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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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happening. here's the silver lining, the snow could not have come at a better time for the high country. you're looking at pictures from the eisenhower tunnel on the left side of your screen, and we have new video from keystone. they're about to open this morning along with copper mountain, just ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. >> live look at dia now. we are keeping an eye on the situation at the airport after a lot of delays from this storm last night. couple of schools have a two- hour delay, including in revere district and sedgwick and clear creek school district. kids, you can sleep in just a little bit. >> yes. >> but you might want to do the shoveling. good morning, i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. the issue this morning is the bitter cold and the ice on the roads. joel hillan will talk about all the problems on the roadways this morning. ashton altieri will tell us how long the cold will last. let's get over to him now. good morning, ashton. now into the deep freeze and this cold weather will
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will be a cold day today. and that's it. we have no falling snow anywhere in colorado. all of the precipitation has now ended. but 20 degrees the temperature here at cbs4. sun will be up at 6:48 this morning. unlike yesterday, we will get to see a lot of sunshine today. temps are in the teens for most neighborhoods. greenwood village 17. lakewood at 18. erie at 15 degrees. as we take a look at the state view, it's equally as cold in 8leadville. 9gunnison. 15 in avon. if you are heading up to summit county for opening day at copper or keystone, be prepared. shouldn't be as bad this afternoon. windchill values, leadville zero. in the denver area factor in the light wind we have it feels like 5 degrees outside. so you will definitely notice it when you step outside. 9:00a.m., 26. by noon, 36. high temperature of 38, below normal day, near normal
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sunday. your weekend forecast straight ahead. let's get over to joel. we haven't had to deal with this in a long time, all this ice and cold we have out there. all that snow melted and became ice as temperatures dropped. it's very cold outside this morning. enough to freeze even some of the chemicals on the roadway. copter 4 over this accident. this is 88th and wadsworth. i'm not sure which lanes are blocked off quite yet. you can't make that icy, think you can hit that light and maybe you can't. got to readjust everything, including drive times and distances. saw an ambulance pull away, no word on injuries. 88th and wadsworth something we'll be watching. also watching an accident eastbound direction of i-70 to i-225. will cause delays on that ramp from northbound i-225 to i-70. and also along northbound i-225 we have another accident on the approach to 6th.
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koa newsradio for the very latest traffic and cbs4 weather together. dia is getting back to normal after the storm caused a lot of delays and of course a lot of frustration. but this is what it looked like last night. people were delayed some three hours there because the airport apparently could not de-ice quickly enough. our shawn chitness is live this morning back out at the airport. how are things looking? >> reporter: britt, good morning. it definitely is a picture this morning. i'm here by one of the check out lines, or check in lines for united, a few here on the west side of the terminal. looking pretty good here. we've been looking at the departure and arrival status boards as well. most flights are on time for united. that's the airline that was impacted by all this, a few delays and cancellations. let's take a look at the scene from yesterday. this was all an impact on united because they were having issues with the vendor that takes care of de-icing their
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that's what caused all those delays. people waiting in line for a long time, having to then wait to get on a plane and then a lot of people on the tarmac trying to get to the gate and get off the plane. so some folks having to spend the night at the airport. we talked to one man earlier who told us it's going to be 24 hours before he actually gets on the flight he was trying to take thursday night. things looking better this morning, as we see most flights are on time. actually the airport tweeting out just within the last snow in today's forecast, they think it's going to be a much better day for them, and crews are continuing to clear the air field. that's from the airport side. we're still waiting to hear back from united about the issues they were having with that vendor and the de-icing. we'll remain on scene, keep track of what's going on outside of the check in
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check point lines as well. keystone and copper mountain open for the season. the skiers and boarders, the lifts roll at 9:00. plenty of new powder. this video comes from keystone. breckenridge is set to open tomorrow. you can always find the latest conditions in the high country by visiting new this morning, one person is hurt after a hit-and- run in denver. the crash happened last night around 6:30 at 12th and broadway. a driver hit a intersection and police are looking for a white van that may have a ladder attached to the roof and one top headlight out. happening today, we are expecting the preliminary results of a study on the possible health impacts from the former rocky flats nuclear weapons plant. researchers want to learn about health effects from people who
