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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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the heaviest snow across our northwest counties where 6+" is still possible. blowing snow will be an issue tuesday night and wednesday in open areas, especially where the heaviest snow falls. stay up to date with this olving forecast.. tonight: snow arrives late low: 27-33 winds: ne 10-20tomorrow: snow, wintry mix, windy high: 32-38 winds: ne 20-35 bruce and beth... black hawk county is expecting almost a foot of snow. with 30 employees in county has trucks ready for plowing and salting. that includes 12 hundred pounds of premixed salt and sand ready to go, plus an additional 800 pounds. e have all of our sand and salt ready to go, we've got 15 trucks ready to go and a magnum motorgrator. we are expecting six to twelve inches of snow
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the black hawk county highway department expects the storm will close gravel roads and some black top roads by tomorrow morning. this is s ucus night here in iowa, the night voters get together to decide who they want to win their party's presidentiti nommations. caucuses start at seven tonight across the state. kcrg-tv9's forrest saunders joins us live from what's beingalled the "super site" at capital square in des moines. forrest, how are things shaping up in the state capital? it's basically caucus hq for journalists across the globe.look at this place. the big american networks are here, but many others too. bbc, al jazeria, telemundo. too many to mention. here are the stats from microsoft.
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broadcasting outlets. 112 print organizations. 18 d dferent countries. here's the big one; more than 16-hundred credentialed press. that's about a fourth of my hometown of spirit lake, iowa. we caught up with a journalist from czech tv news out of the czech republic to see what he thought of the caucuses. he seeing voters have so much access to the candidates blew him away.. " "this is so unique. people canvassing, going from town to town. we went to a ted cruz event. he was at a village, basically, that hadhree streets only. this doesn't happen in europe." " martin said this is the second caucus he's covered. this might surprise you. he wishes he could spend more time here. he loves the weatatr. easy when it's 40 out and sunny. might not feel that way tomorrow. guys? tonight you can keep tabs on the caucus results
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that will update results in real time. this is a look at the democratic website where you can see results coming in from each dividual county. the republican caucus website looks identical. you can zoom in on each individual county. for example, if you're in linn county it will show you all of the precincts in the county. you can hover your mouse over your nenehborhood or town to o e individual resusus. obviously no results are in just yet, but both parties expect some results to be coming in after 7:30 tonight. kcrg-tv9's brady smith will be manning the caucus-results board tonight as those results come in. and be sure to stay with tv9 throughout the night for all of your caucus coverage. coming up at 6:00, we'll have expert analysis on totoight's events. thenene'll broadcast live from 8 to 9 p-m on kcrg 9.2. then from 9 all the way through
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we'll be live right here on our main channel, t-v9. presidential candidates have still been making final pushes today to gain support going into tonight's ucuses. that includedethe two publicans at the topopf the popols. donald trump had a rally this afternoon at the double tree hotel in doqntown cedar rapids, and linn county republicans tell us ted cruz will also be there at seven tonight. kcrg t-v nine's sarah mccarthy was at the doubletree this afternoon and joins us from our newsroom. sarah, it been a busy afternoon for these candidates. bruce, i i hink it's fair to o ll the double tree "candidate central" for the republican party. and it makes sense. it's the second largest caucus site in the state so candidates can reach a lot of voters in one stop. according to linn county gop officials, that's s e party's mission at the local level. 04:15 "our purpose is to help our candidates, from the presidential level on
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in downtown cedar rapipi is transforming into linn county's gop headquarters today. a first-ever four-hour rally is an attempt to energize caucus-goers before tonight's big event. and candidates are using ththplatform to their adadntage. 17:24 sarah palin introducing trump former alaska governor sarah palin introduced donald trump to the crowd earlier this afternoon. he says his daughter ivanka will speak on his behalf once the caucuses kick off. 31:28 "she's staying here because at 7 o'clock she's going to convince everyone to caucus properlrl meaning trump, right?" but even for supporters of candidates who are down in the polls, tonight is an opportunity to propel those candidate forward 01:04:00 "carly is not high in the polls right now, i realize that, there's a number of candidates who are not high in the polls. but iowa has the unique opportunity to push a candidate forward that mayy someone else mayyot have seen."
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paul, and possibly more will make their final appeal to iowans right here. 03:16 "iowa and new hampshire. we have small enough popations that people get to meet the candidates there's going to be some people who change their minds based on what they see and hear today. the iowa gop did have incorrect caucus locations on its website attne time. eleven of those incorrect listings were in linn county. to double check that you're heading to the right place tonight - head to kcrg dot com. we have a precinct finder for both partiti there. in the newsroom, sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. one topic many iowans are paying attention to this election season is renewable fuels. ted cruz is against ethanol subsidieie iowa's produces more ethanol than any other state. that caused iowa governor terry branstad to call on iowans not to caucus for cruz tonight. farm futures, a a o-ethanol group, gave cruz, ben n carson and rand paul low scores due to their
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standard. the executive director of the iowa renewable fuels association says this debate could be an issue for canandates in iowa and across the country. "i am one of the more than 50,000 iowans who took what we call the rfs caucus pledge..which is a pledge that i will go to n ucus, and i will vovo for a pro- rfs candidate " some experts say the corn lobby in iowa could have a major impact on how well some candidates do in tonight's caucuses. after today, you'll probably notice a big change in t-v commercial breaks. the last campaign ad here on kcrg t-vine airs at 6:59 tonight. and it's for hillary clinton, if you're wondering. all told, candidates spent many millions trying to get your support tonight. kcrg t-v nine's chris earl breaks down the numbers. in just the last 6 weeks leading up to iowa's caucuses, eastern iowa was innundated
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dollars worth of political ads. we reviewed the most recent f-c-c filings for ad spending on the four major networks in our market... so these numbers could still rise. the biggest sing spender in the 45-days before the caucus was bernie sanders, just topping one- million dollars in ad orders. his rival, hillary clinton was second at just under 900-t-tusand dollars. marco rubio spent the most on the republican side, shelling out 621- thousand dollars on tv ads. ted cruz was seco at 342-thousand. and despite having more candidates, democrats actually outspent republicans in orall spending by abbt 200- thousand dolllrs. but that doesn't include political action committee spending jeb bush's super pac, right to rise, outspent everyone at 854-thousand dollars. marco rubio's pac, conservative solutions was second, spending 443- thohoand. and aarp spent 434- grand - the most of any pac not tied to a specific candidate. in this 45-day window we looked at, candidates actually out spent pacs on ads, 3-point-five million to 3-point-one million. now we get a break before political ads restartrteading up to the november
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news. today the world health organization is calling the zika virus outbreak an extraordinary event. that puts the virus at the same level as the ebola outbreak in west africa in 2014.
