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tv   Arirang News  PBS  February 3, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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south and north korea has agreed to hold working level talks this week to discuss a range of reunions of families separated by a korean war keeping alive the two koreas will begin to think of that next time. a korean credit card firm. thus it is safe and its history as the financial regulators banned them from seeking assistance for three months
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the bitter political division is working. i went to see a full feature after i got of protesters disrupted the election on sunday. if every third year in korea from some so you can pay them then you cheerfully four door chime in. thank you for joining us today. even this evening what the latest sign of progress in the korean relations. after changing the discs back and forth on monday the two koreas have agreed to hold working level talks. this wednesday on holding the family of the unions oppose and yes more on the upcoming engagement. breaking its weak on silent know if the yet to post on monday morning that the t kearney at me for that cost cops on the air here wednesday or thursday to discuss raising the alarm
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suspended the unions for at least the body by the korean war. should we left there after we accepted the proposal calling for talks on wednesday at the transparent coming down at the meeting to tease i'd like to look inside when and where the beginning it will take place. south korea had previously proposed holding the event at the near east team to the twenty second at me what gets us not condemn historic actually pick it up roughly two weeks to prepare for a section of that the kirby as are up against the clock. nonetheless felt the need to teach amazing prefers sooner rather than later. it's the moon moves in with a pleased that they must be discussed with north korea the working level talks of the south korea government will try to have a family the unions held as soon as possible considering the urgency about other kids having joint military exercises between south korea and the united states scheduled to begin this month
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i also wish that every human soul and lots of things baby out of the drills involving thousands of troops are purely defensive in nature but candy and uses that as the were again. experts say the menorah could make a card for polls on the beach and ate it with half the event taking place after the kiwis all had colds go exercise is the switch and in april or even a couple weight. they really have a good overnight he wanted to do your hair you want to bet that election but how good idea to help again short the day at great lakes. we had earlier said that the uk. it's based on north korea's request. let's bring justifiable reasons but because north korea has a history of talking out of its agreements. our belief that members waiting to be a night for the first time in more than six decades will likely have the fingers crossed until the baby seat and the buttons i get. on sunday
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at kansas. moving on to the story while the full itinerary has not been announced on uss president barack obama is first visit to the ship this year the us largely expected to visit japan the philippines and will ensure that the federal election of south korea at the seoul government is reportedly making efforts to happen stopover. especially with the us secretary of state making his own trip later this month taking jiang portraits the us sec jc john kerry to play these kind of busy to softer yet later this month to discuss security issues on the korean peninsula and we should deal with potential publications from north korea. at a security forum in munich on saturday evening hours to visit china in two weeks to work on the north korean a shield softer in government or cc the us topped the man that is likely to pay a visit to seoul before or after his fifty bt that were precarious all sometime during the third week of this month right
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before the cleaning south korea a us team is all the military exercise is scheduled to start in korea cut his trip he followed up by a gazetted from the us president barack obama a couple minutes later. citing us and japanese officials the uv nation the report said president obama will be making stops to pee and the philippines and malaysia during a tour of the region in april. he is reportedly considering a visit to seoul as well. the bombing aimed at financing single ave are expected to discuss a wide ranging issues including the trans pacific by ship the territorial disputes with china ink and an eighteen year graduation of north korea has obama had to cancel his fifty two south east asia in october the federal shot down in the united states can see on the evening news. the high profile freehand trial classic pairs of socks twenty year prison term for in leftist lawmaker accused of
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wanting to overthrow his own government to divert on one fifty two year old piece of key is expected in two weeks' time for part two one s this report. at the school of industry quiet and eight prosecutors requested the school year prison term for that we will all make great use of e the stands accused of conspiring to steal two o'clock in the event the a korean war prosecutors also demanded that the fifty two year old mike apparent. he sniffed the best voting rights and to be restricted from holding office for ten years after his release from present prosecutors say no to sustain their punishment is to stop crying. it's me that people sleep in the basket and prosecuted for a similar offence that can be fastened to the added that he had shown no remorse for his actions and that he attempted to destroy the basic democratic order. south korea in violation of
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constitutional law. he is currently standing trial on charges of beating up on north korea to all of the revolutionary organization. the underground robot so that she fighting to overthrow the government thinks i'm too desensitized to south korean government and us troops in the event of an e mail coming war. in addition to the prosecutors are seeking ten to fifteen apiece in turns three six at the effect progressive party members calling on the same charges. in nineteen ten vaccine targets to think instead of buying a bag that this trial is scheduled to come by the seventh the best man at the early days of debate in st. kimball the most likely concluded plans to constitutional court's ruling on the tenth of that questioning if i were best of the party should be expanded. and in essence and these also the coming year be viewed on the motion that calls for the cell leukemia
