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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  November 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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live picture down this morning. this is the news on cbs4 mornings at 5:30 on thursday, november 17th. >> thank you for joining us. we have waking up to a colder morning. you will feel the difference. here we already, nearing the weekend. >> and we're nearing maybe winter. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. winter seems to have crept into the state. let's get over to this picture that we want to show you. we have team coverage tracking this new storm system working its way into the state. we have ashton in colorado's weather center. >> and we have shawn chitness, he is live to explain how cdot will be handling things differently this winter. >> first we want to check in with jamie leary live at the eisenhower tunnel this morning
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good morning, jamie. >> reporter: good morning, britt. i don't know if you can hear all the background noise, but what's going on now, snow machines in full force at loveland right now. we've also got groomers out now trying to make those few runs that are open nice and smooth for those skiers. everyone is excited about this incoming storm, at least skiing- wise. some resorts anticipating up to 6 inches in the mountains. it's not here yet. it's et the mobile weather lab showing below freezing, so that's a good start for this incoming snowstorm. 29 degrees. and on our way up here we saw that cdot had changed their signs warning drivers to expect chain laws and traction laws to be in effect and take precautions as this incoming snowstorm is expected to arrive, because it's going to get a little icy up here definitely with those colder temperatures. now we can see a little bit of haze above the moon, but there
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before the snowstorm comes to this area. but it is coming. cdot definitely well prepared and the ski resorts are very hopeful, i know that. as a skier, i'm hopeful as well. 80 degrees yesterday, i can't believe it. but we are very cold out here this morning. we're going to continue to keep an eye on the storm. live from the eisenhower tunnel, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. >> jamie, stay warm. cdot and colorado state patrol will be doing things differently this winter from along i-25 and arapahoe with a closer look at what is new this winter season. good morning, shawn. >> reporter: alan and britt, good morning. of course it's a combination of new and old to try and keep you safe and avoid any challenges as we get into some of that snow and of course the classic winter season. let's first talk a little bit about some of the new options or things to look out for this year. they're going be working with business to try to get you to
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it's so busy, those peak traffic times. what they'll try to do is get you to go up into the mountains and stay there, visiting certain businesses that will be offering deals to shop at certain times or enjoy a meal at certain times. and hotels will try to get you to maybe stay on a sunday night so you don't try to head back into the city in that afternoon. of course there are the important notes when it comes to driving. we heard jamie talking about it's $130 fine if you are on the road without the proper equipment. if you block the roadway, it can be as much as $650. so that's important to keep in mind. most of all, though, what's on your wheels. >> tires are the most important and critical piece for you to get to your destination safely in winter driving. >> reporter: so cdot of course reminding you there are several
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going on. of course, is their web site. you can call 511, and you can sign up for text and e-mail alerts on their web site. live along i-25, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. thanks a lot. let's find out how this system is doing right now. here's ashton. >> there's two parts to this. the first part, the cold front. that came through last night. it's why we're so much colder this morning. temperatures in the 30s around the denver area. 20 to 25 degrees stapleton is 28 degrees colder now. the second part to this system is the upper level low back lined the -- behind the cold front. that's in utah and nevada. as that moves in, that's when we're going see the snow spread over the mountains and eventually some cold rain changing to light snow here in the denver area. you can already see the precipitation just now crossing over the utah/colorado state line. big shield here of precipitation and that's what's going to make its way into the colorado high country.
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midnight from aspen to the northwest corner of the state. 4to 8 inches. wind gusts 50 miles per hour. for our mountains of summit county to winter park, steamboat and back down toward vail, 4 to 10 inches of snow. 2to 5 in utah. 2to 4 for the san juans. for denver, a cold rain shower is possible this morning after the morning commute. we'll be dry for the drive. by noon, some light rain and snow possible and then as the temperatures tumble through the afternoon, whatever precipitation we have switch over to all snow. anywhere from a trace to up to 2 inches possible. mainly on grassy surfaces. most likely not on the roads, joel. it was 80 yesterday so road surfaces are warm in the metro area. that means all the moisture is courtesy of the car in front of you going to end up on your windshield. make sure you have topped off your windshield wiper fluid and wipers are ready to go.
