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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  February 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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he served his community and a superior way he made the ultimate sacrifice today in his service to that community. >> communities around the country are remembering the spark county deputy shot and killed in the line of duty today. we continue our coverage in this story at 5:30 p.m. the deputy one of three park county deputies shot while serving an eviction notice. >> one is still in critical condition at the hospital. the other was treated and released.
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and to the man accused of shooting the deputy but we're in the latest on the ongoing. >> i was just told that park county has 58 sworn deputies on its staff this is the first time one of them has been killed in the line of duty. it started about 9:30 a.m. when the three deputies went to serving serve an eviction notice. it was a high risk notice things being served on 59 -year-old martin wirth who had been fighting the eviction for a long time and had previous run-ins with the police department but before we were told there was nothing violent. the sheriff just had just left the scene and was about to go on the property. we're told wirth went out on the balcony, turned around and went back inside deputies followed him inside and when they did, he shot at them. they killed corporal nate kerrigan and shot and critically wounded deputy kolby martin than thing grazed captain mark
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there was a massive police presence at the area earlier today. initially they sent out the bomb squad and swat teams after search said there was no sign of explosives or anything like that. a spokesperson from the cbi's outlines what happened. >> the effort is to understand what happened. they will conduct the number of interviews, collect evidence, candace a neighborhood, do what they can to really build of that complete picture. four there's a lot - -dash there is a lot going on here. there will be a vigil later tonight. park county is a very tightknit community as you can imagine. these deputies were known and loved by many here. the sheriff's deputies were at the family were at the hospital all day with the family of the deputy was been in surgery most of the day. they've asked the sheriff has asked that you please keep the families and the entire
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we will bring you the latest information on this developing story as it comes in. >> justin joseph has been digging into the background of assist the suspected shooter all day long and he joins us now with more on that. back deputies are preparing now for a very long night out here. we sell they are bringing out some power lights about 15 minutes ago to bring in this power light up a hill. you can see martin wirth's cabin out there and investigators walking toward the front door. the cabin is not very big but the job of trying to understand who martin wirth is, is a comprehensive one. hours after martin wirth killed one deputy and wounded two others deputies and federal authorities converge on his isolated cabin near bailey. >> it is the same as saying you can see a crime in progress but you are obligated to pay the person perpetrating that crime.
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about a man deeply distrustful of government. neighbors say he hated police. his facebook posts show he was to be evicted monday and when deputies arrived this morning to enforce that notice, wirth opened fire. >> this is the mountains. you've got extremists appear and who knows what your neighbor's who your neighbor's. >> neighbors knew wirth had a failed bid for colorado scented senate as a separation asked with a quote death wish. now full of holes in his cabin and fallen police vests and his property neighbors say they are not bad surprise that this is how it ended. >> we have had a lot of those neighbors driving by this property earlier today to try to get an understanding of what is happening around them. we also learned that back in 1994 martin wirth was suspected
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in the chest killing him over a disagreement over a disagreement over a chess match. >> more on that tonight at 9 p.m.. we have been on top of this story from the beginning on air, online and on social media and right now to we have profiles of the gunmen martin wirth and the deputy he killed, nate carrigan and we have started a tribute to corporal carrigan on our facebook page so feel free to go there to offer condolences to his family and the other deputies. she claims it was a dust cleaning disaster and the company she hired to do it she says won't come clean. the arvada woman said she was promised her money back but did not get it so she turns to our problem solvers for help. today beyond that joins us now live with what he found today. >> that a woman said she had been going round and round with a company for more than a week after she said they promised to to fix problems they admitted were caused by one of their own worker. she turned to problem solvers
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all was going to be done. she says was left in her house by denver duck the next corp. and sent them to our problem solvers. >> we had to open up all the doors, all the windows, garage doors and it was spreading everywhere. this was like a dust cloud everywhere. >> she says for a week she has been dumping this much dirt out company promised to re- clean and refund her money. >> there that was scheduled to be here yesterday to clean again but it didn't happen. they were not ready to do that and they had no refund in their ad. >> she wrote this scathing scathing review a denver duck's court on yelp which he said the owner tried to get her to remove. their rating was downgraded from from a- to ask saying they are unaccredited. the company's business address comes back at this apartment complex. no one answered the door at the unit listed.
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denver duck's corp. were named as owners of different duck duct cleaning alleging unlawful and deceptive trade practices. >> they are scamming the customers. >> after repeated attempts to meet reach the company a person who said he was the manager return the call and agreed to be recorded. >> we want to do the job again for free of course you know in no way you know we refund the money and do the job. we will make sure the problem is resolved. >> out here live after i got off the phone with that manager he said he was going to call the woman and offer her a refund right away and work it out. she said as of the muses time she had not heard back. she was given an offer to redo the cleaning the she says she wants the money back because she does not trust their workers. colorado's right to die bill has died. the sponsor to the bill that would let terminally ill
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that they did not have enough votes to pass the democratic led state house. they said they will introduce the legislation again next year. almost everyone has a strong opinion on red light camera saying it invades our privacy but others that keeps us safe. months after the governor vetoed a bill that would have banned them will lawmakers are fighting them again at the state capital. joe st. george's live with what could make that fight different this time around. >> last year lawmakers wanted a complete ban. put restrictions on where the cameras would go. >> no matter what time of day, they are there, watching, waiting to catch the driver who gambles on yellow a little too late. >> they are no good. >> coloradans frustration with red light cameras is not surprising, but the reality is they are legal anywhere.
