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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  February 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>> the scammers pretend to be irs agents and threaten you with wig fines or worse. dave young joins us with how they're hitting metro denver homes looking for their next victim. >> the irs says the scam calls are on the rise -fplts calling them a serious threat to taxpayers. local district attorneys have
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jeff co-has gotten a dozen in the last couple days. we talked to a viewer who got a call today. >> the calls are aggressive and threatening. criminals impersonating irs agents. who duped tack taxpayers out of 27 million dollars in the last two years. according to to the treasury department. >> scared scared. it's a bad reputation.
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>> after getting this call. >> when you first hear. you say okay. call back. and you call back. you are stuck. if you don't know. you just scammed. completely. sraeurbgss. always hoping to steal social security numbers and personal information. >> they maybe look for money. to be sent to them. but more than that. maybe looking for methods by which they can assume your identity in the future. >> they say hang up. >> . a couple important reminders here. the irs will never call your e-mail. to tell you you have a problem. so. don't respond either. don't believe whatever area code the call comes from. most of them originating over seas. or out of country. dave young. >> . good advice. to the presidential election. now we're one week away from super tuesday. multiple states including colorado will hit the polls. >> . republican candidates need 1237
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trump leads with 67. cruise a stka pbt second with eleven. the tpa euf things u the five things you need to know to caucus ! democrats will conduct a presidential preference poll on super tuesday. we'll have a winner. republicans they will not. the they'll elect delegate eus who cast a vote. confused. you're not alone. hopefully this helps. >> colorado has the mountains. iowa has the corn. but we both have the caucus. >> do you know how the process works. >> i don't. >> . confusing. >> yeah. >> perhaps you feel excited to caucus. but not sure how.
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and now the fox 31 problem solvers. will teach you. caucus rule number one. who can participate. >> . to finds yours. call or visit your parties web site. >> what happens at the caucus. you'll likely start in a large room like this. when where you listen to the rules and hear about the candidates. you move into mauler rooms like this. with your precinct. and actually start voting. rule will 4. election of delegates. perhaps the biggest thing you'll do is vote for your friends and neighbors to become delegates to the county convention. anyone can become a delegate. if you're a democrat.
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we thank both party chairman for helping us understand. bottom line. super tuesday in colorado begins a process. a process that eventually ends in the democratic and republican
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>> one of several victims family members who lobbied for new gun control laws in kro. >> . five family members including a 12 year-old girl are dead. phoenix home. >> . authorities responded to a call from people inside the home. who said they were being shot. as officials were trying to rescue people from the house. they reported being shot at. from the second floor. police fired back. killed the shooter. son. and brother. of that family.
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and fighting if for her life. >> hope she tkpet gets better. authorities seized eleven rifling from inside the home. his family released a statement expressing their condolences. >> the same storm also expected to push heavy rain. into the northeast corridor. money. just in time for the summer travel season. frontier is adding more flights outs of dia. and colorado springs. starting in late june you will be able to fly frontier nonstop from colorado springs to phoenix. also in june, frontier will start direct flights from denver. to washington airport.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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new photographic evidence shot here in colorado. has reopened the debate about
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>> . since the early 1990s. michael johnson has dedicated his life to discovering theirs. >> i'm in a weird place. i'm stuck. i have seen them. >> what do tkwrou with that. >> he created a museum. featuring all things. a place for people to learn. study and share their stories. >> we got a female truck driver. up near the wyoming border that said she saw one. stand up on the and look into her truck. >> . sas kwafp sightings have occurred for centuries. with many here in colorado. >> the biggest sighting in colorado history.
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near cascade. near cascade. in a snowstorm. >> over 30 people saw in across the highway. >> the most recent sighting. in our state. happened up near north park. >> focus here. you can see the nose. >> the photo captured is one of the best ever. says johnson. >> people from around the world are paying attention. >> like our moon. johnson believes they only come out for a bit. before going into hiding. leaving many to wonder if they do exist. why haven't we caught one. >> it's like trying to catch super man. it's tough. >> they're not us. stronger. bigger and faster. >> why are pictures always blurry and hard to see. >> they don't like bright flashes and lights. which cameras go off. they don't like it. if you think about that. as a photographer.
