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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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c-p-r. emergency responders took lawrence to allen hospital in waterloo where he was pronounced dead. kcrg t-v nine's dave franzman joins us live tonight from the black hawk county sheriff's office. dave, people who knew lawrence are remembering his role in the community? the president of the waterloo n-a-a-c-p chapter remembered lawrence well. what she was rememeering today wawa his commitment both to community action and also helping those he came in contact with as a probation officer. investigators say lawrence dropped a 38 calibre derringer pistol as he got out of the car in this driveway. it fired striking him once in the lele. a family memberrerformed c-p-r but lawrence was pronounced dead at the hospital. the waterloo naacp leader called the accident a loss for the whole community.
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he valued. working with clients and helping them to reenter the community was one of his goals. " family members confirmed lawrence was a correctional officer working with people on probation. he had worked out of waterloo but some time ago transferred to cedar rapids. one long time friend of his father remembered lawrenen. " i knew him just grorong up and trying to get a job. he was a good kid and just needed a break in life" the handgun lawrence dropped would have looked like this larger- calibre derringer model on display at a waterloo gun show. modern handguns have safety features including a metal bar, that would work to prevenena discharge when a weapon is dropped. " it would be the worst case scenario to have it hit on the back of the hammer hard enough to shove it forward " a sheriri's office commandee says lawrence had a permit to carry a
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the black county county medical examiner ruled the death an accident. live i iwaterloo, dave franznzn kcrg tv9 news. the centers for disease control ranks unintentional injury as the fourth leading cause of death in the u-s. it estimates more than 130-thousand people die each year from unintentional injuries. in 2013, 505 people died because of firearms discharging accidentally. that's the most recent year that data are available. the iowa supreme court today upheld a decision to dismiss part of a former d-c-i agent's lawsuit claiming he was filed for reporting the governor's car speeding. the department of criminal investigation placed larry hedlund on administrative leave in 2013. it happened two days after he reported an s-u-v carrying iowa governor terry branstad and lieutenant governor
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speeding on highway 20. this is dashcam video from that day. part of hedlund's lawsuit says he was improperly fired for doing his job. a district court dismissed that part of the lawsuit, saying it was filed after the 30-day appeal limit. today, the iowa supreme court upheld that decision. however, the court decided he can continue with other parts of his lawsuit. a waterloo man serving 100 years for drug and gun charges will likely have his sentence reduced after a decision by the iowa supreme court. the waterloo cedar-falls courier reports the court today struck down firearms charges thatt added prison time for donald reed. waterloo police searched his home on 13-20 randolph street in waterloo in april 2012, finding 27 grams of crack in a bedroom and a gun in another room. the court decided there wasn't enough evidence to link reed as the gun's owner, so they struck down the gun charge. howevev, the court upheld his original drug charge,
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district court for resentencing. let's turn now to meteorologist justin gehrts who's live in downtown cedar rapids. justin, we're heading into a very nice weekend? a fantastic weekend is ahead of us, especially saturday! skies clear out tonight as lows fall to the upppp 20s. tomorrow's looking sunny and mild with a gentle southwest breeze, boosting our highs well into the 50s. more clouds arrive on sunday, but it'll still be mild with highs staying in the 50s. monday looks to be a continuation of the quiet weather with partial sunshine ananhighs in the lower 50s. after that, our weather turns a bit complicated as a storm system passes through the central us. at this point, it brings a chance of rain/snow on tuesday, but how high the odds are, and how much, remains
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this point. it will be turning cooler throughout t xt week, though.tonight: m mtly clear low: 25-31 winds: sw 5-10 alo: 27 dbq: 26 iow: 30 bruce and beth... top high school students can now attend the university of iowa before they finish high school. this week the state regents approved the martin and melva bucksbaum early entrance academy for science, technology, arts, engineering and math. the new academy will accept students after they've completed at least their sophomore yearsrsn high school. the university of iowa hopes to admit 12 to 20 students this fall from across the state and country. students at the university of northern iowa and iowa state university can now earn dual degrees in physics and engineering in five years. it allows students to spend three years at u-n-i studying physics and their final two years at i-s-u studying engineering. the presidents of both schools signed on to the program at the regents meeting this week. a group of iowa high school students are
