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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CST

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way the disease can be spread. and looming deadline. in just hours a $63illion lottery ticket wille a worthless piece of paper. who is holding it? well, good wednesday rning. we begin with the race for the white house and the battle for new hampshire. >> six days away from the next primary contest. the candidates are converging on the granite state, donald trump seen there still stunnnn from hihi surprise defeat from ted cruz admitting skipping the final debate may have cost him and marco rubio has new wind in his sails from his unexpected strong third place finish. >>n the democratic sidid hillary clinton and bernie sanders intensifying their efforts to break out of the virtual deadlock they left behind in iowa. clinton sending an army of 150 staffers from her headquauarters to new hampshire. it's "your voice, your vote" and
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bazi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, reena, good morning, kendis. r the winnersrs e focuss on building momentum and those who came in second are now expecting new hampshire to be their prize. for the victors in iowa, the celebration is short-lived. >> i am so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa. >> reporter: just a week before the next round of voting, both hillary clininn and bernie sanders are hoping the iowa results will give them a boost. >> the political revolution continues next tuesday here in new hampshire. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: e en clinton's inner circle acknowledges a win tough. >> make no mistake, we are in a fight to the finish. >> reporter: on the republican side donond trump says he is more confident about his chances to win in new hampshire but defends his finish in iowa. started.
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i come in second. i'm not humiliated. >> reporter: for first place finisher ted cruz a sweet victory in a bitter contest. >> six weeks ago donald trump was saying every day that i was his friend, that he loved me, that i was terrific, that i was nice and now i'm an anchor baby. >> reporter: marco rubio is also defending had imself from a new rounun of attacks after a strong finish in iowa and is striking back. >> i think ted's been very calculated and willay or do anything to get a vote. >> reporter: donald trumum is nowow admitting skipping that last debate before the iowa caucuses may have hurt him so we do expect him at the next republican debate on abc this weekend. reena, kendis. >> all right, it's going to b b hosted byy david muir as well as martha raddatz. bazi, thank you. and as they mentioned saturday night in new hampshire, that's what we'ring looking forward to on abc. coverage 8:00, 7:00 central.
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following, the severe storm system right now in the midwest. it is producing a blizzard, of course, to the north and tornadoes to the south. >> there were severe twisters in mississippi a western alabama yesterday. some buildings were damaged including the federal prison in aliceville. trees knocked down and minor injuries reported. . >> it brought another blizzard to the plains, nearly a foot of snow fell in some parts and winds reaching 45 miles an hour. major highways closed partly because visibility was near zero and alreaea today dozens of flights have been canceled in minneapolis and other airports. >> as you can see right here, the weather radar shows that system extending from the gulf coast right up to the great lakes and although itits moving east, i is not yet done with the middle of the country. the latest complete forecast from accuweather's paul williams. >> thanks, reena, kendis. snow covered roads with this snow impacting a good portion of iowa, going into wisconsin will
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i-35 and 80 until the roads close. that samee storm on the warm side causing additional travel delays throughout the mississippi valley region and ohio valley region because it will turn into yet another problem with the storm with 50 to 60-mile-per-hour gusts and h hvy downpours. kendis, reena. >> thank you. we got new details in the search for those marines killed in a helicopter crash off hawaii late lastmonth. ininstigators say trace elements of dna may have been discovered while family members have been told the names of those identified have not been released. 12 marines died when their helicopters crashed during a training mission. well, there are new developments in the flint water crisis ahead of today's congressional hearing. michigan governor rick snyder today will propose $30 million to help city residentsts pay their water bills. the city's former emergency manager's refusing to testify before congress and state and federal environmental officials
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mishandlinin the water crisis. the lead tainted water remains too dangerous to drink. >> bill cosby will likely be back in a pennsylvania court today as his attorneys resume their effort to have sex crime charges againin him thrown out. a former district attorney testified yesterday that he made an oral agreement not to prosecute cosby in connection with claims made by a woman more than a decadad ago. the current d.a. says that deal is not binding because it wasn't in writing. a judge is expected to rule today whether the case against cosby can go forward. it i i a b by week for the poster child for pharmaceutical industry greed. martin shkreli is in court today as part of the securities fraud case against him. he's hired an attorney best known for defending celebrities like jay see then a congressional hearing on drug price hikes at which he plans to plead the fifth. shkreli became famous last year
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life-saving drug by 5,000% gloating it was almost all profit. a southern utility company in california has failed to report a father-in-law gas leak that sickened thousands. it been gushing nonstop since october pumping out more than 2 million tons of methane. socal gas has paid more than $50 million to cap the leak and relocate more than 4400 families. to virginia where a yellow lab has been relocated in a dramatic rescue. the dog had apparently wandered on to this ice covered pond. this just south of washington, d.c. and fell through the ice. firefighter aaron lovell used a ladder to crawl out onto the ice but it cracked and he fell into the water. luckily the water was pretty shallow and he managed to grab hold of the lab. the d d is recovering this morning at a veterinary clinic. still ahead sent home before the big game. a denver bronco connected to a pross ki institution sting.
