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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  KDSM  February 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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we will be right back. welcomba tli cora othis iowa caucus night. 2016, the republican numbers senator ted crews in front with 28 percent followed by donald um 25 percent and seeming to be the story of the night senator marco rubio right behind with 23 percent buevery ti we take a look at the numbers he's gained a percentage., closer to trump and trump is to crews, three quarter of the precincts reporting dr. ben carson fourth place with 9 percent, rand paul 5 percent rounding out the top five bend jeb bush the man with the most is been in this campaign 3 percent, john kasich 2 percent carly fiorina mike huckabee, the 2008 caucus winner, new jersey governor chris christie, 2012 caucus winner rick santorum 1 percent and joe gilmour 11 votes.
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frontrunner, has been now for much of the evening and that is senator ted crews, stephanie moore put the crews campaign tonight. we are at the crews campaign at the iowa state fairgrounds in the band is playing. there is a large crowd, practically standing room only, crew shirts, everybody excited. the crews caucus goers, they were saying double the amount of voters, and some reporting nearly 100 additional people registering a boat tonight sew a large turnout for cruise but some other people said they are porting -- supporting cruz because of christian values and they like him over trump. we are getting a large crowd, putting on the screen cruise is up 28 to 24 percent and the crowd is going crazy fbi was state their
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she'll must had tears in her eye so eyes so people are very excited. cruz is to arrive within the hour, and you will see him out supporting cruise a crews a month ago and expected to see, the crowd but again, everyone is very excited, obviously optimistic that crews could pull this off. stephanie moore reporting live from the crews campaign, thank you, stephanie. the sheraton hotel the main rival donald trump, updating us on the happenings they are. dan, the room is practically filled with supporters of cruz but i would say for about every five, excuse me trump, every trump supporter, there is probably one media person but again, i'm astounded by the number of media at the trump campaign headquarters. we are told mr. trump should be
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he last visited caucus site where he spoke briefly to those caucusing but talk about building a wall and also about how america is broken and how he can fix it although he has not he plans to do with this time as far as fixing those problems. began, we expect him to be here between nine and 9:30. for trump, still behind -- cruz by 4,000 from almost 5,000 votes now but still some big pre- stinks to comment so we will keep monitoring that, back to you guys. thank you, sonia, dr. ben carson giving his speech at the west des moines marriott hotel.
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on in our country, and i believe so much in america, but for some reason, we have allowed things to slip. and it was joseph stalin, who i guess put it there he says hinckley. he said in order to destroy america, which he was quite interested in doing, he said we were too strong, but he said, you have to undermine three principles:there is spiritual life, patriotism and morality. and they said if you can undermine those things, america will collapse from within. we are in the process of collapsing within if we continue to accept deceit in dirty tricks
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are still viable candidates for president of the united states. and we accept it. that is the problem going on on. you know, in the bible in proverbs, it says the king listens to lies, all of his servants are wicked. in other words commit if you permit that kind of thing to go one, pretty soon everybody starts doing it. that is what is going on in our society right now, however, i think we can still fix this. i think we, the people, are the ones that have the to fix it. our system was created in a way that we would be the final arbiters of what kind of nation
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means that people have to be very active in people have to be very informed so they can't be manipulated. you look for instance at our financial conditions right now. it concerns me mightily because of the future for our children, grandchildren and all the ones coming after us. what can they expect? this is going to be the first generation and our history expects to do worse than their parents. that is the beginning of the decline to continue on and on unless we intervene in the can't just play around the edges. be have to do something major to stop this. what italy did, they were in the
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age because everybody in italy was retiring early. you've been listening to dr. ben carson as he took the stage at west des moines marriott commit they are covering the campaign and we will probably check in and a little bit. we are getting word mbc has called this for senator ted cruz. the republican from texas the winner of the 2016 iowa caucuses we bring into political insider mike may happy to make sense of this, mike, talk about ted crews crewes rise over the past couple of months and what was the linchpin, the moment that put him in the top tier? i think he is an excellent debater and i think he did well in the debates. i think one of the moments they talked about the fact. i think that is part of it. he has a very fine organization,
