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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 6, 2016 7:00am-8:00am CST

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republican candidates just hours away now from taking the stage in new hampshire. tonight's faceff, right here on abc, may be one of the most crucial moments ininhe race so far. is trump looking for devine inspiration? >> i almost want to just go in and pray. >> and can rubio ride the iowa bounce to the top? >> if you get a call on tuesday saying i dropped out, it isn't true, it's lie, keep voting. >> we're breaking down the pregame strategy with team coverage from new hampshire on this quickly shifting race. breaking news, dramatic rescues after a quake topples this apartment building. the devastating scenes, baba after baby pulled from the rubble. the desperate efforts to save lives happening right now. crane collapse. that moment caught on camera. >> holy [ bleep ]. oh, it broke. >> this morning, investigating why this 50-story monstecame
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city street. and johnny manziel's meltdown. the latest blows for the troubled quarterback. the police investigation, his agent cutting ties and his father's fears that johnny won't live another year if he doesn't get help. > hey, good morning. we've got two major events fast one of them, of course, super bowl 50. >> you've waited all year for this moment, dan. this morning as the panthers and broncos, that's who's playing, by the way, dan, they get ready to hit the field tomorrow night and celebs are flocking to the san n ancisco ea where the game will be played. we're learning about a major new musical addition to the halftime show. >> i was surprised to hear this. we'll tell you coming up. we start with the big game in american politics, the final republican debate fore the new hampshire primary.
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hampshire and air live right here on abc. >> and the stakes couldn't be higher. it's crunch time. every candidate on the stage, all seven of them, need to m me a mark. we have team coverage this morning starting with abc's tom llamas live from the debate hall. good morning, tom. >> reporter: paula, good morning to you. two big battles happening on that stage tonight. the first centnt stage, donald trump and senators marco rubio and ted cruz fighting to take over this race, and then there's everyone else left in the field, hoping to have a moment that resonates with new hampshire voters, and there will be men n that stage tonight fighting for their political liveve this morning, donald trump is heading to new hampshire and staying there till the voting is over on tuesday. >> you have the most beautiful i mean, these churches, seriously. >> reporter: but overnight a quick stop in south carolina. >> i almost want to just go in >> reporter: trump hopes his last-minute new hampshire blitz will deliver a better result than iowa. his team of volunteers going door to door.
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reminder, hand you a reminder and see if we can get your support for mr. trumum on tuesday. >> reporter: and we're with them trudging through the snow. it's freezing. is it worth it? >> i think it's absolutely worth it. we have to take back our country and not let it be in the wreck that it's in. >> reporter: but t t cruz has a ground army of his own. >> hello. >> oh, wow. >> good morning. >> reporter: they're showing the type of dedication that helped cruz win in iowa. >> and i are walking around here is probably not going to change a lot of hearts and minds individually. >> reporter: you never know. >> if it's one vote it's worth it. >> reporter: senator cruz hoping to extend his winning streak talking up an issue critical to new hampshire voters. >> the reasosothe second amendment is in ththbill of rights, each and every one of us has a god given right to defend our home, to defend our family and to defend our children. >> reporter: but cruz is feeling the pressure. rubio surging in the polls, the target on his back getting bigger. >> his record of accomplishment is slim. >> he's willing to break his rd to the voters and(make deals with democrats.
