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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  February 18, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MST

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>> a survivor strength on the stand. a mom to be addresses a boulder court and the trial of the
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unborn baby. heart wrenching testimony of the will to live. could you testimony where we start tonight at 9:00 p.m. >> it was certainly an emotional day in the courtroom as michelle wilkins described the shocking chain of events that unraveled when she was bonded to egg and on craigslist. taken with new information on the impact her testimony could have. means attorney during opening arguments admitted that the 35 -year-old michelle malkin unborn baby from her womb. the question here is why she did it and whether it was premeditated. twenty-six -year-old michelle wilkins barely glanced at her accused attacker as she struggled to describe the pain she felt when she realized her unborn baby had been cut from
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>> i remember when she stabbed me and then i know she continued to try to jump me. she told that she the longmont home after responding to this craigslist ad for maternity clothes. kim when she got closer she put the full weight on the heel of her hand and i dismember everything going black. when she went she realized she'd been cut from hip to hip and her unborn baby had been removed. that shocking testimony that could ultimately decide her accused attackers fate. it's a huge huge percentage of that case what happened today. the challenge for the defense is improving wayne is innocent. this is really not a huge den it, but rather why she did it during opening arguments length attorney said the attack was an plan meaning lien may be guilty but not of attempted first-degree murder.
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this desire, this decision, this behavior, not someone who was thinking clearly, not someone who had planned. appointed defense tried to hit home during the cross-examination of balkans. >> at that some point while your downstairs that they change. take a very difficult cross exam according to decker. >> you are dancing on an extremely fine line. >> one that can have a huge impact once jurors begin to deliberate wayne state. >> and other key witness for the prosecution today was lanes own boyfriend, david ridley who discussed a very elaborate worries that he says laing used to convince people for months that she was pregnant and lawyers of his testimony coming up tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> c dots as i 70 through glenwood canyon was supposed to open tomorrow afternoon, but brand-new tonight, that may not happen after all. see dots as they might miss the
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lot of rock on the road and more mitigation needs to be done before the highway is safe again for cars. big boulders and rocks of all sizes came crashing down on the highway earlier this week shutting down i 70 in both directions. the driver gets his 11th dui and colorado a fourth dui is now a felony after the box in one problem solvers politics story. ramon was not part of that story but his record shows he should've been. the district attorney's office says before he got into a crash less christmas he had ten prior duis dating back more than two decades. his case, his latest case we should say has been bound over to denver district court. an update to last night story about stolen cars from a used car lot wheat ridge police now say eight of 11 cars taken from mcmanus motors have been found. sometime early yesterday morning these targeted the business and drove the cars right off the lot.
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vehicles. justin josef gall followed that story print this remember roberts was off at daybreak. >> another day and noble difficult story to hear. the woman says when she she remembered him immediately he also remember that he tried to administer pain meds on three different occasions and schumer says pain meds not working. this guy that i went to my trusted in this hospital that i trusted tried to kill me. >> margaret says her nightmare started on november 30 of last year with gallbladder surgery at swedish medical center. i sit boy this surgical tech was so nice because he came in and he gave me something before i
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because they never did that in any of their my surgeries there. she says she remembered him because he was nice but also because she says he came back three times to administer narcotics to ease her pain, but nothing happened. i said what did you give me. it's not working. two months later when she heard the news. there was a picture of him and that's when i freaked out. she realized why her pain meds tougher word spread she believes rocky was using and narcotics on himself and then injecting her was something else. as a mother and grandmother, she's worried. is that hiv clinics i said i don't want to die. and i hated him because why would he do that. her attorney said she proves swedish medical center didn't follow protocol. the difference in this case is that the surgical technologist was a ministering drugs to the patient which is clearly forbidden by the statute. ferguson will know more in about two weeks.
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wait and worry. >> is going to be hard. i have other health issues and now i have those. >> your heart really does go out to her. here's another interesting development her attorney says in the ongoing discussions with the hospital they told him once i learned this news about rocky allen they ordered alan to be tested based on his test results is when they ordered all of these other patients to be tested. the attorneys is basically the hospital knows of allen has something or if he does not he says they're not releasing that. the hospital says that is protected information. >> anxious moments for thousands of people. a radical women's group is going after peyton manning commanding company suspend their business relationships with the quarterback. this stems from a new sexual harassment lawsuit against the university of tennessee which allegedly involves manning. the group ultraviolet wants nationwide insurance and papa john's pizza to rethink their contracts with manning. we reached out to ultraviolet
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want to talk about it. nike taking a hard line against boxer manny pack you. they terminated his contract after he said gay people are worse than animals. pack you later apologized, but too little too late. nike says it opposes discrimination and supports the gay community. a developing story about privacy rights, apple is challenging to help the fbi a mock an iphone. the iphone along to one of the people behind the terror attack in san bernardino, california. apple says the only way to a microphone is with the passcode which isn't stored on apple servers. apple ceo tim cook says is also refusing a judges request for the privacy of all apple users. many of those customers are standing by his side rallying outside the apple store in san francisco voicing their opposition. >> @facebook texting scam has grabbed the attention of the fox 31 problem solvers. random people getting text messages from a number claiming to be facebook asking them to
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some places play money. kevin torres looked into one case. >> and she is a firecracker bury chances are someone have received this text i've even gotten a couple of times in the last few months it's annoying and for some it's really concerning. >> it wakes me up every morning. and i thought oh my gosh. every morning. >> the moment that song goes off geraldine harding reaches her for her phone in bible. i was asking god this morning you better send me one quick because i'm about ready to kill somebody is these people don't quit calling me. >> for nearly a year she's been getting the same text every morning at 5:38 a.m. morning. can you have one message and five friend request on facebook. annoying to say the least and feel electronic she owes or an old tv, vhs player and an antenna box, no computer, no facebook.
