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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 15, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm CST

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sic from "panic! at the sisqo" with cleto and the cletones. and now, you've got it -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. very nice. hope you had a good valentine's day yesterday. there's only so much good that can come out of valentine's day. kind of like a blood test in that either nothing happens or the result is something horrible. so last night my wife and i went
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i have to say i really feel i had a strong performance morning to night yeyeerday. i made breakfast, pancakes and bacon, the flowers showed up on time, they were the right flowers, she liked her gifts, they were the right things, i got her a card, i wrote in it. which is a big thing. then because i remembered to make a reservation five weeks ago we had a dinner at a normal time, not 5:00 p.m. or 10:45 p.m. i forgot my wallet and she had [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: one of those things. funny, valentiti's day is a night for love, romance. my wife spent a good portion of the dinner last night talking about how much she loves not me but beyonce. she was swooning talking about beyonce. so i asked, as if i didn't know. i said what specifically is it that you like about her?
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she went into this -- she said, i had to start writing it down as she was doing it, she said and i'm quoting here -- what do you like about beyonce? she said, i like her songs. i like how beautiful she is. i like her outfits. i love the way she dances. i love the way she sings. i really love her so much. i think about it all the time. laughter ] [ cheers andndpplause ] >> jimmy: beyonce has stolen my wife from me. that was so much nicer than the card she wrote me for valentine's day. our daughter jane is 19 months old. this is like the first valentine's day that she kind of has some awareness that something's going g on. this happened in the aisle at rite aid over the weekend. my wife kind of lost track of her. then found her in the stuffed animal line kissing every bear
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she misses that one. but she goes back, gets that one. clearly she has a type, huh? some kind of teddy bear version of "the bachelorette." earlier tonight on abc, a new episode of "the bachelor" barged into our lives. so much happened, too much happened to explain with mere words. for those who missed it it's time for "the bachelor" emoji recap, where i explain what hahaened using emoernlgjiemojis, the universal language. tonight ben the bachelor started the show with six women. they all flew to his hometown. where ben asked lauren b. to join him on a one-on-one date. they played basketball with a group of kids. nba players paul george and
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pacers showed up. and then after that ben took another woman, joe joe, all the way to wrigley field in the windy city w wre they played some baseball and they kissed. they ate, they drank, then they kissed some more. next ben took a group -- beckkaa the virgin, took amanda and kayla to a farm where they went on rowboats, they flew kites. there are no kite emojis so jusus with it. ben gave amanda the rose. one person gets the rose. the other two he had to kick kayla and bekaa the virgin out. so she's going t tbe a virgin for a while. they cried. ben took amanda out for fast food. they got a burger and fries and they kissed.
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where again they kissed. and then on a ferris wheel where they kissed. the next day ben took emily to meet his parents,s, his mom and dad. emily shared something interesting with ben's dad, she doesn't like vegetetles. she told ben's mom she alway dreamed of being an nfl cheerleader. and then ben's parts said nuh, emily is too young. so ben sent emily home. emily then spent some time crying in the car. as babies are known to do. next it was time for the rose ceremony. ben sent bekaa the virgin home. and then she did something no one expected. she cried and cried and cried in the car home. and that was pretty much that.
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[ cheers and applause ] so we're down to the final -- only four women left, which means ben now finally knows everyone's name. up until this week he just called them all lauren and hod for the best. day's presidents' day. presidents' day was established in 1885 to honor george washington and then other presidents jumped on board and we honor them all. do you know every presidents' day, this is sweet, michelle obama lets president obama eat one skittle as a treat. donald trump spent his about thes day getting ready by photoshopping his head ont a million-dollar bill. donald trump is ahead pack in south carolina. meanwhile his opponents are very busy trying to cannibalize each other. this is from the republican debate on saturday night. >> m mco went on univisisi in spanish and said he would not rescind president obama's illegal executive amnesty on his
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i have promised to rescind every singlelellegal executitive action, including that one -- very quickly, first of all i don't know how he knows what i said on ununision because he doesn't't speak spanish. second of all the other count -- [ speaking spanish ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's what happens when he doesn't speak for more than 30 seconds. meanwhile in a very different kind of race in l.a. the l.a. marathon, the 31st annual marathon. between the mamathon and obama's visisi it was a big week for kenyans screwing up l.a. traffic. a runner from kenya won on the men's side. a runner from the ukraine won on the women's side. my cousin sal was there cheering the runners on and making mischief. it's become a tradition.
