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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  February 23, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MST

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>> february flurries and how much was taken to pinpoint weather forecast be back police shooting the video you will see anywhere else it seems from a shooting capture to an eyewitness lens mission to mars at the colorado pioneers preparing right now for the red planet way were the weapon of fox 31 problem
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lockup that wasn't then this is now iv treatment for healthy infusions were here in the metro area. not just for hangovers anymore pinpoint wether first tonight and you are looking live at coors field where the snow is coming down very heavy tonight in on that icing on the field and no no fear of it melting that tonight meantime boulder on accident alert right now because of the snow there snow there is really coming down the list is a crime or injuries if you've been in a crash exchange insurance information and be on the way you can he can file a police report later on after nearly three weeks without snow it is back live outside our studio snow sticking to spots in some areas the streets can become slick fast so take it slow out there we knew the 70s were too good to be true that the
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great last thursday we had a downhill since we saw mid-sixties in the mid- 40s in 51 today and 36 tomorrow with a fraser joining us now with the weather forecasters. >> and she said it's been three weeks since we saw snow we started the month first and second on a monday and tuesday with record-setting snow we haven't seen flakes since then and here comes tonight in the snow is whipping in the front range down i 25 and into the mountains as we come to the metro watch the green the ring from rain from earlier today quickly change over to snow as the cold air has mixed in some of the heavier bands are cutting to denver in pushing up the foothills as abusive and you will see the darker blue from the city to the south and west of us will will deal with all night long as the heavy bands watch your future cast as the bands push out and then retreat back in at 2:00 o'clock in the morning and will still be there at
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snow ahead server the temperatures hanging above freezing by a degree or to the roads which have been one of our stove but that'll change i want to take you up by 72 genesee he's in the thick of the snow no conditions of their the snow machine has turned on now it is barreling and as we started off narlier this evening around 7:00 o'clock or so 730 at the eisenhower tunnel very light in fact and times it wasn't snowing at all and as he it started to pick up in genesee you can really tell hard to distinguish between the lanes be very careful it'll be a slow go at it here tonight we have a couple of
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on the way. with the snowiest month is still ahead of us down at her pinpoint weather interactive radar this is a great time to do it it's free in the app store or google play starting 30 minutes early for 30:00 a.m. the team will show you how this news impacting their drive to work and figure out how to warmly bundle up as kids we will let you know of any school closures or delays if it happens today and tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 a.m. a developing story in northwest of denver where a police officer shot and killed an arm to suspect a female officer and suspect exchanged gunfire near 32nd of all she was in the leg and expected to be okay justin joseph joins us live from the scene with the latest tonight as you can see behind me denver police are
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scene this after a shooting left a one one man dead and an officer injured witnesses tell me the man the suspect was walking down the middle of the street shooting at things randomly the tea shop where blew out a window with the man turned and headed back north that's when he encountered officers and a denver of your recorded what happened next exclusive video shows the chaotic aftermath of the police shooting in denver are blooming this image of one or two burglary suspects because at this one is deceased and a still image you can see the gun police say he was firing at them when police shot and killed him as officers rushed a second suspect the way you can hear the man screaming you killed my brother. >> i thought i heard firecrackers but actually turned out to be gunshots cops heard the gunfire i've never seen anything like it before
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>> saluted ashley zager. >> she watched as one of the suspects started shooting a random targets near 30 seconds by hijacking a woman's car i would be to the suspect wrecked the car just up the street and left with few options he chose gunfire hit one officer in the leg and police fired back he was just shooting legacy and was going in different directions. >> witnesses say it's the opposite end of the man's violent crime spree as the officer headed for the car she wiped tears away as the man died in front of her in the streets the mac we are told tonight it was a burglary in progress called officers to the neighborhood that's what started all of it as we said there expected to be her late tonight the crime scene several blocks up but they had a lot of the area shut down
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expected to be okay and the putting this latest incident into perspective between july 2010 and july 2015 there were 215 police shootings a statewide of those in officer was wounded or killed and 17 of the incidents and all of will resume deliberations in a trial of a woman accused of cutting a baby out of someone deliberated for six hours today to balmain faces six felony counts included the attempted first-degree murder and illegal termination of a pregnancy they say she lured michelle wilkins to her home in longmont and brutally attacked her and cut her baby out of her they admit link committed a crime but argue it's a less serious one. >> we told you at the beginning of this trial that ms. swainson committed a hasty post impulsive and reckless act you should hold her accountable and find her guilty of attempted manslaughter jurors will start
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morning at nine when this crime victims pedestal he contacted the fox 31 problem solvers for answers. >> our investigation tonight follows the winding trail of a stolen weapon from the cab of a truck to a bank robber's hands it to a evidence locker why now is it nowhere to be found investigative reporter explains in her problem solvers investigation. >> is a stomach turning scenario from any legal gun owner a's defense steals your weapon and then you can hope it turns up before out before it's used for something bad this all the best of the immediately knew he'd been robbed in the middle of the night.
