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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  January 31, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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thanks for joining us. we'll take you wac back out to san francisco if in a bit. first we'll begin with the big winter blast. hitting the metro area as we speak. >> we have our very own meteorologist. on the standby. he's going to tell us exactly how bad it's going to get. >> it doesn't look great. over the next 24 to 36 hours. a lot of snow could be on the way. we have already seen a little bit here this evening. >>
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light to moderate snowfall thrown in at times. we could see a couple inches by the time we get going early tomorrow morning. for the meantime. just wet roadways out there. not seeing much in the way of accumulation. which is good news for now. although there could be black ice in some spots. >> the team is in town.
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>> cheering on the team loud and proud. for super bowl 50. we have team coverage tonight. director. at the stadium. where he met some of the folks arrived to the. today. >> . a lot of broncos fans already filing in. for the big game. great number of broncos fans are right in the bay area. great supporters of broncos country. show you the video here. once the team did touch down at the airport, they took a short bus ride over to the team hotel.
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trying to catch a glimpse of the favorite players. town. leading the chants. >> . >> you can hear them. i'm horse right now. i almost tripped over the curb. running up to the bus. trying to get pictures. this is a dream come true. >> . i saw peyton manning on the bus. >> . >> my backyard. that's nice. once in a lifetime. >> . in my town. that's just awe awesome. you can't beat that. >> . certainly a lot of proud broncos fans there. in attendance to see the team arrive. there's a events scheduled for broncos fans. all throughout this week. right here.
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>> quickly swallowed up by mile
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mayor hancock, broncos cheer leaders. and former players. took the stage to rally the crowd. >> . go make some mile high noise. remember. 36 the best in team history. >> defense. >> sticking to his guns. >> without a doubt. it's defense. defense is going to win this football game. >> fans watch the big screen as
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>> join we're doing our west to put as many as we can on air. we're excited for the big game. in case you can't tell already. be sure to stay with us all week long. >> . >> the department of corrections now saying one of their employees was involved. thanks again for staying with us this evening. >> . all this comes adds attorneys representing both motorcycle clubs believe to be involved are speaking out. >> telling us what led to the
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>> tammy vigil has the new developments. >> . vendors clean up in clear out of the vast national western complex. a day early. >> the city shutting down the motorcycle expo. after witnesses say rival motorcycle clubs got into a fight that escalated into murder. >> there were two shots fired. on the stairs. and then they came down. there was running down the hall way. and one of the guys turned around. right here. two more shots. >> one man died and 7 others hurt. and no arrests. even though we saw this man. wearing an iron order jacket. hauled off in handcuffs. a lot of members of the iron order club are with law enforcement. >> . we have not verified absolutely that law enforcement was part of what one of the clubs. not from denver. >> . police are investigating whether they could be from other law
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>> he has concerns denver police will not be fair. because they're investigating a brother brother in blue. again. police haven't verified it was an officer who sholt shot and killed anyone. >> a man and woman steal a purse
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and it's captured on video. she was working at the off broad way on wednesday. when a man and woman entered her office and stole her purse. now the two were caught on surveillance camera. you can see it on the screen. apparently took 4 thousand dollars out of moon's purse. and tossed the bag in the trash. moon says she was saving the money to buy a car. and hopes the thieves are arrested before they can steal from anyone else. >> . if you recognize the two people in the video. you are asked to contact police. >> . as you can see tph-td picture.
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and paid for gas. >> we hear so many negative things. concerns about law enforcement. there's a positive side. >> i'm always seeing stories like that. we don't give them as much credit. >> . the metro area gearing up for a huge winter blast. >> coming up. how dia is preparing for the major snowstorm.
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metro area is gearing up for a huge snowstorm. and the snow has already started to fall here. in the metro area. over the next couple of days it's going to keep oncoming down. all that snow could cause a lot of problems. on the roads. and in the air. crews are already taking precautions to keep travelers safe. >> . live at dia. are you starting to see cancellations. what's the situation. >> .
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for tomorrow. but i want you to take a look behind me. tonight. waiting to get out. because they are the lucky ones. tomorrow this is going to be a completely different story. here. like i just said. the airlines have already canceled 150 flights. for tomorrow. that's ten percent of all the flights that leave dia. depending on the weather. that number could go up. the airport is expecting 3 inches of snow. by 4 a.m. and ten inches by tuesday. so they will be deploying all of the snow equipment. like plows. blowers and de-icers.
