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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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community action team program. it's modeled after an effort in kansas city and police are so part of the new council task force. but task force members plan to do more than just concentrate a law enforcement response to violence. they want to get after the root causes of poverty as a way to decrease violence. immediately following the shooting of the 14-year- old by that small city park, those opposed to the violence quickly organized vigigs for the victim and marches to call for an end to violence. cedar rapids mayor ron corbett says what the city wants to do by forming a task force is to avoid some of the duplication of efforts and focus attention on the role poverty plays in violence. about 20 members representing all groups will study how to make the city fairer and more equitable for all. " it's one thing to look at gun vivience singularly, butut we think we can be more
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approach, a deeper look if you will a systemic look at some of the problems we face " "as a community, we need to address job creation and employment and housing. we need to address just a whole system of poverty" those appointed b bthe council to look at some of the root causes of the violence last year say they'll probably spend several months studying the problem and current resources. the city council wants a preliminary report in june and a final report next december. live in cedar rapids, dave franzman kcrg tv99ews. let's turn now to a live look from our waverly city cam. you can see a blanket of white after the snowfall we had yesterday. meteorologist joe winters joins
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joe, driving got a little slick with that snow last night. what's it like out there now? tranquil weather has taken over as we move into the middle of the week. overnight lows drop into the teens with highs back into the 20s on wednesday. one noticeable difference tomorrow will be lighter winds shifting to the southwest. mostly cloudy skies will be common with a chance for flurries wednesday night into thursday. a trend for more active weather remains with us for the early part of february. have a great night. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 15-21 winds: nw 5-15tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 26-32 winds: sw 5-15 bruce and beth...
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to document some of that growth in 2016. marion mayor nick abouassaly delivered the state of the city message for marion today. abouassaly told a a rge crowd that 201515as a year of growth for the city with 243 new homes going up inside city limits. he also expects big news this year with plans for new y-m-c-a and library taking shape. but the mayor says the one thing he wants this year is a better handle on how much the city has grown. "we're having a special census done this year find out exactly how much we have grown and i think with the growth will come all the opportunities." even without special census numbers, the mayor told the group marion has grown 37 percent in population since the year 2000.
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to be under closos watch as it modernizes its sewer operations. that's after a district court approved an agreement over allegations the city violated the clclan water act. the agagement details what waterloo must do to make sure the city's sewage treatment plant is working. city officials say flooding overwhelmed the city's system and caused sewer overflows into the cedar river in 2008 and 2010. iowa senate leaders have put together a budget plan that totals seven point 39 billion dollars. this would be for fiscal 2017, which begins on july first. that's a touch below what governor branstad's proposed. his budget plan adds up to seven point four billion. the iowa house hasn't released its budget proposal yet. when it comes to k-through 12 education funding, senate democrats want to raise that by four per cent for next year. governor branstad proposed an increase of two point 45 percent increase. yesterday, the republican-controlled house passed a measure calling for a two per cent hike in eduucation
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a new quinnipiac poll shows republican presidential candidates ted cruz and donald trump are razor-close heading into the iowa caucuses. the poll shows donald trump with 31 percent support among likely republican caucus-goers. ithows ted cruz with 29 percent. those numbers are well l thin the polol's 3 point 8 percent margin of error, making it a statistical tie. marco rubio followed with 13 percent, ben carson came in at 7 percent, rand paul polled at 5 percent, and jeb bush came in with 4 percent. 39 percent of respondents said they still might change their minds. this morning, republican presidential candidate rick santorum sat down with tv-nine for an interview. he expanded on a facebook post from yesterday where he wrote quote i can't stand the media. from the start of this campaign, they've decided that we're not worthy of them. he also said he's hoping for a repeat of 2012, when he won the iowa caucuses. poll numbers drive, media attention drives poll numbers,
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drivevemedia attention and it's a loop. we've tried to overcome that and i keep coming back to four years ago when we were in the same situation and we trusted the people of iowa. we went to 380 town hall meetings. i'm going to do 50 this week alone in the state of iowa. " you can watch the full interview online at kcrg dot com. tonight donond trump holds a campaign rally at the fieldhouse on the university of iowa campus. and this could get a little loud... with his supporters on the inside and some groups who'll be protesting the republican candidate on the outside. the rally starts at 7:30. tonight on t-v nine news at six, we'll have a live look at what's happening before the event. and democrat hillary clinton is also in iowa today eeouraging her supporters to make sure they get to the caucuses monday night. she'll be stopping at the gallagher bluedorm performing arts center at the university of northern iowa in just about half an n ur, at 5:45. this is video of her from her
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winneshiek in decorah earlier today. remember to stay with kcrg t-v nine monday night for complete caucus coverage. we'll have reporters live in des moines and across eastern iowa, along with expert analysis. we'll broadcast live from m ght to nine p-m on kcrg nineneoint two. then from nine all the way through our ten o'clock news, we'll be live here on our main channel. again, that's caucus coverage this coming monday night here on kcrg t-v nine. planned parenthood of the heartland announced today it's closing its dubuque location. " dubuque chooses life! " an anti-abortion group that's protested opeed says it's glad too see it go.