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works this state hard. he knew he needed to when. if ted cruz had not won tonight i'm not sing it would be over but he knew he needed to win. that is a significant victory. which you predict he could do this and new hampshire? no, he will not do this well in new hampshire and trump will win in new hampshire but mark rubio -- marco rubio will do better than trump? it's not take anything away from ted cruz and he was 25 percent in over performing two or three percentage points and donald trump or underperforming by that much. much of this is about the it is, indeed. i think many of us thought that trump was going to win and i stand corrected come it there win. here is the thing about that that does not mean he cannot win let the aura around donald trump
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anymore tonight. and if you are just joining us nbc projecting ted cruz the 2016 iowa caucus winter for the republicans. we want to check in with political director dave price at caucus headquarters that capital square, dave. karen this is a huge, huge win for ted cruz. obviously wanted to hold off donald trump and he needed this moment tim to move on in new hampshire and where they not fare as well, but to push back against all of the critics he had for his previous position on ethanol, one example we just got a statement from this ethanol lobbying group america's renewable future and in it, tonight iowans overwhelmingly vote for candidates to support the renewable standards, that may be the case. you start adding the support all kinds of candidates but in the
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despite this intense effort against him, despite if a think governor branstad has set against him, despite people ripping on him for the mailers sent over the weekend to shame people to show up and caucus and i was secretary of state essentially publicly scolded him despite all of those things, he could still get the victory. look just a little bit lower than fats and there would be quite a battle for number two here. we heard early on the most optimistic people thought that marco rubio could challenge for the second spot but the early thinking was that the big turnout, they will top 150,000 which covers the record of 120,000. they early thinking that would really benefit donald trump. that has not been the case so ted cruz, what about marco rubio? he's pushing donald trump for the second spot that would be really something if the final
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some serious questions to answer and of course, we will be curious how he answers them and addresses if indeed finish tonight in third. all right, thank you, dave. we have some more news coming into the newsroom now. republican mike huckabee 2008 caucus winner is announcing he will suspend this juncture. we learned martin o'malley the democratic suspending his campaign as well. in bc has called the republican race for texas senator ted crews but we want to check in with stephanie moore and live at the campaign. there is excitement in the air at the iowa state fair grounds. we have a way to see this massive crowd, smaller building of the state fairgrounds. people are so excited mbc project at that ted cruz was the winner.
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projecting ted cruz to win. that you soak it all land. the crowd is going crazy at the iowa state fairgrounds. all of the staff excited with cruz game, one-on-one time again come all of iowa's 99 counties and they said that is the reason he definitely come everyone is going crazy at the fairgrounds, cnn, nbc expecting cruz to have the lead. stephanie we want to check in with a trump campaign. sonia heights. we know that none of this is lost on donald trump. he is watching the same information as we are at this point watching over him because two days ago, he was the front
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in, marco rubio campaign, the man who along with ted cruz would be the other line out of the republican caucus tonight. inside the downtown marriott hotel in downtown des moines, the crowd is electric right now, cheering and yelling every time rubio's name comes across the screen. most recently he bumped up 23 percent, just percentage behind donald trump in second place. a lot of people are wondering did donald trump at two thursdays debate help marco rubio? rubio supporters, when you look at the 2 obviously nbc news can't -- calling the race for ted cruz but don't tell the crowd marco rubio turning into and a really story this evening. in third place relatively close sneaking up on donald trump. he could come away with a
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of people, it would turn heads. we are told senator rubio will be speaking on the podium within the next five minutes. given a five-minute morning, we could see senator rubio, pounding home the thoughts of new american century, touting as the only gop candidate to take down hillary clinton or bernie sanders and the presidential race saying everything needs to turn around in this country and need to restore back to the value and the generation that made this country great. he believes he is the candidate to do it a lot of political pundits referring to him as the goldilocks canada not too hot, not too mild but in the middle and iowa caucus goers reconfirming that right now. obviously, the number should upper senator marco rubio as we discussed earlier before in the night. waukee caucus goers,
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time. this comes around over 40205 of them office for monaco -- 205 caucus for marco rubio. when he makes his way to the podium. justin, sharing with us the absence of what it is projected marco rubio in the finishing better than expected tonight. we watch the numbers fluctuate a little bit, but what we have seen, marco rubio taking away from trump and cruz. we try to check in a bit ago, up and ready for us now, what is the mood at the trump headquarters? just ask you heard of people applauding at the crews camped cnn camp cnn an ounce projected winner, people though at the donald trump campaign. you can see it is packed and still expecting donald trump at any moment to come out to address supporters.
