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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 21, 2016 7:00am-8:00am CST

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the people of south carolina. >> his big sweep in back-to-back primaries. gaining momentum. is he unstoppable? even the mysterious melania weighing in. >> he will be the best president. >> and the tight fight for second place -- marco rubio's razor-thin win oveveted cruz. as it's lights out for jeb bush. >> so tonight, i am suspending my campaign. plus, hillary clinton's vegas victory. intense campaigning in nevada paying off. >> the fight goes on! the future that we want is within our grasp! >> but bernie sanders a strong second, and looking ahead. tuesday. thank you! this morning. also breaking overnight. >> shots fired, one confirmed victim right now. a gunman spraying bullets >> this is your worst nightmare, where you have somebody just driving around randomly killing
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the city o olockdown. a suspect now under arrest. what was his motive? hey, good morning, everybody. we start with the big breaking political news. a decisive victory for donald trump. is he now inevitable? >> here they are. we're talking about those numbers out of the south carolina republican primary. look at that. trump ten points ahead of his nearest rivals, marco rubio and ted cruz. overnit, trump took to the stage to celebrate his win. his family, you can see, arrayed behind him. meanwhile, a different kind of night for jeb bush. the clearly crest fallen candidate bowing out after a fourth place finish. >> we do have big develoloents on the democratic side as well. hillary clinton pulls out a five-point win over bernie sanders in nevada. celebrating with a late-night rally in texas. meantime, sanders vowing to fight on. we have team coverage this morning.
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with tom llamas. hi, tom. >> reporter: paula, good morning. donald trump last night said he would be happy if he won by one vote. he won but much more than that. proving his movement is more than just massive rallies and sound bites. there are real votes there. fewer candidates. and one who says he seea path to beat trump. he's done it again. donald trump taking the south carolina primary. now, a back-to-back winner in the gop race for president. >> i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. this is a special state. >> reporter: the yankee billionaire winning down south. voters sticking with trump. >> there is nothing easy about running for president. i can tell you. it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean. it's vicious. it's beautiful. >> reporter: the trump family there on the victory stage. melania leading the charge for the next contest.
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and we are going ahead to nevada. and we will see what happens. he will be the best president. >> reporter: and the other big headline. jeb bush. a one-e-me front-runner. an heir to a republican dynasty, dropping out of the race. >> and so tonight, i'm suspending my campaign. >> reporter: the former florida governor, joined by his famimi. his wife, like jeb himself, e moek nal on that stage. bush leaving the race with this advice for his party. and a subtle jab at trump. >> i firmly lieve the american people must entrust this office to someone who understands that whoever holds it is a servant. not the master. >> reporter: senator marco rubio hoping jeb supporters turn towards him. rubio finishing second in a razozothin victory over senator ted cruz. the rubio campaign banking on momentum from this primary lifts
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>> history will say on this night in south carolina, we took the first step forward in the beginning of a new american century. >> reporter: and trump may have an ace up his sleeve. a nevada surprise. the addition of more trumps. >> ivanka. we have a hospital ready just in case. and south carolina, we're going to have a baby, there's nothing wrong with that, right? so -- could be any second. it could be before i'm finished. >> reporter: and overnight, no breaking news in the trump family world. ivanka still has not delivered. donald trump waiting on the grandchild. kasich. he's still in the race. he wasn't here last night. he's hoping the midwest primaries boost his campaign. dr. ben carson who has performed poorly so far in all three contests vowing to stay if the race. paula and dan?
