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tv   Arirang News  KCSM  February 21, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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know lines hundreds of south and north korean families separated by the korean war me again. we have already having spent the second day of cross border re unions and you're set to start again tomorrow she became korea japan showed no sign of easing as the killers are to observe its so called d c wednesday. iran has claims on three control of the island to the ec the judge's impartiality is being questioned after russia sadly the southern province actually figure skating gold
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medal and three s defending champion could have asked what the weather was a color field inflation. all this and more text in front of me what i needed to write a very twenty first year in korea won from seoul. i knew him and daniel chan thank you for joining us. to begin this evening with the two of the cross border family of unions and the north's moncton can restore the tears of joy and sorrow continued on this friday as hundreds of south and north korean families met for about a total of six hours from already highly emotional event. we are joined by the un in the studio etsy and just a recap of that day's events. well the second game of the first round of reading is held on friday cited this point and ninety and played and then they show the speech
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was separated from the members was a chance twenty eighty or so participants are accompanied by fifty six founding members to meet evening closed doors in individual tolerance at the south and north korean families are staying and they send each changed in such as flow through eating protein and share their stories of our lives and families back home. those meetings lasted until eleven am one fall that night when our leader and crew collection that included all the contestants. after that the third and last event of the day it was a korean ceremony and then from four to six pm. this was a very deeply emotional moment for many of the families and some of them their bodies could not handle the emotions and i believe they were unable to participate in the right during one of the sessions today at his south korean contestants had to head back home due to health problems nineteen what you're looking for young and four to eighty four year old wounds and that didn't get to meet individually with their loved ones from the north yesterday
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and today i'm happy to still eat them and since this morning he met his daughter and son came home with a retired nurse met her younger sister. he told her the links that lead before a meeting that she was class have met her again and played weaker until the kids. now it's in these early departure is on etc reminder of that time is running out for families and mostly were in their eighties and nineties write that in fact according to the candy the st institute some fifty three percent the surviving south korean members with our niece and annoying higher order than eighty one which happens to be the average lifespan of south koreans although one hundred twenty nine thousand south koreans who have been easily lets party during its forty five percent have already passed late. never again the chance to speak to embrace their separated family members. so there's a growing called half morgan just be yourself participants her brownie
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answer union city hall more regularly. in response to south korea's bridal parties have called for further unions on thursday. many parties for the day to day life add the cream of the day he's due more to make sure that he needs our help on a regular basis. democratic party for a leotard nonsense time is running out in the number of businessmen in defending the union's needs to be in peace in the future well assuming the re union goes without any hiccups are rich and of course who loved to have been a what's next while on sunday a second group of around three hundred sixty south koreans. so write up about condoleeza like to meet with eight other north korean relative effect turn our will so i had to do with it hit me at three in the afternoon. south korea will then host the welcoming dinner later that night on monday individuality and career meetings are scheduled before all things have racked up twenty c parents and thank you very much for their wrap up of day two of the cross for her family reading and
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thinking fast. i think ill will between the two koreas continues to south korean government has given to private aid groups to bring light to send about one million dollars were epic humanitarian aid to north korea. seoul's unification ministry made the announcement friday and said the committee to ensure this will be mainly composed of anti tuberculosis drugs and baby milk powder. so far five private organizations have been given permission by the government this year to send aid to the north where more than one point five million to bus stops. when japan relations which have plunged to one of the lowest points in many years are showing no signs of improving this comes after contacting is official suggested that need to re examine tokyo's nineteen ninety three apology for its wartime atrocities not to mention the country's ongoing campaign to raise awareness but claims to korea control of the lilacs picking and then reports. in nineteen ninety three japan's then
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chief cabinet secretary your geek on all hope on us for the tens of thousands of woman. our force and essential sleeping through the award to. but on thursday told to scurry cabinet secretary bill she either shoulda said the japanese government will re examine the so called cool statement to verify the accuracy of interviews during the korean woman who said they were forced to serve as prostitutes for japan's wartime military and will assemble a team of government officials and exports are examined in nineteen eighty three subpoena from an academic standpoint that the mint sauce and then told deal for making moves to take back this apology and disregard isn't realistic past and the stroking of wrongdoing. it's all like japan germany has made and continues to cause us force wartime atrocities and compensate victims to this day in a separate issue korea has slammed japanese governments and the most controversial practice humid day ceremony on saturday unattended claimed three is coco island as errol that this team as the name japan