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prostitition ring at a m mel six in california. his participation has changed. murphy's brother and a suspected prostitute were cited. > the legal marijuana market is booming of u.s. sales expected to reach $6.7 billion. that's 25% more than last year. just inolorado adult use passed $100 million last year. the first legal recreational sales began in colorado only two years ag more states eected to legalize sales this year. well, after all the illnene outbreaks linked to chipotle no surprise the company had a terrible fourth quarter. the mexican chain said it plunged 4444 sales and revenueue down significantly and chipotle isn't out of the woods yet and faces a difficult and expensive year restoreing public confidence in itsood safety. word is amazon has plans to open hundreds of new book stores. the company opened its first
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in seattle and now according to the chief of a mall operating firm amazon is looking to open as many as 400 stores nationwide. no word from amazon itself about such a plan. and pizza hut has a special promotion to mark super bowl 50 on sunday, the chain is giving away 50 golden garlic knots pizza topped with $100 worth of edible 24 karat gold that comes with $100 pizza hut gold card. >> all righty. looks good. when we come back, under arrest, a day care worker accused of abusing a child. the incident caught on camera. emergency landing, a small plane forced to touch down on the water. weight watchers has changed. weight watchers all-new beyond the scale program puts the focus on you
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wellll a rare phenomenon off the coast of scotland. waterfalls running backwards. it happened during a severe storm that brought winds of up to 90 miles per hour to the isle of mull. this video viewed nearly 2 million types on facebook. >> here in the u.s. drivers will face heavy rain along practically the entire eastete seaboard. roads may still be slippery in the upper midwest as the blizzard winds wind down and wet
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if you're flying, airport delays inatlanta, charlotte, washington, d.c., philadelphia, new york city and san francisco. alarming new developments in the case of the 13-year-old girl from virginia allegedly kidnapped and murdered by a virginia tech student. >> autopsy results reveal she was stabbed to death the day she disappeared, the body of nicole lovell discovered in north carolina saturday. her mother breaking downn as she recalled how nicole beat the odds surviving a liver transplant and cancer. >> nicole was very lovable person. nicole t touched many people throughout her short life. >> david eisenhauer charged with murder and kidnapping and police say another freshman already charged with hiding the bodyas more deeply involved than previously thought. natalie keepers will face the more serious charge of being an accessory before the fact to first degree murder. well, the young victim in this case appareneny met her alleged killer through social
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that's a messaging app that allows users to remain anonymous. many of these kind of apps, they're popular with teens and predators who can disguise their identity. kik tells abc news it is active in helping the fbi carry out its investigation. a worker at a day-care center outside orlando f fing crcrinal charges after being caught on tape abusing a child in her care. the video shows 41-year-old kimberly reid battering a 4-year-old boy with stuffed animals and dropping him face down. reid tried to defend the behavior as rough play. reid was already on probation for a welfare fraud case and stealing from anotherer day care. the cdc is expected to issue new guidelines now that someone in the u.s. has gotten the zika virus through sex. officials in dallas say the victim had sex with someone who had returned from venezuela and fallen ill with zika. it's rare but not heard of.
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pregnant women who can give birth to babies with brain damage. a possible terror attack in africa this morning. a midair explosion ripping a hole in an airliner. take a look at the gaping hole just above the wing there, twisted metalushed outwards. the blast happened shortly after takeoff from mogadishu's airport and the airbus turned around and made an religion landing in somalili two passengers injnjed but that was during the evacuation. there are reports that one passenger was sucked out of the hole that was created by the blast. if it was a bomb no terror group has yet claimed responsibility. and a dramatic scene in hawaii. the pilot of a small plane landing right on the water because his landing gear had malfunctioned. the 68-year-old pilot was un uninjured during the incident. experts say his water landing was perfect. and that they might use a video to train other pilots.