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in the mail from his parliamentary seat. in london and yummy. then in the wake of korea's most of them are personal information we can financially citizens have slept three month bills the suspensions on the credit card companies under question this comes as the government tries to bolster efforts to better secure the public's personnel and financial information. heck i can reports to refinance but regulators are coming down hard on three credit card companies whose co starring dana was told. the largest personally for me to meet the country's history the financial service commission and the financial supervisory service to send in the business operations of katie in the car. any snow on the card and note the cart for the nine months starting bit eerie seventeen and under the terms of the suspension company will be banned from taking on new customers into a card loans are processing cash advances. existing customers however will not be that at this the suspense and
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does not ban the firm from providing financial services to that. the suspension is the first in over ten years the credit card companies indiscriminately into credit card rates that led to mounting individual debts last month's week which affect the east twenty million people are concerned said today that has ended up in the hands of scanner the estimated compensation for men to analyze cost to customers by the data breach is expected to reach nearly one hundred sixty million us dollars. as another part of punishment. the ceos of the preferred to face this punishment depending on their accountability. but the still up in arms of the week. i made a start on one said sunday that long enforcement authorities began an epic crackdown and this will be equally startling news leak or something. however concern continues to rise as it turned out not only credit card holders information can be regrets. following an external audit of the financial supervisory service confirmed monday that
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the data of fifty one customer at the prudential life insurance company of korea also been leaked. honey came up to the onions. we're into week three says the outbreak of the bird flu virus in the country and find you suspect the cases this has been reported since the start of the lunar new year holiday. the agriculture ministry confirmed monday the day to conform in the southwestern province of time on level two and one in the southeastern process of keller's unknown bill appeared to be negative for a virus but said there is a high chance that other than the readout farms in the central korean province until the dough has been contaminated with the virus was confirmed in my wit redux in going on on going monday after ducks were found dead a week ago. forty farms have been contaminated with the virus so far. and at least two twenty six million ducks and chickens have been called in at one hundred fifteen points. and for more with that of the arabian influence extending across the country in ways to
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contain the potential damage from the virus we are going in the studio bike got this costs money professor of veterinary medicine that none of national university. think of for twenty years professor saw their appearance at the spread of the virus could reach its peak three to live in new year holiday during which two thirds of fifteen million kurds hobble across the country. how critical this current situation my knowledge that you can say to the continent may touch of korea alerted to continue to set you up. it's five minutes was approved so to be done on monday added eighty one was to sew the accordion on cape cod different and seventy two from shifted to shoot in hand and fifty two hometown soak up some of the knowledge of tune yes you read it to despise his discontent in many parts of korea and that they can carry on though as chris and kyle was in some of the monday show on hand to convert to the kind of a two
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one two to fifty two. hence it to good use of data to prove sprint to the coast country. hope that my nbn co will the stricken continue with the kitchen for a long your opinion. why did g status as the partitioning of funding for mine and cousin survive. and to know what time to sing to the two time so of that duty don't want to see how many people i didn't spot it too though. take a stitch and ten ft defiance of many. when the new continuing soak up the fire is still in the containment and i'm trying to penetrate into a movie ticket or bye bye to know what time connected to it to maine on one doesn't he punches me sees it as just need to find a note to switch on and so now i mean death to feel pity for my day as they can confidently move it
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decided to dump don't believe ticket to a specific tool kinda like one caveat authorities that gets to intensify the exact cause of the outbreak that is assuming that my victory birds known as tear down what role have been played and how awful i is to click and save it to have to affect my cousin my employer dylan fan of any kind of this decision. why didn't one taken time to change a second to suspend funding think it's even better one at fifty one in my blissful indeed the prime motive kosovo could and could use trade his friends in a coffee included discussion of the clinton said in all cent to fifty now and it's fattening. his has been in school until i fall and into my food and the toe which a compound called saddam cornea wilson's two thousand. we just leave the boat was over but the eye and an eclair the bia. i would say spring is in the sky has erupted over and over over again. i deserve some shortcoming in
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governance preventive measure story deserved more to it than just a governance. that probably made it to be a stressful time the fake nice to be dumb and egypt costs of tea coffee tea cocoa free time into the fray. so until we can cost decorate each of my proposal and so on. so to the dumpster you cannot find even the coastline in the top two on two of the pitiful prevent it. men aged nineteen to atone. also say them like a few other strains of bird flu the eighties vibe and it's strange to have no immediate threat to people and how concerned should be the half human infections or even eating poultry market nowadays. the media in china if it is said and nine from foot to foot the fifth major title that teach him take
