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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  February 13, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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of supreme court justice reaction to the death of -- the leading conservatives voice
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presidential debate in greenville, south carolina as a continue in depth coverage. it didn't take long for the tribute to the longest-serving justice to turn political. >> the country is so divided right now and now we are going to see another partisan fight taking place. i really wish the president would think about not nominating someone. >> presidential candidate after candidates in the pivotal decision to replace ilia should not be president obama's. >> i looked at some of their remarks people made after finding out that justice justice scalia had died. they were truly nasty remarks. that we got to that position is truly a shame. >> earlier and it's week, republican senator ted cruz called school yet an american hero and that we owe it to him, and the nation, for the senate president names his replacement. republican candidate donald trump tweeted that scully is death is a massive setback for
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our country. while democratic candidate hillary clinton said in a statement, the republicans who are calling for justice scalia's seat to remain vacant dishonor our constitution. national security whistleblower, edward snowden, said failing to confirm a scholarly a replacement could significantly increase voter turnout, which historically works against the gop. he was a brilliant, colorful and outspoken member of the supreme court. >> the supreme court has lord flags to half staff outside the complex. no word yet on the upcoming memorial service. we will of course follow any new developments that come out on the story and you can find the latest information on our website >> speaking of the democratic presidential candidates, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are wrapping up a campaign dinner in denver tonight. it is been a long day for the two, bernie sanders holding a
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while captain mark kelly and his wife, former congressman gabby giffords, letter roundtable conversation with local gun control advocates on clinton's behalf. fox 31 denver's macradee aegerter has the details. >> seated around a table at the denver high school. >> a lesser son to a gun violence. >> members of the club they say norm once to be a part of. >> he was shot multiple times. >> i have a heart condition and that is a broken heart. >> a club that includes former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband captain mark kelly. they are united by gun violence, and united in support of what they call common sense gun laws in the presidential candidate they say will get the job done. >> hillary is going to be our president. >> speaking is different for me but january i want to save these
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>> on the other side, supporters of gun rights who say more laws aren't what we need. >> if they would just enforce the laws they artie have i think we would be doing a lot better off. >> with mass shootings and a lot of people's mind, but differing opinions on how to stop them, voters are paying attention this election year. >> it's not a matter of the law-abiding citizens who are the problem and unfortunately those are the only people to the laws are going to affect. >> 33,000 years people a year are killed due to gun violence. in aurora, macradee aegerter. >> the pope's mission to mexico in full swing tonight. day one of the pope's historic trip to the country kicked off with cheering crowds, a special welcome ceremony and a tough love message to mexico's leaders.
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>> a sea of thousands greeted history's first latin american pope as he rode through mexico city's historic center saturday. pope francis stopped to meet the adoring crowd on his way to the national palace, handing out rosaries and embracing several sick children. mexico's president welcomed the pope with a special ceremony, where francis later delivered his first major address, and at the country's political and religious letters. >> experience teaches us that each time we seek the path of privileges or the benefits of a few to the detriment of the good of all, sooner or later, the life of society becomes fertile soil for corruption. >> the pope also spoke of how mexico's richness lies in its young people. >> a people with a youthful population is a people able to
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this is an invitation to look to the future with hope. >> francis will wrap up the first day of his visit with a mass at the basilica of the virgin of guadalupe. >> today, i come as a missionary of mercy and of peace. but also, as a son who wishes to pay homage to his mother, the blessed virgin of guadalupe eight and placed himself under her watchful care. >> i mary maloney reporting. >> tomorrow, the pope will visit the city of a topic and then returned to mexico city to visit a children's hospital. >> in news impacting your money tonight, pull foods is working on broadening its appeal to the ever-growing millennial market. the grocery announcing it will all been a new line of low-price stores called 365 by whole foods market. the stores will be similar to sprouts and trader joe's,
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millennial's and budget shoppers, with specifically created items including food, drinks and even fashion products. a total of ten stores are slated to be open by october of next year. no word yet if one will come to colorado. >> a story to warm your heart. >> up next why this metro county sixth-grade class traded in the traditional candy and cards for fabric and what they plan to do with it.
