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tv   Arirang News  PBS  March 12, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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the evening. i know the contest sites vice foreign minister is a tree and candies and soul in search of waste and frosty ties between the neighbors they also planned in that part of the country into one of the world's fourth largest oil trade centers investigators say the recovery act is using and recently accepted the universe. eight international sanctions
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the story more. i knew. oh the words in korea and hello to those of you were watching from around the world. it's wednesday marks off here in seoul and you could have done many things so much for joining us for the first time in eight months the vice foreign ministers of south korea and japan sat down for face to face talks on this wednesday but is there some key reports that two diplomats made little headway in resolving the difference is that if pushed bilateral relations to a new low in recent months. after three hours of talks in seoul on wednesday the bite foreign ministers from south korea and japan failed to make much progress on improving their free heights. south korean vice foreign minister to pay old stressed that japan should refrain from revising history and work towards restoring trust by resolving the unsettled issue of its
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wartime sexual and placement of korean women. and the spots japanese vice foreign minisister pak attack the site he said his government maintains the historical perceptions of japan's previous administrations. tensions are high between the two neighbors soul feels the appeal has never been fully compensated the so called comfort women who are forced into sexual slavery during the second world war in this state japanese politicians consistently made negative comments about the alchemy pecans the diplomatic battle has taken its fall on the south korean public's perception of japan. unexpected and the undead and is so low that evie is that all babies like the asset institute for policy studies show that south koreans receive the pad at the bit that the director began. according to the os on polled more than sixty five percent of the south korean feels threatened by japan larger than sixty percent of the population that here in north korea. the figure
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reflects on the overall consensus on to him and that drum circle insides of all the students about comfort women. though the increased attention that japan is playing up paying towards tokyo and seoul these things are starting to drive up the these perceptions that japanese prime minister should the law they is reportedly pressured to hold his first senate with its south korean counterpart. at present the campaign isn't this a bit she will not sit down to the leader fails to acknowledge his country's historical wrong doings. tea and honey at antiques. trey is looking into getting us recognition of sexual slavery by the japanese military during world war two at the un commission on the status of women in new york city gender equality and family minister choi eun sun announced that the ministry will try to get documentation of tolkien's work trustees listed on unesco's memory of the world register shows said they are to identify the items related to sexual
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slavery by japan against korea in neighboring countries and will submit the next year a decision is expected by twenty seventeen to be known to a report on north korea's u n sanctions which says the week broke state has developed an intricate web of measures to be un punishments are still seven tells us how they've managed to evade bands and or nuclear weapons and missile programs. county and has developed a number of sophisticated ways to get around you and saying she's on illegal weapons treaty. a un report was released tuesday as part of the annual accounting of north korea's compliance with international sanctions. the report says that the isolated nation has been employing complicated financial countermeasures that made purchases of prohibited products were difficult to trace. it also said the north korean embassies in cuba and singapore are suspected of facilitating illegal up and steals including a shipment
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of fighter jets and missile parts. he's on a north korean cargo ship in panama last year. the report adds that there is a relatively complex corporate ecosystem of foreign based firms that help every team he faced scrutiny of its financial dealings one of the examples cited was a contract by north korea's national carrier eric would yell to purchase new jet liners in two thousand top. it said more than one hundred paintings for structured you're a hong kong registered company while the purchase of civilian aircraft is not prohibited under un sanctions the report said such unusual activity can be used as a test ban for illegal transactions. officials at seoul's foreign ministry that south korea will work with the international community to better enforce sanctions better off breaking plates kenya is currently restricted under un sanctions for shipping and receiving cartel related to its nuclear weapons and missile programs importing the three kids in
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illicit transfers of cash are also prohibited suzanne and ibm years the government has unveiled a set of measures to boost the nation's regional economy by around thirteen billion dollars including easing developing restrictions for mountainous areas and detonating provincial debt bomb and downs the fifth but the characteristics of each region at him and he has a detox. the korean government has been trying to spur the nation's economic recovery and this time the focus is on regional economy. after a meeting led by president and head to foster trade and investment on wednesday the government laid out a set of measures to boost the regional economy under the latest on the government will help each municipal government develop a specialized industry like film and video industry for the southern port city of tucson and cultural content industry for the southwestern city of pungent. to foster
