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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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shows just 228 tickets for texting while driving were written in 2014 city police say people who use their cell phone behind the wheel are much more likely to be involved in a crash. sergeant scott gaarde says he hopes lawmakers will make tightening the laws a priority next time around. "it's one of those type of laws that eventually the laws will catch up with the technology, so i'm assuming the laws will be addressed in a more direct fashion." for now, iowa will remain one of just five states that lists texting while driving as a secondary offense. in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. 41 states list texting while driving as a primary offense. four states have no law at all. the dubuque police department wants to invest in a study of its traffic stops based on race.
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dollars to study potential racial disparities associated with traffic stops. the department does not believe it's doing anything wrong, but wants to be able to provide citizens with hard data. other cities in iowa have done this kind of study. "we try to be as transparent as possible. we've always given our data freely but when you put out this data, you have to have some sort of discussion with it, because there are too many variables that don't get accounted for just in straight data." even though the hearing is tonight, voting on the plan will not take place until march. meteorologist joe winters joins us now. joe, this mild weather just keeps going. february is on track to end on a tranquil note and at this point it looks like march may come in like a lamb next week. an area of low pressure moves to our south tomorrow keeping precipitation to our east. we are in for a gradual cool-down through the week dropping highs by thursday into the middle 30s.
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wednesday and thursday before some milder weather returns for the start of the weekend. have a great night. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 24-30 winds: light etomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 40-46 winds: e 5-10 back to you. some linn-mar high school parents have complaints about an assistant football coach, and they've filed them with the iowa board of educational examiners. the parents say matt casebolt has been verbally, mentally, emotionally, and physically abusing players. the parents also filed complaints with the state against the district's athletic director and head coach, who both oversee casebolt. this all started in december when parents from four families took concerns to the linn mar high school principal. the district spent more than a month investigating and interviewing dozens of people before dismissing the abuse claims. the spokesperson for the parents, mark henrichs
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" our complaints were dismissed. we believe there's evidence that we provided that these are not incidents that should have been dismissed in the manner that they were." the board of examiners said its next step typically is to review the claims and determine if they meet the criteria for assigning an investigator. baby registries can be overwhelming , time consuming, and expensive for expectant parents. there are blogs and so- called experts everywhere a person turns online touting a certain kind of pacifier or wipe warmer. one of the top fears expectant parents have is: cost. kcrg-tv9's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann joins us now from a store. katie, you're expecting your second baby this spring. how difficult is figuring out what you'll need for a baby? yes and it's amazing how you forget and how much can change in just four short years. looking around the baby section
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going to be overwhelming . do you need this? do you not need this? and online baby needs lists can be even worse. this is the list i found online of basic needs for baby it's four pages long. so we talked to some real moms and experts about what you really do need and what baby can live without. among this group of new moms, there's a long list of things they once thought they'd need for their babies, but now say were a total waste of money. "we had so many bibs, and i don't think he ever wore one of them. " "they don't like getting changed, period. so a wipes warmer is kind of pointless. " another big thing on that list of pointless items, these moms say, are bottle warmers. "i was like, why don't i use my keurig and it worked. " still there are some items, they say, they wouldn't have survived the first few months without. "i could not live without our little activity gym when he was little. i could just put him under that thing and he'd be
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hours.. " and they say, a boppy billow or something similar, is the ultimate life saver for a busy mom. "if you have to go and do something and they get on it and then they're not moving. " across town, inside steve's ace hardware, sara carpenter runs "sprout" a small boutique for babies. she sells the baby basics, along with some of those products parents didn't know they need. like this parent power booger sucker thing.... "so it actually sucks boogers? yes! gross! with your mouth! what? ahhh! " carpenter says these fly off the shelf, simply because they work. "as disgusting as that is, the relief you see on your baby's face when you get that out of them. you can't use a lot of medications on babies, this is a great solution. " one brand new product carpenter says parents are loving is this thermometer. the parent places this sensor on the baby. through an app, that info sinks to your cell phone.