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different later in the day. cdot saying make sure your cars have proper traction on those tires, because passenger traction and chain restrictions could go in place. now looks great, good speeds up to the eisenhower and johnson tunnels and that's what we're seeing across the denver metro area. we'll enjoy the drive for now. thank you. today independence pass near aspen shuts down for the winter season. cdot crews are expected to shut the aspen and twin lakes gates at noon. this is actually a each year on november 7th. it will reopen the thursday before memorial day. we still have to deal with dry conditions. the high winds bringing in this storm system caused problems for firefighters yesterday. a fire that blew through watkins moved very quickly. you can see the wind blowing there. the fire started about noon at a home and burned that home to the ground. it also sent flames into nearby dry fields driven by the high
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acres, burned a garage, came extremely close to this play ground and caused people living there a lot of worry. >> went out to the cows, came back and it wasn't even a few minutes and i saw the flames jumped down here by moe's, and i contacted the guys because they have the tractors down south and i don't have anything here. i was like, we're going to be in trouble if the wind shifts. the wind shifted, but has pretty much stayed on the other side thankfully. >> three people ha injuries. some were told to evacuate there. one person is dead after a house fire in aurora. four others went to the hospital and one of those people is in critical condition. it happened along 7th avenue and our stan bush picks up the story from here. >> reporter: she was leaving her home when she saw fire take over her neighbor's house. >> when i turned, smoke, smoke and ash blowing our way. the wind was blowing this way. i saw the flame.
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this home and spread to homes on both sides. seven people were inside this home, but one, a middle age woman, did not escape. >> it's scary. when you live around here and hear that she died, that's sad. >> reporter: four others p hospitalized. one critically hurt. the cause of the fire is not yet known. it's also unclear how much warning the residents had. firefighters today are reminding homeowners to check batteries in their smoke alarms. >> it's tr three houses were affected by the problems in one house. >> reporter: neighbors returned to the scene of the fire throughout the day, hoping they could find what way to help. >> it's been heavy on my heart all day and i felt it was right to come down, really see what happened. >> that was stan bush reporting. at least one family was forced out of their home by that fire. today president-elect donald trump meets with japan's prime minister. it is his first meeting with a world leader since he won the election last week.
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unveil the first wave of landing teams that will head to washington to fingup key positions. hena daniels reports. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump capped another day of high profile meetings at trump tower. snapping this photo with boxing great floyd mayweather junior. many of those seen in the building wednesday are overwhelmingly favorites for key posts. among them, alabama senator jeff sessions, who sat court nominees. steve mnuchin and rudy giuliani. the former new york city mayor is up for the job of secretary of state. >> we discussed a transition. went well. >> reporter: current new york city mayor de blasio also visited the president-elect. >> i talked his proposal for tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, and i raised concerns about some of the messages and some of the
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people have been hurtful. >> reporter: in washington, d.c., vice president-elect mike pence, who is leading transition efforts, met with vice president joe biden. >> no administration is ready on day one. we aren't ready on day one. >> reporter: trump's camp has been pushing back against reports of a transition team in chaos. yesterday the transition promised to improve communication between the president-elect and the press. >> our goal going forward is to give the best information in a timely fashion. >> reporter: trump's team says all members of administration will sign a form agreeing they will not lobby for five years after leaving the government. hena daniels, cbs news. >> the president-elect is also set to meet with 93-year-old former secretary of state henry kissinger and south carolina governor nikki haley.
