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tv   World News Now  KCRG  February 2, 2016 2:06am-4:00am CST

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- mm, no, these are the smoothest. definitely go with dove dark chocolate for the victoria chase memorial swag bags. - shh, i'm on with cnn. oh, yes, hi, this is victoria chase's publicist with details about her death. - [whispering] tragic death. - tragic death. - you're doing it all wrong. i'll get the script. - [sighs] yeah, well, yes, grieving the loss of her husband, victoria leapt to her death from veterans bridge. - oh, my god! victoria's dead? - shh! - excuse me, simon. - aah! - - he was so thin and weightless, she barely made a splash." "services will be held sunday at noon at the cleveland playhouse." yes, thank you. - what's going on?
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- maybe it's because i'm in journalism, but i think there might be a story here. - simon, kitchen. you can't reveal any of this in the press. - but an expose on emmet would be huge. i can see the headline now, "emmet lawson is not really dead because he faked his own death." don't worry, somomne else writes the headline. - yeah, but you can't do that to victoria. or me or us, right? - no, of course. i get it. - - ay, then, thank you. - okay. - mwah. simon promised he won't do the story. - oh, thank god. [camera shutter clicks] [doorbell rings] - oh, no! it's mike. the little spoon. i forgot we were going out tonight. go hide, y y're dead. - that's him? pretty big for a little spoon.
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but i have a brilliant plan. toninit, i'm gonna beat hihi to the little e oon position. shall we spoon? - sure. [sighs] hey, where are ya? my back's getting cold. - [sighs] be right there. - unbelievabab. halle berry looks good in every photo. ooh, here's one. her legs look pale and pasty, and i see some cellulite! and it's me. wait, why do you have a picture of victoria? and it's date stamped today. simon, you promised! - sorry, it's a reflex action. see a celebrity misbsbaving, i snap a photo. - but victoria is our friend. - well, i could keep victoria out of it. emmet is the real story. - but that would hurt victoria too. - well, all ofy photos hurt somebody.
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- well, if it's made you so cus, maybe you shouldn't do that job! - says the woman who just spent ten minutes trying to find a trace of cellulite on halle berry's ass! - that's different. and don't ask why, it just is. simon, you said yourself you were sick of hiding in trees and dumpsters and taking pictures of celebrities pumping gas. - why do people want celebrities to be just like us? it makes no sense! joy, one photo of emmet lawson alive would be worth millions. i could get out of the game and still pay for our grandson's education. - i wouldn't let that monenego to wilbur. simon, if you do this, we're through. - what, you're threatening me now? you can't tell me how to run my business. - maybe not, but i can tell you to get out of my bed! - oh, fine! - so what are you gonna do? - i don't know. but if we're gonna stay together, you gotta learn that i'm the one that wears the pants in this relationship. - those are my pants.
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- so once again, last night, i was the big spoon. i'm just gonna have to tell him straight to his face. - make a nice change from talking to his neck. - has simon called? - no, why, what's up? - we had a fight. he wants to break the story about you and emmet. - what?you've got to stop h h. - i hope i did. i told him if he went ahead with it, he'd never see me again. - couldn't you have come up with a better threat? - listen, what are we gonna do? - i can't do anything. everything is in motion. i've got a plane to catch. if simon does this, then emmet and i are just gonna have to stay one step ahead of him. - i can't believe you're leaving. i'm gonna miss you so much. - me too. you're my best friends, and i love you. - i can't imagine what it's gonna be like living here without you. - i know.
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or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is naea. life as a non-n-oker is a whole lot of fun.
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- i directed victoria in 27 lifetime original movies, and alththgh she never learned my name, i was proud to call her my friend. thank you. - sadly, victoria's daughter emmy could not join us today, but she sends these words. "my mother was an angel and an inspiration to me. "we re blessed to have had such "a bright, brilliant flame in our lives. i will be heartbroken without her." - [cries] - it's especially sad when they're taken so young. - she lived a full life. - true, but still, she died young. - well-- - she was young.
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ram sterling, from edge of tomorrow. [applause] - victoria c cse was a miracle worker. we did a scene on edge where she first shot me, then made love to me before leaving me to die in an abandoned diamond mine. when i read it, i thought, "no way." but vic acted it real, and it sang. it was a gift to play her brother all those years. now, some of you may know that i am a amateur painter. and in the final season of edge of tomorrow, victoria graciously posed for a nude portrait on the condition that i would not show it until after her death. - oh, dear god.
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- simon! - befofo you say anything, i deleted the photo, and i'm not gonna do the story on emmet. but not because my girlfriend told me to. i decided on my own. - still, this girlfriend must be pretty amazing for yoyoto do that. - she is. - well, then you better not tell her that i'm about to kiss you. - thank you,am, for that, uh, wonderfully graphic tribute. anannow, victoria's dear friend elka ostrovsky would like to say a few words. - victoria chase may have been vain, bubbleheaded, and crazy... - but? - there's no "but." - victoria was more than a friend to me. she was a sister. loyal and generous and wiser than she ever got credit for. i'll miss you u rever, my darlili.
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you are leaving a hole in our lives that can never be filled. - may i say something, please? [applause] - lucci. - thank you so much. and thank you, victoria, for so many, many, many years of work. rising before dawn to put on all that makeup... in a brave but futililattempt to hididthe ravages of time. and now, picturing her in a coffin reminds me of those performances. stiff and lifeless, held together with chemicals and glue. something best buried and forgotten. oh, victoria.
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and i've kept that promise. thank you. [applause] [all gasping] what? we all know i deserved to win that year. - - can't believe victoria is really gone. - i can't believe i miss her. - i'm worried about her. i mean, it gets down to 20 below in kafiristan. this is a woman who doesn't own ananhing with sleeves. - [sighs] hello, everyone. - victoria, you're here! - oh, honey, you didn't go! - no, i just-- i couldn't do it. - oh. - of course, i had to go and just take a peek at my own funeral, but-- oh, look, i-- it just convinced me that i had too many reasons to stay.