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jerry might be the only person in the world not on facebook. >> really cracks after receiving the text, she was redirected to a help number owned by monk tech not deck. they grip themselves as a facebook customer cares service, but aren't affiliated with facebook, jerry did know the difference until that they could make the hacking stop for $99. what did you say to them cracks i told them they were late. i told them they were [bleep]. i told them to please quit sleep calling me. jerry didn't pay and is still receiving the text at 5:38 a.m. there was one morning they didn't text me into later and i woke up earlier like may be five and i text them. i went ha ha, beat you. >> they are not the group setting the skim text, it was just a number that they were given by verizon to do a
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into it and found there is a free widget facebook helps into it but for that link and info is on >> miserable to get that text every morning. and there's no way that flip phone gets facebook. >> they say one man's trash is another man's treasure. sometimes it's really just trash. >> coming up, like a lot of the stuff at the salvation army is getting is better suited for the trashcan. >> getting mail had new drug testing methods rely on your fingernail clippings. hockey heat, winter sport here in denver in 70 degrees weather. >> meteorologist dave fraser, that 70-degree weather could be tomorrow and record setting. it comes at the blast of wind.
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mo t >> take a look at the transformation the nhl has been working day and night to turn coors field into a regulation hockey rink. set to host both college and pro teams. >> we've got bedtime ups on our facebook page if you want to go
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with the warm weather we've been having, how will the ice even hold up? >> meteorologist mark quantrill addicted trip to see what the temporary rink can do. >> the stands around coors field are typically pretty quiet during the winter months, but over the next few weeks, thousands of screaming fans will fill the seats cheering on their favorite players as the game of hockey new from the confines of an arena to the outdoors where it all began. >> this is where most of our players have really started this game. they go out on the pond, shovel it, and then they play talky. for these outdoor games to be a success, the nhl will have to face off with mother nature. because of the sunshine and all of the unseasonable warmth, the ice crew has to work at night, sometimes as late as 4:00 a.m. but this shock for mother nature
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with before. take this isn't much different than we've experienced at la, dodger stadium and san jose levi in the last few years, so our guys work through the night and maintain the ice and then we had two reflective blanket on there right now. >> how can the crew managed to i will let the iceman handle this one. >> basically we have a refrigeration truck parked in the back, we have a piping system that runs basically through left field down to center ice, we have a series of 243 eyes pins that work in series, we have a: the rents
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station. they're doing and emily is than they do it at night when the cents and up and the temperatures are a little more favorable. you grew up playing hockey. i played hockey until i got to about high school and we played outside that's the way you did in the northeast. you didn't have plexiglass she had chain-link fence around it and you got set outside you dressed outside, and i gave up hockey quickly when i was a goalie. have you ever been hit by a puck? pinpoint weather, here we go, a lot of wind on the way.
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warmer temperatures not today, 50s and amounts it's difficult up there at elevation, '50s, 60s and 70s over the eastern plains. that's not the warmest day. that they come small. forty-one in arvada across the
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'40s 50s in the mountains. back towards the plenary m parker. 46 degrees, the wind starts to pick up early tomorrow morning. then tomorrow, 72 notice the
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breaks the old record of 71. test at the grocery store. >> , plus, drug testing your fingernails. how treatment centers are using that technology to keep tabs on teens. charitable giving almost like
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salvation army money.
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>> brought attention. he called the situation and humanitarian crisis and called on governments to show compassion to those escaping all the violence and oppression in their native countries. adjuster which complicated symbol is a mecca for his open air mass in juarez mexico. but francis gives blessings at the american border partaking of the moment from the other side of the fence hundreds of so-called princess pib migrants now living in the u.s. here is some of the pontiffs message later at the mass. >> in response to the suffering and so many faces. convert deportations and donald trump saying he will build a huge wall on the southern border.
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>> it can happen anywhere. >> it can happen any time. >> get out get out. after as in colorado. >> as soon as the shooter is the situation will end.
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take to survive when a gunmanuy >> every time somebody does something that they know it's trash, although doing is basically taking a revenue that could be used to save somebody's life. >> may seem like a good day, but is trashing their the budget for a local charity. >> tonight they're showing us the video of people knowingly dropping off worthless items doing more harm than good. a story you see on fox 31. >> donation center or trash pile, hard to say if you watch the recent surveillance camera from the they been so destroyed and televisions with holes right through them. furniture that's just falling
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>> on this night dirty all mattresses dumped. items left here, but to save the time and expense of going to the landfill. these guys pull up on a weekend in a moving truck to drop off a destroyed old couch. this guy leaving among other things used we're not tires, day and night on weekends when no one's watching the front gate is used as a dumpster. >> still trash pretty much. the production manager at the at opera production center in everyday is his job to sit through more trash than treasure. >> is to give you an idea of how much were talking about, the salvation army says 13 tons of garbage goes into denver area and those everyday bets for the six of these gigantic. >> it's not cheap. i think people think something
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average of about $25,000 a month for us to dispose properly of things we can't. >> that 300,000 year and it would otherwise be used to treat people in drug and alcohol recovery who are working and living here trying to get their lives back on track. >> every time somebody does something that they know us
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revenue. don't drop off furniture beyond repair electronics especially old tvs, construction materials paint. people think they can donate paint, but i can't do anything with it it could be lead-based, i don't know, because of that i can take the liability per at the backward roomful of paint cost about $400 to get rid of. one other thing it's illegal to dump the stuff in the first place you can't just leave it when no one's looking. it's just an easy way to get around dumping when it's inconvenient and then there are people who think because the salvation army does want to reuse everything am helping. they do try to rehab and recycle as much as they can and made


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