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with a special consultant it hired to help close the student achievement gap. the move comes after allegations the consultant misrepresente d his credentials to other districts in the past, as well as a copyright infringement lawsuit against him. edwin javius is the president and c-e-o of ed- equity. that's an education consulting company based in san jose, california. the district hired him back in 20-14 to help promote equity within schools... the contract was for three years... and was worth between 189-thousand and 219-thousand dollars, plus travel expenses. kcrg-tv's brady smith has been nvestigating the hire and joins us now. brady, how much dididhe school district pay javius before it terminated its contract with him? deputy superintenden t mary ellen maske says it paid out 268-thousand dollars, including travel expenses. maske told us javius' work helped the district push forward with its equity plan, and that he worked well with teachers and administrators. but superintenden t brad buck
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o district faculty and staff this afternoon, saying quote: "social media posts raised concerns about mr. javius' training and professionalism. this led t district to conclude that the parties' reretionship had been compromomed." a facebook post from september 2014 by the campbell high school teachers association says edwin javius had contracted with the campbell union high school district, located in san jose california, for consulting services. the post says while javius "purported himself to the district and its teachers to have a doctorate in urban school leadership from usc, he in fact does not." on wednesday, doctoral program at dissertation. he added he did not misrepresent holding a doctorate to the cedar rapids community school district, and had received district for his work. 39:23-:28 "we feel that is a
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being done." cedar rapids deputy superintendent mary ellen maske says those allegations, as well as a copyright infringement suit filed in 2013 listing javius as a defendant, forced the district to evaluate his credibility and standing with the district, its teachers, and the community. 42:56-:05 "that became a problem f f us this week. and part of the reason that becameea problem for us this week is because the impact of social media and how widespread that was shared."javius, whom we spoke with over the phone thursday afternoon, said he feels remorse about his past indiscretions, and plans to disclose to any future clients that he has a history." maske says the district has policies and procedures for hiring outside vendors, and it does background checks on those vendors required by the state of iowa. but it seems those were not enough to catch this for the district. thanks, brady. e district hired javius after the office for
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department of education opened an investigation after a parent complained about unfair discipline practicesesased on race. the district is still waiting on the those federal findings. an anonymous threat has forced administrator s to cancel morning activities at cedar rapids prairie high school tomorrow... although classes will be held. the college community school district says a student made the threat. they don't believe it's credible, but they're cancellllg non- classroom activities as a precaution. and they're asking and purses to school. the district will also into the building. meteorologis t joe winters. joe, how long will the flurries last? watch for some flurries and scattered snow will be light, staying under an inch, but
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bring some slick travel spots. friday is a quiet day after any flurries move out in the morning with a high near 20. the winds do get stronger, from the northwest, and that chill remains in the air into saturday. sunday, for valentine's day, we see another round of snow. more heartwarming weather, with highs near or topping 40, arrives early next week. have a good night. tonight: light snow likely low: 14-20 winds: sw 5-10tomorrow: early am snow, clearing high: 17-23 winds: nw 15-30 back to you. a judge has refused to move a murder trial out of dubuque county. 27 year old eddie hicks fafas a first degreee murder charge for the death of his girlfriend, kahdyesha lemon, last year. his attorneys asked the court to move his trial to another county, claiming the amount of media coverage
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impartial jury. but today, a judge denied that request. police say hicks stabbed lemon more than 20 times at her home on arlington street last june. a relative told t-v nine lemon and hicks had been dating on and off for almost 10 years. african americans make up only three point four percent of our state's population. but the number is going up. from 2000 to 2014, in linn, johnson, black hawk and polk counties, the population has doublfd in some areas. but black representatio n in locacagovernment is almost non-existent. kcrg-tv nine's brea love tells us how african- americans in iowa plan to change the dynamic. "right now, only three african american's serve as city councilors or mayoyo in eastern iowa. one in iowa city and two in waterloo, including the city's first black mayor. that lack of diversity makes trust in local government an issue in the black community. somethihi those black leadersrs now in officeceay needs to be addressed."