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everyone else in my life. but what am i gonna do now? i mean, the whole world thinks that i threw myself off a bridge. [sighs] - actually, nobody thinks that. - what? - we never reported your fake death. - no, but lanie was on the phone with-- - i was never on the phone with the press. and that memorial service was staged. - it was a fake fake funeral. - victoria, we know you. a room full of people singing your praises-- we kneww you couldn't pass that up. and once you realized what you'd be giving up, we hoped you'd come to your senses. - oh, my god. so none of those nice things people were saying were true. - no, honey, they were true. we told them that it was part of a new reality show called celebrity funerals, which we would film now and air immediately after you do die.
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- well, we're really glad you stayed, and i'm sure emmet will understand. - oh, but it breaks my heart. as happy as i am that emmet is alive, i'm never gonna see him again. - oh, come on, you don't know that. but no matter wh happens, we wl help you through it. - well, i'm counting on that. [sighs] okay. good-bye, emmet. until we meet again. [sighs] i think the reception for this product is overwhelmingly positive.` this toothpaste, sensodyne repair & protect can actually repair and protect sensitive teeth. and as long as they brush twice a day, everyday, then they can expect to continually have
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morning rituals are special. when you share what you love... ...with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're grrreat! can win a microsoft surface 3...when y y buy any specially-markededellogg's product. - why didn't you say anything? - i didn't want to hurt your feelings. - look, i've never spooned e other way before, but what the hell? a guy can change, right? - okay. - how's this for you? - i love it. - i have got the e ggest thank-you planned for what you did today. - well, before you thank my brains out, which i'm very much looking forward to, i want to talk to you about something. victoria's funeral got me thinking about what i want to do before i die. i want you to look at me and see a good guy,
2:22 am
of gwyneth paltrow in an unflattering bathing suit. - dodo that exist? - yes, but that's not important. what's important is, you've inspired me to make a change. i quit my job. - you did? what are you gonna do? - well, here's where it gets tricky. a buddy of mine is making a documentary in the sudan, and he's asked me to be part of it. - oh, simon, that's so exciting! you've alwlws wanted to do o at. - yeah, but i'd be embedded with an elite military unit. they want me to leave next week. i wouldn't know where i was going or how long i'd be gone. - oh. well, of course, you have to say yes. - are you sure? - i am. - i can't ask you to wait for me. don't get me wrong, i want you to. i just don't think it'd be fair. i feel terrible. it's like it's 30 years ago, and i'm leaving you again.
2:23 am
maybe we shouldn't talk about your leaving. - yes, let's remember that we're british and etend that everything is normal. - yes, k kp calm and carry on. juju how unflattering was gwyneth's baththg suit? - hideous--flattened her breasts and gave her back fat. - oh, yes! - ba-ba, ba-ba ba-ba, ba-ba ba-ba, ba-ba ba-ba, ba-ba
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- uh, yes, i had a few questions about tonight's adoption fair. - hey, here's a question. will there be food? - how late will it be going? ah. the adoption fair's from 6:00 to 10:00. great. thank you. - dinner hours. there's gonna be food, right?
2:25 am
a guy here wts to know if there's gonna be any food. thank you. no food. - well, a lot of nerve calling it a fair when they're not offering some sort of meat on a stick. - try not to... jeff it up too much tonight, please. if we get serious about adopting, we'll need these people to like us. - if they can't like me for r o i am, then i'm not gonna buy one of their used babies. - just don't completely embarrass us. - i'll find an appropriate level. - good. let's finish talking about replacing this rug. - i thought we finished last night when i said no and then fell asleep. - yeah, i know it's shocking, but your fake cartoon snoring didn't fool me. - ititasn't fake. was classic three stooges. and i don't want a new rug. i put a lot of time and effort into breaking in this one. - yeah, you tried that argument with all your old underwear.
2:26 am
this rug is fine. it works. watch. see? my feet aren't tououing the wood flolo. hey, way to go, rug. - you know, you get to live in a pretty beautiful apartment because i take it upon myself to make it beautiful. like what i did with the guest room and how i designed the kitchen, and i think a new rug will make this whole room feel a lot fresher and... - [loud snoring] [imitating three stooges] me-me-me-me-me-me. how many ways to say i love you how many ways to say that i'm not scared with you by my sisi there is no denying
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when you've got a house full of guests on the way and a cold with sinus pressure,, you need fast relief. alka-seltzer plus severe sinus congestion and cough liquid gels rush relief to your tough symptoms. to put you back in control. [doorbell] woman: coming! alka-seleler plus sinus. there has to be a way. carry the centimeter, divide by 3.14 something something something... [ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! anannow the name your price tool shows people policy options to help fit their budget. is that a true story? yeah! people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch. i mean about t u inventing it. i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters? so... what else about me?
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we'll do a little carpet shopping. - carpet shopping? what, did you get a little carried away with the waxing this morning? - i wish. - no! god, sorry to disappoint you, russell. - and me you're disappointing. you' disappointing me toto - a-all right, carpets this afternoon and the adoption fair tonight. - what happened to finding a new surrogate? - you mean to replace the old one that we had and loved but thth you ruined her for us by having sex with her? - jeez, take it easy. talk about holding a grudge. - it was a week ago! - it was only five businessssays. she and i did some... a-busin-ess! shoo...
2:29 am
- mr. and mrs. bingham. - hey, timmy. - good morning, sir. - hey, timmy, this coffee doesn't taste as good as the coffee you make at work. fix it. - well, in order to do that, d have to bring it into the restroom. ha! - that'sery funny, chutney dangerfield. fix it. - hey, tim,,, do you know anybody who can get us a quality rug at well below quality pricic? - oh, i see. so because i'm of indian descent, i must have a friend or relative who's a carpet merchant. is that it? - well, do ya? - yes. - little more and... there. oh, my god, i love this rug. thank you. adam, what do you think?