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uses for coco island korea's foreign ministry has also slammed japanese prime minister since august plans to sink cabinet members to the annual event. between gov is calling on japan to cancel the ceremony with coconuts is this old man saying the celebration was the concern of the nation's fury of a claim sovereignty over its territory including talked all the menu of the islands around the korean peninsula. upon its independence from japanese rule in nineteen forty five tuned in. itn news. no software you can expect any progress and the new class in north korea italy china's help with that in mind visiting chinese vice foreign minister yu xin min held talks with skulls deputy foreign minister. you don't sue on the north's nuclear program and cling to strengthen cooperation with the common estate of its nuclear weapons dealer i've been told on thursday after a forty visit to north korea making him the first high ranking chinese official ever to make it back to back trips to pyongyang in school. on
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saturday the blasting of his visit he was scheduled to meet with skulls foreign minister yoon don't stay in unification minister you get to. the ministry of science ict and future planning with the still very much in its infancy stage having been for just one year ago progress report at the national assembly on friday he telling its vision and goals the team and gail reports the minister and vice ministers of the minister of science ict and future planning where front and center of the national assembly on friday when he fielded questions from the palm and the science committee. some of the questions centered on just what the ministry founded at the start of the pack and administration guns. in any year since the ministry was established however what exactly the ministry does is unclear i've heard there's been a lot of lost during the working process it seems
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the young people and companies cannot understand how the media pounced in the new ministry. for instance eighty six percent of company. mnc company treats for it to give lawmakers a better understanding of the ministry's mission. mr tennent the lead of the bear's heart as if involved dad. the government has increased investment in creative composite products to promote the integration of information technology with conventional industries such as agriculture and tourism the ministry said it would inject some ninety four million us dollars in a total of thirty creative economy projects this year a sharp increase from the eighteen million dollars invested last year. the pundits are part of the piping administration's vision for a creative economy which seeks new and inventive business opportunities and more jobs by using information technology and other industries. just last week a special all went into effect that creates a new
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commission that will oversee policies on the information communication and technology sectors the ministry said the new commission will function improved efficiency in policy making by seeking feedback from local farms on the challenges they face and having been reflected in the country's policies. two don't get. add the onions the rest of the stories making headlines around the world from obama dalai lama meeting to the latest on the ukraine and best beauty and joins us live from the under the new center of it all the latest pm lesson i guess i was done with the white house announcement about an upcoming meeting between us president barack obama on the dial a long night tibet's exiled spiritual leader expire any immediate protests from china the white house says obama is scheduled to meet with
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guile and the map the white house on friday amid rising concerns over the deteriorating human rights situation in the tibetan areas the seeming data underscore how lever that the us continues to recognize that as part of china with the implication there think that it's unknown way we can to support tibetan independence. billy and us and china relates isn't a rough patch teresa months over a range of political and economic issues that can we expect this meeting to further chelsea the us relations. almost certainly gaollowing the white house announcement that the government urged the us to cancel the meeting a warning that they will seriously harm bilateral relations. the chinese foreign ministry in the statement said at that meeting would be a gross interference in china's internal affairs and called it a serious violation of norms of international release and as you well know the dalai lama has been calling for greater religious
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freedom and autonomy to a non violent means. while teaching the kids that i'm a mom of encouraging tibetan independence fear of violence that all thirty train ran agreement has reportedly been nice too and the ongoing political crisis after escalating violence in the past few days has left at least seventy five the dead but during clinton constitutional reform that would balance the power of the president governments and parliaments. he also calls for a national unity government in before and within ten days and a presidential election that before the end of things here the deal comes after an overnight meeting with opposition leaders clever yet to confirm that agreement early on friday the european union house this time to stop sanctions on ukraine in response the recent uptick in violence. here's eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton
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to spend extra licences for equipment for internal repression. the fast developing looking bodies of the console to make the necessary preparations in me deeply. implementation be taken forward in the light of developments in ukraine. we continue to work. now a tie is bracing for an intense heavy wave of smog over the next three days of the team which has been under fire to take effective measures against pollution proud of its pollution alert and not cry or to arrange for the first time on friday thus the second highest level in class for children and the elderly to stay indoors with some factory activities put on hold keller was raised after beating was criticized by state media last week and it's worth the time probably against high pollution levels the rest of today's late get what's making headlines around the world and i'll see you back here next week
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meals will go this friday morning to a new olympic medal but not the one fans were expecting. the free skating program russia to calm a controversial goal that while korea's own kid you not to the sober for more on the competition shrouded in controversy we have kindly joining us in the studio that kind of fury even on line petitions are ongoing asking for investigations of the partiality of the judges how serious this is probably right lung. one might say clark to use that word that she's a petition platform at the last time i checked there were more than one point five million people asking for an open investigation into the second decisions of the features in slc. they're also asking for a testament of how the nest so to call but got people thinking and i had to settle for silver. we also had a lot of high profile people including