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plant to look at lingering effects. larimer don't deputies have arrested a man who escaped custody while in handcuffs from a patrol car. deputies say they found william morgan yesterday afternoon around 1:00. they searched a neighborhood and that's when they discovered he was in an apartment close to where he was initially taken into custody on wednesday. this was off 16th street near 7th and i-70 in lond president obama wrapped up his visit to berlin this morning. now he heads to peru to attend a summit. he talked about extending sanctions on russia, as well as president-elect trump's intentions regarding the country. cbs news is reporting president-elect trump has offerd of alabama senator jeff
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general. this comes as he moves his transition meetings from trump tower in new york city to trump national golf course in new jersey today. and trump offered the job of national security advisor to retired general michael flynn. the pick is not sitting well with house intense committee member adam shift. in a statement last night the democrat bashed palestinian for his pasted remarks about islam saying his jihadi propaganda -- >> coddling and displays of empathy towards terrorists is not a strategy for defeating these murderers. >> the transition team says mr. trump is open to selecting former rivals. including texas senator ted cruz, and former republican presidential candidate mitt
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the president-elect is supposed to meet with romney tomorrow. a russia soyuz aircraft is on its way to the iss. >> liftoff. rocketing towards the international space station. >> successful launch last night to take an u.s. astronaut to the international space station for a 6-month visit. piggy whitson will celebrate her 57th birthday on th woman in space. crew should arrive at the iss this weekend. >> happy birthday to her. and a colorado satellite is about to revolutionize how our -- lockheed martinnen in
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united launch alliance in centennial made the rocket taking it into space. crews have put all the pieces together. this is the first major upgrade to the u.s. weather satellite system in some 20 years. cbs4's meteorologist dave aguilera is in florida now and he will be live from cape canaveral tonight and tomorrow night at 5:00 with the latest on this historic launch. we'll be streaming it live on saturday on the cbs4 facebook page. 16 degrees d >> we need the hot alcohol chocolate and coffee. after volkswagen emission scandal, a new announcement.
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now at 6:12, this is a fire that's really going. cbs l.a. is over flames and smoke from a three alarm fire at a pallet yard in the city of paris. that is about an hour east of los angeles. riverside county fire crews say the fire started around 4:00 a.m. our time. firefighters say there were multiple propane explosions and this really got going. there are no buildings in danger from this pallet yard fi injuries. it's really going. we want to bring you back to colorado now, because we have a weather alert this morning. take a look at a live look at the eisenhower tunnel, where the snow is covering the ground, and roadways as well. couple of school closures, you can go to to see that list. now let's get over to ashton and figure out what the friday forecast is looking like. of course the issue today is the cold. that's right. some roads are covered with
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snow today. no snow will be falling. we're going to have sunshine all day long, but it will remain cold. 19 degrees the temperature outside. sun will be up at 6:48 this morning. conifer saw 7.5 inches of snow yesterday. down there along highway 285. arvada had almost 6 inches close to the foothills. black hawk little more than 5 inches. monument hill 3.5 inches of snow. between castle springs, boulder 3.5 inches. greeley 2 inches. denver official at the airport, 1.7 inches, our first official snowfall of the season. it's 17 at dia now. 25 in greeley. 22 at the springs. some mountain areas in the single digits. if you are headed up to keystone or copper, will be cold on the lift this morning. shouldn't be as bad this afternoon. along the front range, upper
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we're going to drop down into the teens once again tonight and it will be cold for high school football. we have those quarter playoff games tonight. 7:00p.m. kickoff, 26 by the end of the fourth quarter. 23 degrees tonight. doppler 4000 showing a couple of clouds left in the mountains. our storm system is here in the upper midwest. blizzard warnings for parts of minnesota and dakotas. 6and 12 inches up there, wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. the system continues to move away from us as we go into the weekend. that allows high pressure to weekend. rain and snow this weekend in northern california. that storm will be in here the end of monday night into tuesday of next week. that will bring some snow back to the mountains and probably a rain/snow mix in the denver area. this next storm won't be as cold as the last one, therefore i don't think we'll see all snow, but maybe a few snowflakes. who would have thought we'd like, temperatures in the 20s,
