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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 1, 2016 11:37pm-12:06am CST

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>> hannah schmitts. >> jimmy: correct. next, "sense and sensibility." >>arianne dashwood. >> jimmy: all right, more recently -- >> janine m mthews. >> what? >> janine matthews. >> correct. next up -- >> oh, wow -- >> jimmy: "contagion." >> what was her name?? >> jimmy: she was a doctor. >> erin meres. >> jimmy: correct! i don't know why i'm impressed. >> rita. $& >> jimmy: that is rita. next, from -- >> clementine kuchinsky. >> jimmy: finally one more to run the table -- >> that's -- my mother. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: kate winslet was the original chewbacca in the original "star wars" movies. >> that's right! >> jimmy: well, it's very good to have you here. good luck at t t oscars. "steve jobs" is available february 16th on blu-ray, dvd
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we'll be right back with richard dreyfuss.
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by design. [ cheers and applause ]
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still to come, music from old dominion. winner and one of the greats of "jaws," "close encounters, more. named bernie in the tv movie "madoff," it starts wednesday night at 8:00 here on abc. please say hello to [ cheers and applause ] >> if it makes you feel any better we tell them not to stand because it blocks the cameras. i'm very happy to have you here. >> i am happy to be here. >> jimmy: talkiki to kate about the awards,,ere you really hoping to win? at one time you were the actor. >> i knew i was going to winnd
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>> jimmy: you knew? >> i k kw it. >> jimmy: how did you know? >> because i sussed it out. >> jimmy: you did the -- >> no, no, no. jimmy: calculations >> my agent called me and said, you've been nominated. at was a shoc then i said, who else was nominated? when he told me who else i said, i'm going to win. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i like that. and you were right. >> i had already won a great deal of money betting against myself a number of years before. >> jimmy: who would you bet with on these things? >> oh, people in the biz.z. >> jimmy:: see. betting against yourself. >> i bet against myself when i did "the apprenticeship of ditty kravitz." people said i was going to be nominated, i said no, they said yes, i said i bet you, and i was right and they were wrong.
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gerton, marcelo mastrani, woody allen, john travolta. i'm a lock. i'm a lock, i i an -- plauds applause [ applause ] >> jimmy: did you win any money? >> i wov a lot of money. >> jimmy: you did. >> yes. then next year -- >> jimmymy what maniacs bet against you? >> the next year i won a lot of money betting -- quick, tell me who won the best actor last year. and the answer was me. and nody got it. that's h h fast people forget. >> jimmy: really. >> yeah. that's a true story. >> jimmy: did that change your life? immediately? when you won that -- >> the bet? >> jimmy: no, not the bet. [ laughter ] the trophy itself. i mean, what was the immediate impact? >> honest to god? you can actually kind of see this on the tape. i went -- i took the award from sylvester stallone and i turned
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about 15 years to figure out what that was. and it was that i didn't know or care about anyone in that audience. and i hadn't -- i felt like a complete outsider. and i felt that i had won it easily 25 years too soon. >> jimmy: really. >> and i felt this kind of stab of anxie. at that moment. >> jimmy: why do you think you won it too soon? >> because i had nothing to shoot for. i had notng ahead of me. you know, when i say nothing, i don't literally mean nothing. but that was no longer ahead of me. >> jimmy: what about all the sex, though, you know? >> that made it tter. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that takes a little of the sting out of it. >> anonymous sex, beautiful women throwing themselves at you
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>> jimmy: if you'd brought me to the awards i would have put it in perspective for you immediately. who did you bring to that show? >> i brought my girlfriend at the time. and my mother was there. >> jimmy: all right. >> and she 11 statelevitated out of her chair when that happened. >> jimmy: so at least one person you cared aboutn that audience at that time. >> exactly, exactly two. >> jimmy: i have to say, when "close encounters" came ouou [ cheers and a alause ] that's a movie for me, i've seen it 40 times, i love that movie. do you get tired of hearing about? affidavit was talking about "titanic." people get a kick ououof seeing her and leo. i imagine you can't eat mashed potatoes in public. you can't go to the beach because of "jaws." i me -- >> yeah, that's why, after awhile, movie stars don't leave their house. because there are those iconic things they can no longer do.
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i was oh my first -- >> i remember you in the airport. >> jimmy: in the airport, that's right. >> i remember. you were heavier. >> jimmy: you don't remember. i was actually much thinner. there was a group of baggage handlers screaming "tin man" at you, everyone screaming "tin man," you were cracking up laughing. at thapoint i'd not really met any celebrities. i'm like, wow, this is a crazy life this guy has. >> i had a friendho was 5'4" and a triple dan martial arts expert. we used to walk around new york togethth. one dada this kid on a bicycle screeched right in front of me. and robert all of a sudden was in front of me and inn the posture and argh! and i -- whoa!
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jaws! and i thought robert was going to kill him. >> jimmy: jaws claims another victim. this bernie madoff story, i watched this, so interesting. there'e'so many things i didn't know about this guy. i had -- you know, i should read more. but your depiction of him. i didn't realize, i thought maybe he was a guy that got inn over his hehe. but he really was a very bad -- is a very bad guy. >> bad. sociopathological, crippling sick, psychoticcman. >> jimmymy someone who knows that this is going to end badly. i mean, he must have known that it was going to end badly. >> no, he felt that he could probably tlast the world. as a matter of fact, we had a scene at one point where it was the towers. the day the towers fell. and you hear bernie saying, "this is how it all ends.