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painting of a legendary lincoln county and anything christine who said that it was the same course metal calling to me and i feel cream. also american ashley wagner who actually finished eleventh at the feast of the olympics here to see that she was frustrated with the judging at the ads per skein pal s and the escorts for the blessings were completed. now i see no one there is aching and i headed to the no fly list performance but her scores and not be dressed as a cynical about to perform to an exciting will happen. be a good book to sunday school in trying to win a gold outside russia. first and foremost making and of course to take the lead beach and she was above the dole police and collected even after the disappointing results ray after her performance in an interview she said that she's actually proud of her acclaimed performance and that you know what the result of something she can do about it. i'm all set to announce the sea thinking to all her fans especially the korean fans who stayed up into the wee hours to watch her perform. the law or state still aches from this scheme
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in addition when the time one has to move on to other planets. all i got in the canadian team bikini and one eighteen and currently and actually won the pulitzer on thursday and since andy was actually the comedians first bulletins and nineteen eighty eight and nineteen eighty eight since that no one thinks back on this trip back there when it is probably the fact that the stops me in from winning their third consecutive gold medal that he can actually went undefeated at silky we need to laugh and shake teams it seemed korea to hear that it was to give you a key ally brady was the first time in the twenty ten although the word eliminated. i'm in a bikini before reaching the medal rounds there are high expectations for the jeweller income time so we'll have to weave in and see and tell that. the duo coming it's time for medal standings but said the updates. welker react says that remain at fifteen actually the lead at one spot from yesterday and only
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remains in the top with technical with matt else that number to you it can adapt with eight gold medals and germany and the usa actually isn't there and germany and russia holds the remaining time high. the lord is the last entry it does have that little much chance of getting more medalist nasty thing i know what it means that over the weekend and went after people could possibly bring to the end of the foliage is this one every year since he is now basically ca seventeen years old and still competing in the late one thousand meter where i have around two am we had time to about four hours from now and hopefully still qualify for the finals. that said i radiate gold medalists from sochi trapping them at all actually the retreat in the right to me. remember
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that race. first again honeywell we are nearing the end of the sochi games of the spotlight is actually shifting to cult of course an explosive in korea that is i'm sure a week and if we take some lessons from this years of ups and downs from winter games hosted by sochi that's absolutely right and we actually had our school is tiny and so it seemed that way sometimes. organizing committee and let's hear what she has to say. for the over two hundred personnel dispatched to sochi from the whole time. nothing is too big or too small to go unchecked for an absurd the pressure is on. as in less than four years time the eyes of the world. we focused on winning coach and he's raised a continental avenue of eco city. as the next in line for one hundred chief organizer of campaign twenty team reached the way his duties have been grinding. overall we believe there was a successful and the game's score to two thousand and fourteen had all the big bad news in one place
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at the olympic park with the weather and the volunteers were also very pleasant. content is more compact into the bag that all our clusters are within thirty minutes of each other but after studying the way it is organize year we want to reinforce the efficiency of our pennies. with the current running down the sochi the ball to watch out don't they. why is it has to get rid of the tasting treats and a skirt instead so i needed that culminate with the grand performance of korean dance and various mixes of korea's traditional song idea. with that in the area is relatively less well known in many other countries around the walls so you want to own grade that mysterious provincial side an inch to sin cut it. and as content to spell eighteen marks the thirtieth anniversary of this whole summer olympics in nineteen eighty eight. we want to portray korea knowledge of alt country from a country that was catching up with others in the decades ago who
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and you can see it. he adds it is crucially important korea days more than just goes to games. he say the nation's athletes need to win medals with important aside from everything else was really counts is how well the host country's athletes to russia has succeeded in that spell now and i want to stress that the reader must work together to start at six p i've seen the potential we have not tested skating biking which is slightly bent on freestyle skiing. i'm sure pretty naturally to make contact their state in four years' time. and i can use to achieve. after sixteen days are going to confess to a seattle all come to an end this sunday and every twenty third at the closing ceremony will be at eight pm ration time and one e and here in korea and you know that we have a number of korean singers who will be participating in this closing ceremony including seem just a passing interest me and
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also decent i was at the frick keep up. start early and then he lit the torch will be passed on victory has come time to write and i ok thank you very much fighting for that update this is the retention out to other sports let's kick some goals and a pda world's best pro golfers are in the us calling for a one point five million dollar grand prize and bragging rights of course are stephen kaye joins us to believe this was also there steven. hey guys the wgc accenture match play championship continues on at dove mountain and the u s state of arizona and entering day to read the field has whittled down by half of the sixty four that started on the thirty two from eight heading into the sweet sixteen which numbered top seeds are included. rory mcilroy tight as a favorite prior to the hornets who was slashed from the wreckage as well as the other two remaining first seats and expense in and justin rose now the doors open for last year's winner matt co chair