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-- the officer will face charges of second degree manslaughter. a minnesota attorney there says the use of deadly force in the traffic stop was just not justified. he pulled the man and his girlfriend over for a broken taillight. prosecutors concluded the man never tried to pull his gun from his pocket. >> i'm just came to this chapter and it's the beginning to a different chapter and we all hope and pray that the right thing is done in this issue. >> it's prosecutor says castille's final words were, i wasn't reaching for it, referring to the handgun in his pocket. police have dash cam video and audio, but they won't yet release it because of this criminal investigation. the mountains could get a good shot of snow today, which
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of thanksgiving. >> need a big gulp of snow, more than a shot really. why giving kids whole milk could keep them away from empty calories.
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,, ,, ,, f0 it's time for weather and traffic on the 4's. it is definitely colder this morning than it was yesterday at this time. yesterday's high was 80.
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be lucky. now we're at 37. you can see what i'm talking about. we're not going to have virtually any warming at all today. the southern part of the state, it's mild. pueblo at 57. cold front hasn't reached there. just went through the springs and just now making its way over the colorado high country. until the front passes over the mountains we're not going to see the snow pick up there. that will happen later on this morning closer to 9:00 a.m. you can already see a big batch of precipitation just now crossing over the utah/colorado state line. that's the ahead of the front there. behind the front we have an upper level low in nevada and as that races east today over colorado, it will push the front through and it's that low that will create the upward vertical motion. that's what we need in order to get precipitation and we'll have plenty of it in colorado. we start at 6:00 a.m. with mainly dry conditions state-wide. look what happens just over
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mountains. noon, precipitation around denver, rain/snow mix initially and all snow this afternoon. for the drive home later today there could be some snow falling. probably not much accumulation on road surfaces, just because the roads are still so warm from yesterday and the day before and last month or so. but we could see slushy spots perhaps by late evening and the system gets out of here quickly. by tonight everybody dries out. tomorrow will be sunny. in terms of how much snow, up to 2 inches, mainly on e and fort collins areas. out on the plains an inch or two is possible. the most part a trace or so. for the mountains we're talking 4 to 10 inches of snow, including vail, winter park, steamboat and up towards the red feather lakes area 4 to 10 possible around the flattops as well. 39 the high. tonight 18. tomorrow the sun is back. but the cold air sticks around, 38 tomorrow. i hope you got your sprinkler
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>> taken care of. >> did you start huffing and puffing yesterday? >> i'm winded today. little light headed but we got it done. this is from the eisenhower and johnson tunnels. now roads are dry. isn't that a nice drive? you may be thinking is ashton crazy? no, he's not and you shouldn't be crazy either. make sure your car is winter driving ready. cdot will be enforcing passenger traction restrictions, which could mean fines if you slide off the roadway. look at the drive now, it's i it will be different later today. we're seeing a lot of green on the map, at or near posted speed limits across the denver metro area. slowing past i-76 in the southbound direction of i-25. drive times, both directions along i-270 and commerce city speeds in the upper 50s still. thank you, joel. a new study reports a promising development in cancer treatment. this is the news in health. researchers from ucla created a molecule that can be combined
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shrinks tumors, but with fewer side effects like the debilitating nerve pain that often affects cancer patients. and research suggests that children who drink whole milk have a healthier body weight than those who drink the low fat kind. the study suggests this is because kids feel more full from whole milk, so are less likely to eat other high calorie foods. this is from a regional cross country meet in lehi county, pennsylvania, and the deer had a little bit of issue with their runners there. they just whacked in one of them. runner got knocked down. he was bruised but not seriously injured. our junior weather watcher this week is nash from denver. he loves the weather and has dressed up as a weather man for
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it's very cold. it's very cloudy, too. tonight is going to be very, very cold, and tomorrow it will be very, very cold. i'm in my socks, you can see. >> i love it. check out nash tomorrow when he joins meteorologist ashton altieri in colorado's weather center. i wonder in ashton can rival those socks. >> you can always tell the forecast socks. colorado ranked fifth on the list for best states for business. utah number one. north carolina in second. meantime, west virginia ranked as the worst state in the country. j.k. rowling's newest creation opens up a new chapter in the