2:30 am
- tell audrey thanks again. the rug looks perfect. - yeah, it really ties all your crap together. i'm gonna miss it. - well, you can come over whenever you want to visit the rug. - you start buying my brand of scotch, and maybe i will. he said... hoping they'd buy him a bottle of thank-you scotch. - anyway, i am gonna go pick out some new pillows and throws to go with the rug. - is that near a liquor store? buy me scotch. anyways, i hope that you and jen have as much fun with this rug as audrey and i did. and.d. we had some fun. - uh, what do you mean? what--what sort of fun? - sex fun. - you used to have sex on this rug? - yep. yeah, in fact, just last night
2:31 am
i'll see ya, buddy. - [quietly] no. no. who's responsible for this? i bet it's voldemort. yes, it's voldemort. - excuse me, sir. - timmy. you know i don't like to be disturbed while i'm reading pornography. - yes. pornography. so it won't bother you to know that professor snape kills dumbledore. - why would that both-- not dumbledore! why uld you tell me that? - oh, i don't know, sir. why would you pants me durinin yesterday's s aff meeting? - all i know is everybody laughed but you. - actually, you also know that harry marries ginny weasley.
2:32 am
timmy, take off your belt and call a staff meeting. - i really do wish i hathe time, sir, but i have to take the binghams carpet shopping. - oh, bore. okay, fine, fine. - now, i've written down some emergency contact numbers for you. there's my cell, the police, your "masseuse"... and the gentleman who waits in the lobby making everyon feel uncomfortable while your "masseuse" completes your "massage." - all right, enough with the air quotes. i don't need you around. i'm not a child. go. - of course not, sir. i've also placed your afternoon juice box on your desk. - stop making yourself feel so important and beat it. - gladly. - ah! ooh! [grunts] timmy!
2:33 am
- the brown one is nice, but, um... can i see the yellow one down here? mm... may i see the browowone again? - i hate to be a polly push-along, sir... but how much longer do you think mrs. bingham will take to decide? - weweight die first. you've got that whole reincarnation thing, so... you're fine. - look, mr. bingham, i-- - how does that work? you know... do you get to pick what animal you come back as? - sir, it's actually a deeply personal matter, so... - see, me--i'd go bird. or combo...bird-horse. so i get to fly... and then when i land,
2:34 am
did you ask your uncle about giving me the "friend of timmy" discount? - oh, mr. bingham, do you consider us friends? - discount friends. - i had a great time with you. are you kidding? i would love to see you again. and by the way, you don't need to bring the massage table. we're not fooling anybody oh. okay. yes. all right. i'll see you soon. bye, hon. ah ow! - hey, babe. - get the hell off the rug.
2:35 am
it's so plush and soft. - jen, jen, jen, don't. - don't what? oh...oh! three-second rule. - no! - what is wrong with you? - okay...listen. jeff told me that he and audrey usus to do it on this ruru - eew! i know, right? i mean, no way we're buying him any scotch! - oh, they're all over me! i've gotta go take a shower!
2:36 am
ah-ha! aah! [grunts] gah! come on! eh! before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college, raised active twin girls, and trained as a nurse. but i coulul't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain.
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nuggets fries and a coke, for just fcur bucks! it's the best way to get more for four.
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- the yellow one. or the brown one. - hey, what do you say you crank up this thing and fly us outta here?
2:40 am
i certainly had that coming, from bringing you here and getting you a discount. - jeff, can you get over here and help me? we gotta make a choice and then get to the adoption fair. - well, then pick one. - this should be both our decisions. which one do you like? - well, this one feels... [laughs] wow. it's a good thing i'm already bent o or. - don't pick by price. which one do you like better? - i don't wanna tell you. - well, i want your opinion. - oh, fine. here we go. um... i like the brown one. - really? 'cause i like the yellow one. - then let's get the yellow one. - no. now i know you like the brown one. - and there ya go. see? see?
2:41 am
[grunting] [whistling] [whistling] - all right. that's as clean as it's gonna get. - okay. well... let's take a look. - oh! - whoa! ugh! - god, that's disgusting! it's like jeff and audrey's marriage in liquid form. - ugh... and...and you were rolling around in it. - oh. thanks. i forgot about that.
2:42 am
we might have to t rid of the rug. - unless... we have sex on it. - uh...i don't know. i mean, i've done some dirty things... - yes, we did. - and there was that truck stop bathroom... - i don't remember that. - the locker room floor. - the locker room? - yeah. the back of that taco truck. - okay, please stop. look, if we wanna try to keep this thing, it's our only chance. - oh... - ugh. this is gonna be worse than that time we did it in the parking structure. - still not me. [audrey laughing] - oh, wow. this is great.
2:43 am
on adopting from countries all over the world. - it's like the international food court at the mall... with babies instead of gorditas. [audrey giggles] - ah. mr. and mrs. bingham. hi. i'm tom wrigley. i'm the director of the program. feel free to ask me any questions you may have. - oh, thank you so much. - i got a question. should we tell him that there's a dead raccoon on his head? - when he turned around, i expected to see a tail. okay, no more of that. that guy is very important, all right? if we decide to adopt, all starts with him. - okay. - what did you just eat? - it's a mini egg roll. they had a bunch at the bar mitzvah next door. they're really doing it up for seth. - you said you wouldn't embarrass us. - no, i said i'd try, and i planned on eating before, but you took so long at the rug store, we didn't have time. - i took so long because i got no help from you.
2:44 am
to participate in a decision that affects us both? - hey, i participate when i care, and like i told you before, i don't care. - then why did you say you wanted a brown one? - because you forced me to choose. but to be honest, it could be brown, yellow, whatever. get a black one, for all i care. - i don't know how you can be so blase. i mean, we're gonna have to live with it for years. - hey, i was fine with the old one, but no, you had to just give it away! didn't even let me sell it. - i beg your pardon. i'm going to have to ask you to leave. - huh? - 'scuse me? - adopting a child is a very serious decision, and you don't sound like the kind of people who should be legally allowed to do so. i should call social services! - what? o-oh, you thought we were talking about babies. no, no, no, no, we were not talking about a baby. we were talking about a rug, not a baby--a rug. not--not your rug. not...that you have a rug. i mean, that...very well could be your own hair. which is entirely possible, and if it's not,
2:45 am
isn't that right, jeff? - we're sorry to have wasted your time. let's go, honey. - oh, i've never been so humiliated. - oh, sure, you have. - whoa, whoa, whoa! are you on your balcony tanning topless? yeah, way to put the melon in melanoma.
