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tv   Arirang News  PBS  April 29, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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the next in a broadcast present apologizes for the government's failure to prevent and manage the recent every stinking disaster esther cabinets reform the nation's safety standards from square one the rate of tides and currents retrieve more bodies from the sunken ferry which brings the death toll well over the two hundred mark close to one hundred still remain distinct we've got live fire drills near the western sea border to which the government said it would respond to any artillery round ball and stop breeding territory. i've done it begins. i know. i knew it
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twenty nine i'm sure when things so much for joining us we begin with present in its apology to the nation for the stairwell of a ferry accident where she specifically tried to make amends. over the government for an initial response to the tragedy. she also about to go down filled coat of regularity that ought to have contributed to that deadly accidents and to establish a new thing. the ministry to want us gone. buckingham college i don t think of the country the very best it can continue to lead the nation. during a cabinet meeting on tuesday the president apologized to the people with
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the government's inability to prevent the onset and in the first place and if henry of the situation early on here is a little. who can teman me to feel. we know in case you don't fool around the wilson. she fed up efforts to find and dozens of that dems will remain unaccounted for in the midst of recording test right now mix you're stuck in a fit and doesn't think the gag the impact that she would create a national feed in nst ago the prime minister's office. one says that as he was systematically and efficiently manage responses to both natural and manmade disasters. tony young ladies ttp worth any price index and cuddle. tunisia is not to condemn him to put it on and on the great schlep to do what she handed kites. i'm
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going today to sign a noble one. earlier in the day president i intended to be at the bottom the memorial hall the old tara has been fed up with the victims of the ferry accident. she paid her respects to those who lost their lives. i will do some of their family. talked about it. ibm means. there's been an outpouring of green fence that nest in korea but this one will face a tragedy that's left more than three hundred people dead or missing to pay respects to the victims and their families a large scale memorial alter opened tuesday in the city of on site to replace the temporary one that was installed last week urging the deal was on site and spoke to those who paid a visit. dressed in black people might not remember the victims of this whole tragedy in bali in front of or treat on weekday. this new meme or a hole opens on tuesday at a park in intensity the venue is six
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times larger than the previous altered in the city. you will stay open twenty four hours a day for anyone to pay respects to the store to ferry victims so tragically lost their lives. humans have been winning. i saw the portraits of so many victims. my eyes blur of pink and white i could hear his life that i mentioned one would be like if my child was unfair to the country needs before responsibility for the tragedy of the gifted to do. many high school students were seen paying tribute to the mass memorial million ninety percent of the victims were students from pot on high school in intensity. see article. the victims were high school students like me and it breaks my heart to think of frightening call they must've been inside the ferry at the time of the accident to be helpful if ahead of them and i can't help but think they could've been me. the mass memorial hall is run by the government and two in the sponsored by the kansas city and the congo
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profits. thousands of people are expected to come to the un somewhat of a name or an altar to pay respects to the victims. a total of seventeen am on altars have been set up across the nation she noted. i don't use. well the last two races attracted still hope there is some goth korea southwestern coast of chino i went to the death toll has risen to two hundred fine with ninety seven still missing and presumed dead and for the latest when i joined by iconic and in the studio. i need the weather has given us the divers are a hard time in recent days but they seem to have made some progress today if the weather conditions in singles seem to have improved with the clouds clearing out and the way is much calmer compared to yesterday however it's a different story altogether. under the surface of the water the currents are stronger with speeds of up to two point four meters per second and to help drivers in this hostile environment the diving bell is currently being prepared for underwater deployments. it was scheduled to be deployed earlier this
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afternoon but strong currents hockey league. this process a diving bell is a chamber that can be used as a base for diapers and a sling them to the underwater for about an hour without having to return the surface. the sixty more bodies were recovered today pushing the death toll over two hundred with ninety seven still unaccounted for thirteen of them were found in the lobby of the fifth floor of the rest retreat from the left side of the cabins on the fourth floor. ripley the cabins on the bright side of the vessel on the third and the fourth floor where a priority but operations expanded to the fifth floor today working on the assumption that people may have run up stairs from the fourth floor when the wind began brushing and our bodies are yet to be identified and those are presumed to be tight on high school students still far more than half of the sixty four cabins for the missing passengers were presumed to have been had been searched the first phase of rescue operations is expected to come to a close by the middle of next month. so what about
