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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  February 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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confusing." and complications from contraceptio n. an eastern iowa woman shares how a permanent birth control option caused a number of problems in her body. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . 52:54-:59 "road conditions change at a moment's notice. it is winter in iowa, and we need to make sure that we do adjust for that. " the iowa state patrol says icy road conditions may have caused a crash early this morning that killed three people in benton county. the crash involved four-vehicles. a minivan and a pick-up truck k crashed around 5:15 a-m, on highway 30, just east of 16th avenue. that's near keystone. the state patrol says the driver of the minivan carrying ten people lost control. another vehicle then hit the minivan, causing two other vehicles to crash. three people from the
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authorities have not released their names yet. kcrg-tv9's brady smith joins us in the newsroom. brady, what else are investigators saying about the crash? trooper bob conrad with the iowa state patrol says while it appears ice did play a role, he says it's also apparent that the driver of the minivan failed to maintain control of that vehicle. he says the van was also overloaded, and that meant too many people inside the vehicle, and not enough seat belts. cathy cutler with the local d-o-t district office says they had road crews on the stretch of highway 30 where the crash happened, during and after the storm that hit eastern iowa earlier this week. she told us the plow and salt trucks had a constant presence on area highways, and they had cleared off that section of road. trooper conrad says road conditions can be unpredictable this time of year, and it's possible there could have been snow melting on that section of road, then re-froze overnight. he told us all three people killed were not wearing seat
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vehicle. "53:07-:15 "i cannot say enough about seat belts. two of the fatalities were fully ejected out of this vehicle. seat belts anywhere in the vehicle make a difference. seat belts save lives. " ":13-:24 "we actually had called in extra people, just because of the duration of this storm. especially in the rural areas, we were seeing some blowing and drifting snow. so we wanted to make sure we did have that presence 24/7. " trooper conrad says this crash is certainly a tragedy, but he hopes others will take from it the importance of wearing seat belts, no matter where you're riding in n vehicle. when we spoke with conrad earlier today, he mentioned their effort to notify family members was taking a bit longer than expected, and they had expanded their search outside u-s borders. live in the newsroom, brady smith, kcrg-tv9. we have a quiet night across eastern iowa tonight. this is a live look at the conditions from our dubuque city cam. meteorologist joe winters joins us now. joe, light snow is gone for
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on the way? quiet weather remains in place tonight with a partly cloudy sky and lows in the teens. friday brings a light snow chance, under 1", but not until late. the morning features an increase of clouds as highs push near 30. for the weekend saturday looks dry as highs jump above freezing. light snow moves into the forecast on sunday with continued chances through early next week. tonight: partly cloudy low: 15-21 winds: nw 5-15tomorrow: chance of snow late high: 27-33 winds: s 5-10 back to you. an eastern iowa woman is among thousands who have reported complications
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permanent birth control product. essure is a device that the chemical and pharmaceutic al company, bayer, owns. it's a coil that a doctor implants into a woman's fallopian tubes, which then prevents conception. marketing for the product says it's a non-surgical process that's been around since 2002. but over the past several years, the food and drug administration has received more and more reports about essure problems. the f-d-a is actively evaluating the product after an intensive panel meeting in september... ... and it plans to announce its findings by the end of the month. kcrg t-v nine's jill kasparie joins us in the studio. jill, many are waiting to see what will happen... that's right. women say they have all kinds of side effects from this device - side effects they weren't told about when doctors implanted the device and aren't listed as risks with essure. one cedar rapids woman we spoke with just had a hysterectomy to get the devices
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"i'm still processing all of this. i'm still thinking about why this is even happening. . what's happening to brittany dougan all started in 2009. "when i had my last child i decided i didn't really want anymore." the mother of three talked to her doctor about essure and got it implanted shortly after. "six months after the procedure i noticed i was feeling not normal, very lethargic, very fatigue, i was tired all of the time. and so i was up at the university trying to seek answers as to why i was feeling these ways." dougan says after thousands of dollars of medical bills stacked up, one obgyn mentioned essure might be her problem. he directed her to a facebook page where about 25-thousand women are sharing their symptoms... and they sounded familiar. "chronic fatigue, bloating,