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films. here's a quick sneak peek. >> reporter: it takes place decades before the boy wizard enters the scene. in fantastic beasts and where to find them, newt's commander is the scatter brain hero of magic. the story is set in new york and stars eddie redmayne. he arrives in the >> at the beginning of the film he's quite a prickly figure. you see from his love and passion for these animals he has a great heart. >> reporter: when a muggle accidently releases a beast, the wizarding community is at risk. >> hey, mr. english guy, i think your egg is hatching! >> reporter: colin ferrell
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security. its his job to safe guard the wizarding world. >> the wizards have withdrawn from society at large. he thinks his people shouldn't have to live in the shadows and be ashamed of what is a beautiful gift. >> i refuse to bow down any longer. >> reporter: as the wizards face the dark forces, j.k. rowling returns to the theme fans have loved, live to your potential
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5:54 here on this thursday morning. the cold front has arrived our weather watcher nancy rockwell out in wray, 36 degrees is what she's reporting this morning. she says, hoping the forecast is right on. nancy, the forecast is always right on here at cbs4. temperatures are anywhere from 20 to 25 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. right around freezing most of the metro area. here's the precipitation, as expected, we'll stay dry for
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will move to the east reaching the metro area by mid- to late morning. it will start as cold rain for us and transition into snow later on. light rain and snow in the san juan mountains and moving into grand junction now. we're keeping an eye into the high country and that drive, which is going to be much different than it is now later today. you can see the dry conditions now, no restrictions in place. cdot saying make su is winter driving ready. if you don't have proper tread or mud and snow designation on your tires and you slide off, you could face a pretty good fine. thanks. phony news is getting more costly. supporters of donald trump are threatening now to boycott pepsi over fabricateed statements on social media.
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news articles claims pepsi's ceo told trump supporters to take their business elsewhere. the ceo never said it, even congratulated trump on his victory. a new app could be your newest holiday helper. it could help you make your list and check it twice., the online retailer owned by wal-mart teamed up with facebook to create a care calculator. it analyzing your relationship and social interactions and recommends a price range for a gift. right now, 33 degrees in denver. the snow is coming, we're waiting on it. >> we have you covered on it this morning. still ahead, jamie is live. >> reporter: we are live with the guys in the mobile weather lab, talking dropping temperatures and snow making operations in loveland, that's coming up on the cbs4 morning news. >> reporter: and i'm shawn chitness along i-25.
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the snow twice as fast. we'll show it to you coming up. overnight protests in los angeles as president-elect trump continues to work on picking the people who will be around him when he's president. we're going to tell you what upset this crowd next. and business is good for people in the pot industry here in colorado. we will break down the numbers next. >> reporter: also ahead on cbs4 morning news at 6:00, if you're looking to shop till you drop on black friday, we have some of the
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,, ,, ,, ,, who says i shouldn't have a soda every day? my doctor. my dentist.
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make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. good morning, everyone, on a chilly morning. i am britt moreno. >> i am alan gionet. this is the news at 6:00 a.m. a live look at i-70 as we keep an eye on a big weather change this morning.
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the mountains soon and we're looking at what denver will get. we have team coverage this morning. our jamie leary is live near the eisenhower tunnel, ahead of the winter blast, and shawn chitness is working on the new cdot efforts to deal with the roads this winter season. good morning from colorado's weather center. the cold air has arrived in the metro area. up next, cold rain and then snow. we'll break down the timing straight ahead. we're watching up into the high country now the roads are different later today. cdot warning make sure you have enough tread on your tires. right now we have a live look from our camera, looking at vail pass for you this morning. here's a live look at the eisenhower tunnel. our ski resorts are hoping for a nice boost in the snow from the incoming storm ahead of the holiday, thanksgiving holiday next week. first indicator of this winter blast is the cold this morning. our jamie leary is all bundled


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