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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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step. senate grassley took a few general questions from the audience on other topics. but media attention was totally focused on the issue of a supreme court nominee in president obama's final year in office. and the sesetor wasnsn buying predictions of republicans paying a political price for doing nothing. "you'd have to prove to me we'd be taking a hit at this point " over the weekend, the senator agreed with top republblans the nomination should come from the new president next year. one activist who was trailing grassley in all his appearances tuesday said that was too long to wait for important court decisions. " the supreme court is the supreme court of the land and they need to be fully staffed " grassley says his role on the judiciary committee would be to begin the process of looking at a nominee's qualificatitis and he made no promises without seeing what the president would do first. " whether we consent or don't consent... we're still following the constitution "
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republicans have indicated a reluctanan to take up a supreme court nominee approved 320 other the president. 29 years ago, , nator grassley did vote to approve the nomination of anthony kennedy to the high court in president reagan's final year in office. but he argued that nomination process had actually started the year before and shouldn't be compared to the current situation. live in marengo, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. turning to the weather, meteorologist joe winters joins us. joe, people are liking these mild temperatures. more clouds than sunshine
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the remainder of the week, but is does come with a warmup. overnight, if we see any clearing, some fog could develop, although that looks like a slight chance at this point. highs start in the lower 30s wednesday with 40s and 50s ahead for thursday and friday. friday's warmth will be teered a bit by windy conditions. enjoy a dry and quiet weather pattern right into the weekend. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 17-23 winds: nw 5-10tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 29-35 winds: se 5-10 back to you. university of iowa police just released a picture of a man they say videotaped a woman taking a shower in a dorm. police say when the woman confronted the man last night in burge
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the suspect hiding in a batatoom, but the man got away when he picture of that suspect. if you have any iowa police. the e dar rapids school district and an abatement to being sued for asbestos removal. today, the state's environmental protection cases to the state attorney general's office, which will determine whether to pursue legal action. this all follows asbestos removal at cedar rapids washington high school last summer. the project's contractor was "abatement specialties". asbestos served as insulation, and exposure to that material can cause cancer. inspections by iowa's department of natural resources found highehe than permititd asbestos air levels outside the work containment area. the d-n-r says more than 100 construction workers and an unknown number of students and staff were in the s sool at the time.
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contractor and school are liable for failure to remove all regulated asbestos containing material prior to demolitioio.. failure to keep all regulated asbestos containing material adequately wet... and failure to seal all asbestos containing material in leak-tigig contntners. kcrg t-v nine's forrest saunders was at the hearing today in des moines and joins us live. forrest, how is the district feeling? the words both the district and contractor have been using... disappointed. on the other hand, the many construction workers who helped renovate washington high school, concerned about expose, will tell you something totally different. geoff walker was one of thehe more than 20 wash construction workers who showed up at tuesday's epc meeting. not much makes this
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cry. but, thinking about posure to asbestos got him choked up. "i definitely worry about my health. i worry about my kids because i took it home with me."that concern became elation. commissioners unanimously agreed to bring the attorney general in on both cases. "the system is working because we were all afraid that it was going to be brushed underneath the carpet." abatement specialties declined comment on the ruling other than to say they were disappointed and will continue fighting. the cedar rapids school district echoed that. superintendent brad buck said going forward he stands by the belief the district did all it could. "we worked hard with the dnr when they made issues known to us. we worked hard to be responsive. they asked us to shut down the site. we did the very next day. i think we've tried to work hard with the safety of our students and families and everyone in mind."commissioners spent more than two hours listening to public comment and testimony from all three groups.
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abatement specialties. after all that, the epc's chair said she was confident in her decision. "our job was to say we're there violations to either the removal, or requirededemoval abatement of asbestos. not to decide who was at fault, but was there a problem and my vote was yes."the attorney general's office will now review the evidence collected by the dnr and determine whether or not to pursue a civil lawsuit. a spokesman with the office said that could take months or years. what is certain, the penalties could be harsh. the ag'g'office tells us the fine cap per day is $10,000 per violation. ultimately, if the case is brought to trial, the judge has the final word on that. in des moines, forrest saunders, kcrg-tv9 news. in a kcrg t-v nine update... no charges will be filed in a shooting, becacae the shooter was a juvenile who believed he was acting in self defense. that's according to the linn county attorney's
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sheriff's deputies responded to 1414 sisley grove roo northwest the morning of february 6th. they found 44 year old his home. he's since been released from the hospital and declined to file charges. the monroe county sheriff's office arrested a 30 year old man they say sexually abused a 2 and half month old girl. justin stickrod is charged with first degree sexual abuse and child endangerment. he's currently being held in the monroe county y il on a 68 thousand dollar bond. the albia police department is assisting the sheriff's office with the investigation, which started february 4 4. the sheriff says the baby is recovering. the cedar rapids parks and recreation department is planning to close the ambroz recreation center this fall.
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all of its programs to the city's new northwest recreation center. the new center will be completely a-d-a compliant. the parks and rec director says it's easier to move the progogms and close ambroz then to deal with renovation complications. "we look at the assets and strengths of that as a facility, and the deficiencies of the antique that's over at ambroz, that beautiful little building, and you know we could really do a lot better with the programs we offer by relocating them to an accessible modern facility." the parks ananrec department is looking for alternative space to house some offices, music programs, and ceramics programs due to space and storage complications. a couplq of community buildings have already expressed interest in housing the programs. two new urgent care clinics will open this year in dubuque. unity point health finley hospital will open its west location at 2255 j-f-k road
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finley's convenient care inside the hospital will close. then in october, the east location will open at 1550 university avenue. that's the current site of finley's babka center. the clinics will be open from 8 a-m to 8 p-m every day, including holidays. changes could soon come at coralville lake that could ultimately pact boats on the water. up next we look at the plan officials are considering and how it involves boat traffic and future dock placement. stay with tv9.
