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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  February 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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61 heroin- related overdoses. kcrg t-v nine's jill kasparie attended the town hall and joins us now. jill, you learned those numbers can be a bit misleading... yes, that's because those are only the cases police respond to. a lot of people go directly to the hospital. one cedar rapids officer who's in charge of a new program called the eastern iowa heroin initiative got the numbers from the hospitals in the city. and the real number for 2015 is really about 250 to 300 heroin overdoses. " 13:00:28 it's a much bigger problem than we once thought. " from cedar rapids police to the u-s attorney's office, many are working around the clock to put a stop to the heroin problem. " 12:54:45 we are at a good position in iowa to make an impact before the full brunt of the crisis reaches our state." but heroin is definitely already here. " 13:08:15 we are seeing an
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eastern third of iowa. that's where we are seeing the biggest increase in heroin use. a lot of it is coming from il." authorities say 85 percent of people who turn to heroin use start by abusing prescription pain killers. "they get addicted to it to the point where they need it and the prescription runs out and next thing you know they need the high, their body needs that substance, so they turn to heroin because it's cheaper to buy and easier to get. so battling the abuse of pain killers is a big part of the fight. janet andrews knows all about that battle. "13:12:00 he became a different man, a different person" she shared her story publicly for the first time at the town hall. "13:10:40 my late husband was addicted to pain pills and after an injury and it just kind of over the years it took a toll and spiraled out of control. " her husband eventually took his life about a year ago. now, she and many others taking part in this town hall are doing everything they can to prevent others from experiencing the pains of addiction.
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life. i just don't want other families to have to go through that" the officer who put together tonight's town hall is leading a new program called the eastern iowa heroin initiative. he says if anyone needs help because of addiction with pain killers or heroin to call him at 319-432- 1492. bruce and beth? thanks, jill. turning now to meteorologist joe winters. joe, quiet and cold conditions continue here in eastern iowa? our off again - on again snow pattern continues right through the upcoming weekend. the next clipper arrives early on friday with a light snow chance pushing across the state. the sky increases with clouds later on thursday,
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cloudy start, as highs push back into the lower 20s. friday's snow looks to be light, but a bit farther east than what the state saw wednesday. while saturday looks fine for travel state wide, valentine's day on sunday looks to have some snow falling. have a great night! tonight: chance of flurries low: 2-8 winds: n 5-10tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 18-24 winds: nw 5-10 back to you. an overheated circuit caused a fire that waterloo yesterday. it happened in the early morning hours at 264 western avenue. firefighters say it broke out between the first and seconds floors. no one was injured. the duplex is a total loss. a new program in iowa city could help with alzheimer's or autism, in case
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it's called "loved ones safe and together," or lost. kcrg-tv9's sarah mccarthy joins us in the newsroom. sarah, how would this program work? beth, police will have access to a database that includes names, descriptions, and pictures of individuals who have a tendency to walk away from their caretakers. entering a loved one's information is voluntary. but for one iowa city mom, it's a system that's potentially life saving. it's something everyone inside this daycare knows. 19:52:05 "he ran away from the school and all i could think about was.." five-year-old maddox is always curious.. "can you see me?" and always on the move.. maddox can you move? moving.. 20:22:00 uhhh wherever his feet.. will take him. 19:50:43 "he's run away in public before, i've had to call 911 multiple times when he's gone missing." it's not just because maddox likes to move - he has autism. 19:50:53 "elopement is a really common issue with kids with autism, they'll run away for a variety
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reasons, whether it's " that's why megan is signing her son up for lost. a new database that will may be heading, his picture, and possible triggers. lights are a huge trigger. i got pulled over a week ago and he was so upset he was vomiting and screaming. had a police officer approached him, probably would've been violent. that would provide information to them like don't have your flashing lights on, and give them ways to approach a child." sign up is free and already underway. but soon, the program will go one step further. 01:24 "by the summer we should have the capabilities to provide electronic tracking devices to people who request them for
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members." a small monitor that shoe, will pull up the wearer's exact location. it's an idea megan says.. 20:20:56 maddi help me clean up. will give her peace of mind 20:23:30 feet moving forward. mind. if you're interested in signing a loved one up for the lost program, we've put a link to the application under this story on kcrg dot com. live in the newsroom, sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9. about 75 cedar rapids students went to the state capitol today to ask lawmakers for more school funding. the students asked their legislators to support a funding increase of at least three point-72 percent funding for the next fiscal year. that's what the cedar rapids superintenden t says the district needs to maintain current staffing and services. but that's also more than the republican- controlled house wants to approve. the group included students from jefferson, kennedy, washington, and metro high schools. students in iowa city will be