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cities with the specialized industry government pulled the speculations and provide tax benefits. the government added that it will provide support for business projects that were voluntarily proposed by fifty six regional blocs to develop new growth engines. among measures aimed at helping turning roll areas into economically vibrant spots is the lifting of development restrictions enforced in salads. that will allow the construction of commercial facilities and the so called green belt area as the only exception for such areas has been home construction. now the government expects the measures to boost investment in the regional economies by around fourteen trillion won or roughly thirteen billion us dollars it sets no effort will be spared to promote corporate investment which is the key to revitalizing the regional economy. the government emphasizes that while the central government has unilaterally wished for
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regional development so far the mentors this time around make local governments take the lead in trying out their own development strategies does it mean. her topic discussed at the meeting at the presidential office of tele there was the government's and this is planned to turn korea into a quilt redding ca for northeast asia. john has more on what it takes to realize the bowl and some of the challenges that lie ahead becoming one of the world's major oil trading is still a child says buttttttt there is the need for change and energy ministry in sunday said wednesday that one point eight billion us dollars in private sector investment will go into securing doyle's stoounce they can hold near the sixty million barrels of oil the government says it wants this complete by the year and twenty geo politically created stunning and has world renowned fondly as well as good or facilities to avoid a scene it's the best spot with new oil pump. an
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annual wild trading volume of twenty five billion dollars is expected to be generated from twenty twenty one economic benefits are expected in the next several years. the government hopes the terminals plan is to be expanded and the twenty seven cities of resetting also will help the country serve as a major all treating have policy makers plan to offer favorable loans tax breaks and other incentives to oil traders setting up operations here as well as eliminating red tape to create a better trading and by a man in the country. but some industry experts point out that the success of the covenant project will depend largely on that day has come to the financial infrastructure for that region since then. amy says geoff petrie energy economics institute almighty the news that one of the main problems is that the korean won is not a major currency used in an excellent speed and in that region the government's goal of making korea north east asia's main oil hub could take well over a day came
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and then down came the news some welcome news on the job front that number of newly employed workers in korea rose at its fastest pace in twelve years in february showing signs of improvement in the local economy. our team gian explains the trainee khan in the media showing signs of improvement a number of newly employed workers cruise at its fastest pace in more than a decade last month says dis ease her yes as a number of those employed in february set at twenty four point eight million of eight hundred thirty five thousand from a year earlier. the figure represents the largest one year job growth since march two thousand to the country's unemployment rate however shot up to four point five percent a half a percentage point increase from the same period last year. in fact the number of those unemployed said at one point two million in february the highest level in two
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years. the secret agency points to an increase in the number of young people seeking chops for this seemingly contradicting eight years of joining the simple the number of newly employed workers and unemployed people those in a twenty three new college graduates are now searchihing for work ahead of recruiting season which runs from late february to april this year. you see on itn news. could a resolution to a nationwide doctor strike in the making. just hours after prime minister chung one proposed talks on ending the dispute by march twenty of the medical community said wednesday evening that they were open to the idea the green medical association upset over government reforms says the measures will eventually lead to private a station of the medical sector and the staged a one day strike on monday and plans a six day strike beginning on march twenty fourth. that second walkout stance to be larger than the first day of rest and staff at seoul national university hospital in austin
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medical center announced they would be participating the core from the asian development bank's out a significant jump in inequality across a show with south korea income disparity ranking fifth among twenty eight two nations over the last two decades. for more on the widening gap between the rich and four we bring in dr a fortune on professor of graduate school of international studies at the well women's university great for you to be joining us tonight or if it didn't rise of professor tell us how bad it is the wealth gap becoming hearing for him right in. then they are being contested measures economic disparity or incoming call it the cost countries. an example of the g twenty summit is the most that call and speak with the news to my thoughts. they can zero in
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their duty and acts out stands for that perfect because he sent one to one he said it's printed on his mission there are one thinks of everything. the more secluded resort kong strong northern iraq where did jesus only our own joke when school is two point two five into the stream comes from mechanic america or africa where is he said this is the level of two point four winds of one five. south korea denies it's only around zero point three. elise has a similar tool with her new role. warne was america was inconceivable that these numbers said it is not that bad. but what i studied the problem is he's in school we today can reach. compare that to the kids of all make a cornerstone of the vatican says that the senate to be a high gloss break up and put in this i think a narrative that the concern of the sun is coming from. so what is driving this issue and is it an obvious reason or is it more of a side effect from other bigger problems. oh well. if you go to the excess