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the ongoing criminal investigation authorities seem to be testing a new and wider net. while the investigation is focused on the crew member and a half week this has not the case of the former not the case and forth very nice to have an address that included the vessels first mate know my class think i will be sent to prosecution. reportedly called it and wear it and tendering company when the vessel was lifting tiny she is spent trying to save the ill fated ferry and a passenger is. i was also the one responsible for managing the amount of ballast water on the vessel which is believed to be one of the factors that cause the ferry to campsite criticism against the crew from any feedback you it is likely to expand as the lamont show that the crew england captain he seems content in marine company several times prior to their escape from nine a one to nine thirty seven just before final communication with me the control tower onto the diamond at nine thirty nine. also this morning the president of the tainted
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marine company you can say was summoned for the first time. look out for any links between the end of the co owner of the ferry operator investigations are being conducted to determine whether kim was involved in anything says irregularities such as embezzlement and tax invasion in connection with you. now whenever s wind has been issued for two members of the korean shipping association who has been under speculation happens during advent and relation to the case. now suspected of deleting data on the computer is worth switching pcs. i work at the store and had been requested against three members of the association but one that has investments thanks honey thank you for that update. the creature the room. the esc backed it up tensions on the korean peninsula this tuesday
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afternoon with a round of live fire drills. if you factor in to cami and maritime border and passed on he was the second of it like fire trails near a disputed western sea border with the south. on tuesday the act of nineteen eleven were short lead lasted just ten minutes. south korea's joint chiefs of staff said the north that they are telling trails into regions north of the northern limit line in the west sea and that none of the fifty artillery shells fired thousands of canadian waters. south korean president and five nearby border islands were advised to take shelter. last month during a similar drilled by the door. the two koreas exchanged fire caused the maritime border after more than a hundred north korean artillery shells fell into south korean territory expecting such as in are you could occur this time around president talking head had told the south korean military to respond firmly should any north korean shells landed south korean
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territory. seoul's defence ministry each tab its vigilance by dispatching working and fighter jets to the area. the five bills come in accounting and threats of something they can add to that small break and a nice before april thirty f this on top of a threat issued last month to conduct a new type of a new contest. experts say the fourth new clear test to be in the works. as recent satellite and a jury has shown increased the cavity add the veggies nuclear test site. during the visit to seoul last week us president the pub on a wearing that and other testing only further isolate the north and said that south korea and the united states stand shoulder to shoulder against any provocation by the north he eats. shifting our focus to the economy korea posted a current account surplus for the twenty fifth straight month in march on the back of fernando and computer chip exports. one ga as a teacher
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march was a nother bullish month for korea in terms of its current account surplus the nation's central bank said tuesday that the surplus stood at over seven point three billion us dollars last month of nearly three billion dollars from february exports of goods rose almost six per cent from a year earlier to the route fifty four billion dollars helped by strong shipments in automobiles semiconductors and telecommunication products. in sports when up slightly more than three percent to forty six billion in exports however came largely from growing demand in advance. equine unease with shipments to emerging markets remaining sub theme the vendor korea's exports are dependent on just one or two countries. the recovery cd destinations like the us and european union should spread to emerging economies in order for exports to stay strong. the nation's current
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account surplus has been working as a buffer for any potential capital outflow from korea that might be triggered by us federal reserve's scale back the stimulus measures accumulated surplus for the first three months that over eight million dollars from the central bank says the country is on track to meet its surplus projection of six eight billion dollar for all of this year. given that answer but tends to expand towards the end of year i did. the recent rainstorms may have finally brought some fresh spring air korea's air quality has not been up to par because the fine dust particles flowing in from china and to tell us what can be done and the snowmen local levels professor you keep life and intend that the university to is that the bias that one can possess it. high. when an
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annual meeting this week korea china japan will have this ascent of the adventures to jointly tackle rising concerns over fine dust particles in the region. can you tell us how effective this that this is the set of measures will be. on these so far on. we have inherited some of the each cookie onto on his toes or the shared the information on we're going to countries. and on tv it was was that it is the whole bowl on that we have gone. but work is to maintain calm. now is the dairy worker there in that the practical milestone on to start toward those were the discussion. the ban such high end japan's detection systems and find a good thing technology compared to those contests. on the iowa to stay
