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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CST

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quinn: so that's it? rowan just walks away-- scot-free. olivia: quinn, i signed an agreement. even if i talked, it wouldn't do any good. he's destroyed any and all evidence that could point to the existence of b613. as far as the world knows, it was never there. really? because we've got $2 billion that says it was. what? the money huck stole from b613. that money doesn't prove anything. no, it came from their accounts. you can trace it back.
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it could have come from anywhere. say that last thing again. what? the money could have come from anywhere? really? anywhere? yeah. anywhere. why? [ chuckles ] elijah pope? yes. you're under arrest. [ chuckles ] let me tell you about the terrible mistake you're about to make. allow me-- you know what, chief? i hear this story like five times a day. go ahead and cuff him. [ handcuffs click ] olivia: embezzlement, huh? now, this-- this is worth the price of admission. i talked to the detectives. apparently, they got an anonymous phone call. someone saying you've been picking the pockets of the smithsonian since the day they made you department head. you think i can't survive this? i've brought down regimes, olivia, assassinated dictators with my own two hands, shaped history with a single phone call. rowan did that. command did that. he had power, but you... how did you describe yourself?
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who works at the smithsonian?" you were right. we couldn't take command. but we can take eli pope. olivia, listen to me. goodbye, dad. olivia. olivia! [ breathing heavily ] why are you working with rowan? i don't know what you're talking about. yes, you do. those bodies in the morgue. i know your work. i'd know it anywhere. that was you. i was at that crime scene. i was on that bus. it was you. get out of my office. sit down. you're gonna shoot me? i will. you're not gonna shoot me. i will shoot you. i will shoot you like the animal you are. do you want to test me?
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why are you working with command? i didn't have a choice. of course you have a choice! you always have a choice! you could have asked for help. you could have talked to me or liv or jake. we could have helped you. there were other ways. i didn't want to do it. that's a lie. you're lying. i saw what you did. you did want to. you're not thinking anymore. you're just killing because you want to kill. i didn't want to lose my family. your family?! you can't be with kim and javi! who you are? what you've become? you can't be with them. stop it! you don't deserve them. you don't deserve us-- me or liv or any of this. stop! i am done. i am done defending you, huck. i am done protecting you. the best thing i could do for you is to shoot you... right here... right now. [ voice breaking ] do it.
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[ breathing raggedly ] [ camera shutter clicking ] mellie: well, what's proper? how long do i wait to form an exploratory committee? to run for president. no, i mean, i need to get sworn in first, obviously, and see what committees i'm on and introduce a couple of choice bills... go on some fact-finding missions, get your pictures taken in combat zones. exactly, brilliant! you, cyrus, when i am president, there's still a place for you here. ha ha! [ laughs ] that's very funny. oh! you think i'd let you be president? after what you did. [ glasses clink ] what? what i did? fitz. i know about the jurors. [ gasps ] [ stammers ] [ sighs ] fitz, i was trying to protect you. that man was blackmailing you,
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[ sighs ] i made the sacrifice for us, for our team. i did the only thing i could do. we are not a team. you don't even know what you did wrong. you don't even know why it was wrong. i was wrong to take care of us? get out. fitz. now, clearly, we are not having this conversation this evening. so let's just all-- get...out. pack your bags and get out of my house! [ glass thuds ] fitzgerald. fitz?
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[ sighs ] [ door opens ] [ footsteps depart ] [ door closes ] what's going on? did... she-- she knew about the jurors? cyrus. mellie came to you. i know that. you went to the cia. i know that, too. you arrested olivia. you released maya. you worked with the man who killed my son. i know everything. so don't lie to me. sir-- do not lie to me! and do not tell me you were trying to protect me. sir, please--
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[ door opens ] [ door closes ] [ camera shutter clicking ] [ lock turns ] i know i have some du bellay stashed away somewhere, and there should be some beer left over in the fridge... why are you just standing there? come inside. this is where the ride ends. what? my mission is complete. your mission? b613 is gone. command is in jail. i have delivered you home. safe and sound. my mission is complete. and it has been my pleasure. take care, liv. jake... jake, come on. don't you dare. they asked me to look out for you. both of them-- your father, the bad guy, and the president, the good guy.
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they both made you my mission. and i went over the line on both accounts. that's not-- i'm in love with you. and if i am telling the whole truth, no matter who gets hurt, it goes like this-- i am in love with you. but you... are in love with him. you are owed, olivia. you want what's yours? go and take it.
