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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  February 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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didn't weather's first at 5:30. a snowstorm there is down in colorado. is my car crash as well is having issues with roads right on northbound progress we get closer and people get an area of red north of eat for 70. police say multiple cars have rolled over in this crash and we have a crew on the way to the scene. will update you with the latest information as soon as we get it. thanks for staying with us at 5:30. >> foxy when denver team has the storm covered for you from what is happening on the road. the latest information on the forecast, head outside in just a moment. first let's get an update from dave fraser. >> i just want to look at this but you know we are under a winter storm warning and we have been for several days. how much of the state is covered
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here's what is happening to the snow has to and coming up out of the cell through the day today. now we're starting to see the snow. come back in the denver area. that is when we start to get our best accumulating snow pivotably have an northeasterly wind. those heavy bands are going to be pushed right back into the metro and here is your wind. we're starting to see it again. the winds are getting close to 20 miles an hour and there it is starting to turn the heavy snow in our direction. you combine the snow picking up in the setting sun and the temperatures which are falling fast and you can get the roads ice up pretty quickly. denver. she's been out and about and i as the rest of us have. conditions have deteriorated exactly as you describe. pretty good. as you said in the last 15 accumulate on the sidewalks if you'd like the road is starting
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you can see it is still pavement but the snow is starting to pile up of it and it's only going to get worse before it gets better. they're going to have therefore army of positing every thing they can to keep up with that pretty going out tonight, look out for the slick spots. after tomorrow morning, i personally think we should all just take today off and stay home. since it will be happens want to give yourself extra time and may be a lot of extra time. stay tuned the forecast a little you know how much extra time. be careful out there. julie hayden, foxy when denver. >> remember you can stay head of the snowstorm by downloading our pinpoint weather app featuring interactive radar. it's free and the apple and google play store spirit other news to tell you about developing right now, chapel the e. coli outbreak appears to be over. if the center of disease control and prevention. the coffee outbreak is still unknown. it will likely be to a common
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tien pitch.they said it is please the made significant progress in food. chipotle shares nearly 5 percent done that news today. the big night for the presidential election. we are hours away from the start of the iowa caucuses been for many candidates, the clearing victory will depend on how they have managed expectations. her life and how that game is played. >> hard to believe after all this talk. for only about 20 minutes away from those actually being casted we can show you live pictures of winds from across the street heading to the caucus locations right now. this is actually happening in the early reports are that the numbers appear to be strong. the turnout numbers look good. that could be good news for someone like donald trump. coming in first place is one thing in iowa. put these candidates are really
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what is expected. made. >> please go out and stand up for me on monday night. it is nearly ten for the boating to begin and even now at the 11th hour, many iowans are still making up their minds. can i don't want to see marco rubio in cedar rapids. i like the florida senator but there also fans of donald trump. >> he might be able to flamboyant for what we need for >> the records appreciate the billionaires business best fight against political correctness. they're not fully solar him as a candidate. >> we need substance. >> last-minute pitches are happy town hall some big rallies across iowa, with a lot at stake. as voting is set to begin, each campaign has a different definition of victory in iowa. >> some candidates like marco rubio, iowa may not be able
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supporters concede. >> and for rubio, that could mean a second or even third place finish. polls show you need to turn up at three boater. he may have won their support. >> i could be swayed they have marco rubio be my guy. even if they don't come in first on caucus night in iowa. there is still a lot of convincing to be done in iowa over the next hour or so. both ted cruz and marco rubio will personally make appearances at various caucus sites throughout iowa to make the final pitch. there is still were starting to be done and so the caucus sites as well. could be another 2-3 hours after the voting actually begins
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back to you. a lot of gamers are giving it a try, playing of brown in nfl. will see who comes out at top. see what dan daru got when he
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fope it is going to pick up in intensity. dave fraser's going to be along in a few minutes with this complete forecast. for now lets go back out to jeremy's life in san francisco, judging from that picture come i know it is called back home. here is a story that will warm your heart if nothing else. broncos fans started to overtake the bay area, including a family does have to meet.
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levine and their 18 -month-old baby boy named elway james. he is a method the hall of fame quarterback. we went into him and the sidewalk. dana listened them. he grew up in denver and has always been a huge broncos fan. when this little guy was born, it was a no-brainer. >> one day i sarcastically suggested it. i think it's a great voice name. i think it is great. >> you've got to see this. he decided to mail a birth announcement to death valley went elway james was born. a few weeks later they got it back signed by number seven himself along with a note that said best wishes to a fruitful and blessed life. what a cutie he is. fortunes can be made her last betting on the super bowl. it's hard to believe he's going to lose or win. there's one entity that has a
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that is -- in fact they've gotten it right near athlete time. dan daru has more on the matter and magic. >> for a quarter of the century, football fans have been playing the popular video game, madden nfl. you can play by yourself and play against the computer. you can change difficulty to have it running where it will have all the stats in full play. it will be harder to play. the realistic animation sights and sounds of may madden nfl favorite in the land of football fantasy. >> madden fantasy has been scoring points in reality with an uncanny success rate in picking super bowl winners. in the last 12's post bowls, madden nfl correctly picked the winner in nine of them. last year madden nfl even predicted the exact score of
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seahawks. all the information for both teams are programmed into madden nfl and then the computer plays itself. and it looks like super bowl 15 >> the results of super bowl 50, the carolina panthers beat out the denver broncos 44-20. >> experienced gamer robert great appreciates madden nfl to set it lacks the human touch. >> you can only hypothesize so much by handing it over to a machine and saying crunch these numbers. >> gray predicts a denver win. dan daru, foxy when denver. >> we like his prediction if not the video game. front of the outcome of your madden 16 game. post your pictures on the facebook page and less prove to the folks that madness wrong based on the track record.
