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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  February 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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still in the hospital for self-inflicted stab wounds a facing charges of sexual assault in the murder of their child widely. >> for the last hour we've got an update on the arapahoe county sheriff's deputy injured while trying to get to that crime scene deputy bill forman remains in critical condition and his family is hopeful his condition will continue to improve the deputy was injured in this crash when the driver of a truck turned in front of his cruiser of the driver of that truck was rolled at fault we are learning new information tonight about the best of painkillers at swedish medical center and the possible nearly 3,000 patients the fda is not taking over the case the surgical technician and suspected of stealing painkillers the best cause of the the hospital to contact thousands of surgery patients hepatitis the surgical tech has not tech is not been
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virus no cases in colorado but the virus is here and labs in fort collins today and our cameras are cameras were allowed inside the cdc building senators michael bennet and carly gardner and leading the tour the facility is being called ground zero in the fight against the zika virus worldwide. >> we are certainly considered as a pattern we've never seen before currently neither of the two species are to our knowledge in colorado it has to do with the number of factors not just altitude they say coloradans are unlikely to get the zika virus at the mosquitoes here instead the most likely outcome is that someone traveled south and gets impacted if you are planning to head to the mountains of this president's day weekend get ready for plenty of company c .-dot says it's expecting big crowds through monday justin joseph has advice on how to avoid getting stuck in traffic. >> commuters needed both
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nontraffic friday it's definitely a big changer from what i normally seek the enough and even backed up along and on-ramp up ahead of the signs of that one of traffic trouble traffic was good until we hit floyd help and it was slow all the way to the top he stopped for gas anxious to trade one vehicle with the 40s towing beheading upper 40s to go snowmobiling the people are fleeing mile-mile higher two .-dot says they're expecting nearly 81,000 cars to head to the bounds of the holiday weekend with the heaviest traffic today in over 30,000 parts headed west sunday is the busiest day coming back with nearly 23,000 cars returning order all of those drivers up to. >> its beautiful the best is beautiful the best place to scheme colorado by far, but a ski country reports an increase in ski traffic through december 810 percent over the same time last year at loveland.
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obviously as you can tell enjoying at the skiers packed the sleds and taking in the sun. lot. >> but the little ones. >> the left is not fun it's long and boring even a deeper day isn't always perfect you mention this but see that really wants to emphasize the part they say during heavy traffic times sunday morning be dealing up the tunnel plan ahead and give yourself some extra time the state department of health and the national guard asking residents into jefferson county neighborhoods to be on the lookout for unexploded devices that may have been there for decades sky fox showing some of the property used for military artillery practice during the 1930s and 40s and they say if the person encounters items that look like hospital explosives immediately to community meetings about the training site are set for next week
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shelves across colorado federal investigators say some of what's been being solved is produced by counterfeiters julie hayden shows us how investigators are trying to stop you from buying estate merchandise is also sparked a rise in the illegal sale of counterfeit nfl merchandise among the millions of fans at the numbers are it tuesday parade of rally ages with us immigration customs enforcement they seized a 361 counterfeit nfl jerseys and beanies from 15 different broncos and super bowl 50 trademarks from a business standpoint obviously we are interested in stopping any time we see pictures is being sold right next to the stadium that obviously hurts our business is conducted a
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before the super bowl. >> this is an example where again they misspelled the word bronco is this a counterfeiters is the big events like the super bowl and parade trick people into buying high-priced but double quality fake team merchandise we tell if they a quickly the colors are off the stitching is a great prices counterfeiters were both consumers and have legitimate lists businesses and as an uglier side they also support criminal organizations even terrorism there's been a lot of stories about how counterfeit merchandise actually is used by terrorist organizations to help fund them i think a lot of people don't know that water that goes along way if you buy something from a legitimate store that you're okay but if you die what would be a $300 jersey for 50 bucks off from the guy on the corner that could be a red flag news across america police in arizona: the shooting death
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sophomores a possible murder suicide it happened early this morning at a high school officers say the two girls were close friends no other students or teachers were hurt in shooting police look into a possible terrorist attack in columbus ohio investigators say mohammed barry walked into a restaurant last night's attack to diners with the machete now sources told fox tell fox news of the domestic as a potential loan wealth terror attacks in barry was in a database the fbi has moved in to provide assistance fortunately no one was killed but a lot of blood in the restaurant four people were critically police chased as a flood this scene he was shot and killed by officers were getting our first look at the federal building in oregon after protesters occupied it for over a month demonstrators took over the wildlife refuge on january 2 now authorities are going to everything gathering evidence to build a