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he sits in on a monthly radio show held by black owned- black operated kbbg. but mayor hart does just as much listening as talking. it's here he can reach the african american community. "it seems like we have a sense of hopelessness for the community that we live in. there are a lot of challenges from youth situations, from drugs, from unemployment and some of those other areas." statistics back that up. black iowans three times more likely to be unemployed than the average iowan. making an average of 25-thousand dollars less each year. and, while more than 70- percent of iowans own their own home, just 30- percent of black iowans own their home. with so few black representatives in city government, mayor hart and iowa city councilman kingsley botchway the second have taken it upon
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dynamic. "i do view myself as somebody that could possible help somebody see, this person has done it, so i can do it. any young black kids or young kids of color can say well he's done it so there's an opportunity to do that." botchway has served on council for two years. he sees a big part of his job as representing black voices to make sure they are heard. both say the lack of black voices leads to a lot of distrust in government. something they both want to change. "i think that will change just trust in a lot of black folk in regards to whether not they believe that city government actually cares about them and wants to do right by them." but both hart and botchway can't take it on alone. "coming together as a community coming together and working to get through some of those issues, like some of the people are alreadyoing, but just trying to create this sensnsof hope and optimismsm it's a tough sisiation
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but together collectively we can make a difference to improve our condition." " "it's not just something that is good for people of color, but it's good for all people. what we can do to have better processes in place so this doesn't happen to anyone." when i asked why they believe there aren't many african americans on city council, they spoke about a misunderstan ding. "some people might think you have to be a scientist or a rockekescientist or somethihi like that or a heart surgeon before you can actually be an elected official, but it doesn't take that it takes a passion and conoern for the community." "i st don't want people to task, because we have seen some great place where we can continue to move forward." "botchway and hart are both working on new media movements which will make it easier for everyone to see what's happening in their community and find ways to get their voices heard. brea love, kcrg-tv9
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a cedar rapids family service agency is its outpatient mental health clinic. today, tanager place announced its "soaring beyond" campaign has raised more than 5-point-3 fundraising.. help with about a million dollars away from its goal. the organization serves both children and families who need social and psychological help. tanager place would use the money for renovations, which would double the number of children its mental health clinic would be able to help. "each child is different, the kids are not cookie cutters. the more options you have that may connnnt with a child the better and that's what this space has allowed us to do and allowed practitioners to spread their wings and to develop different skills." the tanager place outpatient mental health clinic opened last june. solar panels will soon generate power to parts of cedar falls. all of the frames and panels
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and cedar falls utilities is hoping to start producing energy in marchchr april. work on the simple solar farm at prairie lakes park started at the end of last year. more than 12-hundred cedar falls utilities customers bought into the project. they'll get credits on their bills over the next 20 years. the university of iowa is taking charge in helping reduce bullyi in schools... researchers have introduced a new web tool thatatncludes all kinds of activities for k-thorough-12 students. and the hawkeyes traveled to bloomington hoosiers. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. "20:58:01 we have a lot of
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opportunty to reach studdts across the nation, so far it has been amazing seeing how much we've been able to do." a play called 'out of bounds' started a couple of years ago when a theater group teamed up with researchers at the university of iowa to battle bullying. the play was just the first part. now university researchers are introcing a new arts- related web toolkit. kcrg t-v nine's jill kasparie shows what it's all about. 20:44:05 reflective writing, drama... corinne peek-asa only needs a computer to show off the new online toolkit. the director of the e i injury prevention research center calls it hear - which stands for helping educations use art to reduce bullying. "there are specific activities on cyber bullying that address social media a communications specifically, bubu
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activity, building friendships, how to understand what's good about being the same, what's good about being different. " the toolkit is filled with all kinds of writing, acting and artistic activities for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. u-i students like emily weno helped by testing the activities in iowa classrooms. one - called 'complete the scene' - has students learn problem solving by acting out the ending of a bullying situation. "i think if for them - it helped them to think about ways that if they were in that situation or if they are in that situation with that." researchers say they wanted to create this because classroom- based programs on bullying, those taught the same as math or science for instance, just aren't working. "we feel that will resonate with the active emotional centers of teenage brains. we want them to really focus on bullying w wch is an emotional experience and turn the communication toward a more
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rather than bullying, which we know is very damaging." "i think that this research is really exciting and it's a neat take on anti-bullying and looking at it from a different direction instead of just in a classroom - a teacher telling you 'bullying is bad'." in iowa city, jill kasparie, kcrg-tv9 news. researchers believe these simple activities will make a difference down the line. they say cutting down bullying issues now could reduce family and dating violence issues later in life. look for the link to the web tool-kit with this story on kcrg dot com. bernie sanders and hilary clinton went head to head tonight ononthe debate stage... the two democratic presidential candidates ahead of their
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showers tonight. accumulations will be light, staying under an inch, , t falling snow always can bring some slick travel spots. friday is a quiet day after any flurries move out in the morning with a high near 20. the winds do
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northwest, and t tt chill remains in the air into saturday. sunday, for valentine's day, we see another round of snow. more heartwarming weather, with highs near or topping 40, arrives early next week. have a good night. tonight: light snow likely low: 14-20 winds: sw 5-10tomorrow: early am snow, clearing high: 17-23 winds: nw 15-30tomorrow night: mostly clear low: -3-3 winds: nw 5-15saturday: mostly sunny, chilly
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likely high: 26 - low: 8 monday: mostly cloudy high: 34 - low: 17 tuesday: chance of rain/snow high: 38 - low: 23 wednesday: partly cloudy high: 39 - low: 25
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sanders appealed to minorities tonight ahead of their party's upcoming contests in nevada and south carolina. the two debated in milwaukee in their first face-to-face matchup since the new hampshire primary. ' "african-americans who face discrimination in the job market, education, housing and the criminal justice system." ' sot ' " ... a male african-american baby born today stands a one-in- four chance of ending up in jail. that is beyond
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clinton and sanders also debated foreign policy and the economy. this was the last democratic debate before the nevada caucuses, the south carolina primary and super tuesday on march 1st. secretary of state john kerry says world leaders have agreed on a ceasefire in syria. the world powers also agreed to accelerate and expand the delivery of humanitarian aid to that country. kerry says the ceasefire would not apply to the fight against isis. but he says it would help end syria's five year old civil war. today, t remaining four occupiers of an oregon wildlife refuge surrendered to the f-b-i. that ended the armed militia's nearly six week occupation of the refuge near the city of burns. the arrests come after the f-b-i surrounded the group's camp last night. the harney county sheriff says he hopes the community can now heal. coming up next tonight, scott features the t-v nine athlete of the week.
