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tv   Arirang News  PBS  April 21, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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he come to succeed him as a sidenote the wound meaning wong will. i did . chinese
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it's monday twenty first and so and to use on central and thank you so much for joining us. it's been more than five full days now since korea's worst ferry disaster in two decades with search and rescue operations continuing through the day and into the night. unfortunately no survivors have been found since the first day and that death toll continues to rise i live now until apples onion skin and is standing by and look on the harbor which is just twenty km from the accident scene guys. so in the last couple of hours we've seen that televised dramatically. the bodies of dozens of bodies have been retrieved and the death toll currently stands at eighty seven but that number is fast changing the bodies had not think that if i get but most are suspected to be high school students and also
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inked with foreigners. it has been and was crying and leaving the family members of the victims here. each time the euro confirmed that their child has passed away in the sudbury. some of the members of those still missing from the ferry disaster made a bold writes the side of the accident earlier today. around twenty people took two coats i was out for three hours when they return from that trip somewhere on a brave face but most of bleary eyes and face is swollen from crying rescue operations for possible survivors will continue throughout the night that's right the diver is will be working around that up to speed up the rescue operations and players and fishing boats with karpal floodlights love how the diver is operating in the dark was in two hundred rescue both thirty two aircraft that over six hundred rescue personnel took part in today's search operations. they have been trying to enter the vessels cafeteria which is where most of the passengers many of the passengers were believed
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to be at that time of the accident but so far no word on whether that was the fact that. went to underwater submersible sent by the us. maybe research operations on the third and fourth floors of the vessel as bodies are being retrieved we expect the best calls to either rice or there in iraq this has been snowing here and on sunday. reporting live from ann arbor. has spoken out in no uncertain terms about the captain and true at the sunken skeletal ferry likening their actions on that day the ship capsized to murder. johnson gave a slap on the risk to officials wet been criticized for in efficiency and back to the but the real threat to punish those responsible are you really are reports clinton will win. tampa evolution one today hanging in time due to little twitchy
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not that i still want your map is still on him. in the dough back to happiness like the right to murder president of the neighborhood find the actions taken by the captain and his crew at the time of the nt during a meeting with senior secretary said monday. in many cases like and revealed that the captain and crew members of this health care the club on passengers tuesday where they weren't during that time of the accident. i can't talk about to make sure justice is handed down. and she gave it a go. to be a camilla he saw me taking off duty time with him to win a decent meal tt teeming with cushioning the celtic and two other crew members are now charged with negligence of duty and by reason of maritime law also i pointed words for officials some of whom have been a few criticisms were inadequate efforts in rescue operations. new dt. when did she know. speaking to me. a
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team with a weakened team and a companion. gratuitous forty when greece. could it be easy to see eu. on the machine during the games following the accident the families of the victims were furious at the government related personnel and also the coast guard for making complete the announcements on the number of victims and survivors. the families also expressed frustration that the numbers of rescue personnel just that the site and the numbers announced by the government did not match up. me and i didn't use investigations are underway to find out what exactly happened before the ship saying new facts are being revealed as investigators dove deeper into the case at the mall and as such was his undies joins us here in the studio. today sees the many factors that jeopardizes the little ferry from having a seat right here right now it's an event to say that this whole affair it did not put safety first and
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sent it to profitability in first place. the company has expanded capacity of this the ferry to and the macabre my disability to say on balance during sale and too much cargo was loaded onto ships and the vehicles and containers were not properly tied down. all things i could contribute to do this ship sinking. it was customary for the opera to do so to make the most money from the twenty year old ferry can take a listen from the former navigator who actually sailors the ferry in the past the sale includes dairy should not be steered sweetly it has that balance due to expansion of the campaign and there isn't enough water in the ballast tank which stabilizes its balanced because the operator one to load more passengers and vehicles. the former mates that even considered resigning from the company when he was assigned to failed in this case the ferry another employee who was in the industry says this comp claims that the operator of note vehicles and containers
