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tv   Arirang News  PBS  April 10, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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the next to the broadcast korea's central bank raises its growth outlook for the nation's economy this year to four percent after adopting a new international standards on calculating the piece that included new categories like are you spending. the main opposition party backtracked on its pledge to eliminate the political navigation system that critics to write with corruption and bribery a supreme court ruled in favor of prince a great company ptt in a fifteen year long legal suit filed by lung cancer patients. and it begins now
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you weren't watching rambo for all its bursting april test your soul and to keep a child when they do so much for joining us. we begin with the backtracking of a major campaign pledge by korea's newly merged main opposition party just under a month old the new politics alliance for democracy party was supposed to make waves in the political world by scrapping a nomination system that's been accused of being rife with corruption and bribery. the seven party was quick to pass the criticism but this too will atop the same type of system for nominating candidates for local elections in june political correspondent and field reports and how it may now be politics as usual
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the main opposition the apologists alliance for democracy announced thursday that the forty will field candidates below a level administration she said how's this for the june vote elections were reversing an earlier pledge to abolish the domination system altogether. the party base that decision after opinion survey as an intra party vote the results reflect fifty percent of the hall from each site. the party member borders and opinion survey fifty three points forty four percent were in favor of the party nomination system well forty six points fifty six. what does it all in all both of the party's co leaders said they would honor the results when you from today i will do my best to win the june local elections we have a rough road ahead but i ask for the support of our party members and we do not bring about reform. we
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will not win in the next presidential election the party will field candidates for the june but will a chance we'll bring an end to the controversies over the nominating system will stop present company in the ruling party from wayne as they have broken their promises with the people the rule is tender hearted immediately criticized the decision to delete it but opposition party who may be thrown away its updated with new context by which hurting us on the sets. new politics has been has been our policy says he entered politics in two thousand and twelve. he says is aimed at restoring confidence by eliminating corruption having politicians laid down their vested interests. abolishing the party seven nominations system was a key campaign pledge of both the building on opposition parties during the two thousand and twelve presidential campaigns with many believing it acts as a breeding ground for bribery and corruption. it snowed
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again. id onions. the first time ever the nation's top court has spoken out in a lawsuit filed by six spoke words to suit the country's biggest tobacco company the supreme court ruled in favor of the cigarette maker are one salon has more on the landmark ruling a fifteen year long legal battle between cancer patients and to be in secret maker cute and she has come to an aunt's and tobacco company has come out on top. the supreme court ruled thursday against nations who claims that their years of smoking trust their cancer. the dispute dates back to nineteen ninety nine when thirty six people including seven cancer patients and their families filed lawsuits against kpmg and the country demanding financial compensation the match to the company had used chemical attacks to catch the effect of their cigarettes. the supreme court said in its ruling thursday that there wasn't enough
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evidence to prove the claim that in two thousand seven and the seoul district court said there was no evidence that cancer was directly caused by smoking cigarettes four years later the seoul high court did acknowledge that there was a cause and effect relationship between smoking and lung cancer in four patients but that there was still no proof that he can see the false information about their cigarettes. a total for tobacco related lawsuits have been filed in korea but so far none of the plaintiffs have won their cases. i don't think he should be a matter of filing the lawsuit. everyone knows there is a high risk of getting cancer when is it all i feel like the court's ruling shows a lack of trust and the people towards the country and that's why there should be some compensation for an apology legal experts say in the case of individuals. i chased a case investigation
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is required on when the plaintiff started smoking when the cancer appears in a whole host of other factors the port tobacco related lawsuits are filed in this way there's a low chance of the plaintiffs will win if they focus more on issues like unfair profits they might have more success. this could be the case and in your future at the national health insurance service is expected to file a lawsuit against key tnt silly which would shift the focus from individuals to organizations. it's a lot the onions. the central bank expects the domestic economy to grow four percent this year up two point two percentage points from the earlier estimate. this came after the rate setting session on thursday with the uk decided to leave the key rate unchanged today as it becomes the bank of korea sets the domestic economy is beginning to return to its normal growth