2:46 am
[russell groans] - mr. dunbar, are you all right, sir? - timmy, i'm so glad you're here. can you hand me those binoculars? yeah. ah! got 'em. all good. got 'em. thank you. whoo! - what on earth happened here, sir? - oh, i had a little trouble adjusting my chair. is this chick waving at me? - was there a fire here, sir? - timmy, you seem a little bit flustered, all right? this'll perk ya up. take a look at this lady's ga-gas. [chortles] - no. i don't wish to violate the privacy of some poor, innocent woman by ogling her through binoculars. - gay-guy-said what? - sir, this place is an absolute disaster. you realize that, don't you? and here you were earlier mocking me for implying that you needed me. - all right, i'll say it. i need you... - [inhales] thank you.
2:47 am
gotta go! - that was rough. - yeah. and we both were... struggling pretty hard not to be on the bottom. you know what? i am looking at this rug, and i am thinking of what we did. not of them. - yeah? - yeah. - let me try. yeah... - yeah. i really feel like we made it ours. - yeah. and honey, someday... someone is gonna be sucking gallons of our sludge off of that. - aw! all right, i'm gonna go get ready for bed. [knock at door] - hey. - hey.
2:48 am
- why? - well, audrey and i couldn't agree on a new one, so... roll her up. - you're not gonna want it. jen and i just threw it a "welcome bone" party. so... now every time that you look at this, you're gonna think of us... doin' it. - huh. - what are you doing? - i'm just seeing if i can edit you out of that picture. and i can. so roll it up. - oh. hey, jeff.
2:49 am
after a stressful day you may need a little help falling asleep. try unisom sleepminis to get a good night's sleep and wake recharged. unisom sleepminis .
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looks even better since we got those saps down the hall to clean it for us. - and the rug's fine, but you know what i'm thinking? - something annoying? - i'm thinking now we should reupholster the couch and chairs. - hey, got it right first guess. i'll make ya a deal. you can re-whatever the furniture if we re-christen the rug right now. oh, yeah, yeah, i'm talking about right here... a little bit over here, possibly finishing up right about here. - [loud snoring]
2:51 am
i don't even know what happened. >> it grabbed you right at the top and made it impossible to turn away. so how did they do it so well? i'm billy bush, we're dealing with the secrets behind "grease live" and how the show went on for vanessa hudgens, despite her family tragedy. >> making a murder update, where steven earl shares what he knows for the very first time. >> did steven tell you why he did that? >> he told me -- >> here, why don't we switch? >> oscars, here they come. our magical night of sag award moments. >> are you kidding? they saved me. >> i got chills. they're multiplying. "grease live" brings praise from star after star. 13 million turned into "grease live" making it fox's highest
2:52 am
over nine years. and immediately after the last note was sung, an emotional julianne hough called it the best moment of her life. >> i don't even know what just happened. thank you, guys, so much. >> still running on adrenaline, julianne hough posted this vine video after her stand-up performance as sandy. summer lovin' happened to fast >> her brother, derek, instagraming his emotion. >> how beautiful. how beautiful julianne! so proud of you! >> even taylor swift and jiji sang along with sandy. my head says >> killing it as johnny and the gamblers from ride there high's
2:53 am
>> getting a thumb's up from the original zany himself, john travolta. >> oh, my goodness, look at that. awesome. they look like our little brothers and sisters. >> even dedekahn gave her approval as a appearing as vi, a waitress this time. >> grease live was a monumental undertaking. the entire cast and crew with 52 days of rehearsal, more than 600 costumes worn in some of the 23 song/dance numbers that took place on 21 sets. they pulled it off thanks to rotating sets, false walls and golf carts that transported the cast to the giant outdoor carnival for the show's finale. not without a small glitch, as you can see. this guy hit a curb. vanessa hudgens with the support
2:54 am
through her performance as rizzo, dedicating it to her dad, who sadly passed away the night before, battling cancer. vanessa posted this selfie video from the show's opening number singing grease while showing off the enormity of the indoor/outdoor set, wet from the day's torrential downpour. a ratings success. if you're fox do you go "grease 2"? >> yeah. cool rider all wait. >> i think you skip over. >> celebrating acting achievements in both film and tv and a big night for diversity and big night for bri larson. >> all right, here here. how does it feel? >> it is really heavy. >> it is very heavy.
2:55 am
>> bri was beaming and very thankful back stage. just moments after her stand-out female actor win. >> i can't believe it. i keep looking at it. i'm so overwhelmed and excited and happy. i don't know. i feel accepted in way that i don't know that i've ever felt before. >> 2 for 2 with a golden globe and sag award making her a front-runner for an oscar. >> they have been teaching me how to dab. i don't know if you know this dance style. but you start like this and just kind of go -- >> kind of of like that. >> bri shared a special squeeze with jacob before her name was called. jacob gave us a lesson in preparation. >> you look very handsome. how long did it take you to get ready? >> 5 minutes.
