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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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for the first time. since one of his deputies was shot to death. while serving an eviction notice in bailly. >> >> the sheriff said they were join mr. wo t on his property yet. when this whole thing blew up. his deputies are engrained in thousand people. it's like all of them losing a member of the family. >> this is one of the things that shouldn't have happened. >> just pulling up to martin worth's mountain home.
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they were there to evict. >> a caring individual. that went above and beyond. the fact that this incident happened. is just beyond comp comprehension. >> . investigators were back at worths home thursday. collecting further evidence. and will consider his radical antigovernment activities and other possible motives. >> his men knew the risk.
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interactions with his deputies before. including a similar eviction visit. in 2014. >> >> he will not be giving anymore updates on the investigation. they'll post information about the deputies funeral. on their web site. a bit of good news, master patrol deputy martin who last night we heard was in grave condition. wondered if he would survive. he was actually now in serious condition.
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>> >> involved in this tragic event. with our tight nit community. >> helps to strengthen their resolve. to defend their community. and the thin blue line. in lieu of flowers our families request funds be donated to the scholarship fund. at bank of the west. in his name. >> . the community mourns the loss of corporal. many people are remembering the way he touched their lives. >> >> we were there today. nate's body made eults way through bailly. and passed the high school. out here. i can tell you his loss was felt all along the way.
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can't make sense of any of it. >> . just a day ago. she was listening to scanner traffic. trying to follow the shooting. that unfolded a few miles away. >> it tears your heart out. >> just a very kind kindhearted soul. >> she wasn't the only one who stood by to watch. he made his final trip. through town. >> down the road. at plat canyon high sky. hero is the beginning of his title. coach. former bus driver. and school resource officer.
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>> when he smiles his eyes dance. baby face. humble. >> he did leave a legacy. she learned when she received a son from her have each others back. and be afraid of no opponent. that's the way nate left the world.
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one man dead. another in custody. after an officer involved shooting in even. officers responded to a possible tres trespassing call. near highway 85 this morning. they contacted two men. one wa ran off. the other arrested. several jurisdictions helped track down the second suspectment. when they came across him he pointed his weapon at police. and they fired. one witness says officers immediately gave the suspect medical attention. >> the hospital. where he died. police not releasing the tphaeuplt of those involved at this time. >> vehicle involved. the driver of the truck was trapped. cab. he was taken to the hospital.
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colorado state patrol says he does have serious injuries. >> . and denver a death investigation is urpbdz way. after authorities pulled man's body from the south plat river. the body was spotted just before noon today. on the west side of the river. north of alameda. >> lucas young accused of having child pornography on his home computer. he's been on leave since the school was first told of the investigation. back in december. the school says the charges don't involve any students. young is held on 25 thousand dollars bond. >> . a 125 year-old student is under arrest. accused of posting an online threat.
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>> excel industry. just north of wichita. company makes mowing equipment. the nearby town is locked down. the college is locked down in the area. no reports of any injuries. we have information coming in right now. we'll keep you posted throughout the newscast. >> new information on the i 70 closure. following the massive rock slide. there's a lane open in each direction. through glenwood canyon. a pace car will lead traffic pwo etd both ways.
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developing right now. back east. a assessing damage after more than a dozen tornadoes touch down in several states. late yesterday. one of the hardest hit areas the heart of amish county in pennsylvania. where winds of more than a hundred miles per hour ripped barns and farmhouses to pieces. >> . >> powerful storms sweeping across the east coast. destroying homes and structures. also killing 7 people. including a two year-old boy. >> >> extreme weather slamming the small virginia town. of two thousand residents. a two year-old among those killed when a storm hit the town of waverly. >> >> the severe weather hit without much warning. and the damage left behind is significant. this laundry mat among the structures destroyed.