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of us women, there are days you look six months pregnant and you are not. headaches, we call it a brain fog, but it's just confusion." dougan filed a complaint with the f-d-a. the agency says it has received more than five- thousand formal reports of issues with essure since it was approved in 2002. nats transition of your choosing? dr. kelly ward - an obgyn at the university of iowa hospitals and clinics - has been pututng essure in patients for nearly a decade. the product is just a small coil. "we put a hystoroscope through the cervix to the uterus and we deploy these coils so that the tail of the coil is in the uterus. the coils deploy along the length of the tube and this area will form a scar." she says most of her patients who get the device are happy with the results. "i have put in hundreds of coils
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four." essure's labeling warns about chronic pelvic pain and the obgyn says that can happen in some women. whether the product coululcause the other symptoms described by women like hougan... "i think in certain patients potentially. but i think that's a small subset. i think many more people could benefit from it if they are the right patients for the prredure." she believes some of these symptoms could be from withdrawal following use of other hormonal methods of birth control. the obgyn says she's interested to hear what the f-d-a has to say at the end of february. "i think it's important for women's health to keep women's reproductive rights in their it's not safe, we shouldn't use it. but if it is safe in the right setting, to take it away from women is not a good thing." other women to know nothing good can come from essure. of her system, shehe her children. "i just, over the years, have not been able to do things that
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so she she's taking a stand with thousands of other women making sure that bayer and the fda hear their stories. "we are real people and this is happening to us and to get rid of it. right now they are protected until february when they come out with their final decision there's nothing we can do, we are just sitting ducks. " we reached out to bayer about this issue. the company sent us a statement saying it stands by essure and it reads in part, "the safety and efficacy of essure is orted by more thahaa decade of science and real world clinical experience." i also talked with the f-d-a. a spokeswoman says manufacturer s have to submit annual reports about devices and reports of death or serious injury. the f-d-a says any time a device on the market is causing problems, they review it to determine if more action is needed. beth and bruce- again, the
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know more about their review of the product by the end of the month. thanks, jill. iowa lawmakers are considering a bill that would require local governments and authorities to tell federal agencies when they have illegal immigrants in custody. house republicans proposed the bill, which was passed by a subcommittee today. normally, immigration officers ask local police departments to hold illegal immigrants until federal authorities can pick them up. but some cities and c cnties are considered sanctuaries those are places in the u-s that refuse to hold illegal immigrants after their court ordered detention. happening. immigration studies, more than 20 counties in iowa follow sanctuary policies. that includes linn, johnson, dubuque and benton counties. clayton county is using new technology t t keep track of inmates when they leave jail on work release. last month, the sheriff's office started using a g-p-s
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tag. the water-proof ankle bracelet monitors a work release inmate's every move. the sheriff says it prevents inmates from abusing their work release privilege. "there have been some people who have violated the rules and maybe snuck home on their lunch hour, when they are not suppose to go home. " the bracelet comes at no cost to the tax payer. if an inmate leaves jail on work release, the county will charge that inmate six dollars a day for the use of the mandatory bracelet. cedar lake supporters now have a plan to transform the lake into a recreational area for the community. friends of cedar lake unveiled its master plan at an open house this afternoon. the plans includes everything from vegetative floating islands to additional parking and an overlook. the group is also planning to add artwork to revitalize the area of the lake that's most visible from interstate 380.
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cost more than 8 million dollars, most of which it plans to fund raise. "53:55 it's very exciting because now we have a concrete plan we can take to the people we would like to ask them t t contribute funds too ad say look at this board walk - it has this price tag" friends of cedar lake will now present the plan to the city council for approval. the group says it still needs to have an environmental study completed on the lake and ownership transferred from alliant energy to the city. the university of iowa is unveiling new technology that will benefit both staff and students. hear how some new tools could be a vital piece to the future of education. stay with your 24 hour news source, here on kcrg tv9. this robot ip a small part of a
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of iowa meant to prepare teachers in training. the university's college of education is unveiling two million dollars of renovations inside the lindquist center. that includes several new technology tools. kcrg t-v nine's sarah mccarthy explains why computers, smartboards, and even robots are critical for students. "okay, now you can follow me this way." with just a few general directions. parallel park okay, awesome. this i-pad monitor.. 17:05 she can move up and down. can walk, talk, and interact 16:59:51 "i think it's just a way to include those kids who can't make it."