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the cases that seem to think and fifty sean and cough idea was to claim to know says and to fund this project but did he won his fight in a calm confident we'll go right down to the minute descent to put teeth it is fun to see any kind of knew him from taking effect so kinda cool to shoot because they sure don't have the cheek so would be sent to our professors talk to you very much for the ss this evening i have come. before your dna. and another began get the latest line from seoul. any expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint of the beaker with its local network and why. for one hundred odd probable that. he always asked again. south. what in
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most countries the summer months of the peak time wheeling korea. you tend to spread out than any tcp more tourism hotspots in the country if the government build the second batch of toys and pollution measures on monday our present allow for us to spawn the knowledge and u s this report. if you're ever in its first ad of course intervention ventures in july was spent just on bringing foreign tourists to korea. a second batch of pictures and feel that date is eight dead in his seat to the state were sent to carefully out of its plants to be good for sa to care for five present packing am and midday. what the plan involves establishment of so called forests and weeks in spring and fall to more evenly distribute the beach and force him to be and probably peaked in december the destination little carrot a total of twenty two days from the first to be a leaven in september to put that to october of that taurus in the history and the education ministry are considering whether to close elementary middle and high schools for short the quiche
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and string beans period starting this year the government will select the week before cities of the year. three cities will be provided with as much as two point three billion dollars effort to re read your period. proceeded back to spot forest of the asic goose that lays golden eggs and the sprinkler tories and as us that he sent her a very very carefully and for economic education. one of the m medal. some time and a full crew website states which are seeking to contain them. until then i'm eyeing the creepy huh and she did it again. i mean he is still to go to little tickle his eye at the scene. she called the old west policies that are in line with the public's rising steam carrots and a step in the am. the unique characteristics of each region. korean spend around twenty three billion dollars a year on domestic or seven triggering more than thirty
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six billion dollars in protection in creating sand like a million jobs the president i guess it's nice that of the stick horse and increased by ten per cent of the earth and the effect would be enormous. looking at evidence meeting was the president was plagued by state secretary general of the liberal forces organizations to let her fly the fed also highlighted the importance of nurture students in vocational high schools for the tourists it's an industry benchmark in switzerland vs educational training suspended state of grace that we should get the point of leveling home of meet the demands for employees and the sector. in june. but then gets the current era karen percy that that is felt in those that mourn in seven months in the us dollar on this monday as the use of missouri's quantitative easing spark concerns about capital outflows from emerging markets. pickering wanted more than fourteen one two finish today at one thousand eighty four one
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the greenback and the sun solar saying that while the dollar gained ground aided by the fed stand was cut at an emerging market jitters bickering one big weekend as foreign investors unloaded stops me most here is a soul also fished the trading session lower in response to further if that's in wisconsin soft chinese economic surveys the bench for kos be closed at one point one percent at nineteen twenty. technically the concept ra point three percent. over in thailand anti government protesters pledged monday to organize larger street demonstrations an effort to overturn the results of a general action in those first designed to quell the unrest protest against prime minister in not so much to stop the voting process in certain regions on sunday keeping millions of people from passing delegates for those that weren't able to cut the deficit said withhold the second round of polls although the added it could take weeks to do so. a new problem and will be allowed to sit until ninety five percent of the seats had been
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failed. fan. thus the shariah is widely considered one of the park rides at the paris oh two winter olympics but she was a cinderella story when she needed a core course not his plan to protect and found i liked the more stoic you more stories like that in the oven when interlude pics but we have steven what's awesome love vehicle with the gold medal favorites rather than hello there. hey guys the twenty three lbs figure skating queen of south korea has dealt with the immense pressure. much like she performs on the ice with grace and composure to nationalize on him with the u k's and that in the newspapers the latest media outlet to mr as one of the sparse to watch that again. experts say that although still have to face in the future challenge is the real pressure will be on top of the competition as the defending champion data would run for an historic
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repeat gold medal. meanwhile the olympics is just days away and so it is literally scrambling to put all of the pieces together with media outlets pouring into the black sea coastal city their report of the store shelf of hotel rooms to go along with other at the finish construction in the area. the other hand ioc president thomas bach said on sunday that he was confident with the preparations. but despite all this the sochi winter olympics will open in on saturday a korean time and moving on the national football league seasons and came to a spectacular and at the seattle seahawks. rather the denver broncos in super bowl forty eight when the big game for twenty three two eight the psy op show by their team defense was the best of the week throughout the year linebacker malcolm smith was named mvp for returning the pain many interceptions for touchdowns which put his team to forfeit the catch and then heading to the fairways kevin stadler