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track. in its new growth outlook released thursday the central bank forecasts the korean economy to grow four percent this year compared to three percent probe in two thousand errands the case of recovery we're seeing now is four percent annual growth. this is matching up with the nation's potential growth rate the new growth forecast is up zero point two percentage points from the central bank's earlier outlook in january. the bank said the upward revision does not mean the domestic economy is on track to a stronger recovery. instead excited the central bank's recently adopted a new international standards on calculating gross domestic product the new standards which include contributions from new sectors like research and development mainly led the rise in the growth forecasts. the outlook itself is not that different from january. for next year the bank expects the korean economy to grow four point
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two percent also up zero point two percentage points however it not work the nation's inflation outlook for this year to two point one percent citing a drop in prices of agricultural products in the first quarter. the bank of korea also left its key interest rate unchanged at two and a half percent for the eleventh straight month in april as widely expected the central bank went on to say that there could be of great height in the second half of this year if inflation goes up. did the years. the car is best for broke in two thousand mark for first time this year on thursday game four to nine points or half a percent from the previous day despite an unexpected drop in china's exports last month it was the third straight day of gains with foreign investors by around three hundred million us dollars of shares the cost and also gained half a percent. meanwhile the korean won was trading at one thousand forty one to
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the greenback after hitting a new sixty eight month high against the us dollar in the morning the strengthening of the wand is leading to fears that it may affect the price competitiveness of korean exporters in response the bank of korea gov the trio signaled a possible intervention in the market if there's too much volatility goo. your gateway to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world breaking dawn is given to an awful lot more. enjoy the tetons shot limit and ut head of the heart of seoul drying time. we caught three wide and ten the next deadline. my efforts for resuming the long stalled six party nuclear talks are underway once again the skills of a three way meeting that treating you the wrong voice of south korea and the us and japan earlier this week. seoul's
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chief delegate heads to china for two day meeting focused on north korea. i can reports an effort to make a brief tour of reasoning the stalled six party talks. south korea's chief delegate count and will visit beijing friday to meet with his chinese counterpart with the way likely discuss the results of trilateral talks he attended washington with the us and japan. the meeting is expected to draw specific mastery and thoughtful preconditions to bring pyongyang back to the negotiating table shortly after the bilateral meat will head to washington to discuss the outcome of its four day trip to north korea late last month and reopening the six party talks. the news of upcoming trip comes a day after south korea glance and japan agreed to be more flexible in dealing with the calming of faith the three nations have previously been firm on recent times only if pyongyang to concrete steps to end its nuclear program
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now that all three nations appear ready to compromise attention is turning to train and its role as mediator. beijing remains at the secluded state's biggest ally and narrowing down the different political interests involved parties may be the biggest factor didn't get fixed rate topped with an oar. while making inroads of receipt on the issue. south korea's foreign minister unions and has warned times and the alp and unimaginable cost to carry out a fourth nuclear test. speaking at a forum on reunification thursday. you said that the international community clinics financed and unified and it's the turn and continue to learn. north korea. the talks have been stalled since late two thousand feet often repeated provocations i can. honey can i use. over to the second day of north korea's first parliament under new leader kim jong ii and there are no significant changes in the latest personnel lined up in the north which fuel speculation that north korea is choosing stability over
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change. on sunday reads into the political workings of the isolated nation but in the neo hurricanes at work for me at thirteen fifty the family action on wednesday. the new dean of the country's top legislative body heat in the kitchen to find out today and added that north korea is moving circle and to determine the direction of state policy prime minister happened to you and to your head and thinking on that were widely expected to step down from their posters a vote winning office. with the fact that there are no major changes to officials at the polls the revisions to external and internal policies and constitutions reflect the kingdom and leadership be focusing more on stability rather than change after two years in power the twenty second of it into the isolated nation have again and continues to solidify his power base should own at the top political officer in
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the korean people's army who had emerged as a rising star giving them candy was promoted as one of the vice chairman of the powerful national defense commission that he would speak and think the execution of time from tech one the second most powerful men in north korea it is due to his malkin's closest table and forty and military and therefore we can say he's the second most powerful man experts think the appointment of the studio the former ambassador to switzerland as north korea new foreign minister said that it takes multiple stafford in attracting foreign investment in the western world. but don't expect any hadith and found that thier lives is that the history of the founding of the workers' party after me at. expect a visit the new teams out of style that i think that the policy could be unveiled on sunday. chris