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bubble is up here. >> reporter: rubio feels the attacks are growing because his campaign is taking off. >> if you get a call on tuesday night saying that i dropped out, it isn't trve. it's a lie, keep voting. >> reporter: now, rubio, of f course, referring to the cruz campaign's effort on caucus day in iowa suggesting that dr. ben carson was dropping out of the race. that, of course, never happened and cruz later apologized to dr. carson. rubio's gone into this debate feeling that everyone will be out there to attack him. he did get a boost overnight, former rival and louisiana governor bobby jindal endorsing him. paula and dan. >> a little boost there. tom llamas who's been covering this campaign every step of the way, tom, thank you. let's get some pregame analysis now with abc political analyst matthew dowd who is also right there in the debate hall. hey,y,att, good morning. i guess my first question is how high are the stakes generally tonight? >> reporter: i mean, i think tonight is the most important event in the republican race up until this time. it sets everything up for super -- i mean for tuesday in new hampshire and this moment
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them has a huge stake in what's going to happen tonight. >> all right, so let's talk abou what the individual candidates need to do tonight. trtrp is leading in the e lls but others have been gaining on him, so how does he maintain poll position? >> reporter: i think donald trump, he needs to make sure that -- he's about ten points up right nono he needs to make sure he stays there and i think one of the ways to do that, be strong but he actually needs to deliver in a very calm and steady way, , t in the mannenehe's done in previous debates butut straightforward but exceedingly calm and cool. >> exceedingly calm and cool. we'll see if he can go there. and marco rubio got the best bounce out of iowa. he's now in second place in the polls. what do you think his strategy is going to be tonight in the face of the inevitable attacks from his rivals? >> reporter: well, you know, it's interesting, marco rubio finished third in iowa, but he stepped all over ted cruz who finished first in iowa, and ted cruz hasn't gotten any lift out of iowa.
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something is going to be under assault by everybody on that stage especially the governors or former governors trying to figure o o a way to move on from here. i think what you'll see tonight is basically everybody knows that there's only four tickets out of new hampshire so of those seven on stage only four are going to be able to get out of here once tuesday voting starts. >> as you said, stakes incredibly high, matthew dowd, we appreciate your analysis on saturday morning. >> then there would be four. as we head into tonight's debate we're getting a glimpse in the candidates' pregame rituals courtesy of the website the independent journal review. chk it out. >> my favorite thing to do on the day of the debate is play plants versus zombies on my iphone with my two girls. >> siri, what questions will david muir be askint the new hampshire debate? >> before debate i normally call my mom to get advice.. >> interesting. i didn't know there was a zombie game that he was playing. that's an odd way to prepare. >> download that now, dan. >> i'm all over it. abc's david muir and martha raddatz will be moderating tonight's debate. they've got a preview now from
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morning. we're just now hours away from the seven gop candidides taking the e age right here behinin martha and me in manchester, new hampshire. >> and donald trump will be at the center because he is the front-runner based on polling, cruz and rubio will be on either side of him, and that's the top three. >> but there's going to be a lot of focus on the other four, carson, kasich, christie and bush, they're looking for their moment in the spotlight, really looking to survive the race so they're going to makeheir case ceceainly to voters righghhere in new hampshire to try to change the course of the race. >> anything can happen so join me and david only on abc here live in new hampshire. we'll be asking the questions and it all starts at 8:8: p.m., 7:00 central. >> we have to get back to work. see you tonight. >> looking forward to that. anything can happen, anything will happen tonight. >> absolutely. >> we want to thank david and martha, and they're certainly gearing up for what will be a tooth and nail fight tonight, but on the other side things are also brewing and abc's cecilia vega at the debate
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bernie sanders and hillary clinton are tangling offstage with just three days until voting begins in new hampshire. >> reporter: hillary clinton rallying her troops. bernie sanders firing up his base. >> all: bernie, bernie. >> reporter: this morning the latest polls showing a sanders surge, once presumed to be a shoein for the nomination clinton now ahead by just two points. i spoke with the former secretary of state in that field office in nashua. >> how are you? >> reporter: clinton says she's confident despite the polls. >> numumrs go up and go downwn we have a strategy and feel good about it. >> reporter: heated rivalry center stage in their debate this week. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out. >> let's talk about issues. >> reporter: and clinton is still not holding back. you seemed like you walked out there ready for a fight. >> i'm tired of the innuendo, thth insinuation, the smear from a campaign that says it's running a positive campaign.