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blur. >> it clicked in his mind when he says he encountered one in nike national forest. >> i took a couple steps back. what's going to happen here. >> he says the creature was harmless and stood there confused before it walked away. >> it made a funny look. like you're not what i thought you were. >> george karl is back. epb if skwr ugs for one game. good so see the cold coach back. a staple in the community. of course for so many years. not to mention his track record on the coaching saod line. he led the nuggets to the play
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-fpl coaching the kings tonight. in town to take on the nuggets. today's pregame shoot around the 64 year-old karl appeared quite tphosalic. a big fat question mark -fpl going into tomorrow. arizona. today he will not be with the team at the start of camp. placed on paid leave under the new domestic violence policy. shortstop was arrested on last october. in hawaii. >> . today rockies pitchers and catchers hard at work. from skots dale.
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year in and out. for the team. back to position players. who report tomorrow. reyes out the name to listen for this year. a potential breakthrough all efr story. >> . just ready to get going. excited to start all the team squad work outs. >> a lot of comparisons to one troy tulowitzki. they open april 4. >> . reportedly this evening the broncos are showing defensive end jackson the money. maybe just not enough. reports are that team is offering up five year 50 million dollar contract. jackson is and his agent turn it currently. countering reports are five years 75 million. >> time for a quick turn back the clock. this date 1985. does that guy look familiar. avs fans. >> .
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6 to 4 win that night. over winnipeg. referred to one of the greatest goalies of all time.
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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last night the snow was moving in. tonight the know is moving out. look down here. the last flakes we have. from last nights snowstorm. as far as the temperatures today. we did do well. once we got the snow to move out. the sunshine came out. temperatures jumped back up. we hit 43. not normal. but it's better than the 30s that we had going into last night. we hit 50s to the south and east. 30s in the mountains. a few 40s out west. denver coming in at 43. just short of where we should be. which is 48. records 72.
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don't move from the record books. nice shot from the city. couple clouds over head. early this morning. a lot was just wet roadways. tonight they're dry. north wind winds speeds. east of the city. and out ot onto the plains the wind is strong. we'll watch the winds drop off. now. most places starting to slip back into the 30s. like lake wood 36. and we have 37 in 38 centennial. >> very strong. especially along i 70. we'll watch the wind speeds drop off. future cast. there goes the clock in motion. clear skies. a good deal of sunshine. cloud cover over the higher
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really a beautiful looking day. across the rest of the state. the same thing. one or two sthoe snow showers here. that drop away today. and tomorrow it's pretty quiet. the mountains. lows tonight. under mainly clear skies. going to drop off. you don't have the blanket of insulation. all the heat. we didn't get much. goes into space. we have temperatures in the single digits. gunnison. steam boat. then highs tomorrow. back into the 30s and the 40s. struggling to get to freezing and steam boat. one above that in craig. 47 grand junction. 48 montrose. and then to the south and east. the warmest spots. post some 50s and 60s like lamar. and pueblo. we'll do better. above normal. out of the 40s into the 50s. denver fort collins. greeley at 52 degrees. come into the metro i have down at 51. same up in thornton. commerce city. brighton at 50.
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you'll be in the upper 40s. lower 40s as you climb in elevation. black hawk central city at 38. and then on the south side. where you have the snow that maybe didn't completely melt off. upper 40s. still. great looking day. the sun will feet great. 27 at nine tonight. waking up cold 18. on our way to 50 degrees. >> monday and tuesday seasonal 40s. back can sunshine. we'll keep things quiet. last nights storm was manageable. >> yeah. >> quick in and out.
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>> denver swat team a eurgsing a suspects. after getting reports he was shot shooting inside one of the pardon me then surrendered peacefully. no one was hurt. police have since reopened the intersection. >> . defendant here. showed no emotion. when the verdicts were read. she'll be sentenced in late april. and could face up to a 140 years in prison. >> .
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step by step plan to shut down the detention facility in cuba. part of the plan includes transferring the most dangerous inmates to u.s. prisons including super max in florence colorado. >> that could trigger a legal battle among the states. asked to take in the prisoners.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- an i.t. security architect from las vegas, nevada... a research scientist from evanston, illinois... and our returning champion, a data conversion manager from ogden, utah... whose 4-day cash winnings


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