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it becomes. the latest model runs continue to push the heaviest snows northwest. a wintry mix develops overnight across eastern iowa. this will impact the morning drive where the mix and snow is the heaviest. farther south the precipitation changes to all rain with
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counties where 6+" is still possible. blowing snow will be an issue tuesdayight and wednesday in open areas, especially where the heaviest snow falls. stay up to date with this evolving forecast. tonight: snow arrives late low: 27-33 winds: ne 10-20tomorrow: snow, wintry mix, windy high: 32-38 winds: ne 20-35tomorrow night: snow likely low: 20-26 winds: n 15-30wednesday: mostly cloudy, windy high: 24 - low: 23 thursday: partly cloudy high: 27 - low: 4 friday: chance
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high: 32 - low: 14 saturday: partly cloudy high: 32 - low: 19 sunday: partly cloudy high: 35 - low: 20 monday: chance of snow high: 30 - low: 25
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tonight's potential snow is already delaying school bond voting totorrow in multiple counties across the state.
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the iowa secretary of state at noon instead of 7:00 a-m due to the forecast. polls will close at 8:00 tomorrow night. we have a full our website, kcrg dot com. a health care company is still fighting to get back into iowa's p pvatized medicaid system. step toward appealing the state's decision to kick it out. stay with us on tv9. a georgiaiaan accused of a datata
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data breach at the university of northern iowa intends to plead guilty to theft charges. 45 year old bernard oretekor faces charges of theft of government property and aggravated identity theft. authorities linked him to the u-n-i data breach after seizing his computers in a 2014 investigation in california. as part of the plea deal, oretekor is also agreeing to transfer his charges to federal court in california. federal authorities in tennessee and michigan could also file charges stemming from other investigations. a health care coverage company is trying and get back into iowa's new privatized medicaid program. lawyers for wellcare were in polk county district court to appeal iowa's decision to remove the program from overseeing t t program. the company filed a lawsuit against the department of human services in december. the state says it terminated its contracwith wellcare because the company didn't disclose some
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process. wellcare was originally one of four companies selected to oveee the program. the official switch to the privatized system is currently scheduled for march first. the world health organization has declared the zika virus outbreak is a global emergency. mosquitoes spread the virus, which has been linked to birth defefts. so far, the outbreak affects in 24 countries in central and south america and the caribbean. the centers for disease control says the u-s has more than 30 confirmed cases s 11 different stateses these are cases involving people who've traveled to infected countries. this is the world health organization's first global emergency declaration since the ebola outbreak in west afafica in 2014. family and friends are remembering a man who served as a county supervisor and state senator. m hancock died at t(e age of 67 over%the weekend. the stories next here on t t
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dubuque county is figuring out how to move forward while mourning the sudden death of county supervisor tom hahaock. the 67 year old hancock died over the weekend of an apparent heart attack. kcrg t-v nine's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann is live in dubuque. katie, he's one of three susurvisors for dubuque county, when will his position be filled? a committee made up of the county auditor, recorder and treasurer have 40 days to fill the vacancy. the committee can decide to appoint someone or call for a special election. if committee decides to appoint, and the voters
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for a special election. but hancock's fellow supervisors say right now they are focused on remembering who tom was. a long time dedicated public servant. hancock has been a dubuque county supervisor since he was elected in 2014. he'd assumed the chairperson role just last month. prior to being a supervisor, he was an iowa senator serving from 2005 to 2 22. hancock was an epworth resident, and served as former chief of the epworth volunteer fire department and past president of the iowa firefighters assssiation. "it's going to be a tremendous loss. we have to figure out where do we go from here. but in the meantime it's going to hurt. and thoughts will always be with him. " demmer says the county will not begin conversation s about how to fill hancock's seat until aftetehis funeral. those arrangememes
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dubuque katie wiedemann, kcrg tv-9 news. now here's a look at what's coming up at 5:30 on abc's world news. the more we watch thistorm the more complex some oaknoll retirement
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have a chance to caucus tonight through a remote location. a snowstorm t tat could dump up to 12 inches of snow in parts of eastern iowa is hitting overnight. see how cities are preparing. tonight at 6
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it becomes. the latest model runs continue to push the heaviest snows northwest. a wintry mix develops overnight across eastn iowa. this will impact the morning drive heaviest. farther south the prerepitation changes to all tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." the showdown in iowa is here. the first votes cast in the race for president. after months of fiery attacks, neck and neck battles, it all comes down to this. >> get out of bed and caucus! hillary clinton with her final pitch. a razor thin leadn the latest poll.
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>> on both sides tonight, the
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