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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  February 21, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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>> ashly michaels live in west minister. where his family held a candle light vigil. >> there were tens of people here. who knew and loved him. as well as total strangers. this accident has really rocked the community. even though this young man didn't live in colorado. for very long. >> . in the daylight this park is a place for fun. a place to make happy memories. >> he meant something to so many people. >> the sunsets over west minister. it becomes place to remember instead. >> he was loved he will be missed. >> close to a hundred friends. family and coworkers. came to light a candle. in honor of travis wood. the 24 year-old army veteran. died last week. when a west minister police officer hit him at intersection of -l88 and federal.
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>> i thought it was a joke. the person i love the most in the world. i can't bring him back. >> . he leaves behind a fiancee. and a two month old son. with down syndrome. >> we love him so much. i fell in love with him quick. he made me the happiest person. >> they're going to miss him. we'll all miss him. stpwhr the best that i thing they can do. is try to remember the happy times. >> he was a goofy. kind kindhearted guy. just full of life and love. >> >> a young life that will carry on one taken too soon. >> . wood is originally from texas.
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his fiancee and their little son need help getting there. for the funeral. their friends have set up a go fund me. find all the information on >> this is -lt the first time the former president campaigned in colorado. this election cycle. >> speaking of the presidential election. it was a big weekend for candidates. trump won big in south carolina. and clinton held off sand erts sanders in nevada.
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two more contests this week. >> . >> no one could have summed up the race better than trump did speech. he takes the win onto nevada. why the republicans kau kaus tuz. >> . caucus tuesday. >> . i have been my trump leads most polls in nevada. but at least 20 points. >> best of your bush troping out
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is putting pressure on lower tier candidates to drop out as well. >> . clinton is fund raising in california today. fresh off her win over sanders. in the nevada caucus. >> . some may have doubted us. we never doubted each other. >> . we're going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> . democrats vote in south carolina. on saturday. most polls show clinton up by 20 points. but we are nine days away from the real prize. super tuesday. when about a third of the delegates get divided up. >> a woman trapped in a rushing river. in new hampshire. right in the middle of the night. >> the rescue is caught on
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>> . >> you can see police officers frantically running to try to spot the woman. as she's washing down the river. amazingly she makes her way to a side wall. firefighters lowered ropes. and a ladder down for her to hold onto. >> with no time to spare. the boat came barreling over the waves and firefighters grabbed the woman. and brought her to the ambulance. she was hypothermia. >> it looked like the woman jumped into the river. @ wasn't clear whether she jump or fell in. >> a group in kentucky is making a full size replica of the the ark. it will be cleat in about complete in about five months. complete with areas for animal cages. on public display.
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questions like how he could fit two of each kind on board. >> . cool idea. never heard anybody trying that before. >> quite the accomplishment.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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some families are finding an unwelcome visit visitor underneath. tammy vigil explains what snow mold is. and what you can do about it. >> what happens is. when we have a big snow. the snow will be gone in the backyard. in a couple days. but this time it stuck around for a while. >> now the loitering snow has left its mark ob the lawn. >> i have heard of it yes. but i have never seen it. >> he can't help but see snow mold now. it's growing all over his backyard. >> another area there. >> his neighbor is the one who
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because, he too has snow mold. >> we have this tree. blocking the sun. and we have a lot of snow mold. >> he is someone you'd never expect to harbor the problem pest. >> . being the owner of the. allowing that lawn to breathe. >> probably do it tomorrow morning. >> he'll give the mold a one day stay of execution. getting rid of it before our next storm lays a layer of white. and feeds the fungus. >> . that's probably the answer.
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warmer. mold. and brush it out of the way way. allowing the grass to breathe. break up snow and ice like this.
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>> and low 50s. right now upper 20s low 30s out there. 32 parker. castle rock matching that. fort collins at 34 degrees. as you get into the high country. estes park in the 20s. seeing plenty of 20s. and a couple teens showing up out there. in parts of the mountains. a couple high clouds today. across the city and the plains. it was beautiful. but as you get into the western part of colorado. that's where we start to see the thicker clouds. showing up. that's all ahead of storm system which is finally starting to coast. over the open waters. it will start to pick up. some steam and speed. as we go through the next day. day and a half. or so. and eventually from west to east. weather. it will kick up. as it moves across the rockies. snow for us right here. into the mountains. not so much the plains.
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>> >> we enter the afternoon. snow really begins to enhance there. especially through dinner time. through the high country. not yet the case in the city. we'll start with sun tomorrow downtown. clouds thicken up through the afternoon. maybe a light rain shower in the evening. and then over night as temperatures begin to fall, that's when we start to see the transition. from the light rain. to the snow.
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around the city. and the eastern suburb. as you get further away from the elevation. that's when there's accumulation really begin to die off. not expecting a lot. ass as you get into the plains. winter weather advisory. snow plus winds. gusts up to 35. that means visibility will drop. and maybe tough out there on the roadways. in the high country. be careful. especially as we get through monday night and tuesday
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first up hockey. avs on a roll of late. they won 4 of the last 5. back at it tkwepb again tonight on the road in vancouver. looking to hang on to the first wild card spot in the west. not off to a great start. first period. gets the ka tphubgs on the board first fifth goal of the season. one to nothing vancouver. some ten minutes later. of course he knows how to score the puck. 18 goal of the season. rough start for the goalie. semyon varlamov. has since settled down. now the avs are in trouble. trailing actually 3 to nothing. right now. in the third. >> all right to phas nascar. and losing a race by
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>> .
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>> . i thought i we were close enough to keep the foot or so. i couldn't. so. i lost in the last second. >> . that close. kyle bush. karl edward. round out the top five. next race is set for next sunday. once again a race that you can see right here. on fox. >> the series shifting over to atlanta. >> the nuggets now. the roller coaster ride of youth and inexperience continues for this team. they hit a sweet spot before the break. they won 3 of 4. but coming back they have dropped two in a row. nuggets lost on friday. to former coach. and the kings. today danilo gallinari and company back home to host the celtics. second quarter nuggets down big. trying to rally. the new guy on the block. 3 ball corner pocket is good.
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>> too much fire power for boston. on the other end. and lack of defense let's be honest. >> a very different e paoerpbs.
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what might be the best save in the history of hockey. empty net. he's diving out. laying out. uses that stick. >> unbelievable. >> now to to the worth. same sport. university of new hampshire fan. >> . great question. i wanted to google it. but it's a weird hockey tradition. there's a lot thoefz. >> . a lot of those. >> . let's throw a fish on the ice. >> .
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