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the stick the industry has been showing steady growth over the past few years the number of gold ticket sales growth of two hundred million mark last year meaning each person watched about four films in theaters on average. unfortunately the enjoyment is easier to find for some more then others in the nation and to tell us more about the strength to bring in our call to respond to one in the studio to see what else more about this discrepancy without this parody is pretty safe here for instance congress and sliced about six pounds on average last year when mr dent in what is lost just two without the manual alias don't even have to be a bears win that honor the nation's two hundred pretty obvious different counties over a hundred don't have either in their second rule areas with not that he never had that
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the impact has been going out of business end of the nineteen ninety three and peters began going double tight pants with a maddening am hoping to make a comeback in clinton county is one of them. earlier this week. joni in the province nice some one hundred km east of bali and until this week that this would have to travel about an hour and a one to watch a movie in to peter. but the opening of t theater in queenstown this week has changed that. i only watched probably three films each year. and now my hope to watch more films as the theater is very close to my home. i had to watch the limbs and chun chun or insult because there weren't any coastal centers are commuters here. the midwife that nations like monday to help them get it to open in town east with a population of less than one hundred thousand. the first nothing
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turns two in two thousand and eight followed by another student teams in the news here last year all time and again in local government the second successive invasions collector ministry is joining need a new initiative setting. great people. mauresmo theaters in the area. bye bye next year people in the planning is to set up a small thing and be entertained in the district or county. it does not only have one. that's the regional capital is the nation's independent film sector at odds with the new mega plex is that to distribute the phelps. that's pretty severe islam on someone. two hundred thousand each year in korea with than half of that it can be categorized as independent films need without any investment. but how fun they are independent films don't even get a chance to be seen in theater audiences. audience numbers
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for independent films have been under the current vintage thousand nine. at the same time. and like to share. the sheer me some county by priests that much i had intended us to one percent and friends at twenty six percent. this is because during the high priests and other needs and the one hundred screens. after a day i can relate to multiplex chains. the tv in the day and that about you. all the conglomerate in the meantime they'll be due to investigate. would this means that it is becoming harder for independent film lovers can find them against their teeth says there are not many years to play independent films. it's hard to watch did an apple for weight and i wish more screens showed that there are many independent films. i wasn't able to watch because it showed times did not fit my schedule and independent than director who has missed
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the many international awards that he still had the right time finding things to please the other. multiplex chains do not offer their submarines up by much of the film produced or distributed by their own companies. even if they do they show them that very unpopular times. like once in the early morning or very late at night. it's unfair and wrong. sarah he added. policy makers and movie fans pull to pay attention to what's art films for those independent them if they want at their city and the scene. i thank you very much she wanted a report stories with headlines article oh five from school staffing in the westwood major cabinet reshuffle in france it alive for poly
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the new center. well it started with a man stabbing attack at a school in the us state of pennsylvania have police identified the main suspect. local police officials have identified the sixteen year old suspect as alex rival siena franklin regional high school in greece will pennsylvania rival that we went on a thirty min a rampage or early wednesday morning. slashing and stabbing twenty one students and one security guard at the school before he was tackled to the ground by an assistant principal rival is in police custody and being charged as an adult with four counts of attempted homicide and twenty one counts of aggravated assault the victims some as young as fourteen years old were rushed to nearby hospitals with several being treated for serious injuries. for what doctors say all of them are expected to survive. and train down to the deepening crisis in ukraine crushing demonstrators continued to occupy several government buildings in the eastern part of the country. ukraine's
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interior ministry rc nabokov has for the protesters that the situation would be resolved within forty eight hours even through negotiations or onshore for us. nabokov added on wednesday that an anti operation was underway in the eastern cities of don't ask park even though cause for pro russian separatists are standing around holding cautious talks with authorities in the activist groups are demanding chronic s style referendums the signal their independence from kiev ukraine government says russia is orchestrated the unrest to de stabilize the country. it's an accusation that moscow continues to deny. and lastly friends is undergoing a major cabinet reshuffle following last month's elections. and it looks like a famous french korean adoptee has grabbed the top government posts former junior minister for the hebron has been de france's new state secretary for foreign trade in terms of panama was korea is in charge of paris's digital economy and innovation. choose one of