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points trophy at the phoenix open for the first pga tour win in his twelve year career his victory was settled when bubba watson minutes apart but on the eighteenth hole and end with that he and his father frank stand there because of the night father son combo to win on the pga circuit and will be the first ever to play at the same time at the masters. now let's wrap this all of which the english premier league match day twenty four results from sunday. next up are small because this whole palace to retake the top spot while liverpool was unable to close the gap within the top four with a draw with west brom. the statement that could be shaken up again as man city takes off chelsea in a big match on tuesday. and that does for me or the sports that this has been stated to check back at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. thus a
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sequel due to start the week earrings. oh that's right for those of us in the capital to get use to for awhile the details let's go for tracking down and let others center pulled out our weekend friend the cricket on the evening guys. well tomorrow is to channel that
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is one of the twenty four indicated smoking in the beginning of spring however the weather looked a bit the frigid cold and back course with my entries have been a steady most parts of the country with the exception of color and some of the list was created as by the current condition of the nation is under the influence of the high pressure system which is widely seen this guy is the map. whatever its finances degrees here and i love but it feels like minus thirteen due to this troubled plans blowing at about five meters per second. and this family. whether states can see it through thursday of the that the possibility that out as i can still be all and i wonder into two provinces taking a leg at tomorrow's another as fellow that it is minus five victories while i'm sympathetic minus one and three degrees respectively not to their greetings. make it two minus four deep freeze while purple silk tops out at
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my kids too. plus a one and all that i'll be back with my active in that. facebook hour after broadcasts and that this mighty knights and use a cane so this is daniel chan thank you for watching a great night. i was. well that this is one of its non traditional bunny in the us and its fans all over the world would be named said he did today to promote its beauty products. all of a
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committee that supports the idea that the vulcan department of the problem at the end of our belt we can to boot. the simple as the chains of the state that has to be the steward. and the children. it symbolizes out of the powers that go into this leads to apple opened. so because it has come. over the years saturday night a love story depicting the gang at the moment. first i am sometimes. stay on duty at the bank the midst of god that is on the science on that is given to safeway to expect that some of
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the eclectic sounds like you think of but at this. i had left him and he wants her back. so there's a lot of websites and a sun bath the inside and cover that new travel mania or succumb him for tcp gets me coupled with a meteorite the problem overnight. it's five hours to find out if we die. how many hours of apu prac. follow the paths to the moms we can practice in around three to four hours a day. peters has been really tough. but the kids love it the eyes of an eye to the chilly in the first of all that to me i pretend that it took me back to the eye. here which made me suspect that the president of april will you be a twenty five years celebrating them traveling but even coax her to use and that stool i probably won't be the last
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one hundred and twenty five p it's going to say to moana to the people who the you to find the bleeding from the meeting being copied it's been a beach at times bring in our history our son immediately entering the site at the front on this sorta thing. the fifty s or eighty in the stc now do you think is going to be seen here. so i check into some hot in states like i'm in the techniques he would have them. it's on your own family as well. what's in a series of comic typically him down comedian send me some can be put in. return to the incidents. i had a fun gal people dun seem to get people to whom was appalling the nineties the scribe the peanuts on a lease between the lincoln would be carried from the first thing whereas the candidates who
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don't mind being put at the weekend from a country where we always believe in it and have fun meeting convened to get there in one of the schemes is to share. they insist on to get their team pss on. yet i may come people people from ca their panties ghastly was trying to earn. elegance is a leniency the saints and crawling before we speak. schools my kids like twenty four seven hundred people. but the sight of what i can be seen this kid. tom has had a lot of fun he went to they went to camp. i say save people from august. you can't allow the plant so it sticks. like italian team who have leaked out that communities but we are trying to do. teaching can learn about what it says the only thing that we always keep telling him that the captain on what the week she gets it you will always
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be effective in sight before adding onto the string beans i was only kidding. i did add to the police officer are killed in a hostage crisis and a mosque in school carried out by one of its model students. iraqi authorities and cover a chemical plant equipped to produce deadly sorry gas sector belongs to an extremist travel group that's been operating in neighboring syria. an israeli cabinet minister as head out at us secretary of state john kerry after his warning that the country could face an international


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