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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  February 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>> colorado was one of the last states in the country where it does it legal to capture rain off your roof but as just has just signed joe st. george shows us, the fight to repeal it is again in full swing. >> the weather lately has been perfect in colorado. we all know when it does rain, it can pour. >> brain is free. >> karen webster sees rain is a great natural way to water her guardedness in the summer. it's why she owns this rain barrel so she can save some of it but there is a problem. >> colorado law says we are not supposed to have a rain barrel. >> colorado's rain barrel contraband remains in effect. we are one of the only states in the country with it. >> karen finds it so absurd she is willing to admit on camera that she is breaking the law and could be fined 500 bucks.
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be debated at the state capital. representative jesse danielson is helping lead the charge. >> and my in my opinion the bill is really straightforward. it allows you to collect the rain that falls and on your roof into a barrel and may maybe put >> you may recall the rain barrel appeal went last year they say if it everyone starts collecting moderate will deplete our rivers and streams and in colorado we rely on them but karen refutes that her barrel will impact colorado river rivers and hopes that the state that is legalized weed will now legalize rain barrels. >> all of this water is going to run off into the alley eventually. >> i'm kind of controlling limits when it runs off. >> state lawmakers pushing to oversee the spending up of too many center center boards this moves after an audit revealed the organization may have
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it to pay for costco memberships and home internet usage. a bill at the general assembly now without accountability. community center boards argue that opening records would cost too much. lawmakers are expected to hold hold a vote on the matter monday. a denver police officer shot on the line of duty is on his way to recovery. an entire community is helping tony lopez junior get there. >> saturday mornings are normally pretty quiet inside this castle rock crossfit gym but this saturday was one big exception. dozens of people even crossfit rookies. >> i'm nervous. i've never done a crossfit workouts before. >> they were here to give it a
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for denver police officer tony lopez junior. >> everyone is really hoping for a full recovery for tony because not only is he doing something great by being a police officer and serving the people, but he is just a great guy in general. >> officer lopez was officer lopez was working out in this gym moments before he almost lost his life. he was shot six times when a driver pulled out a gun and started firing during a traffic stop in december. >> when i was first hit out of my calm on them at going to be out of crossfit. >> but lopez quickly learned he was fighting for his life. >> i was like praying please let me go so i can see my baby. >> he is now walking with crutches but the road to recovery will be a long monkey cam usually out here for an hour hour and a half because my legs are still closed up. >> this competition is a fundraiser to help tony get back
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and to the job that he loves. >> i want to be in uniform back on the street doing what i love and helping people. >> has doctors told him his crossfit training helped save his life. more than 200 people turned out for today's event raising more than $5,000 for them. financial experts focus on the federal reserve as officials prepare for a new week full of before january investors expected the feds to hike up interest rates three or four times throughout this year but recent changes in the stocks have changed everything. experts say this upcoming week will be crucial as they try to ward off volatility. virgin galactic revealed revealing a new spaceship and now one of the worlds greatest scientists is given the program and enthusiastic endorsement. a video of stephen hawking was
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ceremony revealing the ship's name unity. he said he is always dreamed of flying to space and hopes of virgin's new ship will help make that dream a reality. for the last five days many schools around the world have been taking part in random act of kindness week turning it into a year-round club. >> in >> you can count on getting overwhelmed and you can blame this beautiful mess on the care club. >> caring, appreciative, respectful sympathetic people. >> this person has never been so happy to hang laundry. >> our project is called socks for souls. >> we're going to give them to the homeless of their feet are always warm and put them in the backpack. >> backpacks that aren't just being filled with footwear. >> i think we've done a great job.