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co (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8
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the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. with fountains they falling on a weekend is here, most of the parties and treat at school have already come and gone. but this weekend students at one elementary school in douglas county made valentines that will last much longer than most. pick our kent erdahl explains why and the story you'll only see on fox 31. >> in the past, valentines day at heritage elementary has been pretty standard.
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>> most of the students in a six grade classroom still like candy and dislike the idea of having a special valentine. >> no that's gross. >> i told my parents, and not till i'm a junior in high school. >> maybe that's why this year. >> okay, so put this down. >> the entire class decided to use their scissors to cut more than paper hearts. >> loop your finger and then pull it through. >> the entire grade decided to buy these fuzzy fabrics with the money that would have gone to >> it was like, okay. let's just get the candy out of our heads. >> i think it was a mixed reaction at first. >> that reaction began to change when they learned what this project was tied to. >> it's basically one premature babies aren't healthy enough to go home with their parents. >> it something papers nine or knows about firsthand. >> i was three weeks early and i had a small hole in my heart. >> years later, this party with
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pipers hard has become. >> it tells me that i can help out other kids who are going through the same thing. >> what you think of this type of party? >> i love it. it so much fun. >> it's hard to imagine a better example of a lesson in love. >> if all our life we are raised to just think about ourselves, what are we going to do and not adulthood chris mark we're going to think about ourselves and be greedy. >> and it turns out giving can be pretty sweet, too. >> i know just watching me on camera this looks like not much fun but it really is. >> in fact, it's a good thing they chose to make blankets. >> it just makes me have a chills because it's exciting. >> it's giving me the chills. it's a great sight and sound. >> this valentines party is pretty cool. >> and done. >> kent erdahl, fox 31 denver. >> the students at heritage elementary plan to deliver the blankets to rocky mountain hospital for children next week and the six graders -ren't the only one who partied with
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every great at heritage use their party to help a different worthy cause. >> now, pinpoint weather with meteorologist mark monster ola. >> we did it again today. third time in four days that we got above 60 degrees downtown. i think over the next seven days we will have more. more warm air will climb in here as we go through the next week and we get to it and just a second. we start off this morning with patchy fog indents in some spots. pictures and the boulder area and one of our viewers took this snapshot. notice the blue skies overhead that you can see the thin layer of dense fog and it lines up around the foothills there. it was pretty nasty, especially in the eye 35 corridor. may have fog early tomorrow morning but i don't think it will be as widespread as we saw earlier today. sunshine didn't work and look at those highs today. 46 degrees is the average for this time of year. we better that by quite a bit in
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even if you 70 degrees around that i 75 corridor. from pueblo done to trinidad. we saw upper 40s and low 50s in the planes. we are still in the low 50s downtown at 52 degrees in denver and 42 degrees at dia. it is breezy out there. the winds that are coming in from the west are down sloping and keeping locations in the foothills pretty warm. boulder rate now at 54 degrees per hour. 42 degrees downtown and 30s and 40s around the planes. we are starting to see the 20s pop up in the high country. windsor howling in the upper elevations. 30 miles per hour in boulder is 41 mile-per-hour wind. planes, too.
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today and tomorrow. partly cloudy overhead rate now and we will keep it that way in the city but as you get further tomorrow morning. check out the jet stream and as we go into the day tomorrow it will dip down to the south and range. it may bring snow to the high country tomorrow night and into monday before finally lifting out. warm-up. tomorrow we will dip down a little bit because of the jetstream moving south and into the middle of the weekend moves to the north. future cash shows tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. that southern wyoming macy light snow but especially as we get to the evening hours that is when the snow spreads out towards i 70 corridor. winter weather advisories are
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high country. sunday night into monday morning is what will see the heaviest of the snowfall. meanwhile around the city it is partly cloudy and a little bit of drizzle in the northern front range tomorrow evening. that is about it around unsettled weather. forty-one for the low tonight and we are looking at 50s tomorrow afternoon. fortys and 50s into the planes. partly cloudy skies tonight and maybe patchy fog north and east of the city. still windy in this foothills and the mountains. tomorrow afternoon is a beautiful one. a little breezy with 54 degrees as the height and partly cloudy skies. as we go into the beginning of next week we are back to 60 degrees by tuesday with mainly sunny skies each and every day. we take a look at the seven-day forecast coming up in the 10:00 hour. >> usually talk about taking a day of hokey but you need to take a week vacation this year.
