she said another time he the morning after closing time. >> obviously his actions were inappropriate. he was disciplined for that, but there are still other parts that we're looking into as it relates to his overall behavior and his actions. >> reporter: for these most recent cases, young will lose another seven days pay. but it's not just civilians complaining. one fellow officer requested not working with young due to the officer's inappropriate interaction with females. officer young told us the stories about him are very much
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he said. no problem dealing with them. >> that was brian maass reporting for us. transgender woman in denver says she woke up wednesday morning to see her suv covered in hate messages. amber timmons lives in capitol hill and yesterday morning she found a number of hate and swastikas and trump. >> the offensive word, tranny, written across the passenger side really big. it also referred to being gay and being to die. >> friends and neighbors saw what happened and they started showing up at her home, helping to scrub the vehicle clean. she has also received notes of encouragement. meet the newest deputies to join the denver sheriff's
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detection dogs. they're training to sniff out drugs and cell phones. they'll be used as part of a new security crackdown to prevent contra band at denver jails. how people in the southeast are being affected by all that smoke ahead. in 1985 this toddler beat the odds. the doctor calls it a miracle. 30 years later we catch up with the now grown man to talk about
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doctors have years of training, yet sometimes they are surprised by extraordinary events. now a pediatrician from children's hospital colorado
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miracles. 75 doctors have shared their miracle stories and our health specialist kathy walsh remembers one she first covered more than 30 years ago. >> reporter: 1985, a 2-year-old was living in the shadows, after a blood transfusion at birth, he was the first child in colorado to test positive for aids. >> mom. >> what? >> reporter: his mother went public with jonathan's plight. she was certain he'd never see his third birthday. horrified. >> reporter: 31 years ago dr. robart was the doctor. >> the neighborhood pool didn't want him to swim there. >> reporter: his mother fought to get him in school. this was no treatment for aids. >> to this day, i have no idea how he survived. miracles can happen. >> doing good. >> reporter: meet now 33-year-
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he lives in utah, owns restaurants and has a 12-year- old son. he remembers being an outcast. >> not only was i not accepted, i was feared, and that's weird to grow up that way. >> reporter: jonathan still has aids, but takes the latest drugs to control the virus. >> your whole life changes once you take the medicines like you're supposed to. >> reporter: jonathan isn't convinced he's a miracle. but he knows he beat the odds. he says he never takes for granted the life he's been given. a kathy walsh reporting for us. that book is called "miracles we have seen" all the proceeds go to charities designated by the doctors who contributed them. i think the dry streak will come to an end. cold rain later this morning and eventually light snow.
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we're still above freezing downtown. we're above freezing by 1- degree at dia as well. but it is much, much colder than yesterday at this time. still warm. pueblo at 57. also aspen is about 13 degrees warmer than we are here in denver. the reason why is the front has surged ahead here along the i- 25 corridor, making its way to colorado springs. until the front goes through the hike, we're not going to see the snow develop. that will happen over the next couple of hours. showing you the here, back behind the front is an area of low pressure. the upper levels of the atmosphere. it's still over in nevada. what will happen is as that low moves east it will push the front through causing snow in the mountains and eventually light snow in the denver area. this is a fast moving system. by tomorrow it will be in kansas. high pressure will build back in. sunshine returns tomorrow. but the cold air will linger going into the beginning of the weekend. let's break down the timing. 6:00a.m. still mainly dry in the
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renegade snowflakes. lunchtime snow all across the mountains, north, central and southern mountains. by lunch time could see light precipitation in the denver area. may start as a rain/snow mix and change into all light snow. roads are so warm that accumulation on road surfaces would be tough. maybe a few slushy spots on roads that don't get a lot of traffic by this evening. for the most part, accumulation limited to grassy surfaces and rooftops and vehicles. anywhere from a trace to an inch on the 39 the high temperature. that's it. tomorrow 38, but it will be sunny. overnight lows, teens the next couple of nights and then we warm up by the end of the weekend, back up to 63, 60s for monday. we'll all be fishing around today for the snow scrapers. seems like i either have the umbrella or snow scraper, but never at the same time. this is i-25 and 84th, you can see it's starting to load up a little bit. we've got great speeds still,
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you make your way from 120th to i-70. nine minutes from thornton to denver. it's what we're seeing. i-225, 6th avenue, 285, c-470, a little slowing eastbound along c 470 past santa fe, but looks like most of that is clearing up. fire crews battle wildfires in six states in the southeast. the smoky conditions causing a lot of trouble. the smoke is visible from by unusuallily dry conditions are causing health concerns in the southeast. um wards of 30 large fires scorching more than 80,000 acres in six states and filling skies with a smoky haze. the smoke so widespread it's visible from space. captured in satellite images from nasa. the health impact of poor air quality has been severe in tennessee, where it's landed more than 200 people in the hospital with breathing
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abnormally dry conditions into consideration. >> what we don't want to do is put the fire out and have 50 or 60 yards of fuel ready for reignatius. >> reporter: there's a continuing drought, and the constant threat of high winds. >> what we'll be looking for is to have, again, the process in play to have the line constructed to continue the burnout operations and get it done before the wind hits. >> reporter: some residents close to the to evacuate. >> this is our home, you know, this is our home. we just didn't want to leave. >> reporter: others bracing themselves for the full impact. >> the thought of losing everything you own is never a fun thing. colorado senator corey gardener is head of the national republican sanatorium committee, they raise money and tries to position the party to get more republican senators
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transportation and energy, and great success with bipartisan efforts and accomplishments, that led to the majority this november and it will lead to keeping and retaining ask growing the majority in november of 2018. >> republicans lost a couple of senate seats this election, but still hold a majority with
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,, ,, f0 good morning, everyone. here's a troubling fact, the number of americans contending with student loan debt has nearly doubled in the past decade, pushing up outstanding balances to over $1.3 trillion. >> how do you get started in your young life?