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>> incredible scene. >> yeah. a little sully sullenberger there. in sports the carolina panthers and denver broncos began three days of practice today. ahead o o sununy's super bowl. >> while we wait let's get some college hoops highlights from our guys at espn. >> good morning from los angeles. it's "sportscenter" with neil everett and stan verrett. wewe got somee big-time college basketball. couple of all-mers to show you. >> oklahoma, number one in the country, buddy heald number two orer. 17 in this one practiced a lot as a child. in his driveway. >> is that the key? >> that's it. >> ka deem ttin is a big shot blocker. jordan woodard. his buddy, not one on five but five on five. not just buddy. he had 14. isaiah cousins had 13 points, 10
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it's a team game and oklahoma wins again, 95-72. they lit lsu up on saturday in the second half, came back. against ben simmons and company. simmons and company on the road at auburn. and simmons was in attack mode. he d d it all. watch him grab the rebound here. his coach said want to play rebound, dishes it to craig victorrom st. augustine high school. simmons in transition, big finish, 21 points, 13 rebound, 7 assists and nearly messed around and got a triple-dououe and titirs, 7-2 in the s.e.c. >> big recruiting day for lsu too. >> uh-huh. >> told me about it. >> national signing day is today. >> yeah. >> that's it from here. back to you. >> thanan. up next in "the pulse," lottery mystery, a $63 million winning ticket about to expire. the ultimate weapon in a
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million. time to check "the pulse" and a countdown to a $63 million ticket. it was purchased what is august at this 7-eleven outside of bur bank, california. but the deadline to cash in that ticket is tomorrow night. >> so, here's the deal. if no one steps forward it would be the largest unclaimed lottery prize in california history. the money would then be redirected to support the state's public schools. so it's not a bad deal if no one steps forward. >> yes. > only a bad deal if that person who realized they were the winner finds out on friday morning. >> can you imagine? after the fact? ouch. well, next up, something
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super r wl broadcast but it isn't some attempt to sell you a new car or chips. >> a public service announcement against drunk driving from anheuser-busch. famous spott features dame helen mirren sitting in a restaurant booth with a burger, fries and a bud. the legendary actress gets her point across eloquently and shall we say bluntly. >> if you drive drunk, you simply put are a shortsighted utterly useless oxygen wasting human form of pollution,elfish coward. if your brain was donated to science, science would return it. so, stop it. now, the chances are -- >> she is so good. she calls herself a frank uncensored british lady and proves it. >> she does. ef on the losing end of a snowball fight, one thingngo do, escalate it.
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book now, offer ends soon. hmmm... apple pie with only fruits nutsand spices. this makes the rest of my life feel very complicated. larabar. food made from food. checking our top story, the race for the white house shifts to new hampshire after no grand slam winner in iowa. all the candidates are redoubling their efforts to sway voters in the granite state. six days before the primary. the marines say trace dna elements have been found in the search for remains following that h hicopter crash off hawaii last month. the identities have not been made public. the blizzard in the upper plains states should be ending this morning leaving behind pies of snow, slick roads and canceled flights. same storm system spawned drds in the south.
4:27 am
moving into the east, no more significant snow in the west, just showers and rain from northern califorora all the w w up into the canadian border. okay, so we know the super bowl is now just four days away and among those going to the big game, a handful of super fans. >> so t tse gentlemen have attended every super bowl for the past 49 years and reporter mike schuman from our san francisco station introduces us to one of those football fanatics. >> reporter: 76-year-old larry jacobson was one of the first super bowl volunteers to check out his official uniform. >> i'm ready to get towork right now. >> reporter: larry is spending this week helping tourists ss find their way around san francisco, sunday he'll be at levi stadium watching with an exclusive ub. how many original members of the never miss a super bowl club? >> we hadfive. >> five. >> now we're down to three. >> reporter: larry started as a die-hard 49er fan and had season
4:28 am
he decided to take a date to los geles to see the first super bowl. >> it was a $100 investment including tickets and airfare and rent a car and food. but she wasn't impressed with football and wasn't impressed withthme. reporter: larry gave up on the woman but not the game and developed a special talent. >> anybody knows me knows i don't know a thing about football. i know how to get tickets. that's pie thing. >> reporter: 50 years later his house is full of super bowl memorabilia. you have all the programs here. >> yeah, this is super bowl xvi. >> reporter: i may have auper bobo ring but larry is one-up on me. this is the first official super bowl 50 ball handed to him straight off the press at the factory in ohio. and then larry jacobson. got your own name on a football. i don't even have that, larry. he first met the other men who never missed a super bowl 16 years ago. now they get together and swap
4:29 am
>> this is number 50. this would be a good number to wrap it up, say, hey, i'm done. >> well, no, you know what, the nfl is treating us so well for super bowl 50 i'm now aiming for 100. >> good for you, larry. >> very cute story there. good for them. >> that's what's making news in sououe, this is ??? . school districts across eastern iowa are waking up with work to do. some are moving forward with newly approved plans, while others are back to square one. tiffin is taking steps forward to becoming the first city with two minimum wages. ty council said "yes" in the 1st of 3 controversial votes. thousands of people die every year from heart disease. this month has been set aside to bring awareness and more knowledge to the disease. good wednesday morning! its 430, half way y rough your week on february 3rd.


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