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some some some some principle that comics are exposed to this of course to pick up chris put it in the rear facing is a character to the cafe trade off between efficiency in any one can safely presume or efficiency we might end up losing one can see in the case that to some policies that call was a more specific a simple rules policies. dad came to driving force for choosing when to sow seeds you can then use as an act of some some something to tell what they do maybe isn't so fond of the trade offs and somehow the strands of the factory is the country in light of the king instead the cornes economy is different from what used to be the core there is so use to be on the one of the most time at the growing economy and i took the kids and teens in tone and style is calling but what we are going to be and make us some some some since making his status similar to what we use to
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people. he told lauren that test is a student so wonderfully seem to know what they're doing is quite a bit from when i think i put the cap. these were the proper starts. so is this a problem that we can mistakes head on the other policies that can actually be adopted to address this issue you see that up with the full cost too much on this sucker could go if baby b might end up losing to send twenty one acc like to focus too much in this and put them in my carelessness is a moment before for the pool saul was so important to have a basket in the school which is the greatest protection. it was employed for example authentic thai fta. sisters of the month that is a really good example for two one twenty two to increase the size of pecan pie this was a silly thing to some twenty something who does not mean that everyone in the clinton attack about that the sectors that are going to war south africa's of traits. to suppose that that would be keen something. but don't we. so we really have to focus on boston among
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those is the cost of what we are most interested in is the home once reconvene call was the size of the party can increase your witty out he was too much attention to discover dark sector south seneca. it is to compensation schemes how people can help you calm physical stamina since it is dead is merely at the pizza mix of patient care and thank you very much professor was to happen in your university thank you for joining us this evening but three months. yes it's other top stories on the global fund for the mystery of inhalation airliner to chile's first female president being sworn in for a second term thing and go over to her poly. the new center. so paul let's start with the latest in the search for that missing plane in the new clues. well frustrations are mounting after gandhi's the search efforts was still no sign of wreckage from malaysia
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airlines point three seven zero. the national teams have further expanded their search after earlier reports had no terror reader signals came today and talking and it has the details. the search for missing malaysian airline stocks into its fifth day on wednesday. still no concrete evidence explain what happened to the plane. and the boredom two hundred thirty people were all born with no sign of the plane the search area has been extended to an area that stretches all the way from china to that and see less of thailand. this after vietnam briefly skilled out a search operations after saying it had been getting mixed signals from malaysia. all the flight path of flight three seven no. authorities continued to look for clues that may explain what happened. i think there's a lot of speculation right now some things responsibly that have not been no confirmed a proper control. we are looking at it very carefully
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the malaysian military says the plane was in the air for over an hour before it vanished from radar. and had traveled about five hundred km off course. and added that the plane's transponder and tracking devices was switched off. after the plane veered off track. some experts speculate that there might have been a sudden electrical malfunction on the plane twenty of them back to power would only last an hour officials have not ruled out the possibility of policy was soft. as responder signals that control in the cockpit adding to the confusion of malaysian newspaper for the malaysian air force chief cause all the dogs on tuesday as saying that military radar attract the missing plane to the strait of malacca. but sully denies he ever made the comments. the men. i don't do this. but to announce the latest of elements in ukraine crisis his government has stationed
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troops along the crimea border and mobilize their defenses. after interim leaders this notion you'd national guard. in response what they called russian aggression. as of tuesday ukraine had as few as six thousand combat ready infantry was air force was outnumbered give the one hundred to one by moscow's weeks. ukraine's interim prime minister or our city yet soon you will meet with u s president brought obama on wednesday that gets in you will then address the un security council thursday where he is widely expected to contend crime year's upcoming referendum to join the russian federation an appeal to western powers for assistance. heading over to south america. chile's first female president was officially sworn in on tuesday for her second term in office. nice job actually spurs term ran from two thousand sixty two thousand ten. the sixty two year old socialist leader was inaugurated at a ceremony in the port of al quran so which is attended by foreign dignitaries including the presidents of argentina brazil and colombia. dash
