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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  February 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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i'm scared for them. mica mica said my sun is only four. i can just imagine what he's feeling right now. i'm worried about their safety and well-being. i want them to come home. >> their mother says the teenager does have a cell phone but it only works on wi-fi and no one has been able to get through since yesterday. he is listed as a runaway with pulleys for he has went away before but the family says he would have brought his little brother first. right now police are not suspecting any foul play in this case the the boys are not in trouble for missing curfew at this point right now they just want them home. if you have any information you are asked to call police. >> new developments out of mesa county where law enforcement from across the country are gathering to pay tribute to the
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last week in the line of duty. derek greer was responding to the call of a person with a gun when a 17 -year-old shot him. doctors spent the last few days of his life working to prepare his organs to be donated. >> good luck buddy a place in grand junction that doesn't have one of these pictures. either under vehicle or in their home. sony people have these taped around the area. this is where deputy greer was shot. and this is the area where a memorial has popped up to honor him. people have come here just to pay their
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up in the deputies honorific this is the place where our story begins tonight. we will have full coverage previewing all be happening. it's a unity that has been so touched by his story. >> for now we are life in grand junction. >> as you just heard we are going to be following this story all night long. coming up will take you live where organizers are preparing for the deputies funeral. >> the new political battle in the aftermath of the supreme court judge anthony scalia's death. he was a consistently conservative voice in his three
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replacement. >> in the wake of supreme court justice anthony scalia said that over the weekend the top ranking democrat on the senate judiciary committee last any notion of delay in any vote on the new nominee. >> it would be a sheer dear election of duty for the senate not to have a hearing or to have a vote spent the republican mitch mcconnell wants a nomination to be put on hold same in their people should have a voice in the selection. at the heart of the dispute some informal history of not voting on judicial nominees in the >> the next president should have a chance to fill that void not so who's ever going to answer to the electorate again but for senator leahy the gop is confusing the facts would remind them that ronald reagan's nominee justice anthony kennedy
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february 1988. >> present obama is doing same thing that president reagan to bed. >> and dispenser fox 31 denver expects democratic presidential candidate are also weighing in. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders were in denver last night speaking at the annual democratic dinner and they both agreed with senator obama's was present obama's pledge that it's a constitutional responsibility. >> it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominees. >> it appears that some of my
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senate have a very interesting view of the constitution of the united states. >> the tumor in denver today posted a campus kickoff. they they say they support clinton stance on gun reform and her ability to stand up to special interest groups. colorado's caucus is just two weeks away and he wants to ensure everyone gets out and votes. >> leading up to march 1 every single day is important. it's important for people to get out there in a caucus state to show up. i encourage people to participate in our democracy. >> the colorado caucus is march 1. and will have coverage on the big day. for more
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information that about sexual allegations involving pain management is one of many cited in a lawsuit filed by a group of women alleging that the university of tennessee had violated title ix violations and created a hostile sexual environment since the mid- 19 '90s the according to the test in the federal lawsuit was filed tuesday in nashville and safe university's policies made and students more vulnerable to sexual assaults. in tennessee interfered with the process to favor male athletes to the lawsuit alleges that in 1996 when paid many was at the school essentially assaulted a in a bike trainer. while she was examining his leopard he denied it and that timmy later we spewed his accountant who is never the seventh of investigation but a lawsuit was settled in 1997. >> damocles wayne driver's night
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to the victim said the two men dressed like officers and driving a car with red and blue lights are pulled him over and handcuffed him and took the belongings from his pocket. they agreed to let him go but once they left the man realized they had swiped $180 from his wallet. >> there are some cars like that. >> please say if you're ever worry the officer pointing over is not legitimate drive to a well lit and heavily populated area and called dispatch to make sure that officer is supposed to be pointing over. a pair of fugitives escaped to a parole have been caught one has been found in inglewood and the other in colorado springs. please are still asking the public to be on
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and his name dennis simonton. >> and local volleyball league raise money for families torn apart by immigrant detention. we are seeing how volleyball latino is celebrating love. >> on february 14, don ties they typically has a bid that important. sick sometimes a hallmark card doesn't do a hallmark holiday justice. near a personal touch from a secret admirer. is in every one of these handmade cards. each week members of volleyball latino meet up to play the game they love. this family decided to