2:56 am
>> ended up losing. triple nominee won for outstanding actor, for luther. oscars. much bigger problem. and i think it starts from all of us, you know what i mean? do you consider the oscars a pinnacle then us down below have to work hard, that's what i'm saying. >> just met up at the after-party. and jacob took a photo with his first meeting with leonardo decaprio. >> going straight for a hug with "titanic" pal kate winslet after her win for rom "the revenant." >> full of wow moments. but leave it so susan sarandon
2:57 am
internet frenzy with her cleavage. we'll break that down later >> you never disappoint. never. >> you don't either. that's amazing. >> no surprise, alicia vicander looking like a work of art from louis vuitton. she add supporting win for "the danish girl". >> what did it feel like when they called your name? >> i don't remember. i'm just incredibly happy. >> winning for ensemble comedy and stunned star uzo taking home the award for outstanding actress. >> when the industry is crying out there is no diversity, tonight is proving the industry wrong. at least the sag awards is. >> it is a wonderful, dare i say public outcry, of what is in
2:58 am
>> viola davis in zach posen, and up for "how to murder." >> number of actresses of color have been out there forever. they will continue to show their excellence, it is just a matter of people noticing it. >> the cast of "spotlight." >> winner for ensemble films "spotlight" including mark ruffalo, rachel mcadams. >> people say this cements the oscars. what do you feel when you hear that? >> it cements absolutely nothing. >> how are you doing? you have your wallet in the pocket? and your keys? >> i have my wallet and my keys, yeah. >> thanks to these two little girls who found, and returned, mark's wallet and cell phone last week after he lost them on the streets of new york. >> so sweet. i can't believe that. >> you are a sweetheart for doing that. >> are you kidding me? they saved me. >> how cute.
2:59 am
get $100 or did they split? >> i would think they each got $100. >> i think they split. >> mark's not that cheap. >> just telling you. >> all right. they will be coming up. all about the sag awards style and aalicia noticeing she is part of a trend. >> did you notice our sequin dresses? >> and mark avery blaming brother of the crime. >> earl avery with his first ever interview. >> we drove right through where our car was supposed to be.
3:00 am
exclusive next.
3:01 am
steve coral, quincy right now and we're in the jungle with no phone service. so i'm ping-ponging between running and hiking and climbing and trying to save a giant ape. >> to ping-pong between king kong, very busy schedule. very worth the trip for bri larson who as we said earlier won a screen actor's guild award. >> bri is one of the most sought after actress answers faces the cover of vanity fair's issue. >> oh, that means i've got to
3:02 am
>> cate blanchett, showing she has flexibility but jennifer lawrence's skill may be tough to beat. >> 11 other working actresses for vanity fair. >> an incredible group of women who are at the top of their game in hollywood today. >> a diverse mix of women from the youngest 21-year-old to lupita and jane fonda. vanity fair's jane zarkin said the up and comers were thrilled to be in the shoot with legends. >> the multigenerational level is to show what you can achieve. all these younger girls were so excited to see helen mirren, jane fonda, diane keaton. >> i'm paired with a young lady named olivia. >> i was standing conveniently right next to ben. so i was like, you're my partner. >> tonight, aggressive olivia
3:03 am
her partner for a mexico city cook-off. >> i'm just feeling really good that i get sort of some one on one time with him. >> while the rest of the ladies shop for meats, veggies and spices, looks like ben and olivia do a little taste testing of crickets. >> taste like crickets. >> the lady passes a thing of crickets. she said, you might want to try these. so we bought them. it's our secret recipe. you can't lose when you have insects on your sandwich. >> straight ahead, how much does he know? now making a murderer exclusive. earl avery's first interview. >> did he soon tell you why he did that? >> he told me -- >> then carol burnett's red carpet. >> i'm wearing my uggs.
3:04 am
next. million dollar question, do you think you have new evidence that could free steven avery? >> we do, yeah. since 2007 there have been significant advances in forensic testing. >> "dateline nbc's" making a murderer special which aired friday, brought that potentially exclusive news. avery's new attorney. airing on saturday, investigation -- both broadcasts were viewed with keen interest by avery's family and watching with them was stephanie bauer, at the avery home in wisconsin.
3:05 am
house is where the prosecution claims the horrific rape and murder happened. after spending a lot of time last week here on the avery compound with steven's family, on friday night we made the two-hour trip up to their ice fishing cabin to watch the first episode with them. there, brother earl avery, gives his first ever interview. >> if someone is going to slice blood, something. and they say they cleaned up in the garage but there is dust and everything all over everything. how do you clean up and put the dust back? >> steven's younger brother earl had plenty of questions like that as we watched date line. earl hasn't seen steven in a decade and spoke to him just last week. steven accused earl and chuck of murdering teresa hallbach. >> did steven tell you why he did that? >> he told me that his lawyers told him to say that.
3:06 am
frustrated that we wouldn't talk to him or go up and see him. >> so he was a little bit mad at you? >> yeah. >> earl offered first-hand evidence that his brother was innocent. >> we drove right through there. where that car was supposed to be. >> yeah. >> and it wasn't there. >> that night? >> yeah. that night of the 31st. we were rabbit hunting. prs. >> did you tell them that? >> yeah. >> what did they say? >> they didn't -- i don't know, they didn't say nothing about it. >> earl's daughter britney said she is already impressed by steven's new attorney, katherine zelener. >> she was very determined to do what needs to be done right now. >> if there is going to be a trial, i'm pretty sure it'll be in wassaw. >> out of county? >> yeah. >> and you think that's important? >> yeah. because everybody in the county, half of them are against us. >> steven's dad, alan, lost considerable weight since
3:07 am
alan hasn't visiting steven in a few weeks and says his son's mental state is what you would expect. >> he is locked up in a cage, you know, it is like a rabbit in a two-foot pen. >> how are you guys doing? all of steven's defense has taken a lot of money from your family, i assume. >> it's the worse it's ever been. i don't make much money to start with. there is never a time i couldn't get paid. and it's been three weeks now i haven't had a check. we get at least 20 to 30 phone calls that call and hang up. call and call us murders. call and say, i no you killed that girl, why did you do it? >> since we've been here we saw countless visitors drive down the drive way just to take selfies near the avery sign. many come through the day,
3:08 am
>> i didn't say he did. >> inside the chiller's bar and grill in the document for the hang out for the family, they watched investigation discovery >> what do you think of the stuff they are saying here? did that change your mind? you think. it really does. >> tomrow on access hollywood, i'll be in court as cosby faces the judge with his few tireuture hanging in the balance. we unleash kit on clooney. our hail the ceasar's. >> you knocked it out of the park. you always do. >> have you seen how many sequins dresses there are tonight? at my table, five women. >> nobody does better than
3:09 am
who, what, where? hillary, do you agree with my best dressed? >> 1,000%. this looks like art that should be hanging on the wall in the museum. it was is so cool in terms of the geometric patterns but in the '70s color palette. plus the sequ in a modern way. i thought it was incredible. >> and it doesn't hurt she looks like a super model. >> i don't think that ever hurts anything. >> who else stood out to you? >> for me, all about rachel mcadams. >> i loved her dress. i'm glad you said this. >> i thought this was a beautiful l.a. dress. anything but basic black. the beading was so light and beautiful. and a little bit sheer so you actually saw some movement. youthful. percent. >> i love the modern hair cut with old school dress. just looking so classy elegant. >> one of the style moments that trended is when lifetime achievement award winner, carol nice footwear.