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her ties to wall street. >> madam secretary, it is not one street. in my view, the business model of wall street is fraud. >> reporter: but clinton is still not saying wheer she will release transcripts from paid speeches to groups like goldman sachs. why not just put them out there and put this line of attack to bed once and for all? >> you know, we will look into it. i said that but let's get to what's really going on. it is a smear. nobody buys me. nobody h h ever influenced a vote. i don't have to prove that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cecilia ga, abc news, nashua, new hampshiri. >> abc's cecilia vega on the campaign trail. cecilia, thank you. we move on to another major story, that deadly crane collapse right here in the heart of new york city. look at this. a 50-story crane collapsing going down, one man was kikied. another seriously injured after that crane crushed his car. abc's gio benitez is on the scene in lower manhattan. gio, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning to you. the wind was strong and workers
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this crane for safety. but instead just take a look. disaster. this morning, a massive investigation undereray into what caused this crane to collapse. >> oh, it broke. holy [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the terrifying moment captured on camera. the more than 50-story crawler crane falls right onto the street and onto cars. this video from tmz showing good samaritans springing into action to help people in those cars. >> somebody in the car? >> keep going,#keep going. >> and whehe it came down it made a loud noise and hurt and we all ran to see if we could help out. >> reporter: three were injured and survived but outside the cars one man wasn't so lucky. 38-year-old wall street worker david wicks diededfter the crane fell on him. now, after tragedy, that big question, why did the crane collapse? new york city's mayor saying operators were trying to secure it in the wind and snow.
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20-mile-an-hour plus range and were proceeding to bring it down to a safe and secure position when this incident occurred. >> reporter: one of the crane's lifting pieces ended up crashing through a roof and into an office. nobody inside was injured. >> the difference is we saw it coming and there was nothing to do about it. we could do nothing. we were paralyzed. >> reporter: and this morning investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what happened here. speaking with the crane's operator, but the mayor says lowering it for the wind was actually the right now but this just appears to b ba terrible accccent. paula. >> just a tragedy. gio, thank you. moving on this morning, troubling new developments in the zika virus outbreak. three deaths in columbia have been blamed on the virus. and now the cdc is issuing a new warning for pregnant women. our own chief medical editor dr. richard besser recently traveled to ground zero in brazil and joins us with more. rich, thanks for joining us.
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is now here in the u.s. there has been a case discovered that was sexually transmitted. what are the c c's new guidelines? >> yeah, so this is the third case in history that they think was transmitted sexually so what they're saying is pregnant women should abstain from sex or use a condom during their entire pregnancy if theirirale partner has traveled to an area where zika is transmitted. and the reason is, within a week you can't find it in the blood but for at least two weeks mayay longer, they can find it in the semen. >> it's changed, the discussion as to how it's spread. what do we know about how it's spread? >> clearly the primary way is by mosquitoes. and so that's where the big focus is, but now sexual transmission was shown and from the blood supplies so don't donate blood if you've been there for a good 28 days and found d in saliva but haven't shown spreadadhat way. >> i just want to reiterate, no vaccine, no cure for zika. >> that's right. a lot of work in that area but, you know, it's going to be a long time before we have a vaccine.
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for joining us this morning. >> let's check in with ron with a look at the other headlines, news headlines we're following this morning. hi, ron. >> hi to you, paula. good morning, everyone. we begin overseas and the desperate search for survivors of a massive earthquake in taiwiw. the death toll now climbing, at least 11 people killed. more than 200 others rescued. among them children who were asleep at the time. [ speaking a forei language ] dramatic rescues happening right now. this after a powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck taiwan overnight. rescue teams drilling through tons of rubble frantically working to pull out small children trapped in the wreckage. the quake toppling large buildings including a 17-story high-rise apartment complex in an area with a mother, the residents sleeping when the quake hit. rescue workers digging through debris and climbing over stacks of concrete to bring out people and pets trapped under mountains
7:14 am
so far nearly 250 people rescued and 73 hpitalized. and back in the u.s., searchers are now off the waters of los angeles after two private planes collided in midair. it happened friday afternoon. the planes seen plunging into the ocean. a total of three on board. those two aircraft, coast guard officials say they recovered some wreckage and a pilot's logbook. and twitter is cracking down on suspected isis terrorists using the social media site to threaten or promote violence. twitter announced it is suspending more than 125,000 isis-related accounts and alsoso says it's s panded the number of investigators monitoring the site and review reports of accounts connected to extremism. new developments in a deadly explosion aboard an airborne jet that was over somalia at the time. the fbi is on the scene in that east african country and investigators s w suspect the explosion was caused by a bomb in a laptop computer. one passenger was killed, sucked out of the hole that was blown the side of the plane.