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let's bring in matt dowd. good morning. >> good morning, dan. >> what, if anything, stands between donald trump and the nomination? >> i think that right now the only trump is in a dominant position. two thin can bring him down. they have to operate simultaneously. somebody has to catch fire. do better than the mid 20s. whether it's marco rubio, ted cruz. possibly john kasich. the other thing is, donald trump won in spite of everything that happened last week, not because of. over time, are those weights o o hiss back that will push him down and push him down and push him down that he can't get over a certain limit on the ballot? i think those two things. right now, if you put your chips on the table, donald trump will be the republican nominee. >> so his fights with the pope, the whole nation of mexico. >> the entire state of south carolina, political state of south carolina. i think though he e n, it's an accumulative effect that could
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>> so the teflon could wear off. >> could wear off. >> let's talk marco rubio. there's news mitt romney may endorse. how important is that? and does rubio's path to the nomination look viable to you? >> i think the mitt romney thing is a good thing for marco rubio. it accumulates the establishment in his lane. he wants to build up enough so that basically he can become a one-on-one race with donald trump. the problem is ted cruz is still in this. he's doing ver well, especially among evangelicals and social conservatives. path. but where does he win? he's finished third, fifth, and second. he's not had a victory. it's open. demonstrate what's the first >> does the jeb bush development, a poignant scene overnight, does jeb bush bowing out, does that possibly help marco rubio? do his voters and funders go to rubio? >> his funders automatically go
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i don'n'think all the voters go to rubio. if you look at breakdown. some go to rubio. some go to trump, some go to cruz, some stay out of it. the interesting thing about jeb bush, the end of the dynasty, we haven't had a winning gop ticket in america that didn't have a bush or a nixon on it since 1928. >> fascinatingngit of perspective. this year may be different. matthew dowd, such a fluid and interesting race. let's go to paula for the democratic side. >> thank you, dan. let's jump into the democratic ring. hillary clinton is the big winner this morning. she edged out bernie sanders in nevada by a little over five points in what proved to be a tight contest. without overstating the obvious, though, this win was much-needed for clinton who lost badly in new hampshire. mary bruce joins us from las vegas this morning. good morning, mary. >> reporter: hi, paula. good morning. the clinton camp is feeling good this morning. after riding a wave of minority support here. it was neck and nene until the
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but ultimately, hillary clinton was dealt the winning hand she was hoping for. >> the fight goes on, the futurur that we want is within our grasp! >> reporter: cheers and a sigh of relief, as hilly clinton declared victory. >> some may have doubted us s t we never doubted each other. [ cheers and applause ] and -- this one's for you. >> reporter: sanders coming in with a strong second. >> and now it's on to super tuesday. thank you! >> reporter: proving he can get solid support from minority voters. >> we have the momentum. we're going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united stas. [ cheers and applause ] [ chanting ] >> all: feel the burn. feel the burn. >> reporter: the candidates raced to appeal to uniyor worker
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>> everyone wants the union vote. we're a strong force. >> reporter: sanders making his case. as voters waited in line. >> thank you very much. thanks for coming out. >> reporter: the candidates crisscrossed from one site to the other. almost bumping into each other at this casino. >> thank you for everything. >> reporter: their battle so close, some precincts had to use a vegas-style tie breaker. a deck ocards. inton won this drawawith a 9 of clubs. in this case, what happens in vegas doesn't necessarily stay in vegas. hillary clinton is hoping to ride the wave of momentum to a big win in the next contest in south carolina. dan and paula? >> and after that, it's all about super tuesday, mary, thank you. we do want to continue the discussion on the democratic showdown. we want to bring in jojothan karl. thanks for taking a couple of moments out of your busy day. we want to first and foremost. exit polling shows clinton has serious issues. empathy. distrust. how does she repair that? if not, how vulnerable does she remain?
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south carolina. where every single public poll since the beginning of this campaign has h h her with a big, double-digit lead over bernie sanders. she's hoping back-to-back victories will put the memory of new hampshire way in her past. she does have significant vulnerabilities. not jususthe ones you mentionon. she still hasn't connected with young democrats. still overwhelmingly in the exit polls, the young vote, under 45, goes significantly overwhelmingly to bernie sanders. she needs to find a way to get that obama coalition back together. she hopes by racking up wins, she can start doing that. >> let me ask about sanders. he, as mary pointed d t, a strong showing against minority voters -- among minority voters. does he continue to have a shot at winning this nomination? >> he certainly has a shot. it's a aong shot. but he certainly has a shot.
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has the ability to stay in the race for a long time. you know, if you look at the way the democrats allocate their delegates, every state is proportional. while hillary clinton eked out a win, a significant but narrow win inevada, bernie sanders still compiles delegates. he'll continue to rack up delegates in every state he can come in a close second to hillary clinton. he can stay in this race for a long time. and, hillary clinton has shown weaknesses. we'll see what happens. >> jonathan karl. thank you for the xs and os. for the breakdown. have a great show. >> you got it. >> a remind john till be a part of a big editionon of abc's "this week." george stephanopoulos is talking with donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio. the eaking news out of michigan. this mug shot just into our news room of a suspect in a series of random shootings overnight in kalamazoo. policeceay the gunman was driving around, opening fire, and abc news' alex perez is on the ground and on the story. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan.