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on. you did in the middle of the hip looking muddy terrain im going to concerts quite see him in there. and although the chinese as being worthy improve the recently crowned lot. i was sitting on it those were monitoring the system in india the reason is quite reliable on tv. i understand that analyze the airport standards wilson's find us travel throughout the region isn't there a need for the three countries agreed to some sort of impact on restricting there is a respected fine dust levels. on date is the main be out this will be on the beach breeze appoint the need to be on its toes dr then i would sit on it he told the first to have this isn't like that because um person i used were the page a couple weeks ago on to have a discussion with on a local pc with the universe the faculties
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and departments. i'm obviously on the elk what keeps this in timing is way worse than weeping. so it is not out. time for alms to the donkeys does nobody any kind of like that the army to listen to britney now. we were delighted to have michael moore does this fall i'll be going to . it's kind of cookie improvement. so how does this fine dust affect our health. home d. get it for dinner with dustin and i when we inherited. and then you obviously aren't there some part the weekend you know it and also the extent of it. but. particle is saying we are talking about like a small fine particle in stamps and ten meaning that in mind readers. a pioneer and then uneasily on less than two point five took three my computer on it with fine dust. we'll be staying
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in our operating system if it's not gonna be very will exceed albion. and luckily daylight and eighty that to protect herself from the effects of buying gas and also to the dsa. d unfortunately all we have been caught dead with many options and to reduce the effects on strong this fine article on brisbane on the weekend on. you know the protocol is still waiting to be our own link and read all the way tv or doing some personal stand the aisle on my career in mass the war zone. drinking water. but it's not. there is not worthy of a complex of things to reduce air pollution use directly at them. professor things so much for joining us tonight sharing your insights search engine. the stories
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making headlines on the global front from western powers imposing new sanctions against russia. the deadly attack in the heart of syriac when i go to our party at the new santa paula star with the crisis in ukraine the united states and european union have slapped fresh sanctions against russia. what is the scope of these new sanctions. will this new package of sanctions turds dozens of key individuals in russia the weather they will have a bigger impact in the situation in ukraine remains to be seen. the white house said it expanded asset freezes and these advances seven russian government officials as well seventeen companies thing to present clinton's inner circle the european union also banned fifteen more russian officials from entering the twenty eight nation bloc and prose or assets as well
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these are people who are responsible for actions against a victorian integrity independence. in so many teeth of ukraine. thompson has just been adopted to the sedation still not one decent east of people tied to its essence present rather than we have been told to twenty eight games. russia's deputy foreign minister sergei run it on call this latest round of sanctions a meaningless shameful and disgusting. he said moscow would take retaliatory mantras which were called to be painfully felt in washington. and shifting our focus to the middle east the international community has contained an egyptian court for sentencing hundreds of alleged members of the muslim brotherhood to death in a mass ruling yesterday. the latest court order has drawn widespread criticism from the nine nations united states and the european union. he cited as a major violation of human rights in a grave injustice
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to those accused international human rights groups are also criticizing the mass trial which only lasted a few minutes. or you know that the government approved and he knows we sang he then states in criminal cases. guilt can be on a reasonable doubt. so you have to show evidence and some sydney might be peaking killed one person i mean five hundred people are more out of injuring or killing one policeman it's the gate. un secretary general on the moon said he was alarmed by the news and the bricks clearly did not meet the basic standards for fair trial. when human rights advocate called it the largest possible death sentence increase in history and finally reports have been coming in at two separate attacks in the conflict torn country of syria. inge is alas our government officials say a series of explosions including a car bomb ripped through the western city of homes at least thirty seven people have reportedly been
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killed in eighty five are being treated for injuries earlier tuesday four mortar shells struck the mainly shiite neighborhood in central damascus reuters syrian state media fourteen were killed in that attack all scores of others were injured. police have blamed terrorists for the attacks to know seem to the group has yet claimed responsibility the serene observatory for human rights has also confirmed the incident and expects the number of fatalities to rise. the test come a day after presenter charlotte sun said he would run for reelection as serious civil war continues to extend into its third year. the rest of her looking into actual stories making headlines around the world. see you back here tomorrow night welcome to prime time sports and even to live a year ago is quickly becoming one of
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golf's biggest names sewing skills way the under seventeen years and apparently to swim at the swinging skirts classic she's jumped to number two on the world rankings is the first major shift at the top since cole broke into the top four in early december. it replaces the injured suzanne pedersen who took over the number four spot right under stacey will lift him up argentine who came in at fourth and sweet spirits kept her top ranking for the fifty fifth week in a row. and moving on new construction for the twenty eighteen winter games income tax is set to begin next month and the international olympic committee delegation in these here in korea forty three d meeting with the organizing committee here to finalize the preparation plants will also inspect the site for the venue is sprawled out across town and nearby convent income legal process. meanwhile