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forcing roads to be shut down. >> all the all the weight of that. shifted just a bit. >> the dozens of buildings also sustaining damage. >> we could see gap. from our basement door. >> burger king right onto the
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>> >> a lot clean up to do. >> . the mailman making the rounds comes under a vicious attack. >> still ahead the unlikely duo that came to his rescue. what the owner of the dogs had to say. when we confronted her.
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>> that's people who have lived a hundred years or more. >> new tonight. we have the story of one denver man getting ready for his 102 rpbd year of life. >> . >> by definition. you could call al of denver, a centenarian. someone a hundred years or older. >> . a little perspective. when he was born, world war i was under way. wilson was president. and mr. and mrs. chesser welcomed baby al into their sedalia missouri home. i put on my reading glasses.
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>> take me to the zoo. i'll whip a wildcat. >> he finds himself in a special group. century old citizens. >> i'm not going to ask you the obvious question. how did you live so long. but. how did you live so long. >> my family. attitude. and god almighty. >> chesser is getting spruced up today. for tomorrow. he celebrates yet another birthday. >> tomorrow i will be 102. >> his friends at the barbershop
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>> the weather is just so quiet. i wish i joke about this sometimes. one of the phony forecasts.
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that's the storm that came through here. on monday night. and tuesday. with a bit of snow. it roared spao the south and east. tornadoes here with deaths. in the mid atlantic states and pennsylvania. and that storm is still going. with rain. a few thunder storms. and now the snow and the cold air. plowing in behind it. it's been a prolonged storm out there. it has caused a lot of damage. >> probably didn't notice. because of the sunshine. denver coming in at 48. that's close to our seasonal average. which is up a degree. to 49. wewe were at 50 yesterday. close to where we were. i want to show you this picture.
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in inside of coors field. as you know. the stadium series is set up for the weekend. as the colorado avalanche will take on the red wings. you can go down there. it's expensive. but if you want to skate inside coors field. you can do it. 49 and 47. winds out ot southeast at ten. air is dry. with humidity at about 27 percent. >> here's our future cast. once again. put it into motion. watch the clock. couple high clouds here. in the northeast. as we get the sun to come up on friday. looking good. couple clouds there. over the top of the san juans.
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sun up to sun down. >> upper 50s and low 60s. jump of about ten degrees warmer. than what we were today. here's a closer view into the metro. any where from 55 to close to 60. tkoup downtown. my forecast is 26. under mostly clear skies. a gentle breeze. a fantastic friday. coming tomorrow. with plenty of sun. and 57.
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i took the chance of a sprinkle out on sunday. doesn't look like it will happen monday. 60 degrees. then late monday night and snow. temperatures fall off. accumulation. it is possible. we continue wednesday and thursday. with temperatures rebounding into the 50s. >> we like that.
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we are helping you tech your life. phones are smart. cars are smart. and house is getting an education too. >> we spent a week at the consumer plenty of new ways to make your home smart. >> you may consider yourself the king of your castle. but it's time to make that castle smart. a new robotic vacuum. the it vacuums while you're away and sends you messages on your phone. >> when it gets stuck. it tells you when it's finished. when it's full.
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>> also while you're not home. the august doorbell cam. >> you get a notification on your phone. you can see them and talk to them. >> two hundred dollars. it connects by wi-fi. >> this is roost. it looks like battery. con converts your smoke alarm into a smart alarm. >> connect this. and then pop it in your smoke alarm. and you have a smart alarm. >> get an alert on your phone when it goes off. on top of that. never get the low battery chirp. at 3 a.m. again. this warns you weeks ahead of time. and lasts five years. 35 dollars. >> you have all this smart home stuff. how do you control it. this company thinks they have the answer. take a look. this is a gesture controller. a picture frame. you can build it into the wall. as they have here. you swipe up or down. left or right. and it does different things. it turns on the music.
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and turn out the lights. >> it was up to america. to get her into the next round. we learned tonight. who moves into the top ten. so be sure to tune in at seven o'clock.
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