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>> if you don't live in denver. but you're coming to the airport to fly home. pack some extra clothes in your carry on. that way if you do go to check in. and give the airline your bag. and then your flight is canceled. you're not stuck without any extra clothes. >> . all right good advice. >> snow already causing big problems in the high country. the storm brought traffic on eastbound i 70. to a standstill. for hours. today. c-dot reminding everyone if you're headed to the mountains. all passenger vehicles are required to have snow tires. chains. or traction devices. or vehicles must be 4 wheel or
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>> keystone. constructed a broncos ice sculpture. that will remain atop the mountain throughout super bowl sunday. skiers and snow borders can get a professional photograph. with that sculpture. >> . the whole morning working oen that. glad i got it done in time to have for the show. >> . you are talented. >> . the broncos horse. he wasn't going to leave the crew. they weren't going to take him. until monday. to get ahead of the storm i believe they left today or yesterday. to avoid the mess. >> at least he's there. >> good karma for the team. >> . we'll have a rough stretch. over the next 36 hours or so. it already started with light snow. a couple hours ago. across the metro area.
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had a little lull. about an hour ago. through about 45 to around 45 minute lull there. it's picking up again. on the composite. >> . through tuesday afternoon. this is going to be a long storm system. because this is just the front edge of it. it's all the way back to the west. still through the great basin. all the way to go to the central plains. before this wraps up the snowfall. afternoon.
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look by one o'clock tomorrow. that will set up perfectly. if the models are correct. the stack the up slope flow. that gives us frequent periods of heavy snow. across the foothills. and the front range. and around the denver metro area. into the plains. and until this thing clears. off to the east. which again probably won't happen until we head into the day on tuesday. we're looking at pretty extensive shot here. of snow and perhaps heavy snow. at times. let's go through future cast. starting off eleven tonight. notice how things really begin to thicken up. especially as we advance towards
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>> before morning. light snow left over by tuesday afternoon. before it's all said and done. check out the snowfall totals. 6 to 12 inches. as much as 18 could fall. around the palmer divide. and maybe in the mountains. a foot, fat and a foot and a half. it will be a rough stretch. monday morning wake up early. take your time. winds will be whipping around. visibility will be low. i think the worst commute will be monday afternoon. we'll be right in the middle of the heavy bands of snow. probably. we're looking at winter storm warnings. extending through tuesday afternoon. temperatures right now in the mid 20s. roads are wet right now. not necessarily snow covered
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>> >> all right. thanks. as the storm rolls through the metro area. over night. be prepared for what to expect before you head out the door. with good day colorado. they're going to be waking up early to bring you the latest weather and traffic. as well as school closings and delays. all starting tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. >> . don't forget you can stay one step ahead of the storm. all times. with our weather app. it's free for iphone and droid. you can find it on your phone play store or >> .
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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hoping they can give one of their dying doctors a weekend he'll never forget. >> . for every broncos fan this season has been special. >> it's been kind of a magical season. >> for george. life. >> . november. >> . for a little more than two months this doctor at the brook side in nursing home in castle rock. >> i'm known as doctor george. >> has been living with the reality that he will die from a vicious disease. the residents who he is supposed to care for. now sudsenly caring for him. >> life is finite. we all now are patients. together.
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loves the orange crush. they wanted to give him something more. th-r for that reason they're raising money to send him to the championship game. in san francisco. thousands already donated. >> he's been an inspiration. to me. since i come here. >> i walk out in the morning and feel miserable. i walk over to him start talking to him. and the feeling disappears. >> for this group seeing their dock at the big game. would be like going there themselves. airline tickets already donated. >> who would have thought that. >> george is pwhroupb blown away by the gesture. choosing to keep living as long as the disease lets him. grateful for what the championship journey has meant brook side. >> .
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next sunday is also animal planets annual puppy bowl. 3 adorable pups from colorado will participate. including a pup from parker. moose. and he was adopted by a loving couple. these days he's known as rico. part poodle and mall tease
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do. but it's exciting no matter what. >> the other two pups have
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>> . don't forget to tune in to good day colorado. they'll start at 4:30 a.m. for all your snowstorm coverage. thank you so much for joining us. >> have a good night.
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