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refinancing, so jill, if you're interested in doing that, what do you need to know? >> reporter: if you're a borrower with a graduate plus loan or a parent with an undergraduate or graduate plus loan, you might stand to save the most by refinancing. the reason, the interest on those loans have been close to 7% or higher over the past decade. by the way, parents might have a better chance of doing this because they usually have better credit histories than their kids, that makes them appealing to lenders. carried lower interest rates in the past decade, closer to 5%, makes that hard to beat. be careful not to be lured by a low variable rate. those payments look great today, but can increase in the future. pay attention to how much that lower rate will save you over the life of the loan. but of course if you're making a lot of money and can pay off your debt quickly, maybe a few years or less, a variable rate might work for you. >> the number of private
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recently, so which direction do you go, which is most beneficial? >> reporter: if you are lucky enough to have graduated from a name brand school and you earn a six figure salary, i know this is a big bar to cross, right, there are two lenders that have been very aggressive. sofi and common bond. they tend to favor the safest borrowers. these startups and more traditional lenders like citizens bank or some state authorities, they've grown more comfortable risk they assume. that should allow a wider population of borrowers to at least consider refinancing. one last caveat, you have to know that you could be giving up important options by jumping to the private market, loan forgiveness and the ability to enroll in an income based
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sites i found, credibleandovertourmarketplace. both provide an easy to use platform to compare several individualized offers. great time to do it, looks like interest rates are heading higher. >> great info. let's get a check on weather and traffic. ashton is tracking a winter blast. >> we sure are. storm system moving into colorado will spread snow over morning. the snow will continue into this afternoon. far more problems expected in the colorado high country later today compared to this morning as far as traffic. no issue the at our airport this morning. if you have a morning flight you'll be fine. could have a couple of problems this afternoon at dia. east coast looks great. otherwise, detroit they have fog this morning, so flights there are delayed. good morning, ashton.
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airport for now. dry conditions and light volume. good combination. makes for a great drive. i-25 and 84th, you can see along i-70 inbound along pena boulevard speeds looking great. the a line is running on time this morning. and look at the speeds, eastbound along i-70 into the 60s. joel, the roads are of course clear right now. in colorado we're staying on top of it today. harry potter fans, this one is for you. a new movie out this week is a prequel series. we get a sneak peek. >> reporter: trump tower becomes the political hot spot. high profile meetings to determine who will help president-elect trump run the condition happening in new york city -- country happening in new york. nuggets and suns guaranteed their fourth win of the season last night. was a chance for the nuggets to
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chandler had a monster night. the bucket and foul. 18points in the first half. finished with 28. reed cleaning up the chandler mis. his best game of the season. in the fourth, the hustle stats, gets it to chandler, nuggets get the win 120-104. >> this season everything he's done, you know, first home win which was, i think it was a great game by him, and i think everybody can take a deep breath and we can play. >> big sigh of relief. nuggets hosting toronto on
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live picture down this morning. this is the news on cbs4 mornings at 5:30 on thursday, november 17th. >> thank you for joining us. we have waking up to a colder morning. you will feel the difference. here we already, nearing the weekend. >> and we're nearing maybe winter. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. winter seems to have crept into the state. let's get over to this picture that we want to show you. we have team coverage tracking this new storm system working its way into the state. we have ashton in colorado's weather center. >> and we have shawn chitness, he is live to explain how cdot will be handling things differently this winter. >> first we want to check in with jamie leary live at the eisenhower tunnel this morning


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