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i-70 and peoria. eastbound direction, that car is not facing in the eastbound direction, and that's the trouble. off to the right lane and right shoulder, you can see the sheen on the roadways. that's not our only accident this morning. as you get across the denver metro area, this is i-70 and i- 225. even the camera is frozen. that's how cold it is. you can see the sheen on the roadways. it's an icy drive. accident in the northbound direction of i-225 on the approach to 6th avenue. backed up from alameda. all the way iliff now, solid from mississippi. earlier accident in the westbound direction of i-70 to brighton boulevard. elevated portion of the highway it's icy. portion of northbound wadsworth closed off at 88th to an accident there. over vail pass slower speeds and a couple of accidents along
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from volkswagen after an emissions scandal. donald trump also is talking about stopping a ford plant from moving to mexico. this is the news on wall street. let's get over to jill wagner who is live at the new york stock exchange for us. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, britt. futures on this friday are pointing to a flat, even higher open now. yesterday the dow gained 35 points. nasdaq rose 39. more fallout from the advocacy o major job cuts. they're cutting 35,000 jobs, most in germany. the company says they want to invest in electric powered vehicles and other technology. president-elect donald trump says he helped keep a ford motor plant company in kentucky from moving to mexico. ford, though, was never planning to close the entire plant, just shift one of its production lines. the americans who were working on that vehicle were going to a different model.
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worked hard with bill ford to keep that plant in kentucky. ford does confirm they're no longer moving it out of the country. amazon is giving customers the power of x-ray vision. the smartphone app will now let ios users scan the bar code on the outside of the box, then the app will show you exactly what's inside. amazon says package x-ray as it's called will help keep all your holiday gifts organi frown upon this. thank you, jill. friday's top stories, at least one person is on the run this morning after a shooting on the campus of southern university of baton rouge, louisiana. this happened near the law center last night. shattered window. doctors treating one man. the university went on lockdown. the school warned people to take cheryl there. we understand neither person involved, shooter nor the victim, were students at the
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killing a black man at a traffic stop over the summer will appear in court today. he is charged in the death of philando castille. today the new york city police department and secret service are expected to announce the permanent plan to secure trump tower. that's where president-elect donald trump has been holding meetings all week. the area is packed with rows of armed guards, secret service agents stationed on every corner. nearby businesses say they're being hurt because of all of that. the added security comes as more than 5 million people are expected to visited new york between thanksgiving and the new year. 17 degrees in denver. we have not seen temperatures this cold in quite a while. let's get over to ashton. hopefully the weather watchers have hot chocolate in front of them. >> good morning.
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it is time for weather and traffic together. 19 degrees in the denver area with fresh snow on the ground. icy spots on the roadways, but no new snow anywhere in colorado. storm system is now in the upper midwest. look at that snow in minnesota. rain in dallas, the south side of the system. east coast lots of sunshine and all major airports are in good shape. let's get a check on the roadways with joel now. making for a tough drive it you're heading out airport. i-70 and central park boulevard, a lot of taillights and brake lights. as that accordion effect stretches back, you'll have cars going the posted speed limit. they'll be coming up on the brake lights and it will need extra stopping distance today. i would not be surprised if you're heading eastbound along i-70 or coming off i-270 if we don't see an accident in the backups. inbound along pena boulevard looking okay. here's a look at the drive times eastbound along i-70. average speed, i know that shows orange, that will turn
6:25 am
20s. joel, thanks very much. want to go to breaking news we have now. police are at the scene of an apparent homicide as we give you a live picture, this is 42nd and tahone. we have officers out. there is a person dead there. exactly where, we don't have details. we have a reporter en route, our jamie leary on the way. we'll go to her live when we get something set up. tomorrow the csu rams play their last game at hugh stadium in fort collins. kickoff is at 8:15. some say that's a little late. hughes has been home for the rams the last 45 years. tomorrow marks the 262nd game there. fans will film the new oncampus stadium next year. this is video of the construction from earlier this year. the project cost about $220 million. the buffs are hosting washington state tomorrow afternoon. michael spencer will preview