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republican presidential candidate donald trump as an apparent racial insult. it happened monday during a playoff game between dallas center-grimes in west des moines, and perry, a school north h des moineses dallas center's activities director says roughly a dozen students chanted trump's name after losing to perry. dallas center is a largely white school, while perry is more racially diversese new jersey governor and former republican presidential candidate chris christie announced today he's endorsing donald trump for the g-o-p nomination. christie made the announcement at a news conference in texas, saying he believes trump will protect the american people. the endorsement comes after last night's g-o-p debate, where candidate marco bio attacked trump on a number of fronts. mmhigan governor rick k yder has authorized 30 million dollars in aid to help people living in flint pay their water bills. state regulators failed to require flint to treat river water with anti-corrosion chemicals after the city
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2014. that allowed lead in the city's aging pipes to get into the water, making it undrinkable. snyder says s int residents shouldn't have to pay for water they can't drink. the plan will pay up to 65 percent of the water portion of their utility bills. but that assistance still doesn't solve flint's drinking water crisis. earlier this month, we told you that the dubuque organization, "resources unite," was collecting bottled water for people in flint. the organization hoped to collect 24- thousand bottles of water. but kcrg t-v nine's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann reports that number has climbed to nearly 300-thousand bottles. this has been the scene since resources unite first out out the call for donations a few weeks ago. volunteers have been working, around the clock, loloing case after case on to these trucks. truck load after truck load is filling up storage
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so far volunteers have loaded up hundreds of pallets of bottled water and water jugs. organizers say they put the call out for donations via social media and word of mouth. they say the message spread across iowa, illinois, wionsin and minnesota. resources united director josh jasper says mostt people really just want a way to feel like they are doing something to help. "at the end of the day and at the end of people's lives, all that matters is they got involved and made a difference. that's what matters. " several businesses donated storage space and the trucks to help with the cause. drivers will leave dubuque with all this water a week from today, on march 4 by then, jasper is expecting to take 9 full semi loads. in dubuque katie wiedemann kcrg tv 9 news. iowa city says it's received substantial pushback after it passed a number of rules that make it difficult for ride-share services, like uber, to operate in the city. now the city says it's ready to reconsider those rules.
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saturday! skies clear out tonight as lows fall to the upper 20s. tomorrow's looking sunny and mild with a gentle southwest breeze, boosting our highs well into the 50s. more clouds arrive on sunday, but it'll still be mild with highs staying in the 50s. monday looks to be a continuauaon of the quiet weather with partial sunshine and highs in the lower 50s. after that, our weather turns a biicomplicated as a storm system passes through the central us. at this point, it brings a chance of rain/snow on tuesday, but how high the odds are, and how much, remains uncertain at
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cooler throughout next week, though.tonight: mostly clear low: 25-31 winds: sw 5-10 alo: 27 dbq: 26 iow: 30 tomorrow: sunny and mild high: 55-61 winds: sw 5-15 alo: 56 dbq: 55 iow: 59 tomorrow night: mostly clear low: 41-47 winds: sw 10-20 alo: 42 dbq: 41 iow: 45 sunday: mostly cloudy, still mild high: 56 - low: 44 monday: partly cloudy high: 52 - low: 34 tuesday: chance of rara/snow high: 39 - lowow33 wednesesy: mostly cloudy hiih: 35 - - w: 29 thursday: partly cloudy high: 35 - low: 22 friday: partly cloudy
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here's another sign that spring is getting closer. cedar rapids will be opening a new, updated farm-zoo at bever park in april. the gazette reports the old macdonald's farm will be more interactive than it's been in years past. local farmers are providing young animals such as lambs, piglets, and calves that will live at the farm. children and families will be able to pet and feed some of those animals. equipment manufacturer john deere said today it's laying off about 100 people from two iowa plants. roughly 20 employees at the dubuque facility will lose theirobs. the other 80 employees are from davenport. tonight, on the kcrg-tv nine news at six, we look at how layoffs like these impact dubuque's economy and workforce.
