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tv   Arirang News  PBS  January 7, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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were the next broadcast president park a nice family re union proposal may be this year's turning point in north south relations as experts say both sides may be exhausted from tensions the heavyweight samsung electronics lost its worst quarterly profit in more than a year but analysts expect conditions to improve on strong semiconductor sales. a catholic church says there's a definite possibility of the pope visiting korea later this year. that means the kids. i walk into
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primetime years it's to stage an eerie seven here in korea one from fulltime to hear from him thanks so much for joining us. we begin with the latest on president bach and his new year's proposal for family re union spill response yet from countdown but experts say her offer is likely to serve as strong laments in commending soured enter korean ties and uses hand then reports falling in the footsteps of north korean leader kim simmonds brinkley new year's message president tottenham also make the silly entry just to run monday suggesting a resumption of inter korean family reunions for them separated since the korean war. kelly and unilaterally and abruptly
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canceled three unions planned for september just days before the break to take plates. so could present its proposal serve as a touchstone for friendly year into a korean relations this year. experts say yes the proposal serve as momentum to improve strained it into korean giant prison upon to urge the north korea to abandon its nuclear program but overall it was peanut has left the door open for dialogue. north korea doesn't want that and now i am there. as this was a recent internal instability it sells education ministry ever made clear on tuesday that the issue of family reunions will not be linked to the hall to enter korean tourism project. the amount had. the announcement is being interpreted by many as a way to block north korea from taking advantage of family reunions to really start to resume operations so it maintains the stance that tours to the mount
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compound resort will not resume unless tongue and claims responsibility for shooting a south korean tourists dead in two thousand eight. but some experts say the issue of the malcontents and project will get in the way and restarting inter korean dialogue. even if north korea attempts to mix the two issues in the two sides will be able to find middle ground as it now because i am pretty face of seeking out dial up analysts also add souls latest offer will serve as a parameter and north korea sincerity in mending ties with the south and then in heaps. and knowing that the president talked in his economic vision in her ease investment regulations and the service sector to boost domestic demand is showing signs of progress but as our one solo reports challenges remain in the voices of dissent are growing louder. i'm built for posting these regulations for
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industrial complex investments was passed at a cabinet meeting on tuesday monday after present captain had placed an emphasis on boosting domestic demand but you break a leading the service sector. what a daft idea to get a ticket on his tummy and take on his top hope you had to do that and move to the incident. as another follow up measures to present tax plan and then the center party said on tuesday that it will focus on passing laws related to streamlining regulations and upon entry extra session scheduled for february the city about twenty boats were pushed back in two thousand thirteen. according to the parties intend merely passing the pending bills can bump up the nation's economic growth rates by zero point four percent. one of the bills this unity party proposed last year was related to the zoning law that says no hotels can be built within two hundred meters of elementary middle or high school. the ministry of strategy and finance expects that lifting
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the restriction could result in sixty new hotels in the country and about forty seven thousand new jobs however the main opposition democratic party stood in opposition to the bill claiming it would damage the environment for addicts he said. another pending law would allow casinos to be built and operates in korean cruise lines a move designed to attract more foreign tourists to the country the democratic party however said the change could lead to growth in gambling addiction the party also expressed concerns that president fox game of the scene investment regulations is and move towards privatization especially in the health sector is something that could lead to a rise in medical costs and drop in quality and polarization on the economic assets. pres and talk meanwhile will be leading the ministerial meeting for the regulation reforms herself. it's a lot itn news. new data from korea's central bank shows that nationwide household debt grew at a faster clip in
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two thousand thirteen as kareem hassles plunged further and further into debt concerns are rising that a growing financial burden may hurt domestic demand. polly has to be kept then think of korea released data on tuesday showing that the country's households it reached an all time high last year. outstanding household lending by local banks and non bank financial institutions total a record six hundred thirty nine point five billion us dollars as of the end of november the increase of four point seven billion dollars from october marks the largest monthly gain in five months since in nearly six point two billion dollar on monday advance in june. the central bank says the growth in mortgage loans extended due in part to an increase in housing transactions during the cited period. the latest tally shows that korean households are feeling the burden of massive debt to the nation's household credit which includes bain close in purchases on credit. get a
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fresh high of over nine hundred thirty one billion dollars as of the end of september. at this current piece that figure is expected to surpass about nine hundred forty billion dollars on a november. and compared to two thousand for the nation's household debt level has more than double. other statistics have shown that korean households have also lost their spending power household debt against disposable income rose to one hundred thirty six percent last year the highest ratio in a decade. the new data comes ahead of the ok policymakers are scared to behold the rate setting session for january on thursday. analysts widely expect the central bank to freeze the key interest rate at two and a half per cent for the eighth consecutive month. quality audio on you