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they're going to need your access badge, too. [ elevator bell dings ] [ doorbell rings ] do you want us to open the door, sir?
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[ door closes ] [ door closes ] [ sighs ] olivia: nice view. here comes the sun, little darling here comes the sun i say, "it's all right" hi.
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it's all right here comes the sun, little darling you're here. here comes the sun i'm here. i say, "it's all right" charlotte is very helpful. and informative. it's all right little darling it's been a long, cold, lonely winter little darling it feels like years since you've been here what happens now? here comes the sun, little darling whatever we want. here comes the sun [ chuckles ] i say, "it's all right" unh, unh
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little darling the smiles are returning to the faces now little darling it seems like years since you've been here little darling it's been a long, cold, lonely winter little darling it feels like years since you've been here here comes the sun here comes the sun aren't you glad to see it? i say, "yeah" it's all right
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the weather for our saturday couldn't be beat for late february. the good news is that mild conditions, smooth sailing in l.a. and across the southwest. wet, slippery roads from the northwest all the way to the plains and the great lakes. >> and wet roads also here in the northeast as well as in new england. a rookie virginia police officer will be remembered today at her hometown high school. >> woodbridge officer ashley guidon was killed answering a
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after being sworn in. the man suspected of killing her is an army sergeant assigned to the pentagon. ronald hamilton is also accused of killing his wife before police arrived. well, erin andrews may take the stand as early as today in her civil lawsuit against a nashville hotel. the "dancing with the stars" host claims the hotel was negligent in allowing a stalker to film her naked through a peephole. the convicted stalker will testify by video today. so will andrews' mother who will talk about the emotional toll that the release of the video had on her daughter. more trouble for the cruise ship "anthem of the seas." the ship battered by waves earlier this month, well, not only is the ship heading back to new jersey after encountering more rough weather, there is also an outbreak of norovirus. the cruise line says the decision to turn around was because of the storm. an 87-year-old pilot from pennsylvania has quite a
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crashing into a tree near gettysburg, the man hung nose down for four hours while rescuers figured out to get him down. first responders said the man was alert, never in any danger so they weren't in a hurry to bring him down but looks like mechanical failure was to blame for the crash. he's been riding this plane since the '70s apparently. >> all right. well, up next in "the pulse," all about the oscars, the must see moments plus chris rock's monologue. and all about the fashion. the big hits and misses on the red carpet.mouthwash. but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate total... these 5 areas dentists check. this check up? so good. go pro with crest pro-health advanced.
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which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my knee pain. find a machine at jane's always on the move. luckily her light & fit protein smoothie can keep up with her. packed with 12grams of protein and no added sugar. so she can watch her calories and where she's going. light & fit feel free to enjoy. the music, time to check "the pulse" and, of course, we head back to the oscars. people are talking about the beginning of the ceremony. >> and the moment chris rock took the stage.
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had to sigh. >> this is the wildest, craziest oscars to ever host because we got all this controversies, no black nominees, you know, and people are like, chris, you should boycott. chris, you should quit. you should quit. you know, how come there's only unemployed people to tell you to quit something? i'm sure there were no black nominees some of those years say '62 or '63, and black people did not protest. why? because we had real things to protest at the time. too busy being raped and lynched to care about who won best cinematographer. jada is going to boycott the oscars. jada boycotting the oscars is like me boycotting rihanna's panties. i wasn't invited. if you want black people every year at the oscars, just have black categories like best black friend.
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it's like we like you, rhonda, but you're not a kappa. because "rocky" takes place in a world where white athletes are as good as black athletes. so, "rocky" is a science fiction movie. >> he did take on race. well, rock is getting actually mostly rave reviews for the way he handled what is an explosive subject. >> he handled it well. it was pretty funny, i thought, and one of the lighter moments on the show was when rock did a massive favor for the girl scouts. >> yeah, he sent out a number of them into the audience with plenty of girl scout cookies to sell, the audience members, and they dug deep buying boxes and passing them around. rock did his part calling on the stars to help out. >> tina fey, get that money, girls, make that money. get tina fey right there, right there. charlize theron. yes, matt -- yes, okay, you get him. you get him. leo, you made 30 million.