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hawkeye men and women. stay with your 24 hour
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22nd ranked indiana tonight. the hawkeyes playing some "d' early.. peter jok with steal and that triggers the break and mike gasell finishes to become the 45th player in iowa history to hit the 1,000 point mark. but indiana with a fast start troy williams with the killer cross over to the rack for a 16-8 lead.. and then the hohoiers went off behind the arc collin hartman connects for the 36-20 lead. pete answered with back to back treys to cut the lead to 9.
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clemmons with a big first halflf for three of his 12. and iowa only trailed by 7 at the break. and a good start to the second half.. gesell gets behind everyone for the transition duce to cut the lead to 2. and the jared uthoff with the flush for twtwof his 23 to tie the game at 45. and big second half for uthoff with the deep triple and iowa led by 3.. but the hoosiers wenttn a 19-6 run yogii ferrell from the corner for the 8 point lead.. and the hawks couldn't buy a basket down the stretch and they hard time fouling the hoosiers who hold on for the 85-78 win. both teams s w 10-2 in the big 10. along with maryland. bluders bunch had their hands full tonight hosting 6th ranked ohio state. scott westerberg has the action. ally disterhoft and company trying to get back on track after losing two straight...haw keyes battling tough in the coley with the nice high-low action to megan wa up 1... after the buckeyes take the lead, disterhoft knocks down the long
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10...disterhoft led the hawks with 20. but ohio state goes on a run after that....shayla cooper buries the 3....buckekes up 9... hawks down 13 early in the second quarter but tania davis brings iowa back within 10 on this 3 point play.... right before the half, alexa kastanek nails a 3 to make it as close as iowa would get....cooper with 2 more as ohio state city, scott westerberg tv9 sports. and finally it's time for another edition of the kcrg tv-9 athlete of the weeks sponsored by cedar rapids toyota. prairie senior sam uthoff raised his record to 37 last night recording another fall.. uthoff who went over 150 career wins this year finished third at state last year and he has worked his tail off to finish on the top of the podium this season. you got third at state last year what kind of motivation has then been for you to win it all this year? a lot of motivation comes from just wanting to keep improving and pushing
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practice room and knowing last yeai wanted to make the finals drew the short straw but had a good tournament anyways. with that being said you dad's name is up their he won a state championship back in 1975 what would it mean to have your name up their with your dad? it would be a lot we joked about since i was five years old putting a picture up on the wall too. always had that goal especially when i am practicing in the room i can always look up in the corner and no that someone is watching me. i was at your match last night watching you and i think i can pin you oh okay. we are gonna one on one. don't tell be this isnt wrestling they hold world championships for toe wrestling i know because our reception betty has won a titlte and the foot fungus was flying we were in an epic battle and toe wrestling can be pretty painfull. i had uthoff in trouble and some how he mustered enough energy and battled thru the pain to counter wiwi a
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the pin to stay undefeated.. the loser had to take on the world championship herself tv-9 receptionist betty rover and lets just say betty has a little big toe that packed with power and this didn't last long... winner and still champion. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, oe... watch for some flurries and scattered snow showers tonight. accumulations will be light, staying under an inch, but falling snow always can bring some slick travel spots. friday is a quiet day after any flurries move ouin the morning with a high near 20. the winds do get stronger, from the
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remains in the air into and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- tony goldwyn. from espn, tony kornheiser and michael wilbon. shaquille o'neal. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from alessia cara. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as luck would have it,


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