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tranquil weather has taken over as we move into the middle of the week. overnight lows drop into the teens with highs back into the 20s on wednesday. one noticeable difference tomorrow will be lighter winds shifting to the southwest. mostly cloudy skies will be common with a chance for flurries wednesday night into thursday. a trend for more active weather remains with us for the early part of february. have a great night. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 15-21 winds: nw 5-15tomorrow: mostly cloudy
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winds: sw 5-15tomorrow night: scattered flurries low: 21-27 winds: w 5-15thursday: m/cloudy, sct. flurries high: 32 - low: 24 friday: mostly cloudy high: 39 - low: 24 saturday: areas of fog, drizzle high: 39 - low: 28 sunday: chance of light rain/snow high: 37 - low: 28 monday: chance of rain/snow high: 36 - low: 26 tuesday: rain/snow likely high: 33 - low: 29
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today, the red tail hawk at the mississippi river museum and aquarium made her prediction for the country's next president. staff placed food for the hawk on images of hillary clintnt, ted cruz, martin o'malley, marco rubio, bernie sanders and donald trump. and the hawk picked marco rubio as the winner of this hawkus, as the museum calls it. museum staff say this is a light-hearted way to get ready for the caucuses. "the last time the hawk picked michele bachmann, representative from minnesota, did not win n e election or the primary. so she's 0 for 1, so we'll see how it goes this year with marco rubio" coming up on the kcrg-tv9 news at six, students across iowa got i iolved in the political process by participating in a straw poll today. the students' votes don't officially count, but organizers say it's an important step in encouraging them toote when they're adults. planned parenthood of the heartland is closing its dubuque location.
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birth control, but not surgical abortions. but soon it won't offer any services. and coralville wants to build a life-size statue of former hawkeye coach hayden
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planned parenthood of the says it's planning to close its dubuque location. and it's stopping its clinical there immediately. a spokesperson says the official closing date will depend on when the building sells. located at 3365 hillcrest road. the next closest
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miles away in cedar rapids on 3425 first avenue southeast. kcrg-tv9's katie wiedemann joins us now live outside that planned parenthood. katie, why is planned parenthood closing its dubuque location? the regional organization says there simply isn't the demand for their services here in dubuque, ththway there is in other communities. today's announcement in dubuque is drawing cheers from dubuque county right to life, who has long protested planned parenthood's existence in dubuque. planned pararthood of the heartland spokesperson angie remington says the organization made several moves to re-allocate resources back in 2014. at that time the dubuque location wasn't growing, but ey decided to wait before making any changes. now two years later, planned parenthood says the number of patient visits has stayed the same in dubuque. meanwhile, the edar rapids ofofce is seeing an increased demand, so resources from dubuque will be
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cedar rapids. protestors from dubuque county right to life say they have stood outside planned parenthood every minute since the clinic first opened in august of 2008. "we would like to take a bit of credit for that. i'm not sure honestly that we can but we know we have saved at least 19 babies by simply being there." directors say those 19 mothers have come to duduque county right life to tell them they changed their mind about having an abortion after talking with the protestors outside the planned parenthood building. again, this planned parenthood clinic does not and has never performed surgical abortions. there is still no date on when they will officially close their doors. live in dubuque, katie wiedemann, kcrg tv-9 nns. coralville says it's saving money to pay for a life-sized statue of former hawkeye coach hayden fry. and fry told a design team he has some very specific requests for how he's
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thousand dollar sculpture. stay with your 24 hour news source,
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iowa coach haydyd fry could be coming to coralville. the city council could vote tonight on an agreement with a company to build the statue. fry led the university of iowa to three rose bowl games during his 20 years caching at iowa. he's also in the college football hall of fame. fry retired in 1998 and now lives in mesquite, nevada. kcrg t-v nine's mark carlson has more about the plans for the statue. "coralville is home to the annual fry fest festival, it's home to 1st avenue, or hayden fry way, and it soon could be home to a very permanent hayden fry."
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to look like humphrey bogart, and he wanted the statue up high enough so dogs wouldn't be able to pee on his legs or anything. " steve maxon is the sculptor who -- if approved -- will build hayden fry. maxon owns max-cast inc. in kalona, where's he's been scululing for decades. "this is the first person that's been alive, everybody else has been dead that we've had to do, so we've had to work from pictures, we're still going to have to work from pictures from this because it's going to be a 1982 hayden fry and the present day hayden fry is quite a bit different than the 1982 one, but at least we can make measurements from him. " "he used to always go down first avenue on his way to work everyday from his home up north, so he'd menenon coralville many times in his interviews. " the city of coralville has been putting away money the past couple of years to pay for the statue. the money, roughly 36 thousand dollars, was raised through various community festivals including fry fest. "the statue is much like a lot of the other, like the herky on parade, it will become an
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drive to the iowa river landing coach fry. " the city's hope is to have the statue up somewhere in the iowa river landing by august -- just in time for fry fest, and so that hayden can see it in person. in coralville, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. now here's a look at what's cocong up at 5:30 on abc's world news. coming up here, six days to iowa, our team out in force, new in eye opening polls out tonight. also the new warning about three dangerous fugitives, a prosecutor describing one of them as hannibal lecter. and we remember an american actor, a face you
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donald trump for president p pn to make some noise outside his campaign event tonight in iowa city. and a straw poll for students. young eastern iowans are deciding who they'd pick for president. tonight at 6
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ty council has created the set task force... set stands for safe, equitable and thriving. it will study poverty, violent crime, and barriers to education and employment in the city. about 20 members representing
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groups will study how to make the city fairer and safer. let's go back to joe now for a tonight's forecast. tranququ weather has taken over as we move into the middle of the week. overnight lows drop into the teens with highs back into the 20s on wednesday. one noticeable difference tomomoow will be lighter winds shifting to the southwest. mostly cloudy skies will be common with a night into active weather remains with us for the early part of february. have a great night. tonight: mo tonight, the sprint to the finish. six days now to iowa and donald trump and the new poll tonight. why even ted cruz says if donald trump wins iowa and new hampshire, he could be unstoppable. and the question from a young man to hillary clinton about dishonesty. thehebi sting late today. under arrest today. authorities say he was planning
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what the plot entailed.
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