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the international skating union has tweaked its figure skating judging criteria for the upcoming season. most striking change can be seen in scoring shots it some space value will drop to seventy percent for an hour or two fifty percent for partially rotated spins the kick off the edge of woods and what's this will be scrutinized as well. it's being seen as a direct response to the figure skating controversy and varied tearing the sochi winter games. and sticking to the world cup south korea has confirmed which uniforms players wear for their three group stage match its red or white. the korea football association said that the team will wear white for the first and third group stage matches against russia and help them and write for the second match against algeria. the wreckage was unveiled in length during the white kid came out earlier this month. now let's get to choose a stock a deal match up the tucson there's
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posted the next and heroes in tom's here. now it's next to the night has his two sons paul said what was going to bring one home. nixon's course to school and that he needs real one not two guns could mean the answers that we want but its intent to more into it and i'm going to meet them come alive and that's it. i think this one life that is. and that he appealed again and see beating lg three to two and as he's making easy workout of kenya ap two five meanwhile looks and high minded in print. and that's all for now this has been feeding check it out see you back here later for more from the world of sports. there's been almost two weeks since the tragic ferry accident in many families are still waiting for the return of their loved ones as rescue
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efforts located to the volatile scenes from the new conditions on single and elsewhere in the country we took the silver to a tingle down at the weather center with our guide to the weather and snow continues to stay relatively warm weather conditions under the scene aren't working in our feeder today through friday is when bullock its franchise and this is when the speed of tidal currents reach their fastest at the moment i'll cousins are moving at a rate of about two point four meters per second now shifting gears to the other parts of the country in a zen is under the influence of a low pressure trough from the waters. this is why we're seeing heavy clouds and rain well heavy rainfall advisories have been a shift for some parts of the eastern coastal regions approximately twenty one meter is a risk that a cent per hour is balding along this area over the ten steps towards things will clear up by the next night and most sides of the country but those on the eastern coast
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may want to keep an umbrella handy or wednesday. looking ahead at tomorrow's greetings so and until we get to the low twenty s pop a plan for a second high speed holding on to other presents when non combatant tops out at sixteen and ten. all the updates for now i can text your bags. and that the broadcasts on this tuesday night and she sucked in so it went wrong when things were watching season
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the eye. i think international audiences are all interested in assisting the same way that american audiences are and they're interested in you know in america mrs they're also interested in the system other countries because there again they're interested in the genre itself in the format in the way that that format is kind of existential and answers questions about good and evil. crime and punishment. and so therefore its worldwide. i like about it is a mystery. it is that bully for you. watching the crime drama. but you also just alerted about the culture of land. jupiter
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be and you get to live with her to know it. through this through the third liners you get. you know an idea of what sometimes sleep his life over blenders because their descendants weaving. and of the main character is fabulous to watch is excellent and we like police procedural. you would want his life but in one of wannabe in sweden have to see this. i think scandinavian literature has suddenly become much better than was previously i think that the us and uk have been awakened to a just a question and that's great. reading great books for years i think just a combination of pop culture and the writing of the state larson phenomenon was has brought some attention. i know we like it was that light mist of plots that were to swim in the u s and the fact that andrea kelly areas very much involved in the script so it get you through the books and
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great fun. i did read one of the books i brought that to me. and lo behold a few weeks later i noticed that you are broadcasting the show really enjoyed the guys wonderful there exists a look at it and it's very very good after i i really like the wall under serious but i turned off by that because of what some of the hiring of us. and she is good and that is really going to take off. it begins with irene and doing the karate kicks. you're really sick and the wishing what she's doing you see she's a strong lady. then you see her with her family aptly named the line. i think women are going to be physically attractive country so whereas i saw wonder first on. she may end up being my day. i'm very pleased to. within the last
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year or so b the imagery is now selling the cds online and i've been promoting them on my website is an existing stock on its beaches i've really fill that. if you're in the united states universal opportunity to buy warranty the stuff was. i just want to spread the word the we get to watch in hd world you were ever you go with him if he asks for your own tablet. this program schedules on demand video nope my name is. i play ball enjoy the us versions available to secure a good
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place to date research makes the network you knew me and moving me. this program has brought you by. critically norway's mainstream crews were lies. exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report local encounters and access to wilkinson


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