3:10 am
little uggs -- >> i'm wearing my uggs on the red carpet. because, why not? i'll change into real shoes later. but she's, this way i'm feeling very comfortable. >> anybody else, i would have been like, what are you doing? but it's carol burnett. let's talk about another moment that has social media going wild. susan sarandon's cleavage. i'm like, you ooze sex appeal. just unreal p. >> she's a babe. >> staying power. >> she obviously was wearing a really great bra meant to be seen. i love the white suit. i think it looks impeccable on her. my feeling is she looks like a babe so why not go for it? >> i'm rooting for her all the way. lots of stars making wardrobe risks and not all of them paying off. >> what did you think of bri's dress?
3:11 am
runway from versace. so it'll be very fashion forward. i love the color. >> do you think these dresses work or no? >> bar is set high for nicole kidman because she always kinds of nails it. but not my favorite look of hers in the grand scheme of things because there is a lot going on. >> i will say i saw it photographed and it looked much better in person than in photos. >> sometimes that happens. and i love color on the runway which is also nice. like sarah paulson's dress i enjoyed it. much more fashiony moment. but it might not be for everyone. i appreciated it. >> thank you. so fun talking fashion with you.
3:12 am
your favorite closed captioning and other
3:13 am
hollywood provide by -- one of the many high octane highlights from last night's "grease live" and with two weeks away from another live musical event. the grammies. we're asking your favorite picks for record of the year. now back to "grease live." the social media question, what was your favorite "grease live" performance last night? >> billy, rave reviews flooded our social media. vocals of julianne and vanessa brought tears to my eyees. favorite was "worse thing i could do." and talking about julianne
3:14 am
and april says, can't pick one, love it all. >> you shouldn't pick one. that production was so big,
3:15 am
stay connected, join >> . this morning on "world news now" -- political drama. >> donald trump upset at the iowa caucuses, what it means for the republicans and the two remaining democrats in a dead heat. extensive political coverage ahead from des moines. >> sarah palin's surprising comments about political poll. the political boost from marco rubio in the race.
3:16 am
the spouses of the candidates revealing one-on-one interviews with the batter halves of the presidential -- better halves of the presidential hopefuls. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we say good morning on this busy post-caucus tuesday. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. >> trump not so teflon. >> very brief in his conciliatory speech and yeah. >> we talked about this. i feel that iowa kind of delivers a surprise sometimes into. >> it does. >> or maybe just new york and d.c. are thinking one way and doesn't necessarily work out that way. >> it is a nightmare for the pollsters. >> let's start with that. >> we begin with the surprise with one upset and one side, the other too close to call. >> yeah. hillary clinton was once considered to be a shoo-in ended up in a deadlock with vermont senator bernie sanders. >> and despite his wide and
3:17 am
trump ended up finishing in second place behind texas senator ted cruz by 4 percentage points. mean time, florida, senator marco rubio casting a stronger than expected finish in a close third place as a victor. >> let's get our coverage started with abc's brandi hicks in des moines at the early morning hour. good morning. >> good morning. oh, what an evening here in iowa, right. as you mentioned abc news projecting ted cruz will win the republican caucuses. one of the reasons, the iowa gop is reporting record-breaking voter turnout. high turnout making for high drama in iowa. huge win for ted cruz. >> tonight, is a vick dpri for courageous conservatives across iowa. upsetting gop frontrunner donald trump. >> we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> and marco rubio running strong.
3:18 am
first step, but an important step, towards winning this election. >> reporter: on the democratic side the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders too close to call. >> i am excited about really getting into the debate with senator sanders about the best way forward to fight for us and america. >> people of iowa have sent a very profound to the political establishment. >> reporter: the presidential hopefuls gave one final pitch at caucus sites before the votes were cast. as many as 400,000 iowans expected to show up at some 2,000 locations. >> this year is really important. a lot has changed in the past eight years. >> for the republicans even a third-place finish here is key, giving that candidate momentum moving into new hampshire. now overnight, martin o'malley and mike huckabee did suspend their campaigns with all political eyes quickly shifting
3:19 am
everyone focused on next week's primary. reporting live here in des moines, abc news, reena and kendis, back to you. >> before you go, i was surprised, everyone kind of said going into this that if there was overwhelming turnout, that donald trump would fair better. what can you tell us about the turnout last night? >> that's what everybody has been talking about. they had record-breaking turnout for the gop but it didn't help trump. all of the poll numbers come in and the very conservative voters ended up going straight to ted cruz. fewer turnout, lower turnout for the democrats, and while bernie sanders did get the young voters, hillary clinton polled more of the voters who said they want to continue the same policies that barack obama has been implementing over the last eight years, reena and kendis. >> quite a nail biter right there in des moines. brandy brandy, thank you. let's dig deeper into what the results mean going forward. we're talking about the new hampshire primary, now one week away.
3:20 am
director, shoshana walsh is in des moines. start with the republicans because surprise, deeply divided party now has two strong alternatives for donald trump. how big is that? >> it is quite significant. really, just until recently, many in the party had resigned themselves to possibly a donald trump nominee. now there's two possible alternatives. and remember, yes, he came in second but barely because marco rubio had that strong, came in a strong third. of course, this is from the candidate who talks all the time about winning. >> possible could trump lose new hampshire too? >> well, reena, he's always been leading in the polls in new hampshire by a wider margin than the difference here in iowa. but it's definitely possible. why? because all of the stories and the coverage out of iowa where a lot of voters are going to be paying attention to will be that he did not win here.