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is the leadinguspect. investigators have not yet ruled out isis was possibly also involved. look at this extremely rare 195757 ferrari race car that sold for a jaw-dropping $35.7 million. the french auction house calling it the most expensive car ever sold in terms of euros. the sale, though, fell a little bit short of theheecord -- breaking a aecord for the dollarar sale of another ferrari which was auctioned off for 38 million bucks, a lot of money. and finally l.a. is of course notorious for its traffic. how do you tell drivers one of the major freeways that they'll be shut down for 40 straig hours. well, mayoyoeric garcetti posted this on facebook trying to smooth over the bad news with a little r&b teaming up with a jazz band from a local high cool with a little slow jam. listen. >> see, we're bringing down the sixth street bririe making way for something new.
7:16 am
delays but sometimes just sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to build something beautiful? >> and the 101 freeway shut down friday night and it's expected to re-open tomorrow afternoon. >> is that your radio voice? >ust in time for motorists to get to the super bowl. >> is that radio ron? >> that's radio ron. >> it's something ron. >> so low. >> i'd like to make a dedication. could i dedicate theheext song to indra petersons because you have a lovely forecast, right? >> yeah. totally what i'm going with. right now, paula, yesterday i was in boston or i like to say the airport because all i did was watch h ight after flight after flight get canceled. why i didn't drive? you are looking at it. look's cars slipping and sliding all over the roads, brought a foot around the boston area. now, that storm is out of the area this morning. you can see here on the satellite, but wait for it, you got another one-two punch. coming right back a ayou. here it t es by tomorrow into o
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some showers and monday wouldn't feel like a monday without a huge mess at commute time. right, so there you go right in towards new york city and boston. slididg up the coastline and i know groundhog day was last week but here you go. primary, new hpshire why not bring in some snow showers right into the region monday nigig in through tuesday, even in through wednesday, snow in through new hampshire. how much? models haven't really decided. we have to take our time but either way talking about moderate snow areas around boston, new hampshire will watchhighs today will top out into the middle to upper 30s and we'll see some sunshine do add to the warmer tempmpatures. winds today will also be out of the southwest to benefit our temperatures. into the evening lows will stay wa, bototming out in the middle to upper 20s. winds will
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tom >> i hope that was the perfect weather you were looking for. showers on the way. right? >> yes, that's exactly -- >> you're welcome. >> cars smsmhing. >> just deliver it in your radio voice. >> i smiled. >> you'll get another shot the next half hour. we want a better forecast then. >> thank you, dan. let's turn now to the big game. more than 100 million people expected to watch super bowl 50 tomorrowownd we've got some fun numbers for yoyo >> we do. the age difference between the two quarterbacks, jam newton and peyton manning, it's 13 years and exactly 48 d ds. we haven't narrowed it down to minutes and seconds but i'm sure we could. the biggest difference in super bowl history and ryan smith in san francisco with more on the game as well as the halftime show. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, paula. super bowl 50 0 st one day away. we're here at the e l experience with the carolina panthers cheerleaders and mascot. what do you say? yeah, and the denver broncos
7:19 am
football frenzy is already here and peyton manning looking for his second ring. cam newton looking foris first and about that super secret halftime show, well, a new star has been revealed. super bowl 50, just one day away and the hype is seen in full swing. >> all: broncos. >> all: carolina. >> reporter: denver versus carolina. one of the game's greatest peyton manning in what could be his last game. >> this may be my last rodeo so sure has been a pleasure. >> reporter: versus the league's dazzling young star, cam newton. >f you're going to anangame or if you're going to a season thinking that you can't win them all, shame on you. that's a loser's approach. >> reporter: their teams today expected to practice. and game faces on. and stars anancelebs hanging out at the super bowl experience. >> who does your suit? >> this is new york style. this is abboud, man. >> i like it. >> thank you. >eporter: already making their picks. who is your call to win the super bowl? >> i got to go with the panthers.