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out what triggered this rampage. investigators say the suspect randomly chose his victims and then shot them. >> shots fired. we have one confirmed victim rit now. >> reporter: overnrnht, a city gripped with fear after multiple shootings took place across kalamazoo, michigan. but now, residents waking up, knowing the suspect, jason dalton, is in custody. the shooting spree spanning 13 miles at three locations. the first, this parking lot, where a woman walking to her car suspect reportedly drove by in a chevrolet hhr. her car, a few feet away, her terrified children. >> this is your worst nightmare. driving around, randomly killing people. >> reporter: then the 45-year-old white male headed to this car dealership, firing g f several shots, hitting two people. a father and son sitting in their car later confird dead. >> wn i got the call this evening, i was -- i was absolutely shocked by it.
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later, a third crime scene in a cracker barrel restaurant parking lot. shots rang out, hitting two separate cars filled with people. according to reports, there were two other shooting locations at an intersection near the restaurant. >> the threat to the public is over. with we know this is our suspect. he's in custody. >> reporter: investigators now working on a motive.e. the suspect is expected to face mumuer charges. paula? >> our thoughts and prayers go out to the good people of michigan, alex. thank you. we want to bring in jeff hadley. the chief of the kalalazoo department of publbl safety. first and foremost, chief hadley, we want to say our condolences the people of kalamazoo. thank you for joining us this morning. first and foremost. >> thank you. >> i know that the first attack, there were three separate crime scenes. the first attack happened at 6:00. that suspect was then apprehended about 6 1/2 hours later. can you give us aa sesee of what happened i ithe 6 1/2 hoururockdown? >> yes, ma'am.
7:14 am
t in the county around 5:30, this evening, you know, we -- kalamazoo county sheriff's department, it was their investigation. they treated it as a single, isolated incident. put out suspect information, things of that nature. it wasn't until the second event happened about 10:00 yesterday evening. then subsequently, quickly thereafter, about 20, 25 minutes later, the third event at the cracker barrel out in the county, a different part of the county, that we were able to kind of string those three things together. the suspect was quickly apprehended in downtown kalamazoo. >> chief hadley. the suspect has been named. his name is jason dalton. 45 years old. he's in custody. how certain are you that there were no accomplices? >> we're fairly certain at this point. obviously, the investigation continues. we're trying to piece it all together. obviously, a lot of it doesn't make sense to us or anyone else for that matter.
7:15 am
random acts of violence. none of the victims knew each other nor did they know the suspect, that we know of. and so, it's as baffling to us as it is to everyone else. >> it does sound completely random. did this suspect, jason dalton, have any kind of record, to your knowledge? >> not to my knowledge. no criminal history. no involvements with us or any other police agency in the county that we know of. not in our record system. so this is a complete surprise as far as i'm concerned. >> i kno it's very early into the investigigion. any sense that this particular individual was mentally unstable? >> we don't have any indication of@that at this point. obviously, someone that's going to go out and commit these type of crimes s succession, like hehe did, obviously calls to question somebody's mental capacities. as of this time, we don't know of any history with him specifically in terms of him being a mental health consumerer
7:16 am
scenes. three separate crime scenes over a course of about 4 1/2 hours, 13 miles apart. you truly believe this was completely random? >> truly believe it was completely random. >> chief hadley. thank you for joining us. our thoughts and prasers to the best of luck in your investigation. >> thank you. >> a horrifying and mystifying seri of events there. our thanks to him. let's turn to the weather, and indra, who is in for rob marciano. indra, what's popping? >> flooding. that will be the big story over the next c cple of days. video out of sparta, illinois. three inches of rain. in a short period of time. we know what happens. look at this. look at the map. look at the visories. we're seeing the advisories extending from west virginia, through d.c., even from there, the story extends farther down to the south.
