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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  February 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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from m our 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . the university of i ia is under a f feral investigation for allegations that its athletics department does not provide equal opportunities for female athletes. the offifi for civil rights is looking into gender bias in 13 areas, including how the iowa athletics department awards scholarships, and schedules practices and games. investigators will visit the university in april. tv9's brady smith reached out to the university for comment today, and joins us in the studio. brady, what's the university's response to this? we reached out t e university's ffice of strategic communication . though they did not provide anyone to speak with us on camera, they did provide a statement from the university, and athletics director gary barta. the university says in october 2015, it received notice from the u-s department of education
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complaint filed on september 2, 2015. the university saysyshe o-c-r decided to investigate whether the university provides equal athletic opportunities to men and women when it comes to several things, among them: financial assistance, equipment and supplies, and travel and per diem expenses. the university says it is cooperating with the investigation, and say it does not imply that the o-c-r has made a decision on whether the complaint is valid. in a written statement, athletics director gary barta said "the ui athletics department is committed to providing student- athletes in all 24 sports a first-c-css experience. in addition to the extensive written response, we look forward to sharing information about our programs and values." this is not the first time the u-i athletics department has come under fire for alleged gender discrimination. the university fired former field hockey coach tracey griesbaum in 2014, citing
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abuse and pressure to play while injured. in turn, griesbaum filed a civil rights complaint with the state, claiming she was fired because of gender bias under director barta. then in late 2015, former associate athletics director jane meyer filed a discrimination lawsuit against the university, saying she was demoted after she complained about griesbaum's firing. meyer and griesbaum were longtime partners. the university says the o-c-r will conduct an on-site visit the week of april 11th. it will intervrvw athletic administrator s and coaches, a group of athletes from each sport and tour the facilities and review equipment and supplies. thanks,rady... the iowa city schoooodistrict ended its contract with an equity consultant, the same consultant the cedar rapids school district terminated. tv9 reported yesterday cedar rapids schools let go edwin javius, whom the cedar rapids district hired in 2014. the move came after the district
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of social media activity accusing him of lying about his credentials to former clients. the iowa city school district says they also let javius go yesterday. kingsley botchway the second, iowa city schools' director of equity and staffing, said the district became aware of past misrepresentation of a doctoral degree and a plagiarism lawsuit against javius. botchway told tv9 the district is extremely disappoinind, but that it will continue to put equity in the forefront of its work in closing their achievement gap. a snowmobile accident in michigan has killed a fayette county man. the waterloo cedar falls courier reports the crash happened wednesday night on michigan's upper peninsula. the ontonagon county sheriff's office says 36 year old brady kuennen lost control ofofis snowmobile, fell off, and hit a tree. the sheriff's office says alcohol appeared to be a factor in the crash. kuennen was a carpenter and the father of three. he was from waucoma, which is about 20 miles east of new hampton.
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monday at st. luke's catholic church in st. lucas. and remember, whenever you see news, call newsline nine at 319-365-9999. you can also email pictures and video to newsroom at kcrg dot com. meteorologist joe winters joins us now. joe, how long can we expect to have this bitter cold to stick around? after a windy day across eastern iowa we are in for a calmer night. a clear sky tonight allows the mercury to drop into the single digits near and below zero. with nw winds at 5-15 we will see the chill dive to -20 at times and is the reason a wind chill advisory is in effect until 9 am saturday. plenty of sunshine is in place saturday with clouds thickening late. snowfall begins overnight saturday and continues for valente's day. 2-4" is the current forecast for snow throughout eastern iowa with
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late sunday and monday. have a good night and a safe weekend. tonight: mostly clear low: -4-2 winds: nw 5-15tomorrow: mostly sunny, chilly high: 11-17 winds: nw 5-10 back to you. supporters of a bill to get minors out of tanning beds in iowa will make another pitch to state lawmakers next week. the iowa senate passed a bill last year to ban anyone under age 18 from using a tanning bed. yesterday, a house committee passed similar legislation although that committee set the age at 17. abouou100 cancer survivorr family members and others connected with the american cancer society plan a lobbying push at the statehouse tuesday. one elanoma survivor says it's mportant to get teens out of the tanning beds. "by the time i was 18 the damage was basically done because the time i tanned the most was when i was 16-18." only eight states, including iowa, allow those under the age of 18 to use u-v tanning devices. those planning the
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three years to try to get the law changed. some lawmakers are also working to better regulate companies like uber. the des moiois register reports representntives introduced a bill this week setting mandatory levels of insurance coverage for the ride-sharing services. according to uber's website, those insurance rates are similar to what it currently provides for its drivers. last year, the iowa house passeded bill to regulate thth services, but the bill failed in the senate. on march first, iowa's medicaid program is scheduled to change to a privately- managed system. this week the democratic- controlled state senate passed a bill to stop the change. but republican leaders say they have no plans to even bring up the bill in the house. tonight republican representative dave heaton of mount pleasant said the companies that will manage medicaid will have to change the culture of iowa healthcare to make the move successful. "we will move a culture that's been locked in for fee-for- service and just curing people's illness to a whole culture
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heaton made those comments on the iowa public television program, iowa press. the program will re-air on i-p-t-v at noon on sunday. former virginia governor jim gilmore is uspending his camamign for president. gilmore was in office in virginia from 1998 to 2002. he only pulled in 12 votes in the iowa caucuses. in new hampshire, gilmore finished behind several candidates who already dropped out of the race. gilmore is the third candidates to drop out of the race this week. after tuesday's new hampshire primary, chris christie and carly fiorina both suspended their campaigns. both were towardrdhe bottom of the pack in iowa and new hampshire. the field of g-o-p candidates that once totaled 17 is now down to 6. nearly eight years after the 2008 flood, a new hancher auditorium is almost ready to open. after tonight the university of iowa's performances won't always be on the road.