7:20 am
>> reporter: as for the game's super mystery, the halftime show, coming into focus. bruno mars announcing he is the latest star to joioiheadliners coldplay for the star-studded event tweeting mars has landed. #superbowl50. >> "uptown funk." >uptown funk" probably my favorite song this week. >> reporter: could we see drew brees get on that stage? >> no, listen, i was not blessed with musical genius. >> what abt you? >> reporter: yeaea not a chance, guys. and, by the way, beyonce, when she performs, she will be making history, the first female repeat performer bnd now about the game, carolina panthers are favored by six. and if y y want to stop by and get a ticket last minute, you better bring your wallet. stubhub saying the average ticket price at this point over $4800 a ticket. the highest since 2007, dan and paul >> that's what we ll a very hot t cket. okay, ryan, i think that the consensus at this table, we're going with our heart, not our head necessarily and picking peyton manning and@the broncos.
7:21 am
>> reporter: wait. peyton manning and the broncos, those guys are picking. what do you guys think about that? >> panthers. >> a little panthers. younow what, guys, i got to go with the panthers. i'm so sorry, broncos cheerleaders, i love you but peyton manning is a sentimental favorite. it's a tough one. >> ryan sent me an e-mail that he wants every live shot he does henceforthh to be done with the quiet sizzle of pom-poms from cheerleaders >> yes, thank you, dan. >> i called the boss. think we'll be able to make it happenryan, appreciate it. great reporting frfr san francisco. enjoy the game. let me tell you what's coming up on the show, the president of an elite fraternity at cornell university under arrest. the serious charges he's facing right now. and manziel's meltdown. the nfl quarterbaba known as johnnnnfootball facing a mountain of troubles. why his own father is so worried, he says he's afraid for his son's life. and we've got a super fun super bowldition of "pop news" including a sneaeapeek at one of the new ads that involves a new
7:22 am
>> a new colonel. >> new colonel? >> that one there perhaps. >> there's only one. that's a tease, ron. >> all right. i got to wch. "good morning america" is brought to you by petsmart. by petsmart.
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higg today will top out into the middle to upper 30s and we'll see some sunshine to add to the warmer temperatures. winds today will also be out of the southwest to benefit our temperatures. into the evening lows will stay warm, bottoming out in the middle to upper 20s. winds will continue to move out of the southwest. tomorrow brings slightly warmer conditions, but will change into the evening. ssday starts off quietetbut light s sw showers will
7:27 am
evening. winds will also begin to pick up speed out of the west at 15 to 25 mph. with the light t ow, ccumulations are expected to stay light. however the wind will
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welcome back to "gma" on a saturday mororng. happening right now the e republican candidates getting ready for what undoubtedly will be a key moment tonight, the final deba before the new hampshire primary. the candidates on a blitz across the granite state before squaring off tonight right here live on abc. also right now the so-called affluenza teen waking up in an adult prison in texas. ethan couch now 18 has been in custody ever since he was deported from mexico. couch is accused of violating his probation stemming from the drunk driving crash that killed four people. and paris jackson, the daughter of legendary singer michael jackson revealing on her instagram that she attends aa meetings. the 17-year-old also comparing criticism launched against her online to the harsh review her father received from the public. >> can't be easy to be in the public e e in that way. also this morning, another person in the public eye and it's going from bad to worse for the troubled cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel. the criminal investigation and the shocking comments from his own dad this morning.