7:17 am
south. the 2 to 4 inches. widespread, heavy rain. we need to spin it. therers an upside. it's not snow. it's rain. so yes, it's the weekend. it will still be warm for about a dby or so. each day gets a little bit cooler. as we go through the weekend, notice the change as you talk about places like oklahoma city. a good 20-degree temperature drop. it's cool somewhere. where is it warm? on the west coast.temperatures this morning start offn the 30s, slightly cooler than yesterday morning. a cold front is dipping down from the northwest, which will bring cooler temperatures today and the chance of a few snowflakes this morning and a few raindrops later this afternoon as our high temperatures make above freezing, but only into the low 40s. winds today will be out of the north due to the front at 5 to 10 mph. tonight skies will remain cloudy and lows drop into the middle 20s. mondd will be partly cloudy with highs topping out in the upper >> please tell me you went out yesterday. it was good for the soul. didn't it just feel good? >> i don't know.
7:18 am
i was out all day. >> i hear it was nice. >> it was beautiful. i heard it from indra. so i went tside. >> excxclent. that's the way i like it. >> did you take your couch outside? >> the weather in my living room was perfect. thank you, indra. >> anytime. a lot of other news. the headlines with ron. what's going on? >> hey, dan and paula. sara. indra. good morning, everyone. inspectors now trying to figure out what caused a terrifying accident at a west virginia ski resort. more than two dozen people fell from a ski resort at the timberline resort. at least 100 skiers dangled trapped. no one was seriously injured. to breaking news overseas in syria. dozens of people have been killed in twin bomb blasts in the city of homs. the deadly attack comes just as john kerry announces a provisional agreement in principle for a cease-fire in the war that's ravaged that country. and antonin scalia was laid
7:19 am
his cloak-draped casket given high catholic honors at mass celebrated by his son, a priest, father powell scalia. vice president joe biden among the people who packed the basilica. and in fiji, t t death toll is climbing after the most powerful cyclone on record. of the southern hemisphere ripped through that island chain. at least three people we killed. hundreds of homes destroyed as people sheltered from winds up to 177 miles an hour. look at this dramatic rescue in the rough waters off of washington state. coast guard officials recusing three surfers. one of them holding on to a surfboard. being pulled by the strong currents there. they're all okay. and finally, steve harvey is left stunned during "family feud" when he posed this question to a husband just once. what would you like to tell your wife? that she's what? check it out. >> i'm going to get in a lot of trouble for thjs. she's fat. >> she's pregnant with your child.
7:20 am
>> i understand now. >> good luck back at the house. fat! >> how about that? he got the answer right. but there is a reason they call this "family feud." they left together. >> you ask your husband, be truthful, does this make me look fat? don't ever be truthful. >> he was trying to win money. >> she's pregnant. like, she's pregnant. >> i get it, i get it. >> never okay. >> i've never seen all of your guys' mouths drop simultaneously. >> that was one of the dumbest# things i have seen said on television. >> i mean, people, he was like, he -- he -- he -- >> they left together. >> clearly, that will be their only child, so. >> exactly. >> i feel bad for both of them. >> you feel bad for him? >> i do. >> he's put on the spot. >> poor guy. >> okay. >> we say stupid stuff when we're put on the spot every now and thth. >> not that stupid. boycotting beyonce. why some police groups across the country want no part of the
7:21 am
plus, our epic adventure. "gma" on safari. live, amy robach heading to one of the most beautiful places on the planet. she's ready to take you along. on a breathtaking journey. and eating etiquette. a question raised by "brooklyn." should you use a fork and spoon to twiwi your spaghetti? a top chef weighs in on the dining dilemma.
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temperatures this morning start off in the 30s, slightly cooler than yesterday morning. a cold front is dipping down from the northwest, which will bring cooler temperatures today and the chance of a few snowflakes this morning and a few raradrops later this afternoon as our high temperatures make above freezing, but only into the low 40s. winds
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norththue to the front at 5 to 10 mph. tonight skies will remain cloudy and lows drop into the middle 20s. mday will be partly cloudy with highs topping out in n e upper 30s and low 40s, keeping us just a few degrees
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welcome back to "gma" " a big morning in american politics. as both donald trump and hillary clinton win big in their
7:30 am
this is trump's second straight double-digit pmary win. as jeb bush, once considered the front-runner, announces he's suspending his campaign. also right now, a tragedy. at least six people are killed, includinina teenager, in a random shooting spree in kalamazoo county, michigan. the suspect, jason dalton, 45 years old, has been taken into custody. no word yet on authorities on a motive. in dallas, police now say they have hotel surveillance video of the alleged altercation between quarterback johnny manziel and his ex-girlfriend, colleen crowley. who told police manziel hit her and draggegeher into a car. officials say they have not decided on what charge, in any, will be filed against manziel. what an extraordinary fall from grace. >> a talented guy. a lot of questions about his future this morning.