3:21 am
that's because a lot of -- with the early states, it's a lot about the perception gained. and because donald trump talks about winning every single day on the campaign trail, this is a loss. and new hampshire voters, well, they may be paying attention to it. >> as far as the democratic side is concerned, there was a strong showing from sanders last night. moving forward, what does this mean? >> well, it means that he has the momentum. now, of course, the race we have not called a winner yet. there are still precincts out and votes out yet to be counted. but it's -- you have to remember that just recently, bernie sanders was trailing badly to hillary clinton and she was seen as the inevitable candidate. does that sound familiar? yes, because that's what happened in 2008. and again, it's a bad night for hillary clinton here in iowa. >> fascinating. it makes politics exciting i
3:22 am
>> abc's deputy political director shush walsh. thanks so much for joining us. donald trump lost but even though sarah palin campaigned for him, the former republican vice presidential candidate said america needs trump because he's "going rogue all the time." she said he speaks out what's on people's hearst and minds and even the polls from the mainstream media reflect that. >> you know, i think for the first time i'm going to say we can believe the polls. usually i say poles are only good for strippers and cross-country skiers but this time i think the polls are right. >> staying classy there. sarah palin. those polls turned out to be wrong or a lot of undecided voters decided against trump in the end. palin says she will support the nominee whoever it is. i'm curious if the fact he dropped out of the fox news debate had an impact. >> yeah. >> people were turned off by that. our coverage of the iowa caucuses does not end here. we'll be checking in with marco rubio's campaign later this next
3:23 am
know. >> we won't be checking in with strippers or skiers. making news this morning, a news team from our san diego affiliate was injured while covering a story while reporting on fallen trees from severe weather, another tree fell on the reporter and photographer. they were about to go live when the free fell. news photographer mike gold suffered a compound fracture off his leg but was able to call 911 and the reporter marie cornell has more extensive injuries. in the meantime people in the plain states are getting ready for massive snowstorm. supermarkets called in extra workers to stock shelves as oppers got ready for the storm. most say they're not worried at least not too much and are looking forward to the day off as long as they have the right munchies. accuweather's paul williams shows the storm and its impact from denver to green bay. good morning. >> thanks, reena, kendis. we have a monster of a snowstorm that's going to cause problems
3:24 am
road closures, blizzard conditions whiteouts and blowing and drifting snow. it's going to affect the folks in the denver area, sliding throughout central portions of nebraska, going into kansas, just about all of iowa and then finally culminating and crescendoing more so throughout wisconsin. not only there in the deep south, particularly along i-55, greatest risk for severe weather and tornadoes. kendis, reena? >> thank you. if you prefer to get your forecast from a rodent, punxsutawney phil does his thing later in pennsylvania today. if the famed groundhog sees his shadow, legend says we'll have six more weeks of winter. if he doesn't, we can expect warmer temperatures. what's it going to be, kendis gibson? >> we haven't had six weeks of winter yet. >> you think we're going to have six weeks. >> one storm, but we'll see. his shadow. >> i get my forecast from him and the farmers almanac every year. >> we've all seen military or their protective suits as part
3:25 am
here's something like that. >> let's say kind of, right. >> let's say the problem is a rogue drone flying where it shouldn't be. here's a solution. eagles, they're training them to take down the drones in the netherlands. look at that. >> wait for it. i missed the capture. dutch police say the eagles see a drone as prey and catch it and take it to a safe place. testing them will continue for a few more months before final decisions on implementing them are made. >> wow. it's a good thought. >> yeah. >> you know, we had those eagles flying around the sporting arenas before those big games like the super bowl and in case somebody decides they're going to put a drone out there, you can do that. >> hope the eagle comes back with the drone. >> instead of flying off? >> yes. >> that poor drone. coming up in the mix, the shirtless star who's causing
3:26 am
>> this isn't about you, kendis. but one of the hot candidates politically speaking coming out of iowa, marco rubio, sounding victorious, despite his third place finish. we go inside the campaign. >> what spouses are saying about this race that could end with them in the white house. also, make sure to check out our behind the scenes picks on instagram, abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." picks on instagram, abcwnn. you're watching wnsz i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? he has that dry scratchy thing going on. guess what? it works on his cough too. cough! guess what? it works on his cough too. what? stop! don't pull me! spoiler alert!"world news now" only mucinex dm relieves bothwet and dry coughs for 12 hours with two medicines in one pill. now." start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. plumpify your lashes with new plumpify mascara
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updating our top story, there's no clear winner yet in the democratic race at this year's iowa caucuses. vermont senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton deadlocked at 50/50. and an upset on the republican side. donald trump who had been enjoying a clear and steady lead in the polls recently finished second by just 4 percentage points behind senator ted cruz and florida senator marco rubio seen there finished in third place just 1 point behind trump. >> in some ways marco rubio is the big republican winner this morning. he did better than the polls trump's scorched earth criticism. >> that put some wind under his ines de la cuetara covering the rubio campaign. joins us with more. good morning, ines. >> hey, that's right, guys. so big, big night for marco rubio tonight. he came in third. we suspected he would come in third but this was such a close race, he basically tied donald trump.
3:31 am
distant third. this did come as a bit i've -- of a surprise. i'll let you listen to what the campaign was billing as marco rubio's speech. >> so this is the moment they said would never happen. for months, for months they told us we had no chance. for months, they told us because we offered too much optimism in a time of anger we had no chance. they told me that we have no chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high. >> reporter: rubio also congratulated ted cruz who won iowa and rubio thanked his iowa supporters. >> i am grateful to you, iowa. you believed in me when others didn't think this night would be possible. >> reporter: and what the campaign really wanted out of iowa was momentum, not necessarily a first-place finish but momentum or marcomentum as they're calling it and tonight's close third-place finish will certainly help with that. reena, kendis. >> ines, thank you.