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parent who doesn't want to go into the baby's room in the middle of the night. stick the thermometer under the mouth or under the arm pit and wake the baby. " but that convenience comes with a price, not all parents can afford. "yeah, 69 bucks. " on the less expensive side, carpenter says swaddle blankets for baby are a must. "one of my favorite go to gifts is the swaddle blankets. i tend to prefer the bamboo ones, if you feel it they are so soft. " beyond how it feels, carpenter says the key to a good swaddle blanket is it's size. "literally having enough width that you can shrink it down if you need to. " when washing those blankets or any baby clothes, she says don't be that you need all natural laundry detergent. my kids have extremely dreft. " products the typical store brands do the trick. there are a lot of unknowns about the car seat. for instance, carpenter, who's
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installing car seats, says parents can skip buying an infant car seat and start with a convertible seat. "with the convertible seat, the same young 5 pound baby can go into this seat right away, but they can stay in there until they're 40 pounds. " as for these moms, safety is the most important thing. but saving money and time sure helps. especially in those precious first few months when all they really want to do is love their babies. the moms say the best way to save money is by ignoring those online baby registry lists and simply been there done share their top ten list of what baby really needs. that list is along with this
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live in dubuque katie wiedemann, kcrg tv-9 news. some cedar rapids senior citizens are smiling a little brighter today, thanks to the university of iowa's college of dentistry. the geriatric mobile dental unit provides cleanings every six months and full checkups yearly for seniors. the unit goes to facilities like living center west in cedar rapids to treat people who can't otherwise see dentists. the director of the university's geriatric and special needs program oversees the senior dental students who work on the patients. "oral care is very important to the systemic health of the patients. they need nutrition as well as how the oral care effects their heart: potential stroke, aspiration pneumonia. very very important for a resident to have good oral care." the unit serves eleven facilities in eastern iowa. the university has been doing this for more than 35 years. utility bills could soon get a little higher for
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thew city could base a fee on the size of the properties and how much storm water run-off they have. stay with kcrg t-v nine. large cedar rapids commercial
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owners could soon pay quite a bit more for storm water utility fees. the city wants to change fees so property owners with large buildings and parking lots that have more water runoff will have to pay more. but there are ways to cut costs
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commercial property owners are taking notice. kcrg-tv9's dave franzman joins us from the physicians clinic of iowa. dave, p-c-i did something with its new building a few years ago that will pay off for them. bruce, owners designed the parking lots of this three-year-old medical complex to keep rainwater on the property. for example, the water from several lots drains into this catchment basin when pipes and soaks into the soil...not the city's storm water system. around the edge of the main parking lots, there's a strip of slightly rougher-looking asphalt. it's permeable asphalt that allows water to soak in instead of running off. the city of cedar rapids is proposing a new storm sewer fee system that bills
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runoff goes into storm sewers, not just the size of the property. installing "green" features like this could earn p-c-i up to 25 percent off the new, higher fees. "the fact the city is making this change... our planning ahead of time bodes well with this change..." owners of the largest commercial properties, with the largest amount of runoff... could see rates from a flat 31-hundred dollars a year to as much as 46-thousand. some of those owners met with city staffers today to look at changes and ways to cut those bills. the city is proposing to phase in the new storm water fees over five years so there wouldn't be a sudden, one year increase. and the city is also discussing more ways for the large, commercial owners to earn credits to cut storm sewer fees even more. live in cedar rapids, dave
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still ahead we'll take you to the great outdoors for another edition of john's big ol' fish. fell today in the latest associated press poll. stay with your 24 hour news
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a tranquil note and at may come in like a lamb next week. an area of low pressure moves to our south tomorrow keeping precipitation to our east. we are in for a gradual cool-down through the week dropping highs by thursday into the middle 30s. winds pick up a bit on wednesday and thursday before some milder weather returns for the start of the weekend. have a great night. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 24-30 nds: light etomorrowowmostly cloudy high: 40-46 winds: e 5-10tomorrow night: mostly cloudy low: 25-31