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around on the seat i got my spare change and then it dawned on me if they were in here sure enough a semi auto broker 380 like this one was not for sale on the streets to anybody with a little cash. >> guilt really that he was out there and knew i wasn't responsible anymore i didn't have control anymore concerned at first i she followed up a few months later with unlawfully police hoping they caught the car prowler is he was relieved to hear brighton police had caught a guy a suspected bank robber named andrew white in possession of his gun police say they needed it for evidence police recovered and ensured me i get it back as soon as in september of 2013 brayton police blocked the pistol inside the secure in highly restrictive evidence room in
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trial july 2014 white pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery of the local public service credit union in february 2015 records and show the adams county da notified brighton pd they could give for she's gone back. >> seven months later in september of 2015. she still hadn't seen his gun so he called fox 31 problem solvers for help while we found out what brighton police weren't saying is that that ruger was no longer in the evidence room and he was never going to get it back. >> using the open records laws we trace the misting penciled by its serial number 37523758 to a list of firearms destroyed by brayton police brayton crime analyst john bradley tells fox 31 problem solvers the department has demolished 109 firearms in 10
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a legitimate reason that one was for star she's a stolen pistol. >> like any other mistake we make it causes us to reevaluate how did i happen did we try to put that also doesn't happen again so what really happened as odd as it seems until recently brighton police were destroying old firearm evidence by placing them inside junk cars at the ever scrapyard than sending the car and in the gun through the shredder this log logbook says per star she's ruger lcp was disposed of at the scrapyard on july 8, 2015 but >> is still is associated to proof it was actually destroyed. >> are used in this man's gun was destroyed brayton police say they've done an internal investigation and found no one in particular to blame for releasing a crime victims gun for destruction we do the best
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evaluating our system to see it for showing good stored on the property that does come into our possession the error however has brought change the method won't be used any longer in the department has implemented tighter chain of custody controls brayton police got mr. post - -dash e a check for $350 or so we could replace his weapon and the district attorney's office has issued him an apology police say it's recently developed a new plan to destroy illegitimate firearms by using a plasma cutter inside the city maintenance shop a as distant as we think coming up the next frontier or had a group of coloradans at leading away how does it landscape is preparing them for the real thing. >> we can literally make you smarter by allowing you to recall information faster
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>> could just call it a small chart bicentennial clinic therapy treatment isn't just for hangovers anymore and blowing in the wind of the mystery behind the broncos balloon that there are hundreds of miles and made it in the most minimal places and i'm dave fraser the snow is
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r the next-door he came to us in the letters on a journey to thousand miles in the making it's a mystery involving the denver broncos and tonight there's still a lot of people stopped in the store you will see only on fox 31 denver. >> as please help us it all started at super bowl 50 a couple weeks ago and involves a broncos balloon to this balloon and a facebook post here's what we learned.
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some crazy stories some stories connect people in strange ways much like the way facebook can access with old friends take rita i'm stumped. >> you see everyday adventurer reader travel to california the weekend of super bowl 50 the mac i went out there for while watching and for my birthday and to see my relatives on the end of the day she flew back is to something else flew back east also. >> i never had anything like this happen to me 757 miles away from her home in centennial colorado broncos balloon featuring rita's name and address embedded in a farm field of wheatland missouri alain walker sent discoveries which led to a facebook post
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the same day of the super bowl that a reader flew back home over the phone the two discussed that learning our handyman was actually be which would've been her kid we do doesn't know who sent it nor do her children which reminds us some connections are just great. looks like alain's family is milling the balloon and card reader to look similar to this one again she and her kids have no clue crew who could exempt it from santa clara they don't know anyone there and if you know anything please let us know. >> deleted them friendly territory not just the jet stream taking it to new england or boston we would've never done that story check it out live radar snow out west
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underneath the mountain peaks on i 70 even though it doesn't look like if it is in the snow will be filling an up-and-down i 25 and the foothills west of town as you see in a second it's going to be a big difference in snow totals east of i25 and west west over the higher terrain which is releasing the snow ramp ups no good in the blend of longmont fort collins and let up there over as you know i'm accident alerts to looking good dive down to the cell. look at the west side of the metro you will see the snow notice the blue the deeper snow bands at notice how the blow it is issued back up to morrison and over towards gold in the black and felicity evergreen dunford islands park is speaking of which we've had reports of two - -dash 3 inches of snow in the last few hours is damn good little tensing good snow in the wee sideswipe southbound i25 snow getting counselor can carry part not that much of what born again as you go east elizabeth kia which is decoupled flurries just a
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at the top of the newscast this is course field as you know the stadium series happy outside is down there it's been set up for more than a week of these guys i've been watching them they're pushing shambles they're going to be there all night if they want to try to keep the skating rink and free of snow got a long night of snow ahead 32 downtown 35 at the airport community climbed as we come to the evening a lot of moisture and play with the temperatures in some locations to below freezing like parker castle rock conifer georgetown is seen up in estes park those are the areas where we start to see the snow stick to the rosy future future cost of blue is the snow pushed heavy in the foothills come out about brandenburg one - -dash to an kind two in kind of retreat to the south morning in denver to wake up it might not be snowing but there will be some on the ground if you're coming in from the west or south will still be snowing early on for your tuesday morning commute by lunchtime it should be
