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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  November 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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shelter says its mission becomes even more critical when temperatures drop below freezing. and a transportatio n expert shows us what's called a phantom traffic jam - and what you can do to help prevent one. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . emergency shelters in cedar rapids say a small change they've made could hv they help. this year, the shelters will have additional beds, and potentially an overflow location that will be available when temperatures drop below freezing. in previous years, that threshold was 15 degrees. those facilities are the willis-dady emergency shelter, the mission of hope, and the catholic worker house. kcrg t-v nine's jordee kalk joins us live tonight from the willis-dady emergency shelter. jordee, how are these shelters working
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need in the appropriate shelters. and if need be, they will open an overflow shelter at an off-site location. the shelters say the first goal is to keep people safe, and the second is to provide some long-term help. as many as 2,000 people in cedar rapids are in and out of homelessness each year. for many, it's unexpected. this is the case for ja- far khenti 3 and half weeks ago." khenti says a friend recommended he try willis dady. he says he felt welcomed immediately. 12:32 "they give you a lot of resources. and you go out there and try to find some resources. plus they help us try to get an apartment of our own."as cooler temps roll through, willis dady says balancing safety and outreach can be a challenge. trepp: 8:42, "we struggle with the balance of providing a true
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term solutions, which we know is housing." that's why the community overflow weather shelter system was formed just last year. organizers pushed for more funding, so they can open once temperatures are freezing. trepp: 4: 48, "the linn county supervisors allocated $30,000 to help us fund the entire process. that includes staff times helping with transportation. the shelters say the goal is to get more people into safe ei lessons. 8:58, 'let's just get people inside and hopefully we can connect them with services the next day that can be a big help. when some in the shelters say asking for help is the hardest challenge. khenti: 13:08, "i like this place it's motivated me to get me where i need to go, i don't know something just hit me today, maybe god or something but it's just motivated me to keep moving on now on nights like tonight,
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point the shelters offer blankets for people to keep for the night. live in cedar rapids, jordee kalk, kcrg tv9 news. the catholic worker house in cedar rapids will be able to help some people for a longer period of time. it's taking a house someone donated to them and turning it into an extended shelter. that shelter is for people who permanent housing during their 90-day stay at the catholic worker house. the extended shelter does require people to pay rent and follow the rules. "we have so many people that we serve every month. where this year we've already served over 260 people, which has surpassed what we have served last year. and i have had maybe just a few families that's had a really rough time. maybe they could have afforded 500 per month but they couldn't afford much more." the catholic worker house hopes to have the extended shelter ready to go by may.
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t joe winters. joe, will these showers be with us for a while? an area of low pressure travels east our rain showers come to an end around midday on wednesday. the wind shifts behind the system bringing drier and cooler weather for thanksgiving day. clouds hold tough with highs near 40 for an after lunch walk. black friday shoppers welcome some flurries or light snow are possible early, mainly north. holiday weekend some rain for sunday. have a great night! tonight: showers likely. wind: se 10-20. low: 39 tomorrow: showers likely, especially in the morning. wind: nw 5-15. high: 45 instead of murder, a waterloo native has pleaded guilty to lesser charges for fatally
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orlando moore junior is now awaiting sentencing for voluntary manslaughter and first degree robbery. prosecutors had originally charged him with first degree murder. they say he shot and killed anthony gardner during an argument on a waterloo street. moore faces up to 35 years in prison. in dubuque, this man has taken a plea deal for trying to abduct and sexually assault a girl who was walking home from school. robert robbins pleaded guilty to enticing a no exploitation. he originally faced third degree kidnapping. robbins grabbed an 11 year old girl in march of 2015. police say robbins forced the girl to go behind a house. they say he admitted planning to sexually abuse her. but the girl was able to get away. some iowans want the state to repay millions of dollars in fines and rescind convictions for traffic tickets that department of transportatio n officers issued.