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the l.a. marathon. >> sal: free water, everyone, grab some, all right, i'm sorry, yeah, that's been giving people trouble. use your wrist. go. take it and run, take it! you got it. there you go. it's all yours. ththe you go. oh, on, yeah. you keep grabbing the wrong one, i'm sorry. who wants to be disappointed? that guy. sorry. yeah, oh -- yeah, take some water, there you go. oh, come on. that ruins the whole gag. i hope you lose. who wants some booze? margarita time.. come on, take one. there you go. take a margarita. you'll stumble across the finish line. tequila! >> do you want me to return
10:44 pm
mail it back to us. marguerite tax hey, come on. it's 9:00 in the morning, get drunk. shrimp, everyone, shrimp, left over from my super bowl party! you want shrimp? gogo. n't forget the cocktktl sauce! come on take some shrimp. beautiful, all right. creamed corps corn. creamed corn. you want some?e? come on, i don't want to make a mess, creamed corn. you want some? here, all right. see, you're going to win now. you'u' do great. creamed corn. yeah it's corn. yeah. i'm having everyone sre the same ladle. not a good idea? here we go. chocolate-covered sardines. chocolate sardines.
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go ahead, take ix. chocolate sardines, take one. >> hell no. >> sal: chocolate sardines. chocolate fish. oh, come on. for you. hey, hey, hey, come on. i'm pretty sure they're not giving this out anywhere else. all right, time to limbo, everybody! come on, run through. oh, , at's great. how low can you go? very nice. i think you're supposed to -- come on you heard of a runner's high, this is a runner's low. go, go, go, go, go, go! yeah! come on. we can go real low for you two. nice. sorry to slow you down. yeah amy schumer playing along, thank you.
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who need ss p.h. balance? hey, right. i'm like pick caught sew. want deodorant? all right. on two -- good, good. this is really gross. come on. you look like you need -- oh, you have a lot of hair. there you go. you should have seen the monster who took the last one from me. you guys want deodorant? all right. who else? come on, todd. >> bring it on. >> sal: my final offering. the e test cupid in the citit of angels. come on gabriel. congratulations! you won, take him! there you go. happy valentine's day. whoo! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. thank you, cousin sal. hello, gabriel.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, there. welcome back to the show. david spade, derek hough, and mashup monday, muse fwrik panic at the sisco on the way. first an important update on the performer/fashion designer kanye west. kanye's promoting his new album so he's been tweeting a lot. saturday he tweeted, this is
10:52 pm
you my brothers while still $53 million in personal debt. please pray we overcome. this is s true heart. $53 million? how the hell did this happen? how much do those leather pants cost? kanye west releasedreally is an original, he might be the first rapper ever to brag about how much money he doesn't have. buhe does have an idea of who he can get that kind of money from. he tweeted mark zuckckberg, invest $1 billion into kanye west's ideas. after realizing that he is the greatest living artist and greatest artist of all-time. i am the jordan and steph curry of music, meaning i'm the best of two generations. mark zuckerberg, i know it's your birthday but can you please call me by tomorrow. by the way, the funniest part is mark zuckerberg'g'birthday is inin may. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that didn't slow kanye down at all.