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tonight marks the end of an eight year era for the university of iowa's hancher auditorium. the organization hasn't had a stage to call home since the 2008 flood destrtred the original building. instead, hancher's plays, concerts, and more have happened on stages
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kcrg t-v nine's sarah mccarthy explains tonighghwas the last of thosos traveling performances. a construction crescendo.. 21:26 22:05 19:30 echoes across this stage. it's a symphony of sound brought about by disaster video in edius - hancher changes 2012 11:27 "it was so emotional to see our building, our home away from home for the staff. to see the padlocks on the front doors and know we e uldn't go in, the building wasn't ours anymore." for thirty years, chuck swanson has helped orchestrate all things hancher. a passion for the performing arts he hopes illuminates anyone who sits in front of this new stage. 16:43 "my love of hancher comes from many, many years of experernces and many years of hearing the hancher story. i talk to people and they'll bring up stories from ten to twenty years ago of their hancher
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eight years of rebuilding.. construction and eight years without a stable, long-term stage. 10:36 "it doesn't seem like its been that long, we've been on such a journey, it's a journey with highs and lows, but really its gone pretty quickly. i'm totally amazed at the work we've been able to do " tonight, some of that work comes to a sweet- sounding end. bobby mcferrin with bobby mcferrin and several local artists sending hancher to its new stage from this set at the riverside casino. sounds that signal the start.. 14:52 we've got a lot to look forward to, a lot of great times ahead." ..of a new hancher experience. 15:46 "we're all after that experience." in iowa city, sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. the new hancher sits on higher ground, farther from the iowa river. butut it also has a basement "bath tub" design. that will pump
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case this one also floods. it's hard to drive around iowa without running into a casey's general store. we know them as places for fueling up cars, but casey's is also one of the biggest chains in the world
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calmer night. a clear sky tonight allows the mercury to drop into the single digits near and below zero. with nw winds at 5-15 we will see the chill dive to -20 at times and is the reason a wind chill advisory is in effect until 9 am saturday. plenty of sunshine is in place saturday with clouds thickening late. snowfall begins overnight saturday and continues for valentine's dayay2-4" is the current forecast for snow throughout eastern iowa with
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late sunday and monday. have a good night and a safe weekend. tonight: mostly clear low: -4-2 winds: nw 5-15tomorrow: mostly sunny, chilly high: 11-17 winds: nw 5-10tomorrow night: snow likely late low: 5-11 winds: se 5-10sununy: snow likely, windy high: 26 - low: 8 monday: mostly cloudy high: 34 - low: 17 tuesday: chance of rain/snow high: 38 - low:w:3 wednesday: partly cloudy high: 34 - low: 18
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friday: partly cloudy high: 49 -
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thanks joe. last month a rare crustacean showed up at a hy-vee distribution center in ankeny. rrher than going to market, this little lobster made it all the way to a permanent home right here in eastern iowa. that's next on tv9.