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and well exceeds its capacity it's not just a matter of this hole theory all very slow texas and cargo above its capacity. the operator is all the raking in as much money as possible now these testimonies too far in line with the best years of separation that the car ball fell to one side of the bastille. he just keeps tearing taking a ferry to his balance as was the third may and the navigators who confesses to a very skewed much more than intended although their statements are yet to be very high. well it turned to the crew and that was on the ship on the day of the accident the testimonies and information that the good name had been varying it's it's really not bitter about it a tough struggle to verify its credibility. yes it is on the captive right now we have new information that this was the captain of the stuff they're happy when we told authorities into doubt. and if they could tell pastor steve back away from
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the sinking ship. that's the main quest and the chances that they did not count this point analysis by a finance professor actual publisher university on saturday the captain told reporters that he didn't tell passengers to meet the chef but experts say he still was relatively weak at the mall when he said those markets suggesting he was unsure about the integrity of that what he was saying. in the meantime first made and say that he did here or contact and telepathic as she got to wait its not know whether that porter was actually announced about the shed. and today i find their statement investing isn't a new set of data and seventy. that's right the joint investigation team has acquired a molar mass director from over four hundred people on board. he did the passengers crew and personnel of the ferry. baby colton parker woodcock the most popular in this application used by almost every corner and with a smartphone. investigation into this meant that this may show some new light on the timeline of events
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officials will also look into what kind of method if the crew had exchanging while they were also making by radio walkie talkies for most offended i think the bridge of the ship and boarded the very first risky operation on helicopters and boats. some parents of missing have all think i knew that they have received messages from their children after the ship sunk. it's not comply with those witnesses from the pack on the wall messenger or tax the senses so how is the investigation progressing on the actual operator efficient. well that doing investigation team earlier today received first warrants for four additional crew members. this comes after too many crew member is simply the captain were laughing over the weekend the investigation team has also imposed travel bans and forty four employees of the ferry operator tonnage marine company in things president or chairman of its kind farmer and his two sons for the biggest shareholders
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of the company. not agree with this almost a conglomerate with extended companies is under investigation for various accounts in putting that's a fun stashed overseas. at eighteen seventy for that update. well store where it came from president packing a this morning who said anyone who played a part in last week's ferry disasters should be held accountable under both criminal and civil law and though the president called the cruise actions akin to murder with that stand in legal court foreign experts perspective on jungle professor of law at duke university of foreign studies joyce's over the phone hello there. they were little the captain and truthful ecumenical a tense meeting today. making an area causing the vessel to capsize and violating laws will lead to miss you and see if found guilty of what is the maximum possible level of women's happiness and good to have to give god a protection from the rest of the crew becomes
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the target of the hunt for clues. a maximum of life. but there is a member committee of the yule ball. bridge the maximum penalty of seven years. that's your seat the coup. so are there legal grounds are charged him with murder. with this. tomorrow i feel the heat. and certainly thinking about what happened to the doctor to go to the cooker. to him. it really order. the ship operator who fail to question and inspect the safety of the twenty old that's all that has gone
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through excessive innovations what's hard is and punishment that they face whoa i'm in the coming hours at this point typically do but watch her discretion maybe mike. this week you know that. or actually going on the actual can't do on the leakage. you wouldn't know but what happens. is it specifically pointed out that those responsible will be held accountable regardless of rank and pay in particular self serving servants do i think this tragedy will spark a long delayed reforms it was a hoot. it would do it independent commission to
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pull pull into the game local officials predicted that the first place. i can do much to do. in the coming weeks. thank you for your time tonight. i have. asia you whom. families of the missing are now into their sixth day of waiting for any news of their loved ones who were on board the ill fated fair. they have been catching added an auditory and yet the accident
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site being single when i'm punchy head joins us live in tn. guys families here are really losing hope. now as i say told you earlier prime minister tell one has held closed door meetings with representatives of the families to discuss whether to re focus on ken's how wonderful fairy. while many still believe their missing loved ones are alive hopes are fading for others and now they just want to preserve the bodies they're afraid that if the free floating has emerged very using cranes is not a nice dude. the won't even be able to recognize the pieces of their sons and daughters experts say bodies trapped inside the sunken ferry could start decomposing as early as after its seventy two hours while price increases can be heard here from time to time rumors are also spreading among the families about how rescue operations are going to body surf be handled and more. it seems like there's