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other providers have been bashing the state's transition to a privately managed medicaid program. but he believes the state is ready to make the move come april first, regardless. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. iowa city is dealing with a bit
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leadershipip iowa governor terry branstad today said he's confident iowa will be ready to hand over its medicaid program to three private companies on april first. federal regulators approved the change
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the start from march first to april first. branstad told iowa public television today he thinks hospitals and providers have tried to scare their patients about his medicaid privatization plan. he said he believes people will see it working once the transition happens. branstad originally wanted the privately managed care for iowa's 560-thousand medicaid patients to begin on january first. but the centers for medicare and medicaid services delayed the transition twice, saying iowa wasn'n'ready. iowa city city manager tom markus has about a month left before he leaves for the same job in lawrence, kansas. ththcity council is expected to appoint current assistant city manager geoff fruin as interim city manager at its meeting on tuesday. fruin handles many day-to- d operations for the city andndlso played a kekerole in helping the city navigate through the month-long landfill fire in 2012. markus'
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21. he has been with the city since 2 20. there may be e me changes coming to the biggest cemetery in iowa city. officials want to open this columbarium to hold more ashes. the columbarium has been in place since 2010 and offers space for mothers and babies who died during child birth. but it's still empty. the city council will now decide if the space should be open to anyone. they'd relocate a statue of a mother holding her baby on top of the columbarium if the council acts. the city council in iowa city is also planning to reconsider city regulations for taxi cabs and ride share services. right now, the rules make it almost impossible for uber and other ride share services to operate. but now, the council is considering making it easier for uber to come to the city. statawith your 24 hour
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services could get another shot at starting up in iowa city. that's because iowa city is planning to reconsider an ordinance regulating cab companies and ride services. one year ago, iowa city passed an ordinance requiring metered taxicab drivers to post city-issued picture identification cards. it also required taxicab companies to have a unique color scheme for their vehicles. those rules make it almost impossible for companies like uber to operate in the city. that's because uber drivers us their personal vehicles to pick up passengers who request them through an app. after iowa city passed these regulations, uber said it would not open its ride-share service in the city. kcrg-tv9's iowa city bureau chief mark carlson joins us now live. mark, why is the city reconsidering? well, because of the sheer amount of feedback they've gotten since that ordinance was passed. officials say they take more inquires about why the
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about anything else. this new plan would require uber to register as a company with the city, but then would let uber, or other ride sharing services, do their own background checks and their own vehicle safety checks. officials have been in contact with uber about this potential change for some time. "they have indicated that they would like to operate in iowa city, they've indicated they don't plan to operate in iowa city under our current regulatory framework, those regulations have been in place for nearly a year, so we don't expect to see them operate here under our current regulations." the council could vote on making changes to the`ordinance as early as tuesday. traditional cab companies are not thrilled about this. tonight at six we'll have their reaction to these potential changes. in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. we'll be right back.
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100 people, all of t tm in eastern iowa. and the popular italian restaurant, crust, in dubuque, is closing its doors
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family are remembering 45-year-old martin lawrence who died when his gun accidentally discharged overnight. he was a department of corrections probation officer who lived in elk run heights,s,ast of evansdale. the prereident of the waterloo n-a-a-c-p said she remembers lawrence's commitment to community action and helping others. a dubuque organization has collected nearly 300- thousand bottles of water to send to flint, michigan. flint's water is undrinkable because of lead contamination. the organization, resources unite, originally set out to collect 24-thousand bottles of water. let's go back to justin now for a final look at tonight's forecast. a fanstic weekend is aheaof us, especially saturday! skies clear out tonight as lows fall to the upper 20s. tomorrow's looking sunny and mild with a boosting our highs well into the 50s. more clouds arrive on sunday, but it'll still be mild with highs staying in the 50s. monday looks to be a continuation of the quieteather with partial sunshine and that, our weather turns a bit complicacad as a ststrm system passes
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tonight, right here, the the presidential race turning personal. the new attacks leveled tonight. rubio going after trum and chris christie tonight, now saying it's time for president trump. breaking news, the motive in the deadly rampage. the video now discovered, and the home c cching re. and the countdown is on. the oscars. is this matt damon's year for


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