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little bit of shock not will he is donald trump in second place right now, but he could even move to third place. joining me brad a, what do you think of the results so far? i've always thought senator crews would be the favorite in iowa. i'm excited, it's close when you look at the monitor, i think it's a great night, coming into new hampshire, south carolina, and of course, i do know he's states. i'm excited. i went into this thinking he would get second place, hoping to get second-place away good night i'm not trying to been something, senator crews, so
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years, donald trump recently come i'm excited, a wake-up call. very excited about the precinct tonight, the turnout was huge. a lot of people, it's good night for iowa. are you surprised that you turnout did not translate into better results for mr. trump? it is so hard to measure that because we had record crowds wherever we went. you didn't know with they were there to see the celebrities but one good thing to know come a lot of people supporting mr. trump that were not doing it publicly so second-place is huge , huge group of people running for president a win for donald trump. are you concerned may drop down to third place? it appears senator rubio making a sort and could take over second place tonight. i would be very surprised but i did feel momentum with marco rubio going into this but i have not seen that number so i cannot
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obviously we would not want to get third place but kudos to marco rubio for running a good campaign. he's an incredible person. in your comment for new hampshire? i feel he is on a roll and will win south carolina, win nevada and i think you will be the next nominee. thank you, thank you senator. we are waiting for donald trump shortly but we have heard some people coming in. you can see behind me a lot of the photographers are getting ready so hopefully we will hear from donald trump shortly. live from sheraton in west des moines, erin at what is happening in the democratic race? it is crazy to say this but we are used to something that is crazy. we are, wonderful so we want to crunch the numbers for you now where we stand, less than a percentage.. and jerry commit
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nail biter, a burner so hillary clinton 50 percent, bernie sanders and we told you half an hour ago that martin o'malley has dropped out of the race. he may be speaking any time but we will tip into that if we can but first, we want to check in comic hillary clinton campaign. the crowd, filling and but the excitement is growing, cheers, celebratory mood so far, people feeling confident about clinton's chances of pulling off a victory tonight. we did hear some boos from the crowd when the announcement came ted cruz want the gop. went the gop contest, but i have not heard when clinton is expected to be a drake university so at
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commit could be a late night depending on results. we are waiting and as soon as you get word come excitement here some folks feeling confident. thank you, linn. let's go over to jannay towne covering sanders campaign. only a matter of time until the crowd cap third at the holiday inn by the airport, chanting feel the burn a. what happen a few minutes ago in bc put up results showing how close this race is. bernie sanders we have seen in the past few weeks and past few months can draw a crowd and certainly drew one tonight. a lot of supporters here. this stage, not just the area behind me but also the stage. the people that you see in the red, i've been hopping on the bus and traveling to the state to show support and a lot of
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waiting for results. it is a net in that race, you can win with high voter turnout. we knew wit would be close but exactly how which shaping up to be in the crowd very excited waiting for the final results to come in. i did check in with a campaign to see when we might hear from bernie sanders. no look at this point. jannay thank you very much. we are hearing one of the candidates we have been watching closely tonight starting to take the stage, marco rubio third-place, much stronger than expected, at the podium and we are going to listen in. for months they told us we had no chance and permits they told us because we offer to much too much often -- optimism and anger yet no chance. because we didn't have the right endorsement were right political connections, we have no chance. they told me that we have no chance because my hair wasn't
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too high. they told me i needed to wait my turn, that i needed to wait in line. . [cheers and applause] but tonight, tonight in iowa, the people at this great state sends a clear message and actors seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back! [cheers and applause] everything that makes this nation great things and the balance. this is a time we need a president that will truly preserve and protect and defend the constitution of the united states, not one that undermines attacks and ignores the constitution of the united states.