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graham will begin to feel the fruits of the slow economic recovery this year if everything goes according to recent plans announced by the government. after that and a look at the economic ups and downs are headed to the fourteen year in and join in the studio by and see half the team to look through some of the economic goal set by the government for twenty twenty. so allah kareem khan he expects to commence the economy to grow three point nine percent in two thousand fourteen up from two point eight percent estimate from last year. it unveiled its can read here or economic innovation plan that outlines its longer term economic goals. under the plan first mentioned by president aka me yesterday during her new year's press conference the country's growth potential is expected to grow to around four per cent at the annual per capita income is forecast to exceed thirty thousand us dollars with sights on reaching forty thousand the government also east you achieve a seventy
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per cent employment rate today finance minister thomas of reiterated the plan and sent a clear timeline to carry it out. he won the league opinions and their institutions like the original meanings. she's so that we can come out with the broken ends with a three year an economic innovation and at the end of every us well chris shown time and time again that it can overcome impossible lives but said there are skeptics saying that this is too much to handle in just three years race the first of all experts say the goals that make up the plan are not easy the gillespie economy has to expand about four percent every year to achieve the adult per capita income over thirty thousand dollars by two thousand seventeen adding to that skepticism korea's annual per capita income has remained in that twenty thousand dollar range for seven straight years after a first exceeded that number in two thousand and seven. but that being said experts say that three year
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plan is not an impossible goal but they point to the importance of boosting domestic demand and to boost domestic demand experts as well as policymakers mentioned earlier in our news cast emphasize the importance of ec corporate regulations and fostering the nation's service sector including the health and tourism industries. you will notice and point to create a virtuous circle among consumption investment and employment. the link has been very weak. recently we all and this guy is so bizarre to boost domestic demand and strengthening the competitive in the eyes of the nation's service sector is critical these were for regulations of the cummings can act if we confess in the service sector is also important. and with it. yes there were some critical bearable second effect for economy this year it's out on a common sight and number of major risks stemming from the global economy including the us federal reserve's decision last month to take breaks
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eighty five billion us dollar per month on buying stimulus measures. the slowly changing economy and have an onyx in japan which is pushing the japanese yen lower at in onyx in particular is a major concern among korean exporters as it erodes their price competitiveness especially in the automobile and electronics sectors and currently six out of ten meter expert on ice in the nation's overlap the current round of the week and japanese yen will hurt korea's exports think that eventually to a reduction in korea so broke growth rate by zero point one percentage points over year so in terms of uncertainties at home experts point to the snow falling ho problem tha negative impact on consumption and the sluggish real estate market that could happen that could cut the nation's growth rate the state. a lever that the recovery we're seeing an advanced nations is still a
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good sign for the korean economy already been a mixed set of indicators thank you so much for that report your walk. before your dna and another began. get the latest line from seoul. any expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint only koreans local network and why on arrival that. he always on standby. south. so disappointing years first as an electronics asia's biggest technology company has turned in a worse than expected earnings report for the fourth quarter of last year with rival apple poised expand its reach into the chinese market later this month it appears this downtime son is facing a tough year ahead. here's a
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uti with more. the world's largest smartphone maker surprised analysts with its lower than expected earnings announcement. some nights running said tuesday that its operating profits reached eight point three trillion won a roughly seven point eight billion us dollars in october to december period this falls far short of the most garish ballack of eight point two billion us dollars. it also represents the company's lowest quarterly profit in more than a year. but on the path every fell sharply in the smartphone sector as competition through the years seem to find out the company's higher marketing costs. it also had to set aside funds to pay the fines in connection to lawsuits with apple. aso also pointed the bonus payments to employees as another reason they were given out to mark the twentieth anniversary since hundred and ten in econ he set out an ambitious road map to turn this company into a global technology leader
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looking ahead analysts say some products will do better at this quarter at the mosque on the back of strong semiconductor seals. but it seems that the era of explosives off its ilk by the tech science cutting its smartphones is over. all the company still faces hefty my canning times and now faces pressure to offer smart phones that are unjust and better and cheaper as well it appears inevitable that profits will be klein president of the selling prices continue to slide even in a nice cup of tea tin from blue cross smart though analysts forecast single tree can grow worse like that scene for the company similar to revisit this year. on top of that pulls your smarting strategies and asking others to read this year. starting late next week the appellant or time as eighteen billion dollar market tight grip on the market there. apple is also expected to start selling smartphone with larger screens near the end of the year putting it in
