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tv   DW News  PBS  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] brent: this is dw news live from berlin. germany and israel put on a show of unity. israel's prime minister meeting germany's chancellor. talks treading carefully on difficult issues like peace in the middle east and the iran nuclear deal. more chaos in syria. russia denies war crime allegations after bombing raids hit hospitals. now turkey wants its allies to send in ground troops. and grammy glamour. taylor swift becomes the first
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female artist to win album of the year for her second time. we will bring you details later in the show. i'm brent goff, good to have you with us. finding common ground. german chancellor angela merkel met her israeli counterpart. such as the war in syria and security in the middle east. the two leaders try to focus on what their countries if not their policies have in common. >> the german israeli intergovernmental consultations tend to be delicate and not just due to security precautions.
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an israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is considered to be meager at best. after that meeting, she and netanyahu had agreed to disagree. much has changed in the last year. islamic terror and the refugee crisis has moved to the foreground. >> in the midst of this terrific storm, in the midst of global turbulence, there is a country in the middle east that maintains not only an advanced society, and innovative society, but a society that maintains the very values that you hold dear. >> the message is clear. you need us. and is using that position of strength. the lifting of sanctions against iran irritated israel. chancellor merkel attempting to appease.
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it is understandable there cannot be normal, friendly ties to iran as long as israel's right to exist is not recognized. this is mentioned in every discussion with iran by the german government. i would clearly state this myself. what is striking about this year's consultations are the topics that dominate our barely touched upon. according to angela merkel, now is not the best time to discuss that problem. brent: let's bring in our correspondent who has been on the story for us today. the atmosphere there, with it like? we heard netanyahu remind the german chancellor of what israel is and what it means to germany. >> these are tough
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relationships. but also, this meeting had to be postponed from the end of last year. the security situation became so acute that benjamin netanyahu did not decide against coming to germany. that emphasize his point that he was trying to make, that israel's security is europe's, and israel is a fortress of those western values surrounded by the threat of islamic extremism. brent: you mentioned israel that has everything to do with the palestinian problem but the chancellor said now is not the time to focus on that. >> she is very much aware on how much pressure israel is.
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she said those graphic differences were merging together. and she didn't mention the issue of israeli settlements. always a very contentious thing. brent: on this story, thank you very much. the war of words between turkey and russia has intensified overnight tonight. turkey now wants action. he's accusing russian airstrikes of hitting hospitals and schools something that would constitute more crimes. now the turkish president says russia is helping to create a corridor or for kurdish forces to threaten his country.
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>> the terrifying sand of cluster bombs. they struck at least for hospitals and two schools. as claimed by human rights groups, they could constitute these attacks they were crime. >> it is completely outrageous. they have just been swept aside in syria. >> russia coming under increasing pressure and categorically denied it was responsible. russia's caspian fleet does not have a single ship capable of making those.
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the alleged russian strikes on the civilian targets in syria and victims grew like a snowball. turkey said it would back a grand operation in syria. they expressed no doubt of moscow's involvement. the syrian regime asked for help from the big brother, russia. they say we can't win so you come and finish this massacre off. they followed last friday to seize hostilities in a week. they want a truce. good. but who can fulfill the conditions and requirements in a
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week? assad's government is moving on another part of the munich agreement. after talks from damascus, he gave the green light for aid convoys to access the siege areas. brent: charging a railway signal operator with negligence. the 39-year-old is believed to have -- 11 people died and more than 80 were injured. >> the mood is still one of mourning. the cause of the accident has not been determined. they have blamed a train controller.
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they point with catastrophic consequences but not to the train crash being caused elaborately. the lead prosecutor said the 39-year-old train controller has user experience. it was a failure to act that led to the collision. the man gave a detailed statement to investigators. after he realized there had been a mistake, he made an emergency call. 11 people were killed when two commuter train zoned by the regional rail company crashed. there were about 150 passengers on board. more than 80 people were injured, some of them seriously. the accused train controller has been taken to an undisclosed location. but he has not been arrested. brent: the ukraine's prime
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minister has survived a vote of no-confidence in his government. the parliamentary vote came after the cabinet lost the support of the ruling coalition. the president called on him to resign. the president ruled out a snap election in response to the politically unstable situation in the country. in protest of the week economy and high taxes. let's go to our correspondent standing by. what exactly is happening in key of right now? he wants the prime minister to resign but does not want a snap vote? >> this is a question many ukrainians ask themselves at the moment. it became clear the vote of no-confidence had failed. as he mentioned himself, he placed himself on top of the
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antigovernment movement calling for a technocratic government earlier today. pushing reforms without being linked to political groups and lobbyists. they express their dislike and a majority of government policy. they did not express mistrust of the government in general. from other groups and other , the opposition is blocked which leads to russia. any commentators say it is the only guy that criticize the government. brent: help us and the world understand a little bit better. we understand the parliament says the government's performance is unsatisfactory. what has the government done that is so bad or so wrong?
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>> the government is actually widely criticized. they are known as being reform oriented. they criticize them for doing nothing, for being corrupt themselves. they distance themselves, quite obviously, recently. the government held the ukraine to avoid default. a major disease here. brent: yes or no? will he resign anyway? >> it will remain. he lost the biggest support in the party.
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so the policy remains as such. brent: thank you very much. the european parliament has given prime minister david cameron a major boost by backing his plans for reforming the european union. he wants concessions for britain on eurozone governments and welfare pavements payments on if the u.k. will stay later this year. >> david cameron is a man on a mission. he's clearly got a lot to say. he's in brussels trying to get enough support. at the top of the wish list is limiting benefits for migrants entering britain from the eu. he also wants britain to opt out of closer integration and be exempt from contributing to eurozone bailout.