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president who will depend the second amendment rights. not a president who undermines it. this is a time for a president that will rebuild the us military because the world is a safer and better place in the united states and the most powerful military in the world. [cheers and applause] >> this is no ordinary election. 2016 is not just a choice between 2 political parties, 2016 is a referendum and it's a referendum on identity as a nation and as a people. and america only two ways forward for us, we can be greater than we have ever been or we can be a great nation in bernie sanders, hillary clinton get elected -- no! if they were to win, we will be a great nation and decline.
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permanent. if they win, the unconstitutional executive orders from the president become permanent. if they win khmer military continues to decline. and if they win, the balance of our supreme court will be controlled by liberal justices for a decade or longer. they cannot win. hillary clinton is disqualified from being the president of the united states. [cheers and applause] because she stored classified and sensitive information on e-mail server because she think she's above the law and hillary clinton can never be commander in chief because anyone who lies to the families of people who have lost their lives to the service of this country can never be commander in commander-in-chief of the united
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[cheers and applause] and so tonight my think you in iowa. i think you because tonight we have taken the first step when an important step towards winning this election. if i him the nominee and i will be the nominee thanks to what you have done in the great state , when i him the nominee, we will unify the party and we will unify the conservative movement. [cheers and applause] when i him the nominee, we will crow the conservative movement. we will take our message to the people who are struggling paycheck to paycheck and for the students living under the burden of student loans and the families struggling to raise their family with the right values, we will take our message to them and bring them to our side. when i him the nominee we will unite the party and grow our party and of the hillary clinton
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they nominate. . [cheers and applause] i want to thank all powerful mighty god. [cheers and applause] for the chance that he has given us to be a part of this endeavor and iowa. it's been a phenomenal experience. i want to thank my wife and my family -- [cheers and applause] and i want to congratulate my senator ted crews in here inherent the victory tonight. i want to think another good friend of mine governor mike huckabee for his service to the country and the state of arkansas. he has announced he's suspending his campaign.
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thank him for all that he has done. [cheers and applause] two centuries ago and extraordinary generation living one place one time, an english colony declared their independence from most in powerful empire of the world and they did it with the words and principles that rights come from creators but they do not come from the government and over the rest, to century history of the most extraordinary nation in the history of mankind. i know america is special because i was raised by people who knew what live was like outside of america. i was raised by people -- you up and listening to senator marco rubio and during the speech, he believes this is not as much about political parties as it is 2016 is a referendum and it comes down to what people want
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this speech, some of the, your things about his humble immigrants. the political insiders, he was striking the stone -- the tone and third-place up a victory speech but which you disagree mike, i think he has every reason to do that but senator cruz will win and marco rubio is closer to donald trump spent donald trump is to ted cruz. and i'm sure that they are absolutely delighted to come out of iowa that this but the other thing, what happens is the term, trump not being inevitable anymore, where two people that are not trump supporters go? and you've got to think that there will be a lot of people that will take a second look at marco rubio. when i was talking to friends around the state, still making up their minds, rubio was one of the people they were thinking about.