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remain closed for weeks of fighting between presidential candidates taking an unexpected turn today is donald trump is threatening to sue his rival tech crews mary maloney explains after autographing a baby in the music and old donald wheezy and old donald trump pledged to go positive i'm just not can it do it less than 24 hours later trump branded tech crews with a lawsuit tweeting if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act stop cheating and doing negative ads i'm standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen crews returned fire. >> is more than a little irony and donald accusing anyone of being nasty and give them the amazing torrent of insults and obscenities and both garrett's that come out of his mouth in south carolina where voters will cast ballots later this month the airwaves are plastered with spiteful ads. >> maybe you should be more than just a pretty face next time at this point backfiring on cruise his campaign pointed
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is an adult film star cruises team is refocusing with the new spot spoofing the movie office space hillary clinton also in south carolina. >> i'm going to go after every single barrier that stands in the way of what americans can do hope in the palmetto state's) slow disparities and his momentum following his big new hampshire when the fight for the first of the south primary will likely hinge on support from african-american voters make up over half the democratic collector can mistake with the last african americans in south carolina to president obama in 2008. >> monday and another president will be in south carolina at george w bush wanting to lift his brother jeb's campaign mary maloney fox 31 denver and both the democratic campaigns are
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this weekend bernie sanders will hold a rally tomorrow afternoon of the colorado convention center doors open at three in the campaign tells us they're expecting a big crowd hillary clinton will also be in denver on saturday for a democratic party dinner gabby giffords and her husband astronaut martelli will be in colorado tomorrow for a hillary clinton campaign event they'll be leading a roundtable discussion about gun violence at manual high school he may remember giffords was injured in a shooting during the meeting with constituents five years ago in tucson the ink is barely dry and already the team is talking about which player could be out next season . -ellipsis contract talks as is ahead but first ranjan cy $15,000 toilet is coming at suggesting can upscale neighborhood. >> a strange local valentines and trying to find out what the more companies are told
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and flowers this weekend and i'm dave fraser temperatures will call just cool just a little bit on valentine's day i promise you the drop-off is
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rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people
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controversy in california after a shoulder goes up in a public park it's designed to encourage people to do something against the law all-new at 10. >> just of blogs from san francisco's impatient amos mission dolores was believed to be the first termination a public open air bathroom and one of the city's most popular parks my first reaction was some people can't believe their eyes their nose it's disgusting.
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hear san francisco spent the $15,000 on this concrete journal basically a dream but the partial screen and not much else claims and residents like patrick sullivan. >> there's no hiding his documenting its use against photos like these it does so many the so many people using it last saturday a urine was dripping over to where people were getting on and off the train it was recently installed along with other upgrades to the dolores park which on a sunny weekend can't see thousands of visitors and have very few toilets while no one from the city would talk to us and camera a parks and rec's spokeswoman said the urinal in scope and alternative tipping in the bushes and people's backyards which was all too common at the own dolores park at. >> maybe so but some critics say the open air design whose as a health hazard violates privacy rights and discriminates against women and the disabled citizens of the problem is irresponsible is illegal the city has to
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legal consequences the incident has threatened to sue if the urinal isn't well eliminated in response the attorney's office would only say it intends to give their legal theories all the considerations that they deserve translation the that the republican party is staying put at least for now the good news the park has several dozen normal bathrooms and thanks to the recent renovations and vines have been planted around the screen which should provide a bit more privacy eventually. >> seriously a current of vines as a door for a toilet i'm sorry they need to move without that thing here we go in the mountains of warm a great skin conditions and look at this cool 50s 60s and 70s: comparison to what we've been this week is so
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should be at 45 degrees and were only 20 off the record 72 from 1954 and 37 and 34 your current readings when the west humidity is up there may ae filed but if it is in obedience to the airport as well with 34 we are 34 watkins still down in the upper 30s and lakewood and littleton at 38 centennial 39 highlands ranch at 37 castle rock still in the 40s but you're freezing in keansburg and up into the greeley area is little but a bitter wind of the eastern plains over the mountains at strong especially in and around georgetown there will be summoned again up and over the higher terrain down database complaint 10 or 50 miles per hour at best teacher way down towards my mattel as a put my future cast into motion the unnoticed debris cloud cover here in the lighter gray this is high clouds only in the day but you can see right here were turns bright white lower dens closet could be a little bit of fault and notice its east and northeast of the airport