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for mandi burkley - a junior studying elementary education - this is one small part of the future of teaching. 17:09:40 "if a student is homebound due to a disability, this is a way that the student can feel more included in the classroom and participate in the classroom without actually being there. it's a way to include students no matter whohey are or what they have." this high-tech space is what people here say classrooms may look like in the future. one room is set up to feed sound directly into hearing aids, and smart boards are centered on the walls. the goal is for these students to be prepared to use it all as teachers. 16:53:51 "if our teachers are going to be the best teachers they can and help students learn, they need to be aware of exactly what those technologies are, figure out which ones are most useful for different kinds of students, and figure out which ones aren't useful." for senior student danielle peterson, who's behind these controls.. 17:21:22 "it's your left and right key and then forward to go." the move to hi-tech classrooms like this is all
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17:17:58 "they want to do the hands on, they want to come up to the board. just work in the classroom, it's much more interactive and they want that." technology these future teachers say.. 17:02:09 you can follow me. is a big move forward. in iowa city, sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. hillary clinton is trying to build support in bernie sanders' backyard... tonight, the two debated for the last time before voters in new hampshire head to the polls. quiet weather remains in place
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with a partly cloudy sky and lows in the teens. friday brings a light snow chance, under 1", but not until late. the morning features an increase of clouds as highs push near 30. for the weekend saturday looks dry as highs jump above freezing. light snow moves into the forecast on sunday with continued chances through early next week. tonight: partly cloudy low: 15-21
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high: 27-33 winds: s 5-10tomorrow night: chance of light snow low: 20-26 winds: s 5-10saturday: partly cloudy high: 36 - low: 23 sunday: chance of snow high: 39 - low: 28 monday: light snow likely high: 26 6 low: 22 tuesday: slight chance of snow high: 17 - low: wednesday: partly cloudy high: 23 - low: 6 thursday: partly cloudy
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders made their pitch to voters in their debate before the new hampshire primary next tuesday. tonight, the two went head to
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of the race earlier this week. " secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represt, i hope, ordinary americans.... " "senator sanders is the only person who, i think, would characterize me, a woman, running to be the first woman president as " poll shows sanders s holding a doubleleigit lead over clinton in new hampshire. the nbc news-wall street journal poll shows sanders with 58 percent support, while clinton has 38 percent backing. chicago police found the bodies of six people in a home this afternoon, and they're calling it homicide. police say the victims were fououmen, one woman, and a child. and they all had signs of trauma to their bodies. police don't believe there's a threat to the community. two people in southeastern brazil have contracted the zika virus through blood transfusions. brazilian health leaders believe these kind.
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separate donors who had zika. the mosquito- bourne virus has been linked to thousands of babies born with underdeveloped brains. scott has anotr edition of the athlete of the week, coming up next in spspts. and the iowa women's basketball team was hoping for its third consecutive win tonight at indiana. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9.
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turned a bit of a corner with two straight wins after losing five of its last six. ... hawkeyes on the road at indiana ... thiwas a homecoming for indiana native whitney jennings... she's says that's mine... goes coast- to-coast for the layup... iowa up by 15 in the 3rd quarter ... but indiana comes back... 4th quarter, jennings buries a three to put iowa up one... she had a career-high 22 2 points ... closing minute of the
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grad ally disterhoft muscles her way through, banks one in and she's fouled... we're tied 74 all with 43 seconds left ... but indiana responds... tyra buss drives and gets the kiss off the glass for the go-ahead bucket... hoosiers win 79-74 ... staying with basketball, scott saville has another edition of the kcrg-tv9 aththte of the week, sponsored by cedar rapids toyota. western dubuque 6'1 senior megan maahs is on a mission after the bobcats finished second at state 2 y yrs in a row. megan leads the undefeated cats with over 17 points a game and she is the leading rebounder in the state at over 12 a contest. megan will finish her career with over 1,000 rebounds. i think it is all heart right when i came in coach told me the mentality i had to get boards. do you a body into them first. i box out with my butt. what did it mean
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thank youo everyone that has helped me it was an awesome day. state two years in n row how much has this driven this team. it has driven us hard even in open gym we are working hard to get back to des moines. you have a younger sistst 11. free throw contest you against little sis maddie. the loser has to service the aow car at megans dad's gas station. megan hit three straight to put the pressure on but that didn't faze her younger sis 11 year old maddie who just one a local free throw contest and she reeled off 6 in a row. so megan had to service the cedar rapids rav 4 at her dad's gas station where she works on weends. and just likikthe basketball court
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clean the glass. dicky v should put her on his all windex team. from mahs's service stataon in downtown epworth scott saville tv 9 sports. ... thank you scott, high school wrestling... jefferson versus kennedy on 9.2 ... 126, great matchup between brenden baker and nolan hromidko... hromidko uses this 2nd period reversal to win 4-2 . . 182, jefferson's taylor victora moves the arm to get a third period pin... the j-hawks were up 24-9 afr nine weight classes ... kennedy responds at 220, future hawkeye football player dallas jacacus takes just 27 seconds to pin his opponent ... cougars cut their deficit to six... but jefferson's joseph sibomana seals the deal with this first period pin at 113... jeff won 39-21... j-hawks also beat dubuque senior 60-12... kennedy also beat dubuque senior
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... d3 wrestling, coe at cornell ... 125, jan rosenberg gets the kohawks started with this 2nd period fall over scott smith... that has coach john oostendorp pumped up ... coe led 9-0 after two matches... but cornell comes answers with back-to-back pins... at 141, josh martin pins brady ruden in the final seconds of the 2nd period... 149, 8th ranked trevor engle gets a third period pin to give the rams a 12-9 lead ... but the kohawks respond... 165, defending national champion farai sewera gets he tech fall... kohawks edge cornell, 23- 22... coe hasn't lost to cornell since 1999 thanks josh. one last look atathe forecast, joe... quiet weather remains in place tonight with a partly cloudy sky and lows in the teens. friday brings a light snow chance, under 1", but n n until late. the morning feaeares an increase of clouds as highs push near 30. for the
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