3:32 am
campaign embeds who have done such a great job. but i wondered, has anybody lost new hampshire and iowa and still gone on to get the nomination? >> new hampshire and iowa. >> apparently in 1972, mcgovern lost both new hampshire and iowa and didn't win until april in the wisconsin primary and he went on to win the party's nomination. >> so you're saying this morning that there's hope for gilmore? who lost last night. >> that's not what i'm saying. >> hope springs eternal for a lot of people. >> too critical of campaigns. be clear to see what happens for new hampshire next week and south carolina following quickly. >> nevada. coming up in our next half hour, more coverage of the iowa caucuses, the neck and neck race between hillary clinton and bernie sands. the democratic contenders' tough fight in the battleground states and their strategy as all eyes now turn to new hampshire. >> first the running mates, the
3:33 am
critical roles that they play in the campaign race, opening up about the people they fell in
3:34 am
now." stand by your man and show the world you love him he's given all the love he can >> good one. >> yep. you know you've heard them in the debates and sound bites and campaign ads, but to really get to know the presidential candidates, you should probably ask their better halves. >> the supporters who probably know them best. abc's linsey davis caught up with the lifelong running mates. >> reporter: it's been said you can tell a lot about the person by the company they keep.
3:35 am
smart but likes to have fun. >> i was so impressed with her work ethic, with her tenacity. >> reporter: so perhaps the best way to get a sense of who the presidential candidates are -- >> he's so passionate and compassionate and lots of fun. >> reporter: is to talk to the people who likely know them best. their spice. >> don't worry, you've got my vote. that was the first words i spoke to bernie. >> i remember meeting him and i think it was probably our fourth or fifth date. i started calling him rand. and he liked it. >> reporter: they've seen them at their best. >> the first time when he operated on a baby in the womb, that was incredible. >> reporter: and stood by them in their deepest despair. for carly and frank fiorina, that meant enduring the loss of a 34-year-old daughter to drug addiction. >> it was just a bad year. carly had cancer. 11 operations. chemo.
3:36 am
but when lauri died, you know it, makes everything else in life pale in comparison. >> reporter: people seem to either love or hate ted cruz. why do you think that he's so polarizing. > if you are not in there trying to fix the problem, you don't like the problem fixer. >> reporter: for the people who just see chris christie and want to say he's a name caller, he's brash, he lacks self-control. how would you help them to see your husband as more presidential? >> the handful of name calling that has been caught on video sometimes, there was always a purpose to that. >> you have a big saying who the nominee is. >> he's not a great cocktail party conservationist. sometimes in politics that can come off as being prickly or aloof. he would much rather sit down and have more one-on-one or substantive conversation. >> reporter: so while the candidates now rule america,
3:37 am
their own courtships and share their partner's greatest assets. >> his steadfastness. >> patience. >> sincerity. >> her brain and her eightics. >> his optimism. >> his smile. >> his greatest asset. >> me. >> lynn day davis, abc news, new york. >> i love that. we learned so much including that mrs. paul is responsible for rand being known as rand. >> that's right. we do. # >> i can't wait to the part where the spouses have to give their cookie recipe. what's bill clinton going to do? vegan cookie do you think?? vegan cookie do you think? mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. these are multi-symptom. well so are these. this one is max strength and fights mucus. that one doesn't. uh...think fast! you dropped something. oh...i'll put it back on the shelf... new from mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. start the relief. ditch the misery.
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3:41 am
apparently caucus rules allow for a coin to be flipped to decide the vote in case of a tie like this. so the coin landed heads down. that means it was in favor of clinton. this took place at the weeks middle school gymnasium. >> this is 2016 in america. how we're defining elections. >> it could have been worse, it could have been a shoot-out. >> that's true. back 100 years ago. no doubt. so take a look at this. speaking of politics, there's this one kid that has been trying to take selfies with all the candidates. awkward one with marco rubio there. here he is with jeb bush. so his goal he said was to try to take selfies with everybody. his one holdout was ted cruz. here is what he did. he pretended to be proposing to his friend. he had a t-shirt and he had his female companion. he got down on one knee and proposed and then he scored the selfie with ted cruz. >> tt was the selfie after the proposal. there's marco rubio. it was with ted cruz. >> with him and his friend and
3:42 am
>> now was ted cruz upset that he came over and got the selfie? >> ted didn't know. >> okay. okay. got to do what you got to do to get those. the collection. >> exactly. we do love our broadway here in new york, don't we? >> some do, yes. >> an unusual scene took place at the broadway, a view from the bridge. apparently they have seating on one man saw actor russell toby, there you see him there. >> handsome. >> gorgeous guy. did you know he had gorgeous abs. takes off his shirt in one of the scenes and the guy on stage, the audience member passes out after seeing this image. they asked is anyone in the three people tried to help the guy. apparently this audience member apologized in a tweet on sunday to toby saying i'm sorry if i disrupted the performance. >> the only problem is they tried to give russell toby mouth to mouth resuscitation. he was fine. it was the other guy.
3:43 am
that was just so cool. thinks he's a dog. star of the facebook page. two of his best friends are some bulldogs there and many of his owners say that he kind of walks around and thinks he's a dog. >> my gosh. >> never had any trouble with canine friends before. >> i guess they don't try to hug him because that would hurt. >> that would hurt. >> very cute. >> very cute. hurt.
3:44 am
>> verthe more we watch this storm the more complex it becomes. the latest model runs continue to push the heaviest snows northwest. a wintry mix develops overnight across eastern iowa. this will impact the morning drive where the mix and snow is the heaviest. farther south the precipitation changes to all rain with this morning, "your voice, your vote," the iowa caucuses, surprises, upsets. >> i love you people. >> and a humble donald trump. >> we finished second, and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. >> the candidate who says he hates losers losing the first presidential contest.
3:45 am
>> tonight is a victory for
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