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morgan and all the way to the northeast corner that fall protection burnt offering to let an sunshine just have high clouds about the around the lunch hour and a minute) will come sweeping and as it comes over some of the non-toxic could squeeze out a few snow showers and then went up to the south and sweep away the clouds so will actually have a little gusty wind late saturday as the culprit come story has a wider view and again because it'll cause of the eastern plains and from and the breakup of the delta head of this project right here which will continue to drop off to the south and again could squeeze out some snow showers saturday night late sunday night late if you're skiing this weekend at the will be a little more light snow maybe one - -dash 3 inches if you're staying you staying in the master schema that you may have fresh powder to wake up to will be in the teens and 20s and the amount of the up their grooming will be in the 20s and 30s most places below freezing and highs tomorrow back in the 40s again make sure you got the sunscreen stay hydrated if you're planning on being in
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with all that sunshine of the temperatures here 50s 60s and the more 70s to the south and a stay warm start to forecast the exception right here this deeply once again cold air kind of creeps back in the northeast colorado no struggle up towards jewell's path in the 30s tomorrow here in the metro that's not the case even in the foothills of blackhawks central city evergreen all looking good with 50s and a blanket of nice ones 60s across the metro breaking up at 40 waking up in the 30s, with a 47 at 9:00 a.m. out at 60 degrees from clouds and there will be some when i showed you that called for the cubs and on the future cast late tomorrow night behind it will get to 52 on sunday we should be a 45 the still a pretty good temperature but that will be clouds of little more went and i can't rule out a brief shower but i think it will be east of downtown and then right back to where we were this week for all of next week
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february as we look at temperatures in the 50s and 60s and a lot of sunshine day you go more great weather to quite weather to get out and enjoy i will tell you this appellant in your pattern we talked about that is kind of hammers you at times that's what we're seeing so far this winter is we get these epic storms and they keep us going ahead for snow and you get these laws and the cello we have at this week continues next week. >> valentine's day fast approaching and while many are thinking flowers and fancy dinners some people are using the holiday to get scared of valentine asked the 13th floor of that house in denver is transformed into in 80s prom night gone wrong the owner got the idea from a friend who said it took to the haunted house was the best first date ever in wine and dine here because nothing says romance like a scare in a pair you can do with your sweetheart and you have to get scared and get to work to do) about going to war maybe we
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haunted house valentine x is sold out on presale tickets but we'll had walk-up tickets available at the door tomorrow night from seven until 10 the avalanches, rivals and detroit plus a couple of denver nuggets are arriving all-stars
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martinez will show y >> the ads are on the road tonight for a game against detroit that old rivalry is a little different now but these two will be playing at coors field at the end of the month in the nhl stadium series it to make to make this one was in detroit patrick while this is been a few fights with these guys that are being outplayed tonight but as wise team striking first met duchenne playing great the all-star with this 25th of the season one nothing detroit would tighten a second this is that there ties in very great
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-dash one but prior. she have all caps it is been a colorado killer his shock is passed a similar balaam waft them are good to overtime in a shoot out how about the something this company to make and keeping the afterlife with that goal by only had a monster game he would save it and is come up when the server as get it done grooming living on let's talk super bowl champs. >> the denver broncos are world champions they have just won the super bowl 50. >> we love you relet the support and were for bringing one home for you i love you all y'all showed up you sold out it was like a solid wood was a home where you have to sit upon this country right now broncos country we have tons had tons of energy and we want and recover back for another one next year. >> they love you how about you broncos country you live this guys they want to do it again in 2016 is right around the
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when to use you with the use he was picking manning will do what they do with demarcus ware 25 restricted unrestricted free agents and there's three shoots needs to keep an eye on von miller malik johnson's reports out that the super bowl mvp like they did with tamir's time is now pain is honest tied it would have around 21.6 million to play with at another 10 million and they don't keep where perfectly well be suspended for the space price mask on the super bowl broncos quarterback will be fined at 26,000 bucks in a big deal which am change the couple of incidents is very lightheaded and pre- cycling fans out there that will be usa pro challenge after losing some of the main sponsors they would help in 2016 would be their
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state. >> this denver nuggets rugby is fm rothe democratic republic of the congo please welcome a menu well many a is a couple nuggets right there the nba rising star is a challenge and manual but ea representing the world as a face usa has your digital year for many a they don't play defense and is all-star games and so we've got to see him they should tell it down the cubs and to cups of the reason he finished with 30 points and 10 assists usa wins 157 - -dash 154 slam dunk contest tomorrow one of my favorites when the nugget will pardon this game we could to watch them in the all-star game sending out a lot of people like it i love it i do.
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>> you guys do deal with uniforms object the other. >> the most expensive cup of coffee you may ever see next
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shuffle special and l who grew up he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice
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speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by millions of contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders,
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