7:29 am
the prestigious cornell university, the ivy league school now dealing with serious charges against the president of elite fraternity ththe. >> 21-year-old wolfgang ballinger, president of the school's psy upsilon chapter was been charged wh attempted rape and abc's phillip mena joins us in studio with more. good morning, phillip. >> reporter: paula, dan, good morning. the alleged victim went to police and identified the 21-year-old fraternity president as her attacker. and this morning, while he sits in jail, his entire fraterty now suspended by cornell.. overnight, wolfgang ballinger is behind bars. >> i was born to a very large family in a very small town. d while many may have felt lost in such a setting, i believe my family life and small town nature has given me the tools to drive as an entrepreneur. >> reporter: the president of an elite fraternity at cornell university shown here on a videoeo posted on youtube arrested following an alleged sexual assault in his fraternity house bedroom. the alleged incident took place
7:30 am
january 31st. the 21-year-ololnew york native turned himself in to authorities on february 4th and was charged with first degree attempted rape, first degree criminal sexual actnd first degree sexual abuse. >> at a young age i was taught to appreciate the value of hard work and especially self-made work. >> reporter: psy upsilon was suended on monday according g the dean of students at cornell. the fraternity's executive director, thomas fox, said in a statement, "sexual assault and any form of sexual harassment is against our policy and in opposition of the values of psy upsilon. our chapter is cooperating with cornell's investigation into this matter and any members involved will be held accountable." wolfgang ballinger is due back hearing in ithaca next week. he has pleaded not guilty. dan, paula. >> such a huge issue in american life right now and on american thank you. appreciate it. let's check the weaeaer once again and indra petersons is here.
7:31 am
i'm sure these are the words you want to see on the weather map. talking about a major cold blast, yes, let's bring it. by next week, tuesday, let's take a look at these temperatures. well, about 15 below maybe in the midwest or maybe 15 above, it really doesn't feel any better. no one is feeling good out here as this cold air is expected to push on through. that's tuesday. let's roll you out to thursday. yeah, still cold, talking about new york city into just single digits. now, remember, this is with a windchill. i don't think it really matters. it's cold. that's all you need to know. about a clipper and look at all the blizzard warnings we're talking about there and the blizzard is not for the snow, well, at least not the falling snow. follow me here, we have a clipper going through so you have a system bringing a little snow but more the strong winds building picking up that snow blowing it around, highs today will top out into upper 30s and we'll see some sunshine to add to the warmer temperatures. winds today will also be
7:32 am
our temperatures. into the evening lows will stay warm, bottoming out in the middle to upper 20s. winds will continue to move out of the >>hat weather is brought to you by wise. was that a b bter forecast? blizzard, cold, chills? >> not only was it not a better forecast, i don't mind when you tell u u the truth but she has to seem so happy about it. >> that's true. >> as if i'm not living here either. >> that's the redeeming quality. she does it with a smile on her face, blowing snow, everyone. >> you'r'rwelcome. >> cold arctic blasts. >> tah-dah. >> i wish i could get that low voice you had going on. low voice. >> that was your low voice. >> indra. >> my speaking voice. >> it's getting weird, ladies and gentlemen. let me tell you what's coming up. the new troubles for johnny football. why the cleveland browns quarterback is at the center of a criminal investigation this morning and the dire warning
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new troubles to tell you about is morning involvingnghe cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel, also a famous heisman trophy winner. his family now begging him to go to rehab. >> his dad actually laying it out plaiand simple.