10:53 pm
mark, i am publicly asking you for help. one of the accompanyingest thingsthing s -- coolest things you could do is help me in my time of need. if you want $1 billion from the guy who invented facebook maybe don't ask for it on twitter. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] kanye also tweeted that he will win more than 100 grammy awards before he dies. the grammys were tonight. l.l. cool j was the host which means the city was once again left unprotected from naval-related crimes. it's silly really when you thi about it to pick one s sg or artist over another. but every music fan does it. music fans are an opinionated bunch. sometimes especially on social dia that translates int hate. from time to time on this show we high a light nasty things posted by famous people by asking those famous people to read those nasty things aloud. tonight on music's biggest nightht it seemed appropriate to present
10:54 pm
tweets." >> meghan trainor is likef thehe sassy girl you used to work with at express just randomly had a singing career. >> ricky martin? more like inky farting. >> hey, james taylor, we get it. you've seen fire and rain. guess what? so have i and so have a lot of other people. isn't that special. #douche. >> honestly, little big town, i'd rather listen to a turd hitting the toilet than your new songs. >> bad! >> common, is that the motto for your penis? >> i can't stand this new ed sheeran. why the [ bleep ] are you happy on youou recocos? you [ bleep ], [ bleep ] for
10:55 pm
>> kelly clarkson is on -- time to go poop. >> charlie wilson reminds me of that old creepy uncle you weren't allowed to be alone with growing up. >> if i could choose to punch one piece of [ bleep ] in the face it woulbe blake shelton. [ bleep ] that bloated [ bleep ]. >> i imagine wiz khalifa smells like biz marquee's toilet brush. >> hey, josh groban, s sk my [ bleep ] you big tool. subtle. >> omg, demi lovato makes my [ bleep ] ears bleat. stfu, you talentless [ bleep ] reserve you're going to give me a heart attaaaaaack. like nine a's. >> i think the killers [ bleep ] suck. i'd rather listenn to a bum repeatedly [ bleep ] slap my face. >> drake looks like a ferret
10:56 pm
>> don't understand the world's obsession with one direction.n. at is attractive about little boys with gross hair and skinny jeans? >> of course. >> if lionel richie wants once, twice, three times a lady, he's a picky [ eep ]. take what you can get [ bleep ]. >> i wish joan rivers was still alive so she could tell rita orr that she dresses like a bag of [ bleep ]. >> i love how music takes you away to another place. like mumford and sons playing at this restaurant, so now i'm going to another restaurant. [ laughter [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: mess with mumford but do not mess with his sons. tonight it is mashup monday with panic at the s. sqo, derek hough
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight, from "dancing with the stars," and
11:02 pm
world of disney: disneyland 60," sunday night on abc, derek hough is here. then, it's mash- monday. "p"pic! at the disco" anansisqo join forces to form "panic! at the sisqo" on the samsung outdoor stage. tomorrow night, we'll be joined by gwen stefani and secretary of ate john kerry. that's right. we'll have a special report from guillermo at the grammy awards. right now as we speak. and later this week, megananox, kerry washington, ben mckenzie, from "game of thrones" nikolaj coster-waldau and we will have music from chris stapleton and jason derulo. please join us then. our first guest tonight is worn out after a sexually athletic valentine's day weekend. this friday and saturday night, you can see him live with ray romano at the mirage hotel in las vegas. please say hello to david spade.
11:03 pm
>> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! >immy: how are you dodog? >> hey, man. >> jimmy: every night i record promos for some of the local stations across the country. tonight we had david spade backstage cackling or snickering? >> a lot of both. never ending. what about the guy that's on rit now? >> jimmy: how are you doing? in vegas over the weekend? >> i was all over, my man. we went on the road. >> jimmy: may i show a photograph? >> yeah, we had a big tour, a bunch of comics went on the road. >> jimmy: you're underselling it by saying a bunch of comics on the road.
11:04 pm
>> mcdonald, norm, adam sandler. >> jimmy: heard of him. >> rob schneider, tim meadows, spade, and eddie vetter. >> jimmy: and eddie vetter. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was seattle. we did a atour, medians, in some towns some people come to watch. >> jimmy: i've heard about this. >> that was a big one. eddie -- we sang at the end, sang "me generation" to be stupid. eddie's on the side, he came out and sang, was really good. >> jimmy: you planned to sing without eddie, then eddie joined in? >> he was just there. he ran out and saved the day because itas bombing. yeah. >> jimmy: did he have the song in vegas? >> no, no. veg gas was those guys. i did portland, denver, phoenix, all the other cities. they were thehe so i stopped by and watch and did a few minutes. >> you were the eddie vetter? >> yeah, exacdly.
11:05 pm
stay in the hotel room, bunk up? >> super fun, it's so great, we save money and have one room. you sleep on each other like puppies. but sometimes it's hard. because someotels are nice, hove them were nice this trip. one was so good, because i was worried about bedbugs, i think they're unappeing. >> they're rude. >> i don't like them. they said this hotel's so great we have a bedbug sniffingg dog that goes in the room before you get there. i thought what a bummer job on the sniffing dog job meter, you know? the dog's like -- and they go, any bedbugs? then he goes -- yeah, yes, bedbugs, yes. the bitter familiar taste of bedbugs, thank you, yes. ah. he gets at home. all i taste is bedbugs all day. like ten hours, you know? his brother is in miami, it's not over.