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away campaigned on a promise to address social inequality she's also plan to overhaul the country's education and healthcare systems through tax reforms. analysts however say she has her work cut out for her and chile's economy has slowed in recent years and in the united states an american senator has publicly accuse the c i a e of spying on congress. dianne feinstein who chairs the senate intelligence committee says the c i a in proper research the computers of congressional staff who were investing in the controversial interrogation methods during the george w bush administration. feinstein criticize the agency for allegedly obstructing the oversight pro and demanded an apology for what she called inappropriate actions. c i a director john brennan just dismiss the alec accusations. see that nothing could be further from the truth. they're up supper look of international stories making headlines around
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the world. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. oh and welcome to prime time sports on tv chat. south korea's two ice queens figure skater kenya mock and speech carries on a lot took center stage in eighteen ninety the animal coca cola sports awards which took place here in scoring this wednesday afternoon when efforts at the sochi winter olympics team and we were named co winners of the ceremonies highest award which recognizes the best amateur athletes of the year and won a silver medal at the games to go with her goal from the twenty ten vancouver games. the mall he successfully defended her gold medal in five hundred meter speedskating in sochi become the first korean and third woman ever to be keen
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to give them tons. now let's get to football superstar chris jenner anomaly is not only arguably the best footballer in the world. he's also the bridges. he landed on top of the time and money list at the peak of its one hundred and fourteen million barrels last year. that's one of the five million us dollars. and firstly people on board and now the money was the nl mr goss and his bible yet again turning slightly less but still not too shabby wanted it to the top. and ready to pitch for the champions league action messy and barcelona are looking to put away manchester city in the second leg of their round of sixteen match up with by munich and at the moment but that's a good four or so votes and followed them as the tickets until i get the win for the next level. no kickoff is scheduled for thursday at four forty five pm korean time. the mobile on the same time. yes she looks too
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simple for by here today too mbeki or nation the adl playoffs to fall on wednesday with fourth placed the team and the al since posting the fifth place pt sonic boom in utah. now as the first and usually the case. the series outcome. both teams come in looking for the win. ltte starts off by pounding the paint. taking a four point lead into halftime what ricardo powell turned the jets on and into the last contact with the cats at the end of the game what feats he holds on to win game one sixty nine. he said. now with the new week and go and lee clark the salt use a lot now would accord which is locked in the playoffs eight per cent from last place to go with the film feels like taking the next set the dancers back foot again kept the leaves on their tail because the final set. yet
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how clever the faculty who gets the win three cents to two. that's all for now this has been ceded to see becky later for more from the world of sports a fan. we finally got some spring rain here in seoul which took away the dry conditions for more alaskan that lies try to look down at the weather center now the evening that some welcome news as a nation wide dry weather advisories have finally been lifted a heavy rain fall lots has been a sit on the mountains of tennessee which may seem more than eating well and it is and has been the center later tonight i got the country must be between five to thirty one meters of rain and tend to read it and spending the days of snow is forecast on the mountains of taiwan province. taking a look alike at the carrington a sense in a semi presentation will probably stop as the brink of a moving down south at thirty km per hour. well that's not
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raining here and the capital however it's still raining and was part of the country which will continue through tomorrow morning. leahy many levels and stella have soared to eighty five percent and even hundreds of penenensss and presentss. moving on to thursday's meeting was held at the day at f four degrees at the height of ten mi ma cities down south will continue its business hours for the day time high. moving on to live every day and save them for pokey at nine and five degrees while not contract added minus three that's all for now and i'll be back with what to say chilled out and broadcasts on this tuesday nights wednesday that it is a nice evening so that someone thanks for watching all season. the us the eye. it
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but the confessional lines at this cup water and sand the eye. with all this the balance. it is. the scene
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in it. it's too small. it's true. i was into the sea and you were watching them he seemed to know what to do next. each seat. ok i am to have options the eighteen eighty eight c and h c to follow. i love about that what seemed to think this is it please folks if you are watching the game each issue i'm busy busy. i knew i was watching it. i'm at how adding them up at all. and a
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ui what. and the dates me but ensures that a book she said it's true they may meet them all. your fortunes and there's scenes. yes i am each. well marbled with midgets it. some of the book of a job with the potential of a sudden the light and it's free. thank you what let's go. however in line with him. it's like you. it's
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been awesome. defence sources said. we are serious. you knew you knew wong will mine took for ukraine's to add a little of our strategies in europe to investigate the alleged crimes by the country's opposition has questioned the leadership legitimacy well the last promises of financial. it's against the law to provide that kind of package to a government that has been overthrown it's a military coup. ukraine's self appointed prime minister prepares to move washington with a visit to secure president obama support. also the headlines in porch le


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