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>> the parliament will do the utmost to support. once more, once the institutions agree, it is a good direction. >> it sounds reassuring but they said negotiations are still fragile. >> what i have put on the table is a fair and balanced one. it helps all the concerns by prime minister cameron. >> cameron says he was fighting until the last minute. >> taylor swift becomes the first female artist.
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we have the details on that coming up in the program. we will be here with more business news.
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brent: welcome back. life from berlin, the top stories. benjamin netanyahu has met the german chancellor angela merkel in berlin. israel was maintaining the views amid the turbulence of the middle east. and russia has denied committing war crimes. turkey has upped tensions to send ground troops to syria. u.s. president barack obama and
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leaders from the association of southeast asian nations are wrapping up a two-day summit in california. john kerry welcomed the leaders to the second a meeting. the u.s. concerned about chinese territorial claims in the south china sea. counterterrorism, trade, and economic issues on the agenda. 10 nations make it up, but not shy. joining me now is a senior fellow for american progress. and for taking the time to talk to us. this is the first time the u.s. has held a summit with the leaders. do you read in the thing into that -- anything into that? >> things are having me there
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today. i think this summit is about finishing strong. president obama began his rebalance to the asia-pacific policy which was an investment in time and energy and diplomatic capital in boosting american alliances and partnerships in this important region. seven years later, i think the president is showing some results of that policy. including a unique summit. with the 10 leaders showing how far his administration has brought this policy since it began seven years ago. >> using 80 much heralded u.s. pivot to asia has been a successful one? >> i think the balance has been
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successful. for the obama administration came in the office, the u.s. was underinvested in the region. and since that time, the administration has strengthened alliances across the region. it has engaged in regional institutions. joined another regional institution. the first resident ambassador, and has completed and signed the tpp trade deal. so i think by almost any metric, the united states has been successful. and the rebalance is right much a long-term investment. >> the success is because china is left out?
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>> china is the elephant in the room here. and without a doubt, president obama has already made clear the importance of freedom of navigation and international law . clearly that is one of the main issues at play here. i would say engaging is important the way the u.s. and china engage with one another and of these broader regional conferences. in the center of the regions is actually a stabilizing factor for u.s. china relations. >> the center for american progress, make you very much. business news now.
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>> all about the oil price for you today, brent. the price of crude hit a 12 day high today but it wasn't all good news for oil companies. it's no secret that there is a glut of the black stuff. the oversupply is as high as 1.5 million barrels a day. two of the biggest oil-producing nations want to put a stop to that. they have come up with a pact to freeze output and not everyone is on board. >> a smile for cameras but pressure is mounting. competition is wreaking havoc on the energy market. none of the countries were able to back down and cap production. for oil-rich nations will freeze output at current levels. >> we don't want gyrations in prices. we don't want reduction in supply.
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we want a stable oil price. >> budgets are suffering. russia and venezuela are feeling the pressure. >> to sustain the level of investment that has required. >> saudi arabia, qatar, venezuela backing the plan. this game will likely have little effect on oil prices. it sent oil prices lower on tuesday. >> let's get more on oil price fluctuations. >> they kick started with solid
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gains, anticipating what should've been an agreement to make the oil price rise again. that did not come as expected. it was a disappointing proposal. it would imply every nation would limit the production to levels seen in january. it does not solve the problem. the only true possibility to finally make the oil price rise again is to cut production and not limited to the levels we've already seen. that's why the stock markets reacted. it means that was about to come is more volatility in the markets which will be highly reliant on oil price markets. >> this low oil price has freed up cash and consumers pockets.
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isn't it helping the economy i go the israeli prime minister netanyahu and members of his cabinet have been meeting with angela merkel's government. it's for politics and business, to. economists believe there are still unexplored chances for growth. >> vw beetles as far as the eye can see. drawn by their shared passion. the cult of the vw beetle. the vehicle used to be considered of nazi germany. >> let's look at the vw beetle.
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symbolism was still very important. surveys indicate only 5% of israelis boycott german products. there is room for business ties to grow. >> i will be back with the business news wrap up in a couple of hours. brent: thank you very much. they are the most eagerly awaited awards. kendrick lamarr among the big winners. the star of the show was taylor swift.
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>> singer taylor swift made history at this year's grammy awards by becoming the first woman to win album of the year twice. she had never passion speech on female empowerment. >> there will be people that will try to undercut your success. or take credit for your accomplishments. >> kendrick lamar led the grammy winners with five awards including best rap album and best rap song. >> this for hip-hop, snoop dogg, we will live forever. believe that. >> ed sheeran won his first two grammys for his hit thinking out loud. the best new artist went to meghan trainor. >> thank you for looking at me
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like an artist and not just a songwriter. >> they won record of the year for uptown funk. >> thank you guys, so much. >> highlights included the tribute to the late david bowie with a medley of his works. brent: i will be back to take you through the day after a short rake.
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>> hello, and welcome to "euromaxx highlights" where we round up the best bits of the week for you. let's have a look whats coming on today's show for you -- time to keep. how the blogger "watch anish" is stirring up the clock industry. time to party how vrot-swaf celebrates being european capital of culture. and, time to sleep. a spaced out hotel in the czech republic the world of luxury watches has always been something of a closed club. but social media is changing that. one blogger who's fanatical about watches has broken into this elite branch.


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