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no trust on the authorities i had a chance to top with one of the volunteer workers here and said that trust is in short supply. seo team here three days ago to offer a helping hand for family suite for their missing loved ones here at that single auditorium. he says distress is now a team here. on monday when the time. government is not giving out exact answers to work with families here have asked for. so the anger seems to be running too extreme. family stories and trust each other and there was a fight among them. a little. we hear that a briefing took place in there this afternoon about the progress of rescue operations what came out of that. yes the representative of the families stood at the podium today and she said that he asked for the authorities to wrap up rescue and search operations
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by this thursday. she said authorities had to do their best to meet the deadline as to complaints from the families that he will spell is damaging bodies the representative said that using chemical products to stop the oil spill could worsen conditions when it comes to preserving the body is still trapped in the water you are not to say the first priority is still rescue operations. this has been tons of their reporting live from that single auditorium hospital staff at the local hospital located nearby the accident site has been what the around the clock to treat survivors and put half of what bodies that had been the country for the latest we turn to art to me and it ended. does nobody is for survivors have arrived since i got here early in the morning. this hospital up as one of the five that is processing the bodies for
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identification as follows click and dna samples. all the bodies were transferred to hospitals beautiful towns as of yesterday and the medical helicopters is on standby. along with two minutes so that the cost of health issue which has four rescue survivors or to disease. the survivors of thirty one were hospitalized after the setbacks that last week. naturally there are eleven still receiving treatment. since russ got braces are well into the six day now. hopes of finding survivors are slowly dipping and officials are expecting more bodies to be transferred here in the coming days. back to you guys. how i survive as holding that i understand many are suffering from the mental sense. all in all well a doctor say all those of others are suffering from multiple traumatic stress and roughly chop all are under medication. it was a clear indication of the security of
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their condition. family members are also suffering from shock. well one of the fathers of missing student suffered a stroke. as all the survivors are suffering from depression and even amnesia. what this has been keen on the reporting live at the mall for congo hospital that you guys. and know what's connect to the hospital here in your soul that's caring for local survivors and the deceased iconic and if any i add that to me at university and hospital and many of the deceased had a ride with the latest honey. hi guys i'm proudly standing by three never if the un from hospital six of the defeat that i have been brought here for two from opel cars are still lying here and win five of them expected to be released tomorrow morning. now it's my memory on turner will be set up for that high school students have passed away and see the friends and relatives will be able to pay their respects their starting wednesday. parents of the defeat happy they've been
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weakened or tool during after requesting want to see to find out the direct cause of death. you wanna know what it's looking guy from johnny or from hypothermia after waiting inside your pocket and the vessel. this is critical in determining whether the government was fast enough with the rescue operations and parents say they'll hold the government responsible if this wasn't the case. also parents of that's going on for the sunken few little fairy will announce an appeal to find a pot on high school reading chris left breast to the rescue operations. also criticizing the media for indiscriminate reports on this incident. the bodies of eight victims from this tragedy brought relief to their families today the city of on site continues to grieve for those it has lost so suddenly and so tragically. what has to be a tragic time for everyone there howl of the students to survive this horrible ordeal how were they holding up yesterday gary eighty one piece ends with the medical achievements here. according to the dark of the hospital he said that most of
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the victims that were suffering from mental distress and depression has improved substantially since then they first got here. now they will continue to monitor the students saying that one out of four students are not sleeping well and that about twenty percent of them will need psychological therapy after monitoring their stress the hospital will decide whether students can return to their deeds lies within the next three days or so. considering that victims can not go back to school break away from on high school is currently reviewing whether to allow students to take classes in the hospital like airing out counseling sessions at the same time. to help both recover a team composed of experts from the welfare education ministry. the city of on time and turn to the province will continue to look after them the suspense lake and reporting live from free university hospital. thus the ferry tragedy has hit the pan on high school especially hard. assorted three hundred of its students were on board the vessel when the capsize the school will