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20-thousand tickets over the past five years. it's part of an ongoing legal battle over whether the d-o-t has the authority to issue tickets for most traffic violations. that includes speeding and not wearing a seat belt. just recently, a polk county judge tossed out a speeding ticket a d-o-t officer issued to a teenager. this is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. so that means more vehicles on the road, and a higher chance of gettin but kcrg t-v nine's justin gehrts shows there are some things you can do to make your trip go a little smoother. drive in iowa and you'll experience it. traffic moving along and then... brake lights. you look for a cause - but see nothing. then, as fast as you stopped, you're moving again. dr. daniel mcgeehee, director of the national advanced driving simulator at the university of
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phantom traffic jam. "when one car brakes in a big string of traffic, it extends this little braking shock wave through traffic, and by the time it makes its way through a whole string of cars, the traffic at the end of a mile or two miles or five miles begins to slow down." this simulation shows how that wave moves through traffic. you can see cars moving along at their normal speed, suddenly have to brake, and then be able to move again freely. all from one car braking... road, it could be a person who suddenly brakes for a deer, it could be a police officer on the side of the road. we jam on our brakes for a whole bunch of reasons." to avoid it, doctor mcgeehee says don't tailgate, don't speed and limit your distractions. "it's really about paying attention." construction. another commuters nightmare. in heavy traffic - you might get mad at the driver who gets over at the last possible second. but doctor mcgeehee says being "iowa nice" and moving over early is actually
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up at that pinch point. and this is really where people need to drive all the way to the end of that and merge at the very last second. we see these backups sometimes for miles of just one lane." that's a lot of wasted pavement - so zippering is the answer. that's when cars take turns merging, making traffic move more smoothly. the minnesota department of transportation found the zipper merge can reduce the length of a backup by 40 percent. the hitch is that it works only if everyone participates. these tricks with a little patience and less braking could leave you thankful gehrts, kcrg-tv9 news. dubuque is taking another look at how to reduce the use of plastic grocery bags in the city. that's after loras college students made a presentation at the city council meeting last night. they showed how bags impact the environment because they end up in landfills and waterways. in 2010, the city considered banning plastic grocery bags. but it ultimately took no action. cancer recently took the life
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as her sister prepared for her funeral, she lost something important for remembering her... a bracelet. sam lynch gave this bracelet to her sister, caitlin, a couple of weeks ago when she realized their time together was limited. when sam died last week, caitlin put on the bracelet, got onto a plane and flew home to dubuque. but when she arrived, the bracelet was gone. caitlin and her other sister searched for two days and asked for help finding it on social "we looked everywhere. we've looked outside at the community center. my sister turned her house upside down looking for it." then today, right after sam's funeral, caitlin found the bracelet. it was caught inside a torn seam at the bottom of a diaper bag. it was a routine trip to the grocery store until one cedar rapids woman got help she never expected. hear what happened when she was in the checkout line and remembered she
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stay with us. a trip to the grocery store
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along. and yesterday a cedar rapids woman was having one of those days at a hy-vee store. but kcrg-tv9's samantha myers explains a random act of kindness from a stranger turned her day around. danielle vinson ran to the hyvee on collins road
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a few thanksgiving ingredients. 18:38:04;18 ""i get to the cashier and i put everything on the belt, and there was a woman behind me, and she was playing with the baby and kind of cooing and keeping him pre-occupied which is always welcome" " it was halfway through the check-out process when she realized she had forgotten her wallet.
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let's check back in with weather. joe, we'll see more wet weather tomorrow? an area of low pressure travels
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midday on wednesday. system bringing drier and cooler weather for thanksgiving day. clouds hold tough with highs near 40 for an after lunch walk. black friday shoppers welcome some flurries or light
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north. holiday weekend travelers see slightly milder conditions with some rain tonight: showers likely. wind: se 10-20. low: 39 tomorrow: showers likely, especially in the morning. wind: nw 5-15.
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5-15. low: 32 thursday: cloudy and cool. high: 40 low: 32 friday: cloudy with flurries possible early, mainly north. high: 41 low: 30 saturday: mostly sunday: chance of showers. high: 47 low: 35 monday: mostly cloudy. high: 45 low: 34 tuesday: chance of
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38 low: 30
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donald trump has offered the job of housing secretary to ben carson.