7:31 am
"gma" on safari live. amy robach taking us on a tour of the garden of eden. in after -- africa. she'll join us live from tanzania. to explain the this unprecedented network tv event. first, the growing beyonce backlash. the singer getting grief for her controversial video for the song, formation. and for her performance at the super r wl halftime show eararer this month. >> some police unions are unhappy at what they see as her anti-cop message and are calling for a law enforcement boycott during her tour. eva pilgrim joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning, guys. the fallout from beyonce's super bowl performance is gaining ground. cops all across the country are refusing to go to her show. this morning, queen bey facing a police boycott of her upcoming tour, creating security questions. most venues depend on officers to volunteer for at least some of the security shifts.
7:32 am
calling for cops not to be on hand when her formation comes to their city. i got hot salsa >> reporter: the fraternal order of police e miami, where beyonce's tour kicks off, citing controversy over the star's super bowl halftime show. okay ladies now let's get in formation >> reporter: and taking a vote to suggest that all law enforcement officers boycott the april 26th ccert, claims she conveys an anti-police message. in her latest music video. >> reporter: despite the independent union leaders' calls, the miami police department reassuring fans it will have a sufficient number of police officers staffing this and every event that happens in our city. i might get your song played on the radio station >> reporter: but thedea of a beyonce strike may be catching on. the president of the nashville police union calling for a simir protest by thcops it
7:33 am
>> ultimately, we're asking the officers not to volunteer. >> reporter: in addition to miami and nashville, police unions in tampa also calling for some form of boycott when beyonce rolls into town, with houston, boston, and new york considering swearing off showing up when she comes to slay. i slay i slay i slay i slay beyonce >> reporter: not every police uniois ready to get in formation. in a statement to abc news, the e esident of the dallala police association writing our only focus at this time is reducing the recent surge in violent crime in dallas. we reached out to beyonce for comment. on the boycott. they're not issuing a comment this morning. >> interesting we're seeing movement against her in houston, her hometown. i see a little flower peeking through. does that meme spring's around the cornrn? >> i love this, yeah. actually, the flowers are confused out towards kansas city. they had temperatures three days in a row into the 70s.
7:34 am
it was a record for the area. wasn't it just so nice yesterday? the maps. temperatures in the midwest, a good 20 degrees above normal. out toward the east coast, yeah, about ten degrees above normal. that is changing. look at the jet stream. it's going to drop down low. let's look at it. we're talking one, two, and three lows. making their way through. heavy rain and flooding. that will be the new story. it's that guy. that's the one we're going to be watching very closely over the next several days. a huge change as we go back to work. of course, we're going to be talking about anototr storm bringing rain, snow, that wintry mix will be out there. here's the good news. right now, looks like the bulk of this staying out of the major cities. heavy rain for d.c., new york city.temperatures this morning start off in the 30s, slightly cooler than yesterday morning. a cold front is dipping down from the northwest, which will bring cooler temperatures today and the chance of a few snowflakes this morning
7:35 am
>> that one brought to you by trivago. it was nice on the weekend. if it's going to be bad, bring it during the week. all good. >> i'm worried about my tulips. already y arting to peek through. i feel like they're goininto die. >> i'm worried, too. >> i like that you have flowers. in new york city, where? >> i don't live in -- i live in the burbs. >> that's the key. >> i got kids. i got out of here. coming u u on "good morning america," "gma" on safari live. amy robach is in tanzania with a preview of the big event. good morning, amy. we love the hat. >> she looks so cute. >> thank you. i brought it especially for safari. goododorning, guys. we're herere we made to it the ngorongoro crater 30 minutes ago. and i'm not kidding. we left friday afternoon. from jfk. we just got here. have alreadydyad a couple of adventures. so much more to come. stay with us.
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and we're so excited to tell you about "gma" on safari live. it's an epic event with our own amy robach. it will feature the latest in virtual reality and drone
7:40 am
to transport all of our viewers. to a crater in tanzania. it's known as the garden of eden of afrfra. >> the visuals, however, are stunning. tuesday, for the first time in network history, you, the viewer, using you tablet or mobile ah device, you're going to be able to choose your own adventure. im-360 is our partner in this. amy robach joining us from tanzania with more. looking a little bit more like a better looking crocodile dundee. amy, good morning.g. >> you have to look the part. when you're here. >> i know. you wear it well. walk us through the moving parts that will makee this "gma" adventure so cool. >> first of all, and i believe you have said this. thisis the first ever live safari in the ngorongoro crater. on television. it's never been done before. we have a crew of 22. the drones. the im-360 camera.