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schedule next school year. the school board unanimously approved the change yesterday. the change means elementary school students will start classes at 7:55 each morning next fall. junior high and high school students will begin at 8:50. right now, elementary students start later than junior and senior high school students. hundreds of ash trees will come down on the university of iowa campus in the next five years. crews have to remove the trees because the emerald ash borer was found on campus. the invasive beetle is known to spread quickly and kill ash trees. university arborists say they plan to replace all 560 ash trees by about 20-20. many of the trees are 50 to 60 years old and are located on and around the pentacrest. "five years, if we take down 100 a year, we're going to have them down by then, it's going to be staggered out, along the street we may take every third one, every other one, not every one." the university says it hopes to
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uses for the wood that is chopped down. one idea is to burn it for energy purposes at the u-i power plant. today is ash wednesday, the day that many christians observe as the start of lent. during that period leading up to easter, many people give up a favorite food or hobby. but faculty and students at loras college in dubuque are taking a different approach to the next forty days. the committee "du-it- forward" encourages students to give back to one another this lenten season by doing simple acts of kindness. the group constructed a calendar where each day offers something different for students to do on campus. the goal is to bring joy to other people each day. "they can be as simple as, today's act of kindness is hold a door open for somebody, it is a super easy thing to do, there are fun ones such as, "you know, put a hand written note in somebody's mailbox, uhm, just as simple as making somebody's day, make somebody
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loras invites everyone to join hashtag "du-it-forward" where you can post pictures, comments, and more on twitter. the federal government is now taking the city of ferguson, missouri, to court. the lawsuit comes a day after the city backed out of department. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. the f-b-i has moved in on the
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armed occupiers at an oregon wildlife refuge. agents have placed armored vehicles around the camp. the four men are the only remaining members of a group that has occupied the refuge since last month in a dispute over land use. authorities arrested the group's leader, ammon bundy, and others during a confrontatio n late last month. the u-s justice department is suing the city of ferguson, missouri, over its police conduct. the department announced the lawsuit today, claiming the city's police disproportion ately targeted black people. last night, the city council approved a revised version of a deal to overhaul its practices and policies. the two sides had come to the initial agreement after a white officer shot and killed an unarmed black man named michael brown in 20-14. that led to an investigation, which found a pattern of racial bias in the police department. today, the department of justice says it had no choice but to file a lawsuit. "the residents of ferguson has waited a nearly a year for their
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would protect their rights to keep them safe. they have waited nearly a year for their police department to accept rules that would ensure their constitutional rights and rules that thousands of other police departments follow every day." the city of ferguson has not commented on the lawsuit. two sheriff's deputies are dead after a shooting inside a crowded restaurant in maryland. the harford county sheriff's office says the deputies responded to an incident at a panera bread restaurant this afternoon. that's when a man shot both deputies, who later died in a hospital. the gunman also died in the shootout. the sheriff says he believes the man targeted the deputies. today, president obama returned to springfield, illinois. that's where he officially launched his presidential campaign nine years ago. obama told state lawmakers the tone of politics has gotten worse since he took the white house. he said that has made people cynical and politicians
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the new hampshire primary helped weed out two more g-o-p presidential candidates. carly fiorina and chris christie dropped out of the running after a poor performance. our off again - on again snow
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right through the upcoming weekend. the next clipper arrives early on friday with a light snow chance sky increases with clouds later on thursday, after a partly cloudy start, as highs push back into the lolor 20s. friday's snow looks to be light, but a bit farther east than what the state saw wednesday. while saturday looks fine for travel state wide, valentine's day on sunday looks to have some snow falling. have a great night! tonight: chance of flurries low: 2-8 winds: n 5-10tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 18-24 winds: nw 5-10tomorrow night:
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low: 11-17 winds: w 5-10friday: chance of light snow high: 23 - low: 14 saturday: partly cloudy high: 14 - low: 1 sunday: chance of snow high: 26 - low: 8 monday: mostly cloudy high: 35 - low: 23 tuesday: chance of rain/snow high: 38 - low: 23 wednesday: partly cloudy high: 39 - low: 26
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dropped out today. carly fiorina and chris christie formally suspended their campaigns, narrowing the field to seven major candidates. and the front- runners have now turned their attention to the upcoming south carolina primaries. a-b-c's elizabeth hur reports. nanaot - "here's your next president - donald trump!" donald trump.. fresh off his huge win in new hampshire.. stressing a win in south carolina is paramount. sot - donald trump / presidential candidate"if we win here.. everyone else will drop out .. and make america gat again."his challengers..