11:06 pm
>> jimmy: letting me know. >> no, i mean -- >> jimmy: maybe it should be you know? >> you'll find out. >> jimim: okay, all right. >> his b bther is in miami, this guy sniffs coke all day! he complains about it. i'm like, yeah, switch places with me for one day literally. you'd hate it. you have the balls to complain? >> jimmy: have you ever met anyone that has a bedbug bite? have you ever encountered -- >> my friend said he did. he goes likethis. looked like a shark. is that a bedbug bite? i've seen pictures on the internet. they zoom in. rrrgh! no chance. how do people go -- i had them the first two nightht two?o? whwhdidn't you scream running down the street the second night? hey, guys, i'm back, here we go. you're going to get eate again? >>immy: it's your safest possible place in your bed. yet i am paranoid did.
11:07 pm
never met anyone in real life who had a bedbug -- >> i think my friend's trying to sound cool or gros >> jimmy: if i get any wound i assusu it's a bedbug. but it's usually a mosquito or something like that. >> no, but the one thing that happened on the road that was embarrassing, i lost -- some of my luggage got mixed up and i didn't have undergarments. it's hard to shop, you know? luckily there's a macy's in every town. i go to this and i went to get, you know, underwear, whatever. i don't want to ask. also there's people from the town. you're like 8% more famous if you go out of town. which is good. >> jimmy: right. >> people want a selfie, and it's a quick head lock now. it's a science. it's over, it's already over, it's already over. i'm finding i don't look good from eight inches away. from the data i've gotten. i go in and this older black guy's there, can i help you? i go, no. because i don't want to ask.
11:08 pm
i'll be in lamps. i don't want to ask where underwear is. i figure i'll find it if itay at the walls. he goes, you lost? i go, all right, come here, i need the underwear. he goes, underpants! i go, no one said that. now they follow me. he goes, where's the underpants! he puts me toome wall of calvin k kin. i pick up one. he goes, are those the underpants you like! i'like, it's just a random sample. the tight ones that hug your leg! you show up eggplant friday! i go, i don't know what you're saying. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: eggplant friday? >> then have to buy socks. the socks -- i guess i haven't bought them for a while. they say fit sizes 6 to 13,
11:09 pm
>> jimmy: it is, yeah. >> they haven't figured that out yet? just give me my size. i know where i fall, on the lower side. i'm glad they don't sell condoms like that. [ laughter ] fit sizes asian to black guy. i know where i fall on that one too. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you are -- first of all, i want to mention you and ray romano, who's great, you're doing a show together in las vegas, mirage. secondly, you have a film coming out on netflix with adam sandler. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: called "eplant friday"? >> no, "the do-over." that's a big one, memorial day. >> jimmy: and i don't want to embarrass you but you've been getting really great notices, reviews for your -- >> oh, jimmy, jimmy. >> jimmy: david did a movie, very out of character, it's a drama. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you played a serious role. >> yes. >> jimmy: and it's very -- you've never done this before, have you? >> it's solid acting.
11:10 pm
there's a little bitty amount of buzz about it. >> jimmy: there is some buzz. >> it's awards season. so i decided to take a hard swing at it. >> jimmy: you know all the awards, it is awards season but the awards have been -- >> >> right, i don't understand. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. this has not been seen anywhere. >> no, there's a previe and i haven't seen it yet, i'm excited. >> no one has seen this. david spade takes a dramatic turn. >> i am so lucky to have you. >> i'm the lucky one. >> have fun tonight. i look at myself but i see nothing. >> you feel a million miles away. >> huh? >> let me help you. let me be there for you.