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the mountains will start to wind down a wider view across the state you can see the snow again heaviest year west of i25 done towards trinidad into the southwest mountains until afternoon and tomorrow evening when it was away temperatures tonight single digits in teams below freezing with teens and 20s and was denver 22 even folded there will be slick on the air at 430 in the alarm and that extra half an hour early temperatures in the 20s and 30s and 30s and 40s for highs out west much cooler day coming tomorrow mountains and points west of three or four or 5 inches around some lighter could do up to 10 inches but as i assume and look at the difference here just about 10 or 15 miles east of i25 nothing i should go west and
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totals racking up huge in northern front range fort collins loveland on 2872 - -dash 3 inches you go east toward windsor milliken and it drops off to an intricate to greeley nothing there as you climb up to boulder and liens and headed to estes park and red feather lakes five - -dash 9 inches at their same thing in denver 2 inches on the grass in denver and injured two at the airport but you go west look at the five and 6-inch amounts gets deeper as you climb in the foothills and on the south side and in kia will do a four - -dash 6-inch total always does better the highlands ranch castle rock and parker get ready it's underway now 22 with bands of snow heavy at times tomorrow snow in the morning by continuing its done it was will be impacted for your morning drive we will go to the 50s as we warm up into wednesday thursday friday cap 61 on saturday bringing a little more snow on sunday this one will be a big
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west sector, money and don't forget gutter app you can download in students -year-old neighbor had free shipping will cost you more plus stingy starbucks why a lot of people might find some of the changes to the loyalty program and mission to mars with the colorado explores living with her on the red planet when they forge the forge a path into space you want to make
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intravenous or iv therapy has become a popular in quick for hangovers in lansing shots like this in las vegas the treatment can be used for so much more in gaining ground in colorado jew in hobart takes a look at how can help your health. >> when you had too many of these and need a quick fix the next day you get an iv. >> let's can it be just a simple case of rehydration adequately restoring some b vitamins in your body is a trend that's gaining traction but the misnomer is iv therapy can be used for so much more. >> when you looking down the line above iv nutritionals lineup of iv nutritionals incorporated and really start to pk persons human potential when you start optimizing the levels in a persons body. >> it's like any bar you can choose your own cocktail you
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with the little medical a little medical mixologists happy hour begins. >> being a trainer very familiar with different things out there. >> i had a puerto rico when i did squats at the gem since i started using only mass of 17 pounds whether you are sick or looking for mental clarity better looking her skin and nails or improve athletic performance there is a bag that can be tailor-made stay-at-home spouse all the way to your professional athletes while other remedies it may be cheaper you're not getting the full effect when you're going to 28:00 p.m. and i can accept the 90 percent surcharge we are bypassing the digestive tract and going straight into your bloodstream while iv therapy is nothing new it certainly growing in popularity this is such a cutting edge market right now and industry that as it starts out west is it's only making its way across there is just so many more better ways of
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temp looking to extend your throat. >> iv therapeutics bag range from about $90 - -dash 150 and a month or so they'll be mobile watered-down gas of the gas stations accused of doing it the pioneering and trail is to mars colorado assignment ready for the red planet and a live look outside right now
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denvermo t you looking live at the hockey looks like they've given up and gone and for the night last week we are worried the snow falls and loader there's no peer of that tonight snow the front range tonight we just got this video and from the fort collins area the weather is predicting one - -dash 2 inches of snow already in that area and another live look in boulder with the where the city is on accident alert looks like it's slow down a little bit from the leader in this hour day fraser will join us in just a few moments for a complete look at your pinpoint weather forecast and a reminder good day colorado was start a half hour early tomorrow morning at
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jour will bring you the latest pinpoint weather forecast and starting at 4:30 a.m. something you probably think is legal but is it one step closer to becoming law it's the only state it which it is illegal to collect and store rainwater to use on your garden and lawn today a law allowing you to collect the rent rent and stored into 55-gallon barrels was approved in a 10 - -dash for building committee the bill goes to the house for a full vote would be filling up your gas tank has been pretty sweet but now a story that will leave you with a sour taste dave young brings new details and that's a local gas station chain accused of putting water in their gas storage storage tanks. >> superamerica llc operates everyday conveniences stores statewide including five in metro denver in july state regulators gone anonymous consumer cap allegations of substandard fuel being sold by
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>> we investigated 19 every day across the state a large number of them failed. >> smaller gas stations have been known to have water in their gas tend to stay do stay away from that. >> they were found with violations including one in denver parker westminster platteville durango colorado springs and two in lakewood two of the grossest springs all selling midgrade or premium gas was substandard octane. >> a jumper run to gas stations all the time and i never think that the quality differs i try to talk to everyday owner power bonds lee in his office he said he would do an interview friday but have not been able to track them down and was told he couldn't be reached at the state revenue label is placed on all gas pumps to make sure


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