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senator ted cruz already runing attack ads.. sot - "look! i got the trump action figure. no way let's see! what does he do? he pretends to be a republican "and john kasich.. the second place surprise.. putting his rivals on notice. sot - gov. john kasich / presidential candidate"don' t mess with me, ok? so i'm not gonna be a pin cushion or a marshmallow." meanwhile on the democratic side.. nats - "bernie bernie bernie.." following his big win in new hampshire.. bernie sanders feeling the love on the view.. telling the ladies.. he's all in. sot - sen. bernie sanders / presidential candidate"i think the message that we're bringing forth, that this country is supposed to be a nation of fairness, and we're not seeing that fairness right now." sanders.. stopping in harlem for coffee with al sharpton earlier.. hillary clinton also in new york.. after reassuring her suporters in new hampshire.. she's a fighter. sot - hillary clinton / presidential candidate"we' ve learned it's not whether
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matters, it's whether you get back up." elizabeth hur oncam close: and according to the latest poll.. clinton and trump are heading into south carolina.. as front- runners with double-digit leads. eh, abc news, ny. scott has sports next. stay with us on kcrg-tv9.
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tonight at texas tech without jameel mckay. the cyclones really played as a team tonight george niang to monte morris who makes a great cut to the hole for the 14-8 lead. big first half for niang working without the ball sealing off the defender for two of his game high . and then look at shot fake... he is so hard to defend with 2 more in the paint. but tech came to play williams high off the glass to tie the game at 37 at the break. a good start to the second for the clones abdel nader with three of his .and they turned up the defense george with steal and that triggers the break and morris takes right at the rack for a 7 point lead. monte finished with .. and then look at the big fella run the floor deonte burton off the oop throws it down!! got a look at that again.. he made that look so easy and iowa state led by 9..but tech came back to tie the game at 78.. morris missed this three in regulation and they went to ot. and everything going right for
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banks in the bomb to beat the shot clock buzzer and the red raiders beat the clones . iowa state falls to 6-5 in the big 12 and 17-7 overall. uni was looking their 5th straight win tonight hosting missouri state. josh has more from cedar falls. uni lost to missouri state on january 6th... but the panthers get there offense going right away with paul jesperson hitting back-to-back triples they were feeling it from three-point range... iowa city west grad jeremy morgan dials long distance and connects... panthers up seven they hits 8 8 the first half... here's linn-mar grad matt bohannon hitting a deep three... uni led 49-38 at with 19 points and joed the 1,000 point c cb the papahers keep their foot on the gas to start the 2nd half... jeremy morgan buries another three... he had a career-high 21 points, panthers up 13 missouri state cut the lead to 3... but uni responds with a pair of dunks from bennett koch... there's
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putback dunk plus the foul... he had 19 points as uni wins its 5th straight with the 83-69 victory. "i've been here for awhile so, it' means a lot. it means a just shows timemeplay with your things, good thins quotes: "of course we're not at the top of where we want to be right now, but all we can do at this point is keep streaming them together. just focus on the game at hand and we've done a really good job of that the last five." "we've rebounded better. we've haaa harr time winning that number.r. but we have rebounded better in this stretch." from the mcleod center, josh christensen kcrg-tv9 sports. they were wrestling for a trip to the state duals tonight in class 3a. prairie ranked 7th hosted north scott in the regional final. and the hawks got off to a good start marcus england with the major at 120.. north scott answered with a fall at 126.. but prairie got right back at it with the fall from luke harmening at 132 and then top ranked sam uthoff made it backed to back pins at
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north scott 51-21 to advance to the state duals in des moines nexzt week. over at kennedy tonight the 8th ranked cougars took clinton for a trip to des moines. and garrett kub-o-vec with the major at 182 to give kennedy a 9-3 lead.. but clinton answered with back to back to back pins at 220.. heavyweight and 106 to take a 26-9 lead.. the cougars stopped the fall at 113 but it wasn't enough clinton beat kennedy. 44-26.. simpson on kcrg 9.2. the norse the top team in the iowa conference coming in at 8-2. but simpson jumped out to an 11-3 lead on the maddie bosworth bucket and one.. but luther answers with what they do best. kylie romeo for three.. and then it was taylor jenks turn from behind the arc.. and katie waller tied it up with this triple.. and it was just like a broken record..moran lonning gives luther the lead.. the norse hit 10 three's in the game and they beat simpson 71-59 . the norse has won 15
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won the guys game 64-61.. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast,
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our off again - on again snow and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, sacha baron cohen, zendaya, and music from mana.
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