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an anonymous iowthe battleship iowa museum up and running in california. if the museum raises 100 thousand dollars, the couple says they will match those funds, brining
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operating. the world war 2 battleship was a popular place for iowans earlier this year. this is video from when hawkeye football fans met up at the u-s-s iowa ahead of this year's rose bowl in pasadena california. the non-profit group the pacific battleship center operates the museum and relies on donations to keep ti running. the fundraising challenge goes through the end of june this year. if you would like donate, we've put a link under this story on kcrg dot com. a rare lobster found at a hy-ve distribution center in ankeny officially has a new home. this orange lobster named 'r-c' is settling in at the national mississippi river museum and aquari in dubuque. orange lobsters are some of the rarest in the world, only showing about once every 10 million times. the museum says r-c isn't on display yet, but will likely be in the rivers and sea exhibit
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casey's general stores are known for selling gas, snacks, and lottery tickets. but casey's is also the fifth largest pizza chain in the country, even though it only operates in 14 states in the midwest. the des moines register reports casey's sells more than 19 million pizzas every year and an additional 62 million individual slices. casey's says it's also focusing on fresh food sales as tobacco sales decline and gas prices drop. only pizza hut, domino's, little caesars, and papa johns have more pizza locations s ound the world. coming up next in sports.. the roughriders and titans were home tonight.. scott will have highlights. and it's been a busy night for girls and boys high school hoops. highlights are next
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the roughriders and the titans opened the season at home tonight.. josh has highlights of both starting with the riders. tonight, the roughriders played their 1,000th game in franchise history, and head coach mark carlson has been there since day one. riders took on waterloo tonight and scored within the first two minutes. on the power- play, cal burke is there for clean-up duty to make it 1-0 ben blacker had some great saves in the first
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advantage. then he denies the backhand. he stopped 29 shots tonight later in the first period, roughriders with some great passing. karch bachman tips in the pass to make it 2-0. roughriders go on to win 4-1 in their 1,000th game in downtown cedar rapids, the titans kicked off the 2016 season against the iowa barnstormers . there's former uni panther brion carnes 3rd quarter, donovan porterie back pedals and hits brady roland for the 4-yard touchdown. barnstormer lead 39-16 the titans respond. the pitch to julian hayes and he leaps into the endzone. titans trail 39-23 their defense would make a stop, the offense capitalizes, dylan favre looks down field and throws a perfect spiral to dawan scott for the 19-yard touchdown to hoops and it was the battle for the sneaker tonight in iowa city. scott westerberg has more on city and west. --as always when these two get
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student sections were full and fired up....big night for city high's ashley joens...she bounces in a 3....little hawks up 17-4 after the first quarter... --but here comes west...cailyn morgan buries the triple....women of troy within 2 at the half... --city high builds the lead back up in the third...courtney joens with 2 of her 15.....then kenya earl inside for 2 as the little hawks win the girls game 57-41.... --to the boys high hoping for the sweep and to p pl a huge upset of no. 2 west and things started out great for city...nile ringen nothing but net from the corner....little hawks start the game on a 10-2 run... --trojans get it going on offense...nate barnes from the top of the key....west within 4.... --but city high was on fire from downtown in the first half....henry mulligan for 3....23-15 little hawks at the half... --city high getting it done on the inside as well....micha martin with the flush as city high upsets west 63-53. in iowa city, scott westerberg tv9 sports.
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sideline freddy has highlights from wash and jeff. on hall of fame night the jhawks and warriors traded baskets for two and a half quarters. avery guy to kennedy dighton. third quarter, jayla johnson keeps wash close from long range. but kenndy dighton scored six straight points to end the third quarter. the buzzer beater gave them a 57-47 lead. sh cranked on the d. the result an 8-0 run. anne visser cuts it to two. emily oler's folo keeps the jhawks up by three. 25 seconds left and visser connects from long range to put wash up by one. avery guy's shot at the buzzer no good. wash prevails 64-63. boys game, james brown junior finds dennis mc kinney for two of his team high 16. hunter strait engineers the break to noah dawson. laveechie williams led wash with 20 points. they led by 4 at halftime but jeff won it 62-58. that is james brown jr ala the spin
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the prairie hawks played two tonight hosting the linn-mar lions. they played the boys game first and linn mar got a big game from beau klosterman for two of his game high 26.. prairie answered with the long ball. cal clark and future uni wide receiver jalen rima connect from behind the arc and that had the band rocken out.. love the prairie band.. but the hawks did not have an answer for kosterman with two more inside.. and the lions with a 1-2 punch jordan bohannon with a hand in his face for three of his 23 and linn mar won the boys game 81-63.. to the ladies and the hawks played the 7th ranked lions tough in the first half lindsey altenhofen hits the runner in the lane.. and that woke up the band up again and then they work it down to low to jenna wagamaster for two to cut the lead to six.. but future hawkeye amanda ollinger dominated the
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high 18 before intermission.. and here they come again claire larson just like did she against xavier connects from the corner and then kamryn finley with the pull up lefty and linn mar with the sweep tonight won the girls game 50-35 to raise record to 17-4. and finally the second ranked iowa wrestling team out west this weekend beat montanta state northern . thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... after a windy day across eastern iowa we are in for a calmer night. a clear sky tonight allows the mercury to drop into the single digits near and below zero. with nw winds at 5-15 we will see the chill dive to -20 at times and is the reason a wind chill advisory is in effect until 9 am saturday. plenty of sunshine is in place saturday thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. happy valentine's day. and have
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- george clooney. plus dave salmoni and animals. with cleto and the cletones. and now, most of all, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm thhost. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i'm so happy that you dressed.


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