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decided to go with marco rubio tonight. jeb bush, john kasich, chris christie a mature they's wedding sitting in hampshire knowing how well the rubio just did? it? another one, totally fascinating story, a year ago we would have said we have two sitting governors one former governor all accomplish people accomplished people come okay and john kasich their bill rating of 63 percent, very high. we would have said these people, well they are governors and people like to vote for governors. we have jeb bush 2.8 percent, john kasich 8.9 and governor christieabsolutely nowhere in iowa a betting on new hampshire, opening on new hampshire but the problem is here comes marco rubio. fresh. the thing i heard you say repeatedly about marco rubio, he exudes positive five that you
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to as opposed to the anchors that we have seen coming from particularly trump campaign and sanders campaign. though, you know there is something to be said the peeling to the angels of james madison. people still want them but are they upset and angry, absolutely but they want somebody that will translate that anger, if you will into something positive and i think marco rubio is turning to do that. eshoo were looking at this computer i glanced at this one, jerry, four tenths of a percent separation hillary clinton him bernie sanders, 88 percent of precincts reporting. exactly. within sort of precinct lodge for a while trying to determine where the remaining vote is, the first thing johnson county is baked in and reported their returns, polk county 25 percent of its bowed out and i will come back to that story
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hawk 20 personnel, dubuque county 23 percent out and obviously polk and dubuque have been very good for hillary clinton. and story county has been very good for bernie sanders, black hawk a little closer but the things i'm noticing about the precincts that are still out in polk county is that many of them are in the area that sort of exists between grant and ingersoll on the west side of des moines proper. and those are surrounded by some precincts where bernie sanders has been successful this evening. there is also a fair amount of southside votes where hillary has been dominant tonight and outer lying fouts and the man of that is not significant so i certainly don't think that hillary clinton will increase for percentage lead in polk county, but just sheer weight of
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difference for her as we wait for these final precincts. we will continue to let those trickle in and we will honor to those but in the meantime we will head out to one of the vectors tonight and one of the men who helped him become a vector. we want to check in with debbie more in with her congressman. i am sitting here with congressman king and first reaction to the menu supported all along. of course, this is terrific but as i watched the numbers come in one person of the precinct, ted cruz three-point lead. maintained that lead all and got a little fodder and stood up a little narrow. i improve -- i am thrilled for make this happen. it was because they believed and even though ted cruz put together a team up a lot of
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perfection the vote effort and the grass organization you cannot do it without, ted cruz strategized and strategy with him and i can see he had a vision to win. this is the first big square on the chest for that says ted cruz can wind win the general election. you have said from day one you come out to support him publicly , but some negative campaigns and the governor saying he did not want cruz to win. what is the reaction to that? time for us all to come together governor. you find these things out, this constitutional republic that we enjoy, when we disagree, open public debate tempers discriminate to sort out the best policy, and i'm going to continue to promote renewable fuels in iowa and across the
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and i think we could work out a better policy and the policy going forward up. i just ask the governor and all those who disagree on ted cruz is cannacea see, let's get behind him and work together for the common good of our country and for the state of iowa. some momentum, is this the moment tom cruise needs now to win iowa? it is the moment tim. the says the moment tim you hope for and it's not just 35434 vote margin of victory, a huge resounding victory. and went donald trump with all those resources into the race, supposedly a secret plan to have a huge turnout, orson homage to were show -- wash over everybody in the state, the inspiration ted cruz provided really did help and add
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as well as trump turnout. again, at the cruz camp everybody excited, back to you. we want to check can, donald trump taking the stage. they have to start by saying, a absolutely love the people of iowa, unbelievable, unbelievable. . [cheers and applause] so one june 16, when we started this journey, there was 17 candidates. i was told by everybody to not go to iowa. if you can never finish ethan and the top ten and i said, but i have friends in iowa and i know a lot of people in iowa and i think they will really like me. let's give it a shot and i said -- they said don't do it and i said i have to do it. we finished second and i want to tell you something come i'm just honored, just honored and i want
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to congratulate the candidates including mike huckabee who is a really good friend of mine so congratulations to everybody. congratulations. . [applause] and i want to thank all of the folks who worked with us. we have a great team and we will continue to have a great team. we are just so happy with the way everything worked out. most importantly i have to think my wife, laura, eric, vanessa, don, they went out and they were doing speeches an impact on in america, you did six today. so i just want to thank my family. they have been some amazing and so supportive. [cheers and applause] and we have had every indication we are going on come a pole 28 points ahead of. in love new hampshire, south carolina, and