7:37 am
won't make it to his next birthday, and abc's tony reali is here with who are on this story. good morning, tony. >> that's right, paula, dan. a heart-wrenching plea from a father as his son faces even more trouble. a one time footbtbl star but thth has become far from a football story. dallas police say cleveland quarterback johnny manziel is now the center of a criminal investigation after an allegedly violent night in january with his now ex-g-glfriend colleen crowley. >> i heard her screaming, so i came down, and she said her boyfriend assaulted her. >> no charges have been filed by friday a judge signed an order barring any contact between the two for two years. crowley says she became scared during the incident telling authorities manziel threw and hit her with his open hand. later reporting she thought he was on drugs or having a psychotic break. in the report, crowley says manziel at one point threatened suicide shouting, shut up or i'll kill us both. manziel denying the accusations
7:38 am
happen. >> it seems to be a litany of bad decisions by this guy and it doesn't seem to change. >> repororr: the 23-year-old dubbed johnny football during his career as texas a&m star quarterback has had a troubled relationship with crowley. in october, police dash cameras capturing the moments after a physical confrontation between the pair who were admittedly drinking that day. >> he hit me a couple times. >> while you were in the car. >> yeah, but i don't want -- please don't make me -- >> reporter: earlier in 2015 manziel stepped away from his nfl career for treatment in a rehab facility and while crowley told officers mamaiel was not t toxicated on the nigig of the alleged altercation, his father says the nfl star has twice refused to return to rehab telling "the dallas morning news," "i truly believe if they can't get him help he won't live to see his 24th birthday." on friday manziel's agent terminated his professional relationship with him saying his
7:39 am
it's been wildly reported the clevevand browns will do t t same in the e xt month but football the least of his problems now. >> hearing from his dad even though we didn't get to see him i think you can only imagine how wrenching this is. >> and the dashboard cam and the video we've seen, it's just very tough and his football career is a side note at this point. >> you would hope at this point it's not about football anymore. you just hope he does what he's best and takes care of himself. >> absolutely. >nd get some help. tony, thank you. >> the number one priority. >> you're right. coming up on "good morning america," super picks for super bowl snack time. the healthier way to go in our "weekend download."nd puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting withi5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement
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this morning on "the weekend download," we're gettiti ready for ththbiggest party of the year, super bobo sunday and here to show us our game plan for your super bowl party, the author of "the zero belly diet" and abc nutrition andwellness editor dave zinczenko. okay, the first key to the game, pizza. what doo you put on your pizza? >> this is a good one. go for healthy toppings on your pizza. if you get a ham that's lean and pineapple, that actually has fewer calories than a plain slice of pizza because you're displacing the cheese so put some healthy options on it. >> a second key to the game. >> second, what are you going to drink? >> obviously beer. >> and you're going to go for lighter versions of beer. there's some 12-ounce bottles that go over 300 calories. so look on the beer for what's called an abv, it's alcohol by volume percentage and look at 4%. if yououan do that, you're going to be around the 100-calorie range and if you're having a beer a quarter, you could save up to 500 calories. >> okay, dave and now crunch time. how do you close it out? >> you're going deep, you're going deep in a bucket of wings but what you're doing is
7:43 am
the ones that have the bones in them because the boneless are usually breaded and you get$% to do a lot of mindless eating. save up to 300 calories for every eight wings when the bone is in, plus you have bones piling up as a visual reminder of everything you're eating. okay, dave zinczenko, i appreciate those tips. i i ll try, try to adhererto them. okay. back to you, guys. >> thank you, ron. we are on the periscope, people, because we are getting ready r some "pop news" super bowl themed, of course. i have some food because you guys have e etty much told me i can't talk unless i bring food. >> rainbow bagels? >> don't give it away. >> dan. >> way to ruin it. >> sorry. getting up. i'm getting picked on here which is why i'm going to throw it to o commercial break. we'll be right back. >> he's awful.cause he loves hammering back guacamole 24/7. but don't feel bad for him. he is smart. [ device whirs ]
7:44 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by abreva. heal your cold sore fast. alright. time for our super bowl edition of "pop news." sara, what you got?? >> do you see all our props? i brought a blanket >> and a football, thank you. >> enjoy, people. you don't keep this gang entertaiaid they won't be entertained by me. we begin with an exclusive first look at kfc's big super bowl sunday commercial starring one of america's most popular comedians as colonel sanders. now you might remember we've already seen dararl hammond and norm mcdonald previously fill the role of the chicken king. any guesses as to who the new colonel could be?
7:48 am
>> that would be awesome. >e's not a comedian.. >> he's funny. >> yeah, you guys aren't getting it. you're not getting -- keep eating your wings. >> amy schumer. >> nl, not a lady colonel. now, here we've got him. okay, hey, big reveal. tah-dah. here is the real colonel sanders. we're going to take a look at the commercial. you'll recognize him in this. >> introduce inging kfc's new delicious nashville hot chicken only available for a limited time. >> fake colonel pretending to be me but i'm me e only i can introduce kfc'c'delicious new nashville hot chicken. >> jim gaffigan. >> paula got it right. >> jim gaffigan. >> ihink of him, i think pop-tart. did you see his stand-up? >> he's hysterical. >> another pop topic and can we eat, by theay?