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their detention center in aurora. >> i know people and i've been to that would they support them with every play. it's a natural fit for us to have. especially throughout holidays where families should be together. it's not just about love more than is no chocolate and flowers and teddy bears. it's a day to celebrate love and show compassion. >> it can bring a smile to someone's face the they may not have been smiling in months. this is about reminding people that they matter and that they are humans and that their life should be dignified and for that
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important to me. >> the photojournalist says-if you like more information on volleyball latino had over 12 website. >> that gives a whole new meaning. sharing your love with dozens of other couples in one of the most breathtaking areas in the state since coming up we take you to the red rocks national park as hundreds of people make their loves their love known. >> plus an emotional homecoming for military servicemen and his
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we pretty much all know red rocks is a great place to watch live music or workout but today on this day of bromance became a beautiful venue for a mass set of weddings. >> about 200 couples either got married or renewed their vows during these weddings. their common in places like the philippines, china and afghanistan. tammy b health tells us how they can be money savers and how couples say the ceremony puts the focus on their lives. >> is a place where wedding gowns are optional along with sexy goes. but there's no
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>> longtime denver radio dj uncle messed it will marry or 200 couples. including angie and matt davis who met at a red rocks concert, got married and then got divorced. >> the first time was in a church and address and all of people. after factoring in the cost of the venue, food and photography the average cost of a wedding is more than $26,000. for some couples that reinforce their decision to make it official this nontraditional way. >> today is about giving couples and families a special memory that they can long chairs without breaking the bank.
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maid of honor. >> with this ring- >> that turns man and woman into husband and wife. >> 200200 kisses sealed the deal and wedding cake comes in the form of cupcakes. a special day that no chocolates or flowers could ever rival. >> there were about to enter couples at today's wedding many were getting married this psalm we're renewing their vows. of course you don't have to get married to celebrate this holiday of love. until
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offering some skating and there's also two pairs of free round-trip airfare. we have information on the website at kdvr .com. all of this lovely stuff, if it's too much for you, i know that it is for some, you can head over to the buck theater for the fifth annual my bloody film festival. they will be showing horror films made by colorado lawmakers at the end of the night the best will be honored with an award. couples get in for $7. could be interesting. >> could also be a way to make sure that it's the last valentine with your valentine.
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would kill me. >> you can see the text is blowing around upper breadbox. wind gusts 50, 60 and 70 miles an hour. it's not just the wind , it's also the snow. you can see how slow everything is going. folks may be traveling up to the high country as we get into the extended weekend. be careful if you're going to be doing that and trying to get that fresh power powder that will be on those melons as we get into the day tomorrow. will talk more about what to expect across the mountains. snow is
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country. nothing around the city, it's just been mainly cloudy and windy. could get some drizzle especially along the northern i285 koror. 5-10 edges as you get closer to craig and back to steamboat. for best 8 inches against the breckenridge area. a successful inches as you get into the northern high country. we have a lot of snow coming down between now and monday afternoon. it's not just the snow but the wins two. there's a lot to be concerned about the snow will stick around probably
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overnight. eventually once we get into each row night we will begin to see it fade away. meanwhile wins are a big concern of the down the foothills. take a look at the details for esses park to georgetown 50 and 55 mile-per-hour gusts. hopefully the wins will die off to celebrate as we get due to row night and into tuesday. meanwhile outside right now downtown mainly cloudy skies and
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have 48 right now. it is a little bit of a cool down for what we saw yesterday. the jet stream .-dot element for the south from what we saw yesterday afternoon. the cold air sinking into the east coast also strengthened. said they're going to see the cold and icy conditions. it's going to be nothing but sunshine and warmth. we have a really good looking seven-day forecast. overnight tonight will call it mainly cloudy. a call up early to mainly sunny and check out the seven-day forecast. sixty's return as early as tuesday and they stick around a while.
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plenty of sun. stand against violent relationships dozens of demonstrators rally for survivors. taking it to the state capital. >> and so in love for a local
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today is day two of the pope's mission to mexico. his morning pope francis led a huge open ms for more than 300,000 faithful followers. >> the mass was held in one of mexico's poorest and most dangerous cities. pope francis gave a tough love speech and
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the devils lust for money. >> aftermath he weighed two thousand and visited a pediatric hospital. >> demonstrators writing to support for survivors of domestic violence.
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the new officials are today in downtown denver a flash mob marched to end the violence. >> today hundreds took two streets 37 november to call


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