6:26 am
one more school delay, elbert school district has been added to our list. you can go to to find that. >> clear creek on a two-hour delay and schools in sedgwick. a lot of excitement about du, number one in the country, men's hockey they play tonight at home. there's a group that is certain to get you into the holiday spirit this weekend. >> bret saunders breaking down our concert calendar. >> it's hard to describe the si give it a shot. friendly, progressive christmas medley. they play the pepsi center saturday night. they have armies of guitars and all the bells and whistles. it's the holiday show saturday night at the pepsi center. it's a great venue for them, by the way. sunday night, the pop band from portland, oregon, blind pilot plays at the boulder theater. they're included on our studio c volume 28 cd, which will be
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good morning, everyone. happy friday. we start off with a weather t. colorado, but the cold and ice is now left in its wake. there are problems consequently on the roads this morning. take a look, here's a driving shot of what you will contend with, eastbound i-70 is looking a little snowy, a little icy. >> a bone chilling morning. 17 degrees now with that icy drive. people trying rebook flights after delays and cancellations at dia last night because of de- icing problems.
6:31 am
>> good morning from colorado's weather center. temperatures are in the teens. it's our coldest morning of the season. icy spots on some roadways and despite a lot of sunshine today, it will stay cold. your week forecast is -- weekend forecast is straight ahead. expecting icy conditions to last. watch the transitions. look at the sheen we have on the roadway this morning. several accidents, including eastbound along i-70 as you get to peoria. joel, thanks. three school districts have two-hour delay, revere schools, sedgwick, clear creek school, and an additional one in elbert county as well. >> you can see the full list at let's talk about the airport now. hundreds of frustrated passengers are trying to rearrange their travel plans this morning. this after airport workers could not de-ice planes fast enough yesterday. we saw long lines form last night and there's a similar scene there this morning. our shawn chitness is live at
6:32 am
right now. good morning, shawn. >> reporter: britt, good morning. we have seen a little bit of an improvement with the security line. i'm just over the tsa checkpoint, it's getting longer though, so constantly changing. we've been going back and forth between here and the united counter to see how things are looking there. for the most part flights appearing to be on time. some delays and cancellations on the departure and arrival side, all because of those issues with the vendor that de-iced. we know some people had to spend the night here. we'll have another update in about 15 minutes. live at dia, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. >> unbelievable, people were delayed several hours. shawn, thank you for that. let's get over to ashton. good friday morning, everybody. it is cold state-wide. we're done with the falling snow. there won't be any additional snowfall for today.
6:33 am
along interstate 70 this morning. meanwhile in denver we have 19 and you can see fresh snow on the top of sports authority field at mile high this morning. 17 degrees the temperature at dia. it's 23 in greeley. most mountain towns either in the single digits or teens as we start the day. high temperatures today won't go very far at all. upper 30s, close to 40. that's the best for denver and the front range. simple on the eastern plains. 30s for most mountain towns today. tonight it will be cold again. we'll drop overnight into tomorrow morning. it will be very cold for the high school football games that will be taking place this evening. doppler 4000 only showing a few clouds in the mountains. here's our storm system, near omaha and minneapolis bringing them plenty of snow. the cold front associated with the storm system will move farther away from us into the weekend. that allows high pressure to build in. lots of sunshine for the weekend and a slow warmup. 50s tomorrow and 60s on sunday.
6:34 am
that's the storm that will be here next week, monday night into thousand -- tuesday. more mountain snow before thanksgiving and possibly along the front range. it's friday morning, we have our junior weather watcher with us here in colorado's weather center. this is nash. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> how old are you? >> seven. >> you live here in denver. what school do you go to? >> c 3. >> you really like the weather, right? >> uh-huh. >> what's your favorite type of weather? >> hurricane. >> different state. but that's okay. you like snow as well, right? >> yes. >> terrific. lots of kids ride the bus to school, nash. what are they going to experience this morning? >> 17. >> 17 degrees at the bus stop. it's the coldest morning of the school year so far. later on today what's our forecast high temperature? >> 38. >> and sunny or cloudy? >> sunny. >> what about the weekend? >> 53 and 63. >> sunshine all weekend?