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recent concerns surrounding boat congestion on coralville lake. officials spent the last summer studying boat traffic to try and address safety concerns. right now the corps is modifying the lake's shoreline management plan. the plan basically states where people can put things like beaches, docks, and steps. the corps of engineers says it wants to keep better track of where people are putting in docks... ......o prevent boat traffff from saturating the lake. kcrg t-v nine's mark carlson reports on how the new regulations could affect boaters. "the u-s army corps of engineers spent much of last summer monitoring the lake seeing just how many boats are outhere. " the corps new shoreline plan really lays out where new docks can and can't go. . is is the first time they've updated this plan since 1981. this shouldn't impact existing docks, but moving forward they really want to tighten up that zoning, which could
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water in the future. this plan will make it nearly impossible for someone to try and open a new marina. the bottom line is they don't want many more boats out on the water, they sasa it's gotten very crowded in recent years and this is a matter of public safety and that's why the spent so much time studying it. "we're pretty much at our carrying capacity, we have probably close to 700 boats on the water at any given time with the three marinas and private docks. " this study didn't come at much of a cososto the corps as theyey used many of their own resources. this thursday night they will hold a public meeting here at coralville lake to discuss in detail. in johnson county, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. still ahead, we share the three e high school students nominated for this week's athlete of the week. and hear about a local high school wrestling team that's expected to do well at this week's state tournament. stay witityour 24 hour news
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more clouds than sunshine dominate the weather for the remainder of the week, but is does come with a warmup. overnight, if we see
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fog could develop, although that looks like a slight chance at this point. highs start in the lower 30s wednesday with 40s and 50s ahead for thursday and friday. friday's warmth will be tempered a bit by windy conditions. enjoy a dry and quiet weather pattern right into the weekend. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 17-23 winds: nw 5-10tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 29-35 winds: se 5-10tomorrow night: partly cloudy low: 20-26 winds: se 5-15thursday: mostly cloudy, milder high: 45 - low: 23 friday: p/cloudy, windnd mild high: 55 - low: 45 saturday: mostly sunny, mild high: 54 - low: 37 sunday: partly cloudy high: 49 - low: 32 monday: partly cloudy high: 40 - low: 29 tuesday:
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tomorrow in des moines with the dual chamonships . josh has more on one of the favavites. the state wrestling tournament is a time where alburnett has dominated over the years. this year is a little different for the pites with a new head coach ininlayton rush, but the tradition hasn't changed. "one thing that really draws me in is there experience down there. experience is real important, especially at this level. and d th these guys having the experience at the dual state level and then the the traditional tournament, doing well in the past, i think it does nothing but benefit these guys." "have you had to ask the wstlers what to expect?" "i haven't had to ask, but they keep telling me. so they keep feeding me information, which is very helpful." tomorrow for the team duals tournament, alburnett has a tough road to a championship starting with westwood sloan, then a possbile match h th don bosco in the semi-finals and then a chance to face lisbon in the championship. the pirates lost to lisbon twice
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season. "we want them real bad. it'd be awesome getting them right away just so we know for sure we'll get them. but we'll go over there and we'll get them." "i've been there all four years and it's our sixth straight, so it's really exciting. we're hoping to gogout on top in duals just to prove everyone that we really are good dual team, even with our two open weights." in the traditional tournament, alburnett had one state champion in bryce paul, he'll wrestle for a 160 title. the pirates did win the team title and are ready to defend it. "dating back to last year, i knew i was pretty confident going in. same this year, same mindset. i'm pretty confident that i'm the best in thh weight class, so i think i can get it done again." in alburnett, josh christensen tv9 sports the interview process is underway for a new athletic director at uni. minnesota state ad kevin buys-man was on campus today. they interviewed montana state ad peter fields yesterday and they will have one more finalist in cedar falls tomorrow. the 13th ranked cyclones will
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tonight against the 25th ranked baylor bears. it could be a special night for iowa state forward george niang who needs just 4 points to move ahead of fred hoiberg to third on the schools all- just 10 points to hit the 2,000 point milestone. he is going to be third leading scorer and he will shoot fred a text after that game after a win and say that sorry i passed you. both those guys and what they did for this school is incredible. to score 2,000 pounds in college basketball is a remarkable acheivment that is not many that has done it. sot :25 oc: "not many that has done it " and finally we have three new finalist for the kcrg tv-9 athlete of the week sponsored by cedar rapids toyota. all basketball this week. cordell pemsl from dubuque wahlert who won averaged 22.2 and is the school's all-time leading scorer. athlete number 2 is eli gingerich of ims who is averaging 17.7
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assist, blocks and steals with 77. athlete number 3 is beau klosterman of linn-mar who had a game high 26 points against prairie and is shooting over 48 percent from behind the arc. to vote go to i will feature the winner thursday night at 10:00.
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school made changes to how they're teaching their kindergarten students. tonight at 10, we'll show you how those students benefited from it. and now to first alert storm team meteorologis
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forecast. more clouds than sunshine dominate the weweher for the remainder of the week, but is does come with a warmup. overnight, if we see any clearing, some fog could develop, although that looks like a slight chance at this point. highs start in the lower 30s wednesday with 40s and 50s ahead for thursday and friday. friday's warmth will be tempered a bit by windy conditions. enjoy a dry and quiet weather pattern right into the weekend. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 17-23 winds: nw 5-10tomorrow: mostly
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