7:41 am
bauds at home, you don't have to travel the 28 hours it took me totoet here. you can, from the comfort of your couch, go along with us. we'll be moving live in vehicles through the ngorongoro crater. there are about 25,000 animals in the crater. the great migration has begun. you can sit bt home and move with us. and see whatever you want to seeee with our 360 tececology. it is going g be spectacular. so, we're bringing safari to you. back there around the country. and, it's breathtaking. >> well, amy, we want to say thank you -- >> i want to also tell you. >> go ahead, hon. go ahead. >> all right. well, i was just going to say, ase were cing here, the trek from k kimanjaro to here, we made a stop. i want to show you quickly. we got to go to a refuge of sorts that saves and rescued orphaned animals. so much poaching here we'll be
7:42 am
next couple of days. i got to meet, with a very safe barrier in between me and these they're 1 1/2. they were not the cute, furry kind. they were ferocious. my heart was pounding, even though i had a steel door between me and them. it was really incredible just to see a wild animal. they're only going to be there for a couple of weeks. they're fattening them up. they're going to take them back to the wild and they'll flourish. i got to hold her. r name is ginger. she's going to be released as well. they saved her from being shipped off to the middle east. this is an incredible center. it saves so many animals. it's hoping to -- to prevent all of the atrocities committed across the country. you guys are ooh'ing and aah'ing. ginger is cute, isn't she? >> that's sara you hear. she's ooh'ing and aah'ing. >> it was the cat and you, amy.
7:43 am
amy, so jealous of your experience. appreciative of the message you're bringininhome. >> thanknkfor traveling 28 hours. >> thank you, guys. stay with us. keep watching. we're on monday and tuesday. it's going to be incredible. >> we're going to call it amy's adventure. she looks so cute. >> crocodile robach. coming up on "good morning america," now&whip up a healthy breakfast in just 6060econds. i'm skeptical. i don't think it can happen. 60 seconds? >> i believe it. >> that's a minute. seconds? >> i believe it. >> that's a minute. good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was importrtt, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me to lead the life that i want to live.
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who'll step up when things get tough? don't you want that kind of brain? a degree is a degree. you're gonna want someone like me.
7:46 am
this morning on "the weekend download." breakfkst. some restauran pack 1300 caries into one meal. there's a better way to start your day.
7:47 am
author of "zero belly diet." and abc nutrition and wellness editor dave zinczenko. what should you try to get in your breakfast? >> ask yourself three questions. where is my fat? where is my protein? where is my fiber? you could do that at a touch of a button after you turn the tv on with a smoothie. grab your blender. throw some healthy fat in there like avocados. throw some greens in there, some fruit for your fiber. and the next thing you know, you put in ice and unsweetened almond milk, you have a 200-calorie meal that tastes like dessert. and it's delicious. 6060econd nutrition. >> what if you want something more solid, more hearty to start your day? >> one thing you could do without cooking.g. you could go for something like overnight oats, which is a big, all the rage now. you just put oats in a bowl with some milk or water. you let it sit for the night. and the next morning, it's ready to go.
7:48 am
>> they're aweso. probabab the best, the most -- have the most nutrition per calorie. than any food on earth. you just want to make sure, ron, to eat the yolk. that's where all the good stuff is. >> davavzinczenko, thank youou for the tips on a healthy and hearty breakfast. back to you guys. sticking with the food theme. maybe not as healthy. the special breakfast sasawich that could be c cing to your mcdonald's, up ahead in "pop news." >> 200 calories?a surprise? shingles. and how it can hit you out of nowhere. i knowi had it. c'mon let's sit down and talk about it. and did you know that t e in three people w wl get shingles? (all) no. that's why i'm reminding people if you had chickenpox then the shingles virus is already inside you. (all) oooh. who's had chickenpox? scoot over. and look that nasty rash can pop up anywhere and the pain can be even worse than it looks. talk to your doctor or pharmacist.