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night ahead let's check in with nick griffith and raul martinez. >> now the sports zone. a primetime event no longer the media today. this is now a full on circus that is televised for the whole world. we are here and super bowl week is here, media day is here. all kinds of things covering putting some more reports that peyton manning win or lose the super bowl, will retire and touch on that and ask him to all those questions. we will also cover the silliness, the craziness. though wild and wacky. it is getting crazier and crazier each week it goes along. we're expecting over two thousand members of the media. it sold out nonight, 7,000 fans will be on hand. we were in new york two years ago and that was nuts. inside we take you with alternate characters in the silly questions asked. it's only going to be taken to
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fans about that earlier today. i don't know what to expect. i don't know if they're going to get some words thrown at another team. i hope we can get ahead like we did with the patriots. i hope to see a lot of players interact with each other. we are going to bring all of that year and a clock. they did have practiced today. did so in john elway's former backyard. the team is walking out onto the practice field. john elway -- week of practice. we also got a tweet from lamarcus were showing us his locker. the broncos ac champ ship here, be wearing out and one other note pass along, this is aerial footage that were looking at
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but the broncos pr staff it was a minor accident and no injuries to report. thank goodness i'm glad they're okay. no need for this okay. we will see them inside and talk to them about that for sure. would love for updates coming up at night and 10. looking forward to that of an clock. we are off to the nfl super bowl experience of going to get our first look at the lombardi trophy. they made it a little different and special this year for the 50th anniversary. let's hope the market hall and put in the trophy case along with the other two and then make room for it. stay positive. weather looks nice as well. it is little chilly but i'm not going to complain. i know what is going on in denver. >> game day looks good for you, just so you know. thanks, jeremy. the snow is putting up out here and the storm is far from over. dave fraser is up next with the snow here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich
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we start with a view from pinpoint weather tracker. road conditions with that setting sun is always the case have deteriorated rapidly piquancy to snow sticking. lane markers and speed is been reduced because of the slick conditions. but the snow expected to stay heavy. i, places like this, you 30 sex and the boulder turnpike are not going to improve going into tomorrow morning. just an update to pass along. here's a timesaver traffic. we've got accidents down. road piquancy purple row break here, there's cherry creek and the road and as we slide down. wrote break here just north of e47, there's been an accident. nine carson fault and some of them rolled over bit distant.the transported to hospitals. some of them with minor to major injuries. we have a runway will keep you updated. i wanted to talk about february for a minute.
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totals for denver for november, december, january. is february and march and april, two of her snowiest months. we get about 7.5 inches month of february. the last few years that is not been the case. we've crushed that average. 2012, 20.2 inches. the double that averaged 14 back in 2013. 2014 was relatively quiet and last year we set the all-time snowiest february 4 inches. with a seven-point average, this storm alone on the first day of the month, we could do it again. good crushed that average and get seven, eight, 10 inches of snow. the official tabulation will be at the airport. will keep you updated. i look at the difference here. lighter blue and lighter snow. he places as we come back in the metro, the snow is turning and is really starting to hit in the
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up and down i 25, there's for installed turnpike. it's let up a little bit east of downtown and aurora is down and parker and castle rock. highlands ranch stone pretty consistently and look at the blue here towards -- that is things will probably start at up and look at this deep heavy band of snow, this is all lifting to the northeast of the goal and with strong one of the planes worth the way possible closures between live and improvement later tonight. shoot you at 5:00 the content was down below the city. now it is lifted the lipid so we can see downtown. 2727. the wind. it is easterly. it generates the snow and is picking up. there is your metro temperatures. some below freezing it is pretty much the same up and down the front range. the wind now starting to turn easterly at a later tonight it
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watch the future cast windspeed. focus your eyes to the north. here are some strong wind on the eastern plains and through the day tomorrow watch the wind. that is the flow out of the north and accuse snow machine watch the snow continued to spiral around and not budget all tonight. in the morning commute not going to be good. good day colorado on near at 4:30. i suggest you suggest the alarm an hour earlier. get up and see what's going on if you have to be somewhere. by news of the snow starting to break up today the evening commute distal snow showers around and it does finally come to an end. here's a look statewide, snow on the mountains and the balkan the heaviest is here and out here on the eastern plains were snow can be better than a foot deep where it starts to wind down. eight, ten, 12 inches with the wind out here. got a watch out near blizzard conditions. we're up and down the front range and another 6-9 in the mountains.
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up around greeley and you guys are lower, 5-7 inches and certainly estes park and you could see some heavy amounts out there and is recommended the metro i think parker and castle rock, it is too low for you guys did you going to be close to ten to 12 inches. for the metro seven, 8 inches and certainly have the 9-inch the entire month is 7 inches and i think we could get almost that out of the airport. sixteen with snow heavy at times. tomorrow morning know. picks and is noticing taper off until late in the afternoon and it will be windy and cold. here is your seven day forecast just above freezing and we will not going to warm up. maybe a little bit snow shower and friday. saturday looks good and sunday looks windy and cold and dry. the biggest thing is coming in
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good luck to those of you -- kids are standing by. we let you know. here is the tribute to broncos during the storm. it's made up of 208 blocks of solid ice and is died with food coloring. she needed to get on the latter to finish the last four rows and inside it is pretty cozy. plenty of memorabilia. send us your igloos or -- that is a great challenge. i want to see some bronco snowmen tonight at nine.
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