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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  February 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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high winds flip a shed on top of her. now her family prepares for the worst. >> thanks for joining us. >> city helping a neighbor during a high wind warning thrurz thursday. when she was crushed by a shed. we spoke with her husband. and joins us with how she'll soon save other lives with her very own. >> such a sad story. family and friends describe her as someone always helping others. thursday she was doing just that.
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off several barns. drowned treed and flipped sheds. one shed landed on top of her. leaving her without oxygen t-r ten minutes. >> the power ofp of mother nature. putting out damage on his and the neighbors property. >> the shed flipped over. >> he knew thursday -z gusts were reaching devastating speeds. >> it felt deadly. like it wanted to rip stuff up. we're not used to that here. >> he didn't know it would take the most precious part of his life. >> i want my wife back. >> >> thursday. karl aoers wife dropped what she was doing to help the tphaebs.
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its top. she was going to throw hay inside of it to weigh it down. so it couldn't blow. at some point it lifted up. and turned over. and crushed her. >> sin tkeu she loved animals. all of her cows were pets. >> a best friend of many. and always helping others. >> she would throw herself in front of a mountain lion. if she thought she could save a chicken. and literally did stuff like that. >> now it's the community helping karl. >> hundreds. thousands of people praying.
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>> it's starting to now pan out. we may see accumulation. from this next storm system. that will come on through. you mention winds have died off. significantly.
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now really down into the five to ten upward of maybe 15 miles per hour range. in most spots across the metro. as advertised. a hreult -l cooler today. than highs yesterday. we managed the upper 40s and low 50s. we find ourselves right now. 44. little cooler at di, a. than the city. at 49. showing up. across the foothills. golden right now at 35 degrees. it was beautiful today. sun sheen. all day long. up and down the rockies. and more most of the west coast. weather was quiet. until you get to seattle. portland stretch. we find our next set of
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>> a marine training yesterday. crews experts remind homeowner to keep the grass african-americaned and ride free of debris and dead brush. if you see smoke or flames. call for help immediately. >> turning to developing news out of tkpwa p. police arrested a suspected gunman behind a deadly late night shooting spree. unfolding last night. when police say 45 year-old went on a shooting ram rampage.
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the gunman drove around the area firing at unsuspecting people. his neighbor says he would have never the expected anything like that from him. >> releasing this sketch. of the suspect tonight. take a good look at your screen. they say the man approached the woman. whose car broke down last week. and assaulted her. the suspect is described as a fit fairly tall man. between age of 20 and 30. if you have any information, contact police. >> .
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tkopbltd trump is setting sights on nevada. with two major wins in his pocket. meanwhile sander is keeping the heat on clinton in an extremely close democratic race. what's haeuping to be one of the wildest presidential elections in recent history. everything could change in an instant. >> . nothing easy about running for if president. it's tough. it's nasty. >> when you win it's beautiful. >> . acknowledging it's hard to run for president. donald trump saw the huge pay off in south carolina. last night. victory in the south for the republican front runner. his win so commanding he clenched every single delegate in the state. while on the democratic side, luck was a lady. clinton thanking north dakota for her much needed victory. and now she's looking towards south carolina.
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for trump. >> i will bring over many democrats. independents. nobody else will. i'll win states that rebuttal aren't in play.
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clinton is already turning her focus on our state. former president clinton spending his weekend here. speaking in colorado springs. today. after making an appearance at a rally in pueblo last night. meanwhile. sanders is also picking up traction in colorado. gaining the endorsement of state representative. >> a vertical road race. hiking over 6 hundred vertical feet. to the top of denver's tallest building. all the help to fight lung disease. >> the eleventh year of the
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benefiting the american lung association. climbers of all ages and each with their own personal story. took to the stairs. >> today's climb is personal. >> it was fabulous. to finish it. and it was a goal of mine last year. with the snowstorm i was coming down. i had a cold. and. so this year i feel like i met my goal. >> it raised more than 4 hundred thousand dollars for researched today. stkphr.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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the phoeus kheur is a friend it's enemy. is a good old fashion rake. and sunshine. >> normally what happens is, when we have a big snow. snow will be gone in the backyard. in ka up -l day in a up couple days. this time it stuck around. for quite a while. >> the snow left its mark on the lawn. >> i have heard of it. yes. i have never seen it. >> he can't help but see snow melt now. it's growing all over his backyard. >> . another area there. >> hreuz neighbor is the one who told him about it. because he too has snow bowled.
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been blocking the sun. and so we have a lot of snow. >> he's someone you would never expect to harbor the problem pest. >> . being the owner. we always he'll give the mold a one day stay of execution. getting rid of it. before our next storm lays a layer of white. and feeds the fungus. >> . that's probably the answer to the solution. you need to get it up. as soon as possible. as soon as it gets warmer.
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here you can see the little circle of mold. use the rake. to break it up. and remove it out of the way. and allow the grass to breathe. also suggest people break up ice like this. so that is melts faster. >> at least in most communities. across colorado. more on that in just a moment. right now beautiful outside. another gorgeous february afternoon. on the sunday.
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mainly sunny skies around the city. temperatures right now are sitting in the mid 40s. most locations. 44 around dia. a new notches warmer around the city. 46. breezy. especially out near the airport. winds about 15 miles per hour. although considerably died off from the last 24 hours. wind gusts last night 25 and 30 miles per hour. that's all backed off. a little bit. highs today did well. 46. right around average. about 15 degrees cooler. than highs yesterday. in fact coming into today we had 4 straight 60 plus degree days. today we broke the trend. i don't think we'll see the 60s for a while now. 55 around fort collins.
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>> especially across the mountains -fpl we'll see city. notice by tomorrow evening, snow
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in parts of the high country. i think a slight chance for actually rain tomorrow night. here in the city. that will quickly transition over into the snow. as we go through the over night. and temperatures cool. then we advance towards tuesday morning. northeast winds kick in. you get the up slope. across the foothills. eastern front range and palmer divide. especially. we'll see the highest accumulations. some coming across the city as well. before things finally begin to fade away. by tuesday afternoon. here's what we're looking at as far as numbers are concerned. 4 to 8 inches in the high country. palmer divide right around that ballpark as well. two to 4 in the city. notice a away from the elevation out there. eastern plains. everything is quiet. you don't get that up slope and enhancement from the that means snow should stay light. east of the city. meanwhile winter weather advisory out for the high country. kicks in tomorrow afternoon. carries all the way through tuesday. we'll keep you up to date on the latest. in the the totals begin to change. >> 26 over night tonight.
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quiet and lovely evening. sunny morning. followedly cloudy skies through afternoon. >> a man accused of shooting random people on the street. during a 7 hour rampage. >> what police are saying the man was doing during the shooting spree.
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that's what authorities took to social media. and thanks to one facebook post the family was reunited with
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>> someone had. police think someone stole the dog from the fenced in backyard. someone called police after they had seen a man in a pickup. put her on the side of the road and take off. they rushed across the street and stayed with the dog. until police arrived. >> police posted the picture on facebook. where neighbors spotted it and told her they found her. >> i can't fathom how somebody would do that. take an animal. that's not yours. even if it was, but you know
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and just kind of toss it on the side of the road. >> the family picked up the dog this weekend. she was dirty. but unharmed. >> she could have been killed. >> love happy end -lgs. >> but you wonder what are people thinking. >> . a gunman continued to do his job. all while opening fire on unsuspecting victims. >> coming up the new disturbing details police are revealing about the shooting spree that killed 6 people.
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