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and i get away with it." >> jimmy: wow. >> and that's what he thought. and he didn't carehether he didn't orrnot. it's like in othello, thiago steps to the audience, looks up at the gods, and says, i love doing this! i love it! and i'm going to keep doing it because it's so much [ bleep ] fun! and i don't care what happens, i'm going tod bring him down, her down, everybody! that's thiago, he does it for the doing. he does it for pure evil. and bernie did it for the same reason. >> jimmy: i wonder if he has television in that jail cell. i imagine he'll be able to watchch you. >> if he doesn't, someone else does and he can get it from them. >> jimmy: yes, yeah. yeah. it's great to have you here. [ cheers and applause ] "madoff" premieres wednesday a miniseries, it starts wednesday night --
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the 3rd and 4th of february. and it's so good, it really is so good. and it's not a joke story. it's not -- >> jimmy: not at all, yeah. >> it's desperately serious and people were desperately harmed by thihi man. including hisis own family. and when you watch it, remember that the head of abc tookt from its original date in december a a put it in the middle of sweeps week. which is the week that everyone pours money into getting you to watch their network. so it was the greatest compliment the show could ever get. >> jimmy: we're lucky to have you here. richard dreyfuss, everybody. "madoff" wednesday night, 8:00, here on abc. be right bacacwith old dominion! >> dicky: ththjimmy kimmel live
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samsung. >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank
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this is a special edition of "nightline," the iowa caucuses. >> tonight, cruzz shocks trump. >> god bless the great state of iowa.
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candidacy is built around the notion of winning is projected to lose the iowa caucuses to senator ted cruz. >> god bless you! >> on the democratic side, another huge story, the once-inevitable hillary clinton locked in a dead heat with a surging bernie sanders. behind the scenes with the campaigns as it came down to the wire. candidates practically begging >> get out of bed and caucus! >> hind each candidate an army of volunteers. also the running mates. we're with the men and women who know the candidates better tn anybody. a rare insight into love and politics. >> he will be unbelievable. >> tonight what the candidates' spouses are telling us about stumping right by their side. first tonight the "nightline
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seconds. good evening. in a presidential race that has en wild and unpredictable, tonight the voters weighedn r the first time and they made things even more wild and unpredictable. here now the numbers out of the iowa caucuses. on the republican side, a big projected victory tonight for texas senator ted cruz. he comes out on top. this is a surprise. followed by the billionaire businessman and ex-reality star
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leading in the polls coming into tonight. a closos third, and this is another surprise, florida senator marco rubio finishing much stronger than expected. meanwhile, let's talk about the democrats. the once-inevitable hillary clinton neck and neck right now with vermont senator bernie sanders. originally written off as a fringe candidate. that race still t/o close to call. we have team coverage on this momentous eveveng and we start with abc's jon karl who's at cruz headquarters, good evening. >> reporter: trooults is the first republican to get into a brawl with donald trump. and to beat him. this was a triumph of organization. he did it with a single-minded focus on iowa and the evangelical voters that dominate here. as for donald trump, he has a new title tonight - loser. after dominating the polls for months, he has now lost the first contest. in fact, marco rubio had such a strong showing here, 23%, that he almosteatrump o o for second place. let me tell you, this is just
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donald trump is now on his way to new hampshire, a statehere he has a huge lead. far bigr than he ever hadn iowa. so stay tuned. we've got a long way to go, dan. >> a long road for both the republicans and t democrats. jon karl, thank you. so much to talk about tonight. let's bring in abc news political analyst matthew dowd, good evening, sir. so we've seen in the past conservative candidatesin in iowa and then go on to fit zell. so does ted cruz have a c car path to the nomination at this point? >> no, he doesn't have a clear path to the nomination. iowa's caucus has a larger percentage of evangelical voters than any other state he's going to be faced with in the rest of the process. he doesn't have a state now where he can put together the same coalition. he's going to figure out where he canin next and do the same thing in iowa. >> another bigig story tonight, donald trump, he's been the big story of this campaign. let's listen to a little bit of his concession speech. here it is. >> ifact, i think i might come
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thank you. thank you, everybody. >> so three words that you don't often hear associated with donald trump. gracious in defeat. how big a defeat is this for him? >> he haddn opportunity, if he had won tonight, as the leader, to start putting this race away and running the table. he wld have won new hampshire, won south carolina, begun to put the race awayay he no longer can do that, it's a three-perpendicular race. now it's incumbent upon him, it's a must to winew hampshire next week. >> it as wide-open race. >> completely, completely. well. before i let you go i want to talk about the democrats. we have hillary clinton who was once considered inevitable, a shoo-in. almost beateny a 74-year-old rmer socialist. how much trouble is she this? >> she like donald trump, she had an opportunity to basically start to put this race away with a clear victory tonit. she didn't get that. now s s faces a likely loss in new hampshire.
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so that race is now -- which could have been shortened if she had won tonight overwhelmingly -- is goingng to be a much longege race and go into march for sure. >> matt, thank you. so many amazing moments tonight. for a look at the sights and sounds from a historic evening, abc's david wright at the sanders headquarterer good evenini to you. >> reporter: good evening. the sanders crowd highly energized here tonight. on one side of this race you've got a cliff hanger. on the other side an upset. true to form, 2016 seems to be shaping up to be a year where the pundits might as well hang up their hats and hang on for the riden >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> reporter: tonight more signs that nothing is inevitable in 2016. on the republican side, ted cruz trumped billion fair donald trump. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next
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will not be chosen by the media. will not be chosen by the washington establishment. but will be chosen by we the people, the american people. >> reporter: on the democratic side, too close to project. even as hillary clinton seemed to declare victory -- >> so as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you iowa! i want you to know i will keep doing what i have done my entire life. >> reporter: bernie sanders isn't conceding anything. >> it looks like we are in a virtual tie. >> reporter: the hard-fought campaign touched every corner of this rural farm state. all 99 counties. >> the eyes of the world are watching us tonight.
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