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7:52 am
so, i'm going to filibuster because sara just put a huge amount of pasta into her mouth. i don't think she can do "pop news" for an in-depth period of time. >> i was doing a "pop news" investigation. i needed to taste the food first to make sure it was okay for you guys.
7:53 am
>> and bauds we love food, we're serving up some breakfast first. check out the chicken mcgriddle from mcdonald's. i'm sure the name mcgriddle gave it away. a fried chicken patty wedged in between two maple mcgriddles. in place of a regular n. this sandwich is so new, it's only being tested in a handful of locations in central ohio. if it's a success, it could be a across the country. >> i like it. >> you took a bite of it? >> were you not going to? yoguys are my taste-testers. >> i've been accused of not eating the food. >> it's like a big mcnugget.t. >> i want to see indra eat it. take a bite. >> now the pressure's on. >> eat it! >> she's from l.a. >> i do love chicken mcnuggets. i'm not going to lie. >> don't spit it in your napkin. >> you're doing it for work. >> it's like a chicken waffle. >> that's delicious. >> without the waffle. >> spicy, too. >> but that's suppos to be waffles. >> pancake, no?
7:54 am
>> it's sweet. >> waffles and pancakes are cousins. and now, because we love the "pop news" still eating. we're jumping ahead to dinner. because why nono and a pat that problem posed by the oscar-nominated movie "brooklyn," whensaoirse ronan'n' chchacter gets invited to >> how did you learn to eat spaghetti like that? >> i've been taking lessons. >> l@ssons? >> a class? >> the fork and spoon method n n raising a red sauce ruckus. so to spoon or not to spoon? that is the question. joining us is marc murphy. chef and owner of land mark in new york city and gray salt in tampa. >> yes. >> now, we have a question for you. you were born in milan. >> yes. >> what's up? >> when i came to america, i grew up in milan. i livered inn rome and i lived in genoa.
7:55 am
i never saw anybody eat pasta with a spoon. >> do like this and slurp it up? >> no, look, the side of the bowl is the spoon. why do you need a spoon? how are you going to drink your wine? with a spoon? >> let's just start. >> i havee never been. my name is murphy. i was born in italy. my mother is french. i grew up mostly in europe. i never saw people eat with a spoon until i came to america. >> are you silently judging us? >> a little bit. the worst thing is that at the restaurants. at landmark, we bring the spoon witht. >> yiu've never said a word. >> humor all the bad eaters. some say i don't'tike the sauce splashes. the nook takes care of that? >> you're not supposed to have too much sauce on it either. i find sometimes now, too much sauce on the pasta. pasta is about pasta. it's not about the sauce. it's a good ratio between the two. >> just for the record, your restaurants are amazing. and this bowl of pasta is amazing. thank you for coming on.
7:56 am
thank you for joining us this morning. appetizer next time. thank you for joining us this morning.meteoroloigst britley ritz is here with a quick check of your forecast.
7:57 am
shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan. it happed around midnight this morning. police say a 45-year-old man opened fire at three different locations including a cracker dealership, and an apartment complex. together why this happened. carolina have chosen donald trump as their choice for the republican nomination. trump lead the other candidates with 32 point 5 percent of the vote. was marco rubio with 22 point 5 percent. announced he was dropping out of the race. in the democratic nevada caucuses, hillary clinton, grabbed a big win over former secretary of state got 52 point 7 percent of the voter turnout. point 2 percent. those stories and much more are coming up in just a few minutes on the kcrg tv nine morning news. and be sure to check out kcrg dot-com for coverage
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning froro kcrg-tv9. is waking up with kcrg-tv9 it's here's what you need to know today. a lawsuit over eminent domain is yet another hurdle for the bakken oil pipeline. find out what the potential plaintiffs are alleging. seven are dead after a seemingly
8:00 am
shooting in michigan. we update you as authorities try to figure out what happened d nd why. plus, who won, lost and dropped out of the race south carolina primary and nevada caucus. from your 24 hour news source, this is the kcrg-tv9 saturday morning news. joining us. we begin with first alert storor team meteorologis t britley ritz. temperatures this morning start off in the 30s, slightly cooler than yesterday morning. a cold front is dipping down from the northwest, which will bring cooler tempmpatures today and the chance of a few snowflakes this morning and a few raindrops later this afternoon as our high temperatures make above freezing, but only into the low 40s. winds


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