6:35 am
here it comes, next monday night into tuesday, more snow back in the mountains and probably rain and snow here on the front range next tuesday. is there anybody you want to say hi to, nash? >> our whole class. >> your whole class. what's your teacher's name? >> mrs. mccarthy. >> thank you, nash, for coming in. if you're between 6 and 12, go to our web site, watchers to become one of our juni >> watch the traffic. >> over to joel. good morning, ashton, and excellent work, nash. i-70 and central park boulevard this morning, it will be a tough commute. hopefully now that the sun comes up a little bit earlier we can get a little bit of heating along the roadway there. it's just going to be a tough drive until we do. so we've got an accident eastbound along i-70, on the
6:36 am
225 has been cleared out of the way. new trouble, i-225 and parker road and university as you get down to bellevue as well. eastbound along 6th starting to load up. typical this time of day for the commute. west of i-25, looks like folks are taking it easy on that drive. at or near posted speed limits southbound coming down into town seeing a little bit of slowing. along i-225, speeds into the 20s and 30s. both directions along i-225. but eastbound along i-70, we speeds into the teens. joel, thanks a lot. want to check back in over the scene of what we know is a homicide. 42nd. unclear where this has happened so far. we have businesses and residences in that area. our jamie leary is heading that way to pick up details. the cold and the snow are helping to ease the dry conditions in western boulder county. the boulder county sheriff
6:37 am
ban. this means camp fires are now allowed and they do not require a permit. the owner of a denver apartment complex is facing criminal charges for exposing residents to asbestos during a renovation project. two years ago in february, health officials found renovations at the overlook at mile high apartments caused hazardous material to be released into the air. nearly 100 units were evacuated. court documents say the ownership company is charged with a felony. the executive is facing a separate misdemeanor for negligence. his attorney says he plans to plead guilty. earlier this year the company settled a class action lawsuit with the residents. a man is suing the commerce city police department.
6:38 am
driving erratically and forcing other cars off the road. he says his blood sugar was dangerously low. instead of getting help from police, he was beaten, pepper sprayed, even tased. it all happened two years ago when police found a car near tower and hundred 20th. he is still this therapy. his attorney says they want this suit to bring change to commerce city police. >> y people like that in uniforms. >> the charges were dismissed. the five officers who responded to the scene were awarded. one of those officers was kevin lord who shot himself and initially lied about it, saying someone else shot him. he was arrested, resigned and pled guilty. the thanksgiving dui enforcement gets underway today in colorado. officers are out as people will visited friends and family. the effort is part of the
6:39 am
campaign. officers arrested more than 280 people during last year's enforcement period. reminder, don't leave food in your car. the bears can get in. bear got herself stuck inside of this suv in steamboat springs and caused a lot of damage. the bear managed to escape after somebody managed to open the door. it's not uncommon for bears to be active still this late in the year. coming up next, big announcement this morning on donald trump's pick fo >> and how a man stopped someone from firing bullets inside a gas station. live picture outside. we're about 45th and federal here. things are drying up a little bit, but some icy spots. joel has the latest on that, where you're going to find people bumping into each other. michael spencer with an update on the buffs. two wins, that is all that
6:40 am
12 championship game. easier said than done. hosting washington state tomorrow afternoon. let's be honest, the stakes are high. cu is in the top 10 for the first time since 2002. currently sitting alone atop the pac 12 south. washington state not exactly a pushover. they're one of the top offensives in the ncaa. but the buffs can't ask to be in a better situation. >> we've got to do everything in our power to be prepared and to go out there and basically play for then, basically everything is in our hands right now. if we let it go, then who knows what will happen. >> 1:30 kick saturday afternoon. on the ice the av's fall in
6:41 am
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time now 6:44. welcome back. it is a very cold start to this friday state-wide. no new snow will fall today. but the cold weather system brought in, it's going to linger through today and into tomorrow. mark russell our weather watcher in walden, north park, 9 degrees. paul in gunnison, he has 12. marieia gomez in commerce city, 17. it's also here in the metro area, it's very cold. andrew our junior weather watcher in aurora is reporting 25 right now. let's get over to traffic. here's joel. cold morning out there right now.
