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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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counties where 6+" is still possible. blowing snow will be an issue tuesday night and wednesday in open areasasespecially where the heaviest snow falls. stay up to date with this evolving forecast. toght: snow arrives late low: 27-33 winds: ne 10-20tomorrow: snow, wintry mix, windy high: 32-38 winds: ne 20-35 kcrg t-v nine's jill kasparieie has been talking to the kcrg t-v nine's jill kasparie has been talking to the city of cedar rapids about how they are preparing for the the expected snow. jill, are they reaeay? they are. while it's all quiet now - they've developed a plan. part of that includes having snow trucks out now and overnight to get ahead of the storm. th equipment that isn't already out is all lined up, cleaned up and ready to hit the road. crews say the most important thing about
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of the biggest concerns is the expected snow during the morning commute in the cedar rapids area. the city's streets superintendent says his plan is to use a lotf salt on the roadways to prevenany snow from bonding and icing on the pavement. " 7:56:06 timing on an event like this where most of the snow comes throughout the day hours, it makes it a little easier on our crews. we have more people here on dayshifts and we don't have to hold people over as much. the downside is we are dealing with a lot of traffic and people traveling." the city says, so far, this years - crews have responded to 16 events - some smaller and only two all-plow events. the streets superintenden t also says the city has used less than half of the amount of salt they use in a typical winter. the city is also warning people that roads could become more slippery outside of city limits. winds are expected to blow that snow over the pavement, which might cause some
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live in cedar rapids, jill kasparie, kcrg-tv9 news. black hawk county is expecting up to a foot of snow plus winds up to 50 miles per hour. the county highway department has 15 trucks and 12-hundred pounds of sand and salt ready to go once the snsn starts coming d dn. schools and organizations have already started cancelling events for tomorrow. we're showing those at the bottom of your screen. for a full list, you can also go to kcrg dodocom. a quinnipiac poll shows how first time caucus goers in iowa feel about the ndidates. for republicans, donald trump received the biggest chunk of support- 40 percent of first timers support him. while cruz got 22 percent. on the democratic sidid sanders tops clinton 62 percent to 35 percent among people caucusing for the first time.
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mark carlson joins us live from the university ofofowa. mark, are they expecting much of a turn out there? the university of iowa field house has been the site of political rallies in the last few weeks. those have included democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders andd republican presidential candidate donald trump. sanders got thousands at his event this weekend. but the question is will young voters turn out to caucus? live in iowa city, mark carlsonon kcrg-tv9 news. joins us from
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i'm here at caucus headquarters in des moines all eyes are on the candidateses tonight. but, microsoft too. the software company has partnered with republicans and democrats to try a new way of reporting results. ththy're new system based on a mobile app is getting a trial by fire. the company is promising quicker, more secure and more accurate results than previous cycles. here's basically how it works. each party has nearly 17-hundred precincts. one e rson from each site will submit the final results at the end of the caucus on these apps. one for republicans. one for democrats. for security, the app requires a person, which is usually the caucus chair, type in their phone number and a special code before entering the final votes. microsoft will then tally everything and the results will show up here at caucus headquarters on the big board. we talked with iowa party heads about the technology. theyeye confident in it, and pretty pumped. ""the display you're going to see when we report the
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excited because iowa really has a reputation for being a leader in this technology." " microsoft will post those results for the public, on twowoifferent websites: i-a gop caucuses dot com or i-d-p caucuses dot com. you can find that and a lot more on our website kcrg dot com. in des moines, forrest saunders, kcrg-tv9 news. sanders stopped at his des moines campaign headquarters today, and he said win or lose in iowa, he is planning for a long campaign. he told reporters this is a national campaign, and he is in it to win at the democratic convention. hillary clinton and her daughter, chelsea, brought coffee and donuts as a way of thanking volunteers at her des moines campaign office. nearly nine thousand clinton volunteers knocked on 186-thousand doors in iowa over the last
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several candidates and theiei surrogateses caucus-goers in cedar rapids. ted cruz and rand paul are scheduled to stop at the doubletree hotel - where will caucus. behalf of her father. kcrg-tv9's dave franzman is also in iowa city. dave, oaknoll has come up qith an interesting way to allow its residents to caucus. beth, for the first time ever in caucus history, if you are physically unable to come to a caucus...the caucus will come to you. four locations around the state will serve as tellite caucus sites and one of those is the oaknoll retirement residence in iowa city. many of the residents here have mobility issues and getting to a caucus site
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possible. but with a satellite location, party officials will come here to conduct a slightly shortened version of caucus business. several residents here applied to become a sasallite location and out of 170 democrats living here 125 signed up in advance to do their caucus business literally without leaving home. "i thought for the first time in my adult life i wouldn't have gone to a caucus i mighghas well have thrown in the when we found out they were entertaining applications i thought oh that's great, i'll do it. " the satellite cauauus sites will have a few different rules. for one, those attending won't elect county chairs or county delegates. but three statewide delegates will be awarded based on the preferences of the fo satellite locations. the iowa democratic party