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come on. get some. oh, michael b. jordan is here. michael b. jordan. you know what, no, no, you got enough girls. well, jordan was left empty-handed, no girl scout cookies for him apparent apparently, but they did well. >> he does all right with the ladies. okay, when all the buying was done, by the way, there was more than $65,000 for rock's daughter's girl scout troop. >> good cause. >> yeah, good job. >> and you know they were hungry squeezing into those dresses and outfits trying to look at skinny as possible. it was a good call. >> exactly. well now to a slightly awkward moment playing out on the red carpet and to the internet. >> okay, so there was a beauty company that tweeted out this image, take a look, and it said we had no idea was oprah was tatted. meaning she had tattoos. well, as you can see, that's not oprah. it's whoopi goldberg. total beauty later tweeted an apology to oprah, whoopi and everyone else.
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image of a confused oprah saying, we all love whoopi but we all don't look alike. red carpet fashion. let's start with cate blanchett in a seafoam gown with floral embellishments from armani. >> next up, charlize theron showing no fear of blending into the red carpet with that show-stopper of a dress from dior plugging neckline is really a big thing. >> yes, j'adore. best actress winner brie larson had a gucci gown with a silver belt and columns of loose ruffles. >> and for the men, jared leto rocking a crimson piped tuxedo and a red flower in place of a bow tie. >> and our michael strahan. >> he can never go wrong. >> more news after this.g something... [ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! and now the name your price tool
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leader david duke. trump and hillary clinton are leading in most states as they head into super tuesday. an american college student detained in north korea has issued an apology at a news conference in pyongyang. otto warmbier said that he stole a political slogan from a hotel which is considered a hostile act. a navy s.e.a.l. who protected the life of a u.s. hostage is being honored with a medal of honor. edward byars is the first navy man to be given the nation's highest award for valor in years. looking at today's weather rain in the northwest, some severe storms in the middle of the country. mild readings for the mid-atlantic states. well, the statuettes have been handed out. the lights have faded and the champagne uncorked. >> our friends at on the red carpet were out in force at the night's hottest shindigs. here now is some of their coverage. >> chris rock was for sure amazing, especially the way he started the show, i was like, what, did he just say that. >> get to hang out with everybody, laugh, talk, drink and party.
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hollywood. >> my favorite moment was leonardo dicaprio winning and his speech. >> the agony of defeat is always fun to watch, as well. >> the best thing, winning. >> this is the second one i've been lucky enough to win. it makes writing my inheritance quite a bit easier because i have two kids. >> this is such an amazing piece, and it's so timely and so important that we remember what an asset this is to our society and culture and democracy. >> the man with the statue is charles randolph who won an oscar for best adrafted screenplay for "spotlight." the film also won. this is probably one of the best nights of your life. >> it is. it's my birthday today, i'm 53 years old and wanted this for awhile. >> we all hope for the best and we already felt like it had achieved so much. >> you clutch that like you're never going to let it go. >> nobody is getting it. nobody is getting it. >> i'm still very, very overwhelmed. i kind of looked down, and i just got my name on it, so it's actually -- first it was like, oh, this looks like an oscar and
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around it but it's actually just wonderful, and i'm so happy to be here with my fellow colleagues and hopefully go out and celebrate tonight. >> it means everybody who pays great money to come here and goes away satisfied and wants to come back next year but we deliver the goods. >> i ran into harry connick jr. and i was -- i turned into a 15-year-old girl and played with my hair a lot and he just couldn't be more charming. >> i got pretty starstruck when daniel day-lewis came out of this party when he won, and i sort of lost the ability to speak and my husband thankfully was there and was able to speak on my behalf and bump me. >> always fun seeing celebrities get excited to see other celebrities. >> always fun to see them at those nice parties as well. >> it was a great night. i still haven't worked up the courage to see "the revenant." >> oh. >> i need to do that. >> carefully. notice he didn't thank theyou're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is ??? .
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for medical cannabis oil. now one eastern iowa man says it is time to expand it. now starting in april the thousands of medicaid users in iowa will switch to a new privately managed system. it's something that's happened in other states. theatre cedar rapids is tackling a tough issue with its newest production. cast members are working with local agencies to spread awareness. good monday morning! welcome to your leap day for 2016. its 430 on february 29th. here is a live look at . first, meteorologis t kaj o'mara has your first alert forecast, kaj... today's highs will be all over the place with much cooler weather likely along and north of


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