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cloudy, windy high: 39 - low: 28 thursday: mostly cloudy, windy high: 36 - low: 25 low: 22 saturday: mostly sunny high: 49 - low: 29 sunday: mostly cloudy high: 40 - low: 30 monday: partly cloudy high: 35 -
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we are getting ready for on iowa live in just a few minutes over on kcrg 9.2. we have another great show tonight. jess will be back to talk about the hawkeyes who dropped for 8th in today ap poll. iowa coming off the loss at penn state is stiti tied for first place with indiana in the loss column at 11- 3.. the hawks have had a the badgers this wednesday night at carver. "it was not one area that i felt we were deficient. you want to go back and work on everything that you do and try to get better in every one of those areas, and that's what we tried to do. the next four games are all against really good teams, so hopefully
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recently. we're close, but i think our defense has to get b bter." trt :26 oc: "...defense hahato get better." ap poll today. the cyclones coming off the 92-83 win over tcu will be back in action again tonight on the roadadt west virginia on big monday with an 8:00 oclock tip.. an coach prohm says he expects jameel mckay to play tonight and they wilneed him. the 2nd ranked iowa wrestling team will be back in action tonight hosting third ranked north carolina state in national dual series. we have to get ready for a style that we are going to have to deal with penn state and as we get to new york that leg riding is what i am talking about and we have to be ready bubumore importantly we have to be ready to wrestle
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sot :25 oc: "wrestle our own matches " and finally it's monday time for another edition of john's big ole fish. leading things off is wade yoder who continues to out fish his dad. ed messimer took a brief detour to hog heaven some night fishii paid big dividends fro herb alford. another fun day of fishing with granpa jack lechty for ryan and rile marten. how about the three musketeers. khloee, gabe and wilfred froehle. now it is kim froehle with agreat looking blue gill.. louis has a nice bassss and thisiss sammy with her first keeper bass. philip payne holds up some slab crappies he nailed in a farm pond near tama. and taking us home is jay colbec and his 24 inch walleye. with all my fishing friends, this is john campbell reporting.
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thanks, scott.
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am meteorologis the oscarsrsare sunday here on kcrg-tv9 and you can try your hand at picking the winners. click on "movie madness" on our website. you can even compete against the tv9 anchors. then watch the oscars at 7 sunday evening on kcrg. and now to first alert storm
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t joe winters for your final forecast. february is on track to end on a tranquil note and at this point it looks like march may come in n ke a lambmbext week. an area ofofow pressure moves to our south tomorrow keeping precipitation to our east. we are in for a gradual cool-down through the week dropping highs by thursday into the middle 30s. winds pick up a bit on wednesday and thursday before some milder weather returns for the startf the weekend. have a great ninit. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 24-30 winds: light etomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 40-46 winds: e 5-10 thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 6. we hope you'll be with us again
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ooh, more details about the new star trek film. there's going to be a scene depicting spock's birth. i'd be more interested in a scene depicting spock's conception. oh, please. for vulcans, mating-- or if you will, pon fahr-- it's an extremely private matter. still, i'd like to know the detailil his mother was human. his father was vulcan. they couldn't just conceive. maybe they had to go to a clinic.
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with a copy of pointy ears and shapely rears? how come on star trek, everybody's private parts are the same? no alien lady ever told captain kirk, "hey, get your thing out of my nose." (knockt door) hi. can you help me? i was writing an e-mail and the "a" key got stuck. now it's just going "aaa..." what'd you spill on it? nothing. diet coke. and yogurt. and a little nail polish. i'll take a look at it. gentlemen, switching to local nerd news-- fishman, chen, chaudury and mcnair aren't fielding a team ininhe university physics bowl this year.r. you're kidding. why not? they formed a barbershop quartet and got a gig playing knott's berry farm. wow, so in your world, you're like the cool guys. recognize. (chuckling): this is our year.


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