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direct competition with insolvency galaxy milk sea weeks. ut and i didn't use they hand out to las vegas to the kickoff of one of the world's largest technology trade shows korea's electronics heavyweight samsung and lg are expected to lock horns over their latest cutting edge products at the consumer electronics show. but as our genome gill reports the competition may be good when it comes to dazzling the visitors the consumer electronics show two thousand and fourteen. it's time to get fierce rivals from some in lg and beat each other both create a giants are in las vegas with hundreds of other firms to build their teeth he's smart phones mobile devices and pretty much anything else the consumer might want to buy. tom's a utah makes the walls number one maker of flat screen t these posts extend its market lead with its one point two five inch ultra high definition tv with
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aircraft display depth features state of the art for a solution. the u http lineups teachers so called fingered gesture functions which allow users to activate the device by moving their hands over that the vikes. lg electronics will unveil the walls largest cent to seven inch earth organic light emitting diode or own a tv. lg says more than seventy percent of its smart tv lineup will eventually be equipped with a brand awareness the weather always operating system simply finds ways to control and find content on its martinis wearable devices are also one of the trends to watch in las vegas on sunday showing off his latest galaxy you're smart walks hits which can be linked to home appliances allowing users to remotely control their tb spotlights with their smart walk to us lg is also pushing its rubble device the life and touch which offers fitness data to users as well as alerting users to phone calls
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and texts. councilman lg will also unveil a squeal of connected home products to which users will be able to connect to their home appliances. you're smart phones instead of the recep was smart to bikes the consumer electronics show two thousand and fourteen runs to tie during tet. tender add the onions over washington korea and the united states agreed to step up efforts to bolster joint combat readiness to deal with possible north korean threats in the first full day of his visit to washington on monday south korean foreign minister yoon young said. and the us secretary of defense chalk a bill underscores their role of the combined defense posture on the korean peninsula as a strong deterrent against north korean provocations the two sides said their alliance serves as the linchpin for peace and stability in asia pacific region and down to strengthen their combined defense posture by acquiring
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critical military capabilities minister year and is scheduled to sit down for talks with us secretary of state john kerry in washington on tuesday local time. i prefer instead a gallon is to become the first female chairman of the us federal reserve and its one hundred year history connelly has more on that next in line to head the fed and are plans to boost the us economy. fifty six to twenty six the senate has approved the democratic nominee. helen has the texture and then at the federal reserve the senate's none on monday makes it the first female head of the us central bank and one of the most powerful women in us history. she is said to be a major economy gallon will officially take the reins on that very first replace the current fed chairman and remain key to the sec and forty her term expires at the end of this month. sixty seven year olds
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now and currently serves as the feds sites chair. as a supporter of the easy money policy the fed has been pursuing under permit. she's expected to continue the fight to bring unemployment down. even if that means strategies that drive inflation high gear linda and nineteen republicans who voted against her which goes against the effect of classic eighty five billion dollar a month on buying program even though the fed decided to ski for the monthly purchases and down to seventy five billion starting in january. at our first appearance as a nominee to succeed remain key last november. the other said she would follow in their predecessor's footsteps on quantitative easing previously the lunch served as president of the san francisco federal reserve now said governor of the fed board and chair of president bill clinton's council of economic advisors. honey we needed me. papal visit can be
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on the horizon vatican insiders said tesco francis is very keen to visit south korea. quite possibly in august. if you guys would be the first pontiff to visit the country and twenty five years has been sending reports each of the catholic church spokesperson said tuesday that a visit by pope for instance to korea to come sometime in august or october when two separate major catholic defense will be held in the nation is at six a shame you feel the hosts it into a dining on his wall to one leader in ceremony to be edifying one hundred and twenty five korean catholic martyrs could be helped. all three inches is currently reviewing the case for pnc quiche in for a party in t town and is one hundred and twenty three contain yeast who were tortured and killed in seventeen ninety one for practicing their faith the catholic church of korea has been requesting that though france is visit the country since shortly after he was inaugurated last year and said it has been receiving positive feedback
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from them that again. and so frances does make a trip there will be the first papal visit to korea since pope john paul the second team in nineteen eighty nine. along with calves possible they said there's speculation that he can relax take it needed created a cardinal and appointment ceremony at the vatican next month. and if a plane and got persimmon be the first korean cardinal ever since then and i can use just about six months left rozelle is lacking behind in preparations for the world cup and stephen j joins us in the sports center with the details. hey guys there just one hundred and fifty five days left until the fates warning and brazil is scrambling to put all of the pieces together. there are many challenges remaining but none bigger than the one surrounding stadium construction. if