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or even the cop and rickie fowler to win as play continues on until sunday and heading to ladies golf hiking be is not concerned about being ranked number one rather she's writing a grant or achievements. the top ranked park said that winning the women's british open in july to complete her career grand slam is very topical currently at the honda lpga thailand or first part of the season. she's inched up to eleventh place at two under par. meanwhile an unmarked this remains the leader at seven under after round two. and moving on to the nba two of the league's best teams the miami heat at the oklahoma city thunder faced off in the much anticipated second meeting of the season between the league's best two players and on trade deadline day lebron james and his feet out play kevin durand and the thunder on the road won all three to eighty one to even out the series for
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the year. now both are early candidates for ndp but it was kj to show on this day that he would be giving up its crown so easily. now let's get to friday's video highlights in the first of a doubleheader lg beats ttc eighty two seventy four. but now it's time for dinner tonight between weekly and forty lives and the kt sunny cool. the ball fields press in the first half of its kt with the three point six two and then. now we fast bowler to play in the four forty on which to tie it up. but it's cos of me and kt that costs about sixty nine to sixty four. and that does for me here to sportscenter this has been sleeping checked out the back with the latest olympics updates and more after midnight so i'll see you there. the end. this was
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spring like warm better day today earrings home and the weekend hopefully holes more of the same story from our leftover try to look down at the weather center. but good evening. tcf bank that seems like we're getting close it is framed by the day now with daytime highs reaching at around eight to nine degrees this week and let it be great for outdoor activities. what's even better at that next week voted for chavez got up to date above zero degrees. now
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this is more like mid march weather here in the and current database and is under the temple atop a high pressure system from the west sea which is why we're seeing clear skies across the map and tomorrow looks to be just as clear as day. this morning the fact that the eastern region sides few times in all of us to find that by creating panic now back to our vault. however there is a high possibility that the ottawa to visit our site and they come back tomorrow afternoon. i bet that five to ten centimeters of snow may fall on the oath taking a leg at tomorrow's readings solid make it to eight in response to these down south to reach the low teens living on sale at every dance and dance as it peaked at ninety three spots will do it outside and read. well the other wonderful friday night and i'll be back with my babes after midnight. and after broadcasts on this friday nights and it became so nonsense and thanks for watching the leave you with some highlights of kenya not
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because the cfr for the kids telling when helen zille swirl color reflection on our shoes tell that it was harder than any thankful. i know. i am in i knew. the any use. is you. during this interim under a storm raced up and plan of action in summary your mind my brother's new system musician my sister selectors my mother is an actress director and my uncle's an actor. and i was so years old and then my
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mother saw an ad in the news paper about doing saw me in kiddos looking at the royal dramatic theater in stockholm and she said you wanted to address that yet why not. am well suited for me and said well you do get some couple hundred coolness in the end for every show. i was just thinking about that have remote control car deck and i said yes let's do it. i mean and then to just roll on from there the answer for users from tv or radio came to the theater and i started doing some. as a kid ended up working in the city theater up until i was twenty one i think in the mind to stop because that was a moment where i thought that um. i was beginning to think that this is my choice or or or so stop doing theater. i did some film speaking i still enjoyed it but. i stopped yelling gauging and i'm really trying to get to. to be interested in more jobs. i
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started doing music instead of eating them. i was somewhat with a bam. and two thousand and five. we had just released. our first single and we were doing some some promotional exam in some parts and distance. some are bad news and i when i'm onto the stage firsts. after they introduced the band and there was about thirty thousand people in the audience going i felt like a rockstar and i was. those are really cool moment because i thought this is really really cool. but still i was a dj in the back row and the other two guys rapping and singing came on and i was looking at them scratching and i was thinking that. they are a sexy way they want to be right now and i was out it was more like a hobby to me and him. and then so that's that was what i expected to step back in the night till the guys couple weeks later that
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the one upside to that to the theater academy and the night i was accepted so i left stockholm. there are four different feeder schools in sweden. the is one is just awful. but i know like i couldn't be here because i had so many calls like paco de da de da tonight or tomorrow night then. and i love it so pissed off i still know what to say no but i need to leave everything and then moved to mumbai where unknown nobody in it so hopefully difference. seal of the city and and. so i started in this. in this class of people. cool and knew nothing else but theater which was very odd to me because because i had all the life of all of them the mei tai and the music. i guess i attended my way the school as well. you
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wounding one who will rule to the it is the jewel of the street finds her for saying it would go into government dwellings is chasing at least until the traffic. the recent finest which is at least eighteen hundreds more injured. easterly the streets to find the present policy number of such a thing to do elections and the nature of the whole book on what to say they only accept his resignation. this was how it seemed to be maneuvering the pasta also now in the hands of the protest


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