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attendees at the satellite locations tonight. another 90 will take part in a tele-caucus in which those out-of-state phone in and take part through a type of conference-call arrangement. live in iowa ty, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. if you haven't found your caucus location yet, you can find out by going to either the state democratic or republican website. the caucuses start tonight at sevenen if you're a democrat, go to iowa democrats dot org. if you're a republican, go to iowa g-o-p dot org. there has been some misinformatatn printed about repupuican caucus locations. so, be sure to double check that you have the right place. and you can register with either party at the caucus locations. and we encoage you to stay
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tonight for all the caucus coverage. we'll broadcast live from 8 to 9 p-m on kcrg 9.2. then from 9 all the way through our 10 p-m news, we'e' be live right here on our main channel, t-v9. coming up, university of iowa political science professor cary covington joins us to
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we're now less than an hour from the start of the caucuses... and just a few hours away from gettin results. joiing us now is cary covington,n,a political science professor at the university of iowa. i know it's an obvious cliche, but everything tonight depends on turnout... who shows up to
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thank you, cary covington. and cary will be with us during our caucus coverage starting at eight o'clock tonight on kcrg nine point two.... and then from nine all the ay through our ten p-m newscast here on t-v nine. we'll show you some of the biggege and best catches in this week's edition of big ol' fish. stay with your 24 hour news
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the more we watch this storm the more complex it becomes. the latest model runs continue to push the heaviest snows northwest. a wintry mix develops overnight across eastern iowawathis will impact the morning drive where the mix and snow is the heaviest. farther south the precipitation changes to all rain with the heaviest t ow across our rthwest counties where 6+" is still possible. blowing snow
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open a aas, especially where the heaviest snow falls. stay up to date with this evolving forecast. tonight: snow arrives late low: 27-33 winds: ne 10-20tomorrrr: snow, wintry mix, windy high: 32-38 winds: ne 20-35tomorrow night: snow likely low: 20-26 winds: n 15-30wednesday: mostly cloudy, windy high: 24 - low: 23 thursday: partly cloudy high: 27 - low: 4 friday: chance of snow high:h:32 - low: 14 saturday: partly cloudy high: 32 - low: 19 sunday: partly cloudy high: 35 - low: 20 monday: chance of
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house where we are getting ready for on iowa live in just a few minutes over kcrg tv- 9.2. we have a great show planned tonight. rmer iowa sharp shooter josh oglesby will join us.. josh just one year removed from the hawks so he should have great some great insight to this team. iowa is ranked is ranked 5th in this weeks ap poll. maryland right ahead of them in urth.. iowa bounced back from that loss to the terps yesterday with an 85-71
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northwestern. jarrod uthoff with 19 of his 23 in the first half.. and peter jok with 22 of his game high 26 in the second first half.. "it's fun especially when your teammates find you. it gets everody involved, the fans are going crazy and it's loud. it's fun." "the dude is amazingnghe has a knack oogetting the ball in the hole at any point in time, so when he makes one you pretty much have to get him the ball again so he can make two. he's a great player. i'm glad i'm able to play with him and have a guy like that on my team." trt :25 oc: "...a guy like that on my team." the cyclones moved up one spot to 13th in the ap poll.. iowa state point guard monte morris was named one of 10 finalist for the bob cousey award today by the basketball hall of fame.. the cyclones will host 14th rankd west virginia tomorrow night. football news.. kennedy fullback- lineman dalles jacobus has accepted an offer from
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play fullback.. we will talalto dalles along with future hawkeye shaun beyer tonight on the show. and finally it's monday time for another edition of john's big ole fish. batting leadoff is evan farley of iowa city w wh a nice bass. cathi currie of washington was wetting a line at belva deer. returning to big ol fish are jacob and jacksks petitgout and their channel cat. brady luehrsmann is a happy camper with his brown trout. isabelle hoyle broke in her barbie pole with this walleye. you are not seeing triple. this is zachary roberts of cedar r rids and he loves to fish. sarah haynes was reeling in a sunfish at hawthorn lake when the bass also hit. sarah says the sunny survived the traumatic experience. john lovetinsky of oxford shows off the
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michigan. greg schrock of iowa city holds up the lake trout. and jarrod hoyle of washington wraps things up with a 12 1/2 pound canadien walleye. with all my fishing friends,this is john campbell reporting.
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e more comple kcrg-tv9 news at 6. we hope you'll be with us again tonight at ten.
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now, from your 24-hour ("raiders march" playing on tv) so what'd you think? it was good. that's i i "good"? i enjoyed it. when you told me i was going to be "losing my virginity," i didn't think you meant showing me raiders of the lost ark for the first time. my apologies. i chose e words poorly.
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to have your world rocked on my couch.
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