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formal announcement , but he's shown interest in the former presidential candidate. the president elect arrived in mar-a-lago for thanksgiving without any formal announcement s about who he may be adding to his administration but? dr. ben carson, who last week said he didn't want to be considered for a cabinet position, now appears to be back in consideration-- nats after a meeting at trump tower, the president elect tweeted: "i am seriously considering hud" nats another visitor to trump towers, rudy guiliani, declined to weigh in on his desire to be a part of the administration rudy giuliani i'm not gonna discuss what i'm interested in, nor what the president- elect is thinking or mulling over. but he did weigh in on reports that the president-elect may be backing down from his pledge to call for a criminal investigation into hillary clinton. giuliani there is a tradition in american
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i'd also be supportive of continuing the investigation. the president does not have the power to decide who is under criminal investigation-- that's one of the many topics mr. trump discussed with the new york times during his sit-down interview. the president elect reportedly saying "it's not something that feels very strongly about." the times live-tweeted their meeting with the president elect--among the other topics that were discussed: climate change, which mr. trump says is connected to humans, and the alt-right, which he is said to have disavowed. lana tag on a related note--in an irs filing, the trump charitable foundation admitted it violated a prohibition against using foundation money in a practice known as is not yet clear how the irs will respond to that disclosure. lana zak, abcn, washington. iowa seniors would like to go out with a bang friday against nebraska. and it was opening night for some high school girls basketball teams. scott has highlights. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. it has been a rough few weeks
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kittle who injured his foot on this play against purdue has missed the last two games but he says he feels better and ready to go friday against nebraska. i will be playing i am good to go. it is incredible it's hard missing 2 weeks i am just looking forward to put the pads back on and go hit
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looking forward to having him back this week. sot : 20 oc: "back this week" --friday will be the final time george and the senior class will play at kinnick stadium. scott westerberg has more. fourteen hawkeyes will say goodbye to their home crowd this week, and they all seem to agree their time at iowa goes way faster than they could have imagined." "just kind of surreal cause i feel like yesterday was our game against purdue last year on senior day when i got to say i feel like two days ago i was a freshman walking into kinnick for my first time. i just flies by." "when you're young, when you're a freshman you never think that day is going to come. time flies by like that and it's here. we've got a few more days before it's here and you just have to enjoy it." "it seems like time goes by so fast. it seems like you just get here and now you're getting ready to play your final game at kinnick, so obviously it will be emotional."a
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play this week, but that doesn't mean they won't enjoy their final time in kinnick. "i didn't imagine it being on crutches and in a boot, but it's still going to be special. i'm going to have my mom at the game going out there greeting me. i hope she doesn't cry, hopefully i won't cry, but it will be a special moment."this will be the 18th senior class for coach ferentz and after all this time, he's still moved by the experience. "when a guy comes out to meet his parents, especially the guys that have been here four or five years you know the the growth and development, all the life experiences they have. that's really special."but once the pregame ceremony ends, it's time to worry about football. "you still got to play football, so you get a couple minutes to relish in it and you got to put it behind you and go play." in iowa city, scott westerberg tv9 sports. they tipped off the girls high school basketball season tonight.. and what a matchup in mount vernon. the mustangs hosted marion. coach laube with two daughters on the team this season and freshman kayba makes the first
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one coming from downtown... --but the mustangs had an answer....kaitl yn volesky off the glass for two... --then it's hayley corkin open from the corner...her three-ball beats the first quarter buzzer to give mount vernon an 11-10 lead.. --but marion takes control after rice drives and scores as the indians open the season with a 60-24 win. at solon tonight the spartans hosted clear creek amana. --clippers leading at the half but, josie banks one home to cut the lead to four.. --cca answers from deshaw drills a three from the wing... --on the other end, the spartans pass it in to bryn hanrahan and she's money from beyond the arc to slice the lead to four again... --but the clippers go back to deshaw and she buries another one as cca tops solon 62-47. at xavier tonight tom lilly's saints hosted decorah and kylie brown takes right to he rack for
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responds with a three of their own from kiana stanek and then look at the great ball movement to break the half court trap and brown finishes as the saints jumped to a 15-6 lead.. decorah trying to get back in it with long ball liz hartman connects.. but checkout the freshman caitlynn daniels with the ball fake drive down the lane and xavier beat decorah . thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... an area of low pressure travels east our rain showers come to an end around midday on wednesday. the wind shifts behind the system bringing drier and cooler weather for thanksgiving day. clouds
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's ?jimmy kimmel live? red special. tonight, bono, julia roberts, channing tatum, kristen bell, dj khaled, neil patrick harris, halsey, herbie hancock, and the killers. and now, ready or not -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. you are here on a special night, you are here and you are watching our second annual red benefit show. tonight, we've teamed up with


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