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the snowiest month. >> this is a taste bell. >> coming up, more on the rest of broncos safety shiloh keo. >> plus, wilburn is trying to become the first denver nuggets and when the slamdunk dunk competition. we will show you how well the thrill dead. >> and the chips are back. no, not the broncos were talking
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now, the celaya law firms sports on with row martinez. >> we have a couple of champions in colorado. the broncos in the du lacrosse team. today, denver looking to defend its title opening the season against air force. and it was a close one folks. the pioneers redound too late whitney marano scored to put one's to get than the wind. 109 your final. >> congratulations to him moving to the broncos in safety shiloh care was arrested earlier today in idaho for driving under the influence. the 20 -year-old was boat this morning by state police and later put the bail. he'll has a home in idaho. a statement released by the broncos, they say they're aware of the matter involving kale in our in the process of reviewing it. keogh was a backup safeties you paid for regular-season games and played a role in the playoffs when darian stewart and tj ward when out in the afc
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he'll is a free agent. >> okay let's talk semester ballmer in the break. will the thrill came out in style. with the thrill entrance. here's his first on. >> he's going to be good. >> it was very good and that's his first dunk. >> not bad, magic johnson give them a six though what's up with that? but then barton struggled on the second dunk. he couldn't even complete it. so will the thrill was not so thrilling to finish. it was a spectacle between orlando's aaron gordon and minnesota zach living. this went to extras after a bunch of 50s. that's a perfect score. take a look at some of these bad boys. oh my goodness. this one right here, that might be the best one rate there. all my goodness. no comic here's the best one. i'm sorry. look at this one.
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in the end though, levine defended his title. gordon had the best dunk. in the skills competition, nuggets point guard emanuel meunier had a night to forget. he took on isaiah thomas the start, winner advances to the semi finals and moody a look nervous out there. he couldn't even handle the rock and was eliminated in the first round. karl-anthony towns one at all. not a good night for the nuggets at all-star weekend. in a three-point competition it came down to who else? the two best shooters in the game. and their teammates. steph curry thought he had enough to defend his title, but it was clay thompson that shot a few more. the scary thing is you know who the winner of the competition really is? the golden state warriors. dang they are good. switching a college basketball and marches approaching and that means the madness is coming. the bus right now are on the bubble and everyone and lots from here on out becomes extremely important. colorado hosey washington today. josh scott once again out and
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one. george king with the dish underneath and finish 77-68. the wesley gordon a little while later going with the put back. washington one and go way and andrew andrews woodcut this to one from deep range and good. huskies need a miracle though and the bus would hold on. final score 81-80. it's colorado's 19th one of the season. colorado state needs to start winning and winning a lot. on the road tonight against unlv. early on, it's the rams down to and emmanuel oboe go showing off the hops. tying it up at six. right at the end of half, prentice nixon from deep and he's going to bury this one. it's the rams trailing by double digits. >> in hockey, the du pinus trying to finish their season strong and they had number two in the nation north dakota
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this is jerrod look of this is putting du up one nothing and the second. this one just finished up and du finishes strong. up 4-1 the final. you saw it rate here on fox 31 denver. this sprint unlimited and martin truex junior and denver's furniture row racing team hoping to build off a fantastic season last year and not good here. final lap and of these involved in a wreck. denny hamlin takes this one. we are getting close to the daytona 500 what it really starts to matter. you can watch that a week from tomorrow right here. >> that is one sport i never really watch. in our five -year-old is glued to it. >> nascar is good stuff because next sunday will get real. >> i love bill leather jacket. >> will the thrill. great entrance but terrible finish.
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didn't you? fox 31 denver news at 10:00. >> the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia is
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