6:45 am
across the denver metro area. couple of accidents i-70. one i-225 in the eastbound direction. traffic slow westbound as well. then we've got trouble spot along colorado right at i-70 and it's just one of those things this morning, we'll be watching the transitions onto ramps. worst of the commute is east of i-25. it's affecting schools as well. three schools have a delay this morning, including revere school district, sedgwick school, and clear creek school district and elbert school district. you can always see this list at right now the cbs4 morning news, dia has a big job this morning. these are lines last night, long lines that formed during the storm. right now we know there are at least 80 delays -- eight delays and 10 cancellations.
6:46 am
happening. shawn. >> reporter: we can see an improvement this morning from what we saw yesterday, both at the counter lines for united as well as in the surrounding area. now i'm keeping an eye on the security line. i'll step out of the way so we can give you a better look. probably not as good as it has been this morning, but definitely not the worse we saw about an hour ago. the line growing a little bit. not too surprising for a friday morning. we did see quite a coming in through the united cameras -- counters and headed to security. it is definitely catchup for the airline as well as the airport. dia tweeting out just within the last hour or so that they are working to get rid of all that snow on the runways now, especially since there isn't new snow expected. a lot of ground to make up for given the challenges last night
6:47 am
with the vendors working with united. live at dia, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. shawn, thank you very much. you can get your weather on the go with our free app. take a look, 12th and broadway is back open after a hit-and-run in denver. this crash happened last night around 6:30. apparently a driver hit and injured a person near the intersection. police now are looking for a white van that may have a ladder attached and one front head light out. a judge is expected to sentence two men accused of starting a wildfire in nederland over the summer. they were visiting from alabama and investigators say they did not do enough to put out their camp fire. the flames spread to 500 acres and destroyed 8 homes.
6:48 am
way to peru after a visit to berlin. he met with the leaders of germany, britain, france, italy and spain. the president is addressing concerns about president-elect donald trump's intentions with countries overseas. new this morning, sources tell cbs news president-elect donald trump has offered alabama senator jeff he's been consistent through and through backing trump. he was accused of making racist comments years ago serve as u.s. attorney in alabama. he was accused of calling naacp communist inspired. trump offered the job of national security advisor to three star general michael
6:49 am
democratic adam shift blasted flynn for his past remarks about islam. the transition team says mr. trump is open now to selecting former rivals for his top cabinet roles and that includes former republican presidential candidate mitt romney. romney previously criticized trump during the primary. trump is moving his transition meetings from trump tower to trump new jersey. mitt romney is scheduled to meet with him over the weekend. officers investigating a homicide right now. >> jamie leary was on weather duty. she rushed out to this scene, in the 4200 block of tehone street. >> reporter: we're on the corner of 41st and tehone.
6:50 am
entire block sealed off right now. you can see denver police are on scene. we're just looking at two patrol cars now. not a lot of movement as far as law enforcement goes. they're kind of parked, monitoring the scene now. we're looking at north side broncos stop, appears to be a liquor store, but we're not sure where the focus of their investigation is. we know it was about 40 minutes ago they tweeted out this is a homicide investigation, so we have that they said they're going to update us as information becomes available. very early in the investigation. we do have the homicide portion of that confirmed. but it doesn't appear they're going to be telling us much at this point in time. we're going to stay out here and try and talk to police to see if we can't get at the more information. live in denver, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. >> we appreciate the hard work, thank you for that. about 30,000 people are
6:51 am
volkswagen emissions scandal. the company announced the cuts overnight. most are happening in germany, where volkswagen is based. fines and compensation payments are adding up, after it cheated emissions tests. the company says the job cuts are necessary to reduce costs. incredible new video as a store customer risks his life to stop a gunman inside a convenience store in everett, washington. take standing next to the masked man there. he said the clerk asked the man to remove his mask but he refused. the man then got violent as the clerk called 911, he fired a gun at the clerk. he missed. the customer pushed the gunman away and even confronted him. >> i said, man, everyone is safe, just leave. you don't want to make it really tough. just leave. he said, okay, if you move i'm going to kill you. i said, i'm not moving. he left.