7:49 am
he's very funny and very nice. >> i remember. he did a good job at clean jokes. >> he's like the clean comedian but hysterical, one of the funniest guys you'll ever hear. >> i love that. >> love him. > d this time last year one of dan's favorites, katy perry, was getting ready to take the stage at the super bowl and one year later she might not be chilling out with left shark anymore, but by all accounts she appears to be having a super time stepping out with the totally hot orlando bloom. >> what? >> yes. >> the stars were first spotted hanging out together at the golden globes and as these new photos show, their blossoming friendship is still going strong, the pair enjoying dinner together at west hollywood this week but there hasn't been any official comfortable make on a relationship just t t but we're kekeing our fingers crossed for our favorite california girl. that would be a cute couple. >> i like the pause before the word friendship. >> i like to do -- i was doing the verbal air quotes, friendship. if that's what we'e' calling it. >> that's a very good-looking couple, by the way. >> that's a great-looking couple.
7:50 am
determined to keep pounding all the way to the super bowl with an adorable e ral video. the kids at polo ridge elementary in charlotte came up with their only ricks to walk the moon's tune "shut up and dance" then shot this video. we know you won't give e you are the greatest team yoyore gonna win this game just believe and keep pounding >> more than 1,000 people took part including teachers and kids from kindergarten to fifth grade and they've already got the thumbs up from panthers coach ron rivera. how cute is that? >> super cute. >> pretty cute. >> yeye, a a the kids like drew pictures and, oh, really cute. we've got to do one of those. >> do you want to hear me sing again? really? >> less singing more lip-syncing from indra. and finally the perfect sugary snack for your super bowl party. carolina and denver bagels made by the bagel store in brooklyn who are the same people who created the amazing rainbow bagels.
7:51 am
social media. now the pro tip here is to add a layer of cotton candy to your cream cheese filling and if that sugar rush doesn't get you fired up for super bowl sunday, i don't know what will. >> so, wait -- >> paula, you're going to -- >> there's cotton candy in the ddle? >> yeah.h. >> this looks like refried beans. >> yeah. >> well, taste and let us know. >> i was going to go with something else. >> gross, i know where you were going. >> that's actually tasty. >> take a bite. mikey likes it. she always takes a bite. >> so it's a bagel. does it taste like refried beans? >> this in no means that i am carolina panthers. i'm going for the broncos, by the way. >> yeah, you're hohoing the >> it's good. it's really good. it's sweet. >> so, it does taste like cotton candy? something? >> they're hard to eat with foam >eed him. feed him. >> we've got a few seconds to go. let me just say shgs, watching. don't forget the big debate right here on abc. david muir and martha raddatz hosting at 8:00 eastern and as
7:52 am
you tomorrow morning.from your 24 hour news source, this is a kcrg-tv9 news morning update. meteoroloigst britley ritz is here with a quick check of your forecast. a well-known cedar rapids
7:53 am
his jail sentence until the 25th. yesterday, a federal judge was planning to announce the sentencing for midamar founder bill aossey . but testimony and argumentst that hearing led the judge to pososone that sentencing. last july, a jury convicted him of mislabeling meat products, mail and wire fraud, and making false statements. the iowa caucuses were big money for some businesses inines moines. reported the capital square building. the greater convention and visitors bureau estimates the caucuses brought 10 million dollars to the area. about 40 million dollars s stewide. the iowa dot plans to improve a dangerous portion of highway 20 in dubuque it's where the highway intersects with swiss valley road just west of the project includes straightening the
7:54 am
the d-o-t says that will add more space between the east and westbound lanes, allowing cars a time.
7:55 am
good morning from kcrg-tv9. is waking up with kcrg-tv9 it's here's what you need to know today. delayed sentence. a judge
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