11:11 pm
>> [ bleep ] you! i'm sorry! no! you kill yourself. >> no! more pills! when will you get that? wahh! what the [ bleep ] is going on with me? >> in there, honey? >> i'm brushing my teethth no i'm not! no i'm not! >> you're not yourself anymore. >> who even is myself? >> you have to choose, it's me
11:12 pm
>> the pills. >> oscar, there you are. oscar! i need you, oscar. oscar! >> the future looks -- >> bleak. [ laughter ] >> yeah! yeah! [ cheers and appppuse ] >> jimmy: congratulations. great stuff. david spade, everybody. >> watch out, leo. >> jimmy: ray romano at the mirage on friday and saturday in
11:13 pm
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tt2watu#`s4 bt@qs1t tt2watu#`s4 "a@qc=0 tt2watu#`s4 bm@qh6< tt4watu#`s4 " dztq g4t tt4watu#`s4 " entq 704 tt4watu#`s4 " gzt& .7l tt4watu#`s4 " t& >9 tt4watu#`s4 " iztq tpx tt4watu#`s4 " jntq f 8 tt4watu#`s4 " lzt& ^md >> jimmy: welcomback. derek hough and "panic! at the sisqo" are on the way. but first, a message from wendy's, where they've been serving fresh, deliciously different hamburgers for more than 45 years. one of their secrets is, unlike some of the other guys, they never freeze their beef, which, asasur friend, guillermo, rececely discovered, can be truly terrifying. >> guillermo: my slippers! frozen! frozen!!
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ah! aaahhhh! why is everything frozen! >> hello, i'm dave froro wendy, made deliciously different with fresh, never frozen beef, unlike some of the other guys. eat me! >> jimmy: okay. >> guillermo: pepe! that was scary. thank you, wendy's, for saving the day. >> dicky: taste the delicious difference of a double at wendy's. >> jimmy: we'll be right back with derek hough! [ cheers and applause ] where's the beef? means something different. some use beef frozen from far away. but wendy's believes the juiciest hamburgers are made from fresh beef raised... right here. land of the beef, home of the
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>> jimmy: stilllo come,mashup monday, music from panic at the sisqo. our next guest is the dancer all the stars want to paso their dobles. he is one half of the cutest brother-sister teams since donny and marie, and on sunday night, he hosts "the wonderful world of
11:26 pm
please say hello to derek hough. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's good to see you. i was thinking about you today. you're kind nerve a way like the tom brady of "dancing with the stars." in that you've won so many -- >> six times. [ cheers and applause ] no rings, though. >> jimmy: though must result in the other professional dancers despising you, yes? >> i don't know. if they do ty hide it well. we all get along pretty good. >> jimmy: you do get along pretty well. the mirror ball trophy. is that junk? [ laughter ] >> funny, because you think you do all that hard work and get this disco ball trophy and you know? now it's like, when you come over to the house, people come
11:27 pm
is, the disco ball trophy! >> jimmy: it's famous now. is it like -- i used to be a deejay at weddings and i had a disco ball i traveled with. and it was a piece of styrofoam. it was just a styrofoam sphere with little pieces of glass glued to it. >> it's pretty much the same, yeah. it's a little heavy. they put some weight in it over the years to make it feel more expensive. >> jimmy: i'm glad. >> i think it's the same. it's actually funny. dancing with my partner, i'm like don't worry about it, if it doesn't go well i'll make you one. don't worry. go to the hardware store, don't worry about it. jimmy: do you hear the stars want you to be their dance partner? i tell you, i gamble on this every year. >> right, yeah, i hear, yeah. >> jimmy: i have won with you. i always give extra consideration to the celebrity that dances with you. i feel like a lot of the times the people are calling in vote aring for you, they don't care who you're dancing with. >> for those that do, thank you,
11:28 pm
[ cheers and applause ] i don't know, honestly, it is you never know. there's so many different thins that come into play with the show. not just the dancing. personalities, the story, the journey. >> jimmy: yeah, that's all [ bleep ], right? >> yeah. totally. >> the girls want you to win because they like you. [ cheers and applause ] >> i don't know. >> jimmymydo they -- do people say, will dance on the show only if derek is my partner? >> i don't know. they don't let me know if that's the case. >> jimmy: do you go through the stars -- >> they'll say that. if i dance with somebody they'll say, i was hoping for you. >> jimmy: they may be hoping but demanding? >> in the past, earlier seasons, like "i didn't want you, i wanted somebody else." and i was like, oh, thanks. >> jimmymy who were some of the ones -- >> i can't remember, it was earlier -- >> jimmy: that seems convenient. >> yeah, yeah. i've blocked them out of my memory forever. but it was funny.