6:52 am
run. tomorrow a state of the art weather satellite built here in colorado launches into orbit. the goes-r satellite will revolutionize the way we forecast your weather here at cbs4. it's supposed to launch in the afternoon before 4:00 our time. we're tracking it all. we have followed its journey from the lab to the launch pad. to the u.s. weather satellite system in 20 years. >> the way that noaa describes is, they like to describe it as you're going from standard definition tv to high definition tv. >> cool stuff. it will deliver high resolution pictures four times better and five times faster than now. it can track space weather that can disrupt power,
6:53 am
earth. guys like ashton get st. petely thrilled with -- completely thrilled with this stuff. >> i want that assignment. a pair of chinese astronauts return from a month- long stay at the country's space station. this is their space station stay. ski season starts today at two colorado resorts. on your left is a live look from copper mountain. we have snow, people, and the video on your right is from keystone. both resorts kick off the season at 9:00 this morning. unseasonably warm temperatures caused both resorts to actually push back opening day. the new snow of course a welcome sight to everyone. we have to show you this video as well. it's a picture here.
6:54 am
mountain snow than this breckenridge rescue dog. breck opens tomorrow. he's excited. >> laying down on the job. ashton, i'm just going to mention this again, nine days ago you told us this storm was coming and it hit. we started tracking it when it was on the east coast of japan. it arrived yesterday. overperformed in some areas. officially 1.7 inches in denver. web cam at inches of fresh powder. some of the resorts that open next week saw more. snow stake at steam boat, almost a foot there. winter park opens the day before thanksgiving. they've seen about 7 inches of snow up there at winter park. conifer over 7 inches. snow along 285 yesterday. black hawk about 5 inches. monument hill 3.5 inches. the west side of boulder near the flat irons saw 3.5 inches. fort collins just over 2.
6:55 am
and denver officially at the airport 1.7 inches for our first official snowfall of the season. temperatures are in the teens and 20s state-wide now. we're going to climb into the upper 30s, close to 40 along the front range. most mountain areas will be in the 30s today, including the base areas for the mountains that open up for the season. tonight teens and 20s again. it will be a cold night, including for the quarter final high school football 23 the end of the fourth quarter. in minnesota, as the storm moves away from us, high pressure builds in. sunshine through the weekend. in northern california, that's our next storm system, monday night into tuesday of next week. today and the weekend it will be sunny as we do a gradual warmup. 38 today. 53 tomorrow. 63 sunday. monday night into tuesday when we'll see snow back in the mountains. here's joel. good morning. if you're just waking up, i-70 and i-225. it's going to be a wet one.
6:56 am
the corner of our screen. hard to avoid. look at that beautiful sunrise. a lot of pinks. white is on the roadway. eastbound along i-70, i know it's all red here and speeds in the teens, but it's improved. accident getting to peoria. you can see on the map we had an earlier accident here on the approach to 6th, slow as you make that turn southbound along i-225 at parker road we've got an accident. also had several accidents along i-70 to the elevated portion of highway. typically dangerous this time of year. up into the high country, we have chain and passenger traction restrictions in place. man, we live in colorado. look at that. >> holy cow. that's awesome. it is time to meet our pet of the week. this is tilley. 45pounds female shepherd mix
6:57 am
her is she loves cuddling. >> she's an astute ,,
6:58 am
,, ,, ? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is friday, november 18, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. president-elect trump chooses jeff sessions to be general. and his pick for national security adviser is raising controversy. disturbing video shows the moment an arizona police officer punches a woman in the head. what happened moments before a violent confrontation. how an innocent question in a grocery store led to an unlikely friendship. the 4-year-old girl that brought joy back into a stranger's life. >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. by all accounts, a very


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