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reopen its doors this week for sophomores and seniors who will be met with the help of professionals who will guide them through it the most difficult moments of their lives on salon has this report despite still being and cd shop stevens of the tunnel in high school in hindsight it will be returning to their classrooms this week. laughter and joy filled airship when it departed on a school trip to angel island but not near any tears left. this donor pool was carrying three hundred twenty five students from my high school in the junior years. the school has temporarily close twice since wednesday tuesday of the incident but there were concerns from parents of sophomores and seniors who asked that students be able to return to the game the routines as soon as possible. get your new provincial office of education held a briefing sunday and announced its plan to be open to school this thursday when students returned the focus will be on helping the students cope
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with the dramatic events of the past several days. we will primarily progress with the therapy program to help the students recover from the mental shock it and will gradually return to usual class schedules. there are currently around one hundred doctors and therapists and ready to help that the high school. this dude ends of town on high school are also grieving over the death of their vice principal was rescued from this delightful fairy but later committed suicide over and karen feelings of guilt extras wary that many students will be affected by post traumatic stress disorder which can occur even years after a shocking incident occurs it's a lot. i mean. ferrari the imam. i know. shea. what
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are some good news to start off this week it's out rescue operations are making progress as weather conditions on judo become more miles and could take out the candle down joins us here in the studio pulled down with the latest one i think that tally ever leave that sea conditions our remaining miles. that's likely because tomorrow through thursday and when it will again to see new ties this is planned this be a pile parents are at their slowest and found that tidal currents move data rate of about two point eight meters per second. but that will go down to a meter per second now at the moment that's about twelve point five to present india with misty conditions ways remain fairly calm and zero point five meters by strong wind blowing at a rate of eight point three meters per second. on tuesday there will be for
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opportunities when the speed of tidal current debt to their slow as that of the at twelve fifty seven am eight thirteen am two sixteen pm and seven thirty one pm and it should continue for an hour and during each of these times. otherwise conditions on tindall for tomorrow are forecast to be similar to today with strong winds blowing at a maximum rate of eight meters per second and queens will continue to remain calm and zero point five to a meter. hopefully they'll be some good news which the nation is desperately waiting for it at weather updates for to know at this hour and i'll be back with the latest after midnight. think people down and those are the stories were falling at the sovereignty sunbeams telling them showman stay tuned for the latest on the ongoing sunken ferry rescue operation or find this online that i found out seo dot kr season. i knew. the is
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it. the rule school. sure its own motion. that is about the reality is that many companies that use about three and two cats out and show off their customers. hi i'm thinking area because i'm interested in korean culture this is not part of my time i'm loving it that i didn't have to think that my friend my first trip into a three
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thousand of them. i have. i realize that i get more and more when they need to lose it either. so a bad idea. i learned. john informed. can't you. from there the athlete each hour. however it will look like when i'm back. each
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it was forced to assimilate each. theses toss in order
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not to clients. he's an awesome jeans. the tyson could be. in the nation's child to counter problems automotive students work on equipment from a local plants it can be arranged employment training. this is a sin cannot be agreed to a deepak a recipient of a deep respect national educational strengthening project own interest. a project which aims to produce skilled graduates especially for low income families the country's growing industries. it's okay to deepak was the ndp supports to improve its facilities in curricula upgraded to the current betraying its teachings. on the sheets between companies and vocational schools are encouraged to it that students can be placed is intense. before becoming full time employees. here in a
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company we provide an opportunity for students to practice what they learn in school in a new working environment. they learn the theory and maybe do some practice at school. here they do in a real work and practice with meaning. mostly students at the castel school employment placement of graduation. i don't know who he says entrepreneurial skills to strike out on his own. i mumbled i bought the hat that makes it look good when business. ryan looks like chopping off the coast to help me complaining that the employment of returning to the discovery that will come back to the main bath each meeting government is committed to developing vocational education. with the support of a detainee and the private sector the country's growing too
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inclusive. it may well have stopped right in. you knew him moving moving moving the program is brought you by her group. waste from norway's mainstream crews were lies. the herd exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report include counters and access to wilkinson russia's foreign minister had fountains and praying for


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