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they are unsafe. >> at the state capitol today lawmakers revisited the issue of restricting where these cameras can go. >> current law allows a red light camera on every single signalized traffic light in colorado. >> misrepresentative proposing a bill that would only allow cameras in schools or construction zones as well as busy highways. last year governor hick and looper vetoed a bill that would have banned red light cameras everywhere. >> the governor's office said the governor would be inclined to sign this bill if it was on his desk. today they made that denver's police officers said it has less to do with the money than it does with safety. >> each jurisdiction should be able to utilize this tool. >> still it appears lawmakers are fed up with cameras saying
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>> i think people slam their brakes on for yellow lights too often so people behind them don't have time to stop. >> the million-dollar question, would this bill force any of the captions in denver to come down the answer is no but it would restrict where police could put up cameras in the future. at today's hearing denver police indicated they would want to put camp some cameras on quieter streets in the near future. colorado was making its mark in the tech world. next we will introduce you to some colorado companies being noticed on a global scale when it comes to their technical inventions. gorgeous sunshine today. it may not have felt like it but we did w
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colorado is making a name for itself. >> good day colorado anchor curt yankee went to las vegas for the consumer electronic show and had a chance to check out some of the colorado companies making waves in the tech world. back thousands upon thousands of tech companies want your business but but very few survive. james olander from denver create a created disc compact foldable laps this compact foldable laptop laptops stamm stand he calls the roost.
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denver. >> in drops in laptop bends back and what's it's in there it sat. >> three years then it is paying off. >> it's producing hundreds and hundreds of routes the day and shipping them out a hacker is all over the world. >> and decibels cuss custom molded ear bug that you mold in your kitchen with boiling water. >> it's like having if we only made three sizes of shoes that that would do with earbuds but we wanted to make sure everyone's earbuds said the perfect fit. >> this is being good to people and being friendly and open and we've reached out to lots of businesses no one has ever turned us down for a cup of coffee or advice geek and other colorado company is these guys who make protective cases for all your gadgets and gizmos. based out of fort collins they started small but over the past 10 years these guys have grown fast. >> when i started a had a hundred employees and today
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>> and. >> founded in colorado over 30 years ago. >> the cd company was kind of a next big wave and now we're really focused on beds for electronic devices. >> doing colorado proud, the centennial state quickly becoming an important spot for technology. >> i like it. happening tonight on american idol where narrowing it down to the top 10. the judges will select for people to make the top spots and viewers will vote for the remaining six. janine mitchell from colorado is in the running and she's been tweeting all day long to get your support including this thank you to all my supporters are making this possible. you have the r the ones who have made my dream come true and you may have spotted this youtube video from her explaining how to vote to have her in the top 10 sublet support our own colorado girl. she is great and it would be great to see you gone.
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>> that is a real talent and she is good at it also. the season may be over but broncos are still making
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>> if and when peyton bernie sanders -- the courage because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline and never waffled. he's also the only candidate because fracking can endanger our drinking water sanders has to fight climate change and
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bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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the nfl combine is here in all of the 232 best players for the nfl draft and it's a series of physical, medical psychological tests designed to help team with their evaluations before the draft and enters with going on today. coaches and general managers from every team in the league meeting with the media, media talking with media media talking with nfl prospect and head coaches as you see here, jeff bishop the coach of the now los angeles rams within a sawed off sought after him to be there. players are not expected to hit the field until friday. gary kubiak did talk on the
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lot of questions about peyton manning's offboard retirement but what about brock? is if and when peyton does hand handed out brock osweiler would be the one who could be center but he is a free agent so it would require a new contract for him to be back in a broncos uniform for next season. >> he's obviously done a heck of a job for a starting with seven games and taken some really good people out of some tough situations, played very well but i think he has a very bright future. obviously we think the world of him and want him to be part of our football team. he's really special with the job he's done so far this year and i think he is he's doing really well. >> he started this year with the broncos is very sought after free-agent it's going to be interesting.
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and lots of sunshine. breezy at times but we've posted four days in the mountains on the 29 in steamboat, 30 and in gunnison, a couple of our cold spots because but as you slide onto the eastern plains of it to them fort collins greatly 50 in denver and denver is 50. just about just above where we should be, which is 48 this time of year. the record 71 and eight below . outside right now there is your evening commute at sports authority field at mile high just a couple of clouds around and temperature is still in the forties out there. here is what we've got up and down the front range. k 39 in parker hanging onto the forties and fort collins and greeley both at 4327 in conifer. there is some a wind as wind as i've mentioned. you can see in the city it's stronger peer and jules berg but most of the stronger wind well laid down with will lay down without setting sun.
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future cast for the rest is not the clouds evaporate and wake up plenty of sunshine on thursday. as we go to the afternoon you might get one or two clouds here across the san juan mountains and that is about it. lows tonight under on a mainly clear skies lots of teens in the mountains eight in gunnison and we will stay below freezing. chile and cold tonight tomorrow back into the thirties and forties in the mountains and craig in steamboat springs and steamboat springs in the fifties for grand junction and a mix of thirties and forties and in a few spots may be one or 2 degrees cooler than we had today. most places he won't know you want to know the distant difference. the big drop-off was in southeast colorado when temperatures were in the upper forties and fifties. 60 tomorrow, lots of sunshine.
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and as the front goes by on sunday i can't rule out a sprinkle or light rain shower? mondays dry at 60 degrees but that is the warm before the storm and tuesday i think we are waking up to snow that will be with us in the morning continuing tuesday afternoon and could linger with some light snow showers and the long duration even though the snow may be light it could add up to several inches and we will keep a close eye on tuesday. 38 degrees and another shot of winter coming up. >> i told you a week ago march could come in like a lion. >> it's a fairly paned lion.
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we're still working this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living
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over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- an administrative officer from loveland, colorado... an h.r. consultant from newburyport, massachusetts... and our returning champion, a research scientist from evanston, illinois...


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