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tomorrow afternoon we will be in new hampshire and that will be something, great week and we will be appearing next week. i think we will be proclaiming victory i hope but i will say this come i don't know who will win between bernie and hillary. i don't know what will happen, hillary has problems in terms of nomination. but we have had so many many different indications and polls that we be over and we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will easily beat hillary, bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there, iowa, we love you and we thank you, you are special and we will be back many, many times, infect i might buy a farm come i love it, okay, thank you, thank you
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not a promise but you can bet we will let you know if he comes to buy a farm. that would be something. let's get back to the political director dave price at capitol square, the hub for all things caucus where the international media has gathered with all the locals. dave i know you were listing and when marco rubio was speaking, what do you think? a big big night for him and i don't know the numbers up the top of my head but think of all the money team bush spent clearly exceeded expectations tonight and show in this state commit three-person race with crews, trump, likely at the top three but the additional moment to them as he moves on to new hampshire. we understand in a couple of minutes republican state party on the big stage behind us to
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last check, we were told in return -- turn out on the republican side, 120,000 and then 140, 150, 160 but now maybe 170,000 people turnout. numbers come i think ted cruz crewes has received more votes than anybody ever has here even felt only 27 percent or so. big, big night for him and everybody anxiously wondering how donald trump was going to talk but this was kind of the we will see if he lets loose later perhaps as he gets to new hampshire but complementary about iowans and the process, complementary about ted cruz, mike huckabee out of the race rick santorum thinking about his next move way, way 11th or 12th but the democratic side, turnout figures from them. they have not heard any from the prayed but wondering if republicans will out turnout the
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talk about here. question for you, senting more and more like clinton, a win is a win tonight but you start adding up these numbers come almost half of the iowa democrats who turned out supported somebody other than hillary clinton come even if she gets the victory tonight. isn't that a tough sell? i don't think it is a tough sell in the slightest when you look at what we talked about before, either on the republican side where nominated at the caucus by the hard right when and on our side dominated by the hard left wing. 43 percent of them calling themselves socialists. with hillary can win tonight against left leaning bias in iowa commit would be a spectacular win. obviously a big deal for bernie if he ends up winning, two tenths of a. difference,
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in from johnson county. most of the vote is an from story county and black hawk county, 15 percent of the vote out and that's been big county for her tonight. any update on that caucus leading sanders south of graham, west of downtown? so curious. one of the interesting things i noticed, by the way, secretary clinton five delegates to three, has not reported dead. you were not supposed to submit that, where you? all i can tell you, no i was not the precinct captain but i had duties. by the way, 89 percent of the vote in, the secretary clinton lead is backup four tenths of a percent and may not sound like a big deal but it is as close as
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vote. it is still a big night for bernie sanders, and it in the for the former secretary of state, former united states senator from new york whose husband happens to be a popular democratic present -- bernie sanders to win new hampshire by 20 points. and it will end up being, mike he has to win tonight. you can make the case that if he doesn't win in iowa tonight it is done. we had to roll the tables, iowa, new hampshire to have any hope of all to be in a competitive position. we are virtually a tight in tie in iowa the mail when you buy a little bit but if you put o'malley and i'm not saying all of the mail a people would have gone to bernie sanders but 50/50 . always treats fairly and
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republican. this is a strange election. i know comic you will add that when to it, jerry crawford acting like republican. and all of the wonderful, bernie sanders, because he has dominated so much of the conversation channel 13 lynn melling hanging out at his campaign at the homestead center. she is with clinton and we will check in with her to find out how people and that room reacting to the numbers trickling in to making this saint a neck race. very celebratory mood, chance breaking out, sporadically and the crowd as you can see, just shoulder to shoulder, very cramped in here at the homestead center, cnn playing in the background listening to the speech is from trump, cruz
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food -- a lot of booze erupting went about obama care if hillary wins, obama care in place, let of cheers, so a lot of excitement and emotional crowd. [cheers and applause] i'm not sure what is happening right now but something seems to be happening. . [cheers and applause] okay, my guess is that they are just getting word that hillary has been called the winner. and i have a difficult time but i will leave it up this okay, obviously, she cannot hears at all.
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