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the craze among industry leaders for her work which caught the eye of new prime minster manual calls warning korean adopted by french parents pattern on is the first ethnic koreans to pull them in a surreal post in france. there are several look at international stories making headlines around the world. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. the two prime time sports and the beach. it was the latest rankings are out and south korea in group e fifty six in the world. although it won't affect their world cup berth and is largely symbolic there's still much to be desired. they jumped up four spots but still fell short of breaking into the top three in asia. iran and came at thirty seven to ten and forty seven and miss pakistan it is the thirteenth step ahead of
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south korea and the top the dnc. the most needy and germany remained steady at first and second that portugal tokens to. the from the destinations to the best clubs in the world the champions league is gearing up for the semi finals after barry and munich and politically traded best buy and cut down menu me to one the second world war two had been a while and let it go somewhere similar to pop onto one aggregate after in this article by cool kid. now the semifinal matchups will be decided in that role he plays in the swiss tokyo on friday at twelve pm local time. and interfere with the pga tour's first major of the year the masters has teed off in augusta and all the couples were there except of course top ranked tiger woods who's missing important for the first time in his career after having surgery
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for a pensioner in his back either way play continues on as adam scott bill nicholson and other top pros compete on the field to win a coveted green jacket. now let's get to thursday's top matches starting in the kb yelled the anti dion mills placed in a rather hosted the time the eagles in the pot not getting straight to it the first inning and so forth and later comes over its one nothing else from my answers that he felt insulted shot deflected and two more in the thirty three one nobody gets what i can afford one he told nbc's stuck my hand printed off the sticks but at the top of my a maths force the tiebreaker and it still had to bob and i were to read and let's take a look at the other teams we have to time defeating as he fights a single day over elegy for the one and the next in
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defeating tia five to two and albert e d tv all the schemes six of the championships between the lg stickers and mold is the best. now if motorists with your day with all the press hard earning themselves a four point cushion at the half. i'll keep it real connection with the current budget from overseas when they dumped on a mission. he scores twenty five of them with eleven boards and have all this wind cent in nineteen seventy six happen again and keep on the twenty fourteen a deal to be. so congratulations to them. and that's all for now this has been steve intent the seabed to hear from more from the world of sports
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such. we're certainly a perfect day for outdoor activities with warm spring conditions and breezy wouldn't stand for more let's turn things over correcting the gal who is joining us here in the studio took out what's in store for us tomorrow. one that makes it to enjoy this lovely spring weather while you catch that aspirin as dry weather advisories continuously and that debate is the feast day on the lookout for a foreign spy. the shares will remain out of the fees average rain and showers are forecast to take in the southern regions on sunday and this will help me take away some of the dry air over to our satellite mapping case it is at the end of the high pressure system from thai tell which is why we're seeing cloudy skies in
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some regions. some are alleged to be on another wonderful spring day with daytime highs across the country reaching between fifteen to twenty three degrees. looking ahead adds to the greeting on it a go ahead. that was and he got twenty three and nineteen degrees. that said thailand daytime high school treats nineteen degrees for two and conducting surveillance update i have read this hour i'll be back with more after midnight. write to look out for broadcasts on dispersing the expected due to pain so now john lim thanks for watching or ceasing. eye
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audio. hee hee. the books henne has it that. in the middle of this exceeds forty years of age. ninety six. i am a sahm to two. i was one of fourteen if i make myself and i was fourteen i wouldn't say so. this of course that person today is the same was fun and i really dislike. normal for all to see what i know everything about the main character what did she know these guys could be the same though when the prosecution. what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that
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the changeable you will not be the center was built. so i'm really excited to wake him to kind of unity in the cupboard to find changing no goalie during the deceased's the changing opinions of all things but also to see her with us a living person. i believe this one c to twenty years becomes pope. i hear the cops. it all he said the kids. east. what is cool it is the home. it's not use the pc and even quite in another direction then you can use them. the same vintage. this mole in the us
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and is the scene. nature makes eating the way round nobody. looking at the horizon and new year songs or something. you don't know what to do this. only two sides to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for he says the move by love. it's a man who's been longing for something. he's only in a slump or something but he doesn't know what she's gone i i. and knew we
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were long with. this program is brought you by. the group from norway's mainstream crews were his lies to her exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coast the report include counters and access to the crossing. russia is stripped of voting rights the membership parts of the parliamentary assembly of the cult of


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