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>> i love helping people. >> but the original idea for the care club started a year and a half ago right here in the principal's office, and it came from a pretty special boat special principle. lauren left a lasting impression. leave a legacy how really one day as a principal could turn into something much bigger. >> it's amazing. >> for her to come up with these ideas. >> warn lorne is definitely proud but not of her idea. >> i am proud of our school because it wasn't just care club that did this. it was our whole el dorado elementary. >> 1,700 pairs of socks. >> she's not the only proud principal. >> and produce the proudest principle in douglas county. socks make me cry.
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i am proud to be part of it. >> in case you're wondering, new socks are often overlooked by those donating but incredibly important in winter. that won't be a problem. 550 for the 550 families when their hands out next week. police in upstate new york are investigating the death of a college student who may have been forced to drink something toxic, possibly bleach, at an off-campus fraternity. the basketball star died thursday after being hospitalized for an unexplained sickness and today students held a fundraising basketball game fund-raising basketball game in his honor. >> this isn't a time they should be worrying about what they're going to do with their son. >> the senior was the youngest of seven children set to graduate in the spring. the college and the fraternities sensed it suspended buffalo
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if you think the winds are bad here, check out chicago. near hurricane strength the wind whipped through that city's downtown. pieces of high-rises were blown off the buildings and into the street. they even for streets to shut down the streets below but thankfully no one was hurt. bad news for pop star ke$ha the singer cannot break her contract with sony music. the 28 -year-old sued the music label two years ago accusing her longtime producer of sexual, emotional and verbal assault. during the hearing she asked the judge to issue a preliminary injunction to keep sony from forcing her to work with doctor luke and to cancel her contract, but the judge denied her request. breaking news right now fox news now calling the donald but donald trump will win tonight south carolina primary. this is trump's second win following the new hampshire
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we are following all of the developments out of south carolina and we will have more for you tonight at 10. you know everything you need to know to outsmart your kids online? one local parents found a way to get a step ahead of your kids, something every parent should know about next. later in sports, what the players and coaches from denver and colorado college are saying about playing hockey at coors field. sports is coming your way. >> the wind is winds are picking up a bit around the denver metro area. 1520-mile per hour wind gusts as
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and we will change our weather (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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while the internet can be one of the most powerful learning tools for your child it
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>> there is a new website by and for parents giving tools to keep our kids safe. today andrew shows us how they can help protect your family. imagine giving your child a magic wand allowing them to experience the best and worst chances are you already did. it is called the internet. and with kids being kids it is just a matter of time before they go someplace they shouldn't. >> without some kind of filter or supervision, i am really putting them in danger. >> lakewood resident and first grade teacher mike kamel larry has been looking for a resource to keep his kids cyber safe and he found it here, careful parents .com. >> parents can share information with each other and educate themselves on what potentially is out there right now that
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their kids may be injured that could potentially be dangerous. >> created by a parent living in indiana. the website is free to join and allows parents to learn about specific video games, music and songs with this explicit lyrics, books magazines texting and even teenage slang giving parents information. >> if we were looking at a website lying on them to tell us what is right and wrong i think it is a lot less safe than if you have a group of hundreds of thousands of parents all contributing to the benefit of each other. >> you wouldn't want your kids to cross the street without your production protection so why would you want them on the information highway without you.
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for the fourth straight day ice hit 60 percent or better at dia. i think the warm string will as tomorrow. a beautiful sunday out there as authority field of authority field blue skies overhead. here this evening 68 degrees downtown and a nice warm 60 at dia with those breezy conditions whipping around. 62 downtown hit the low sixties down to the south and forties and fifties across the high country. it's a great day for skiing.