11:29 pm
to be on the show. you didn't want me? i'm going to make you want me by the end of the show. in a distancing sense. >> jimmy: not just in a dancing sense. you have been -- openly dated at least a couple, and secretly dated probably another eight or ten, right? >> no. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what is it that puts them under your spell, under the derek hough spell? is it that your personality or is it just the grinding of your bodies together? >> the grinding. >> jimmy: it's the grinding. >> no, it's -- i mean, you're in close proximity. you know, you're just spending so much time together. you get to know each other. >> jimmy: you're dry humping each other to music, in a way, yeah? yes? yes. >> yes, some people go like, oh my gosh, how do you not get all like -- when you're dancing. honestlylyyou get like a little
11:30 pm
this becomes the norm. >> jimmy: do you dance like that with your sister julianne who's also a dancer? >> no, absolutely not. >> jimmy: ah, there we go! that's all we need to know. >> by the way, when i was growing up my parents were like, why don't you and your sister dance together? i was like, no, that's defeating the entire purpose of why i'm dancing. >> jimmy: i'm getting beat up at school so i can have these girls! >> yeah, exactly. no i'm not going to dance with her, absolutely not. >> jimmy: you're hosting this 60th anniversary of disneyland. was that fun? >> incredible. disney knows how to do it right. you know, i was able to emcee this amazing evening. dame helen mirren, harrison ford, sir elton john, amazingeing performances. it was incredible, man. >> jimmy: you shot hike in the middle of the night in disneyland? >> we did, this big opening number with thousands of people and the parade. but we were there like 3:00 in the morning. i'm sitting there. i'm thinking like, when i was a
11:31 pm
this is the most magical place on effort. here i am, i have the whole park to myself. it was really special. i got to go on cool little tours. they showed me secret things nobody really knows. >> jimmy: what doesn't anybody know? >> ty don't know a lot. >> jimmy: do they swear you -- >> i learned so much. >> jimmy: is it true that feral cats run the park at night? >> well, cats do. they do. >> jimmy: for real? >> i saw at least ten cats throughout the night, i swear. it's not a lie. >> jimmy: that's why they have a giant mouse. [ laughter ] >> they can never catch them. >> jimmy: very good to see you. it's the wonderful world of disneyland, disneyland's 60th, sunday night 8:00 on abc. derek hough, everybody. be right back with pan i guess at the sisqo! >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live
11:32 pm
11:33 pm
samsung. >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank my guests, and apologize to
11:34 pm
we ran out of time. "nightline" is next but first it's mash-uponday. here with the "thong song," panic! at the sisqo! ooh that dress so scandalous and you know another man couldn't handle it see you shaking that thang like who's da ish withth look in you eye so devilish uh you like to dance at all the hip hop spots and you cruise to the crews like connect da dots not just urban she likes the pop cause she was living la vida loca she had dumps like a truck truck truck thighs like what what what baby move your butt butt butt i think to sing it again she had dumps like a truck truck truck thighs like what what what all night long let me see that thong i like it when the beat
11:35 pm
baby make your booty go da na da na show da na da na that thong th thong thong thong girl i know you wanna show da na da nana that thong th thong thong thong that girl so scandalous and i know another and she shaking that thang like who's da ish with a look in her eye so devilish uh she like to dance at all the hip hop spots and she cruise to the crews like connect the dots not just urban she lilis the pop cuz she was living la vida a ca she had dumps like a truck truck truck thighs like what what what baby move your butt butt butt i think to sing it again she had dumps like a truck truck truck thighs like what what what all night long let me see that thong come on come on come on i like it when the beat goes da na da na baby make your booty
11:36 pm
girl i know you wanna i like it when the beat goes da na da na girl i know you wanna show da na da na i like it i like it yeah yeah yeah yeah say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah this is "nightline." >> tonight, liar, liar, liar. escalation, the race for president getting even nastier and more chaotic. >> single worst liar i've ever seen. >> from schoolyard taunts to family feuds as jeb bush brings out his brother, the former president. >> in my experience, the
11:37 pm
the loudest one in the room. >> the world trade center came down during his reign, so -- >> add into this combustible mix the sudden death of a supreme court justice. and an epic battle looming over how and when -- >> i do not believe the president should appoint someone -- >> >> it was a golden night at the grammys. performs by music's finest. fierce competition between rapper kendrick lamar and the pop sensation taylor swift. hailing hero of the past. lady gaga's electrifying performance. paying homage to music icon david bowie. but first the "nightline 5."


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