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the president sepp blatter criticize the nation for not being able to meet the end of twenty thirteen deadline to complete construction on full stadiums and at this point only six are complete with a delay stemming from financial problems and safety issues among others. the dish and there are real concerns over the strain on the infrastructure and transportation networks. but back to bladder he said regardless of all this the world cup would be a huge suspects. and we can add their lives get to some olympics news some south korean speed skater use online is sharpening her skates for the olympic games at the national speed skating competition she recorded a five hundred meter time of thirty eight point one one seconds. good for first place she was satisfied with their overall performance but said she needed to work on launching off the line and turning the first quarter to five hundred meter world record holder is looking to repeat with the gold medal and the olympics next month meanwhile skeleton slider duty sunday and has earned
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himself a take it to the sochi winter games after a surprise finish at the skillet in the intercontinental cup in whistler canada. he won the gold medal with a combined two run time of one minute forty five point seven three seconds. but when he enters the history books as the first ever south korean to win the event. now let's get to tuesday's top matches starting in the kb al them all the statistical road trip to iran to face ttc double teams have won their last two but one would get their streak broken the mold isn't a single head to head in the first that motivates pulls that off the flight to denver on dancing takes over with sixteen second half points before going down in entering the fourth quarter tallied goals down to the wire but ttc can put up a final shot and molded swimsuit sixteen to sixty six now would still be legal question cash and korean air faced off in the end john let's get to the highlights
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is a russian catch speeding out of the day to be the first set twenty five twenty three from their korean air's source away but the game. the next three sets with peace michael sanchez contributes thirty four points including three serving pieces and clean air gets three points with a three one victory. that does for me here the sportscenter this has been stephen jaques at baghdad midnight for the latest in the world of sports. cr. the a stoush
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although today was a mild winter day here in korea we have snow in the forecast record itself let's go over tracking down at the weather center. forgot how much snow rb looking at a meanie some good news for those of you has been waiting for us now well those of you in town with uncle bill province will see the most between three and eight centimeters and take on one hand tied another province is about two one two five candidates including the mountains of takes you elsewhere in the central regions can expect as penny me their love taking a lead that the current conditions the nation will gradually be under the influence of a low pressure trough which is why we're seeing cloudy skies across the map. after tomorrow's snow showers the fourth best weather of this season so far life ahead on thursday and friday morning most of the rich tabled a two minus nine victories and minus twelve on friday. other than that fall
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is currently seeing twice the normal level of the finds out and it won't go away and snow showers begin tomorrow moving on to tomorrow's readings salivate when trying to make it to four degrees meanwhile rain is forecast to post on holiday with a high stakes holding onto their feet and sentimental to reach ten and eight decrease perspective please meanwhile month combined tops out at my side. why would i have read this hour but i'll be back with my updates after they met. after practice on this tuesday nights and it became so strong when things were watching will cease. i was as you from them you. thus
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the effects of us astray. but back then at its base. so i was real interesting going to germany and doing something on my very good friends is german and he had been talking about a family history isn't everything in the conversation i realize the complexity of not just of my own relationship to be on the holocaust and grandparents. but some of the other side of the same history young people in germany have very very complex relationship to you oh it's so not suitable or not insisting that time they pay out a bit. do i go to germany to sew the explorer lot of issues and one of them i was meeting young people monday in about mid twenty s generation. great grandchildren of the world
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what a generation. this concert. and. see the connection that i had with my friend or texas or more broadly the spleen is yes and your passion and that mostly young germans in front of the shadow of what we're doing the hard ons. when the two months the first time that was two thousand and eight. and. asymmetry from people had contacted the city is ahead of time. and also the site so it isn't. i know it is learnt that are good in it because there were lots of things going on there the park itself was built out of rubble or two. but then suddenly it's a shame that the heart and the israeli athletes and anne were murdered in flux. so that would lay in its history teacher. i began to morph
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into a discussion not just low point of what's happening what's happened. we hear girls. white history. store in places like that. staying with them. it was meeting a friend. joanne and friends throughout that it's as though its network. it became like family. people who were all there kitty is that the adoption process. so this suggests a familial relationship. wed. the astros and the title is sort of play although as you know it he's been tempted but start with our son's mind and heart would just ruin it for myself umm exactly as it's those sort of like trying to make some and think it's about
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what it but family is sunday richard action we used to you will or will . finish line there's just a month left before the show went to the city so she starts the ball rolling and talk to the chief organizer about how the city is going to run the games and keep everyone safe. on his losing control of the biggest problems with the city seized by al qaeda militants flooding in from syria. while the u s promises to speed up bro initial deliveries. that thing for basic scientists warned that water may become a key factor in world conflict with


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