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56 and bennett double fives in parker and castle rock near the palmer divide and we are looking at twenties and thirties in the upper elevations. the waves getting back across the plain doesn't plane doesn't the northern part of the state and does he go back we're looking at 20 and 30-mile per hour wind gusts as you get back into the foothills and the high the reason the foothills are picking up we see some rain hitting the northeast corner of the state. tonight we are expecting partly cloudy skies but it will be breezy to the overnight. and as this front comes through which will bring us noticeable change as we head into the day tomorrow. went from the northwest will kick in tomorrow afternoon and that will push daytime highs
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fifties and most spots tomorrow and mostly some sunshine on tap for the weekend. above average us we get into the day for tomorrow. we get in the bigger picture to bow at five tomorrow at 5 o'clock partly cloudy and as we get into monday our next storm system begins to come in from the pacific. it will arrive sometime monday afternoon and rainfall associated with it and once we get past sunset monday night temperatures will cool off just enough to transition that rain into drain into light snow. that's the only blip on the radar that we are expecting through the rest of the next seven days. 30 overnight and wind gusts in the 20 to even 30-mile per two even 30-mile per hour range.
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and i think the reinbold die off a bit as we advance into the afternoon hours. still a chance of rain it won't stick around for very long. we clear out quickly from there warm days of the second for the second half of the week highs starting off in the mid forties on wednesday and by the end of the seven day forecast we are inching closer to 60 degrees. >> i've seen a little bit of tapered off. >> we've seen a big swing here cold in the first half of the winter and now we are enjoying the warmth. here is a look at what is trending tonight, mobile comics open to bring some hoping to bring some cheer across the country. a special care package for
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teaching it's okay to rely on others for help. and the simpsons looking to cash in on the growing popularity of the live show. homer simpson will answer in may. it is the first time homer has ever answered questions online. >> people are probably wondering why he likes likes mcduff beers so much. major league baseball, the nhl college basketball and la crosse there is a lot of talk about coming up on the sportscenter.
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martinez will tell us the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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you are you're looking at a live shot of coors field and the next seven days should be pretty fun. the avalanche and red wings will not only play and alumni there but they will also play the real thing that we are a week from today at coors field in the stadium series. the appetite for that goes cause them down in less than 20 minutes. the battle on blake to rivals collide. take a look inside coors field where they square off at 6:10 a.m. and they are expecting over 30,000 fans on hand for this. imagine what the players will feel like. they are already on the eyes ice and they are about to get things
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pioneers are ranked tenth it's warm out there so it should be interesting they had a chance to get a few yields good conditions with only their practice before the real deal. they're hoping to finish their series with a major upset. denver is hoping to continue its series as the playoffs approach but they're also doing this so good in type moment for each team. >> is going to be a great experience. >> it's every kid's dream to plan a game like this and us seniors have been here for four years and that it's something we've been talking about every year and its plan one. >> this is excitement. they have the same jitters and excitement as our players so i think the right from puck drop i don't think systematically teams will be good but it's going to be going hard and fast.
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denver pioneers and lacrosse. the second grade ranked youth taking on cobb county and this was a great game right from the start. don't be surprised if we see these two in the ncaa championship. tyler paes had a goal and this is some pioneers improved at two and along the season. 1412 victory. bucks are making bucks are making it tough on themselves by now colorado is making it in the eighth nine in 10 seed range. see you fell to usc earlier this week and we will update you during the sports. rams host of the cowboys this afternoon and wyoming is
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37 points on 12 and 20 shooting. eight rebounds and six assists they were on point today. hosting the second best team then it's graham going east 7672. they have more hockey to play there still of her over 20 games
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italy today finished second in the downhill season-long title passing swedish great. there was a bit of controversy with her over the weekend. she posted yesterday on social media that she is destroying her bindings after a race in which one of her skis detached. she did apologize saying she made a mistake and she is human. i have more on her like my professional facebook page on instagram twitter and snap chat at rival sports rowel sports. >> she got the idea from watching tiger break bridges golf freighted golf club of golf club their? >> i there? >> i don't see the controversy. >> you should see this guy when he loses a game game. it's ugly.
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although cooler than today. the higher 50 and some rain and snow from monday and tuesday. >> at great night out they are. use these updates any time
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a college instructor from squamish, british columbia, canada... an environmental educator originally from ardsley, new york... and our returning champion, a draftsman and college student


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