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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  February 25, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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rickey minor and the band. see you le next thursday night. local news next. one more time, kelly clarkson,
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good night, america! you can koupbtd all the late breaking details. for now live in tkpwraopb green wood village. >> .
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now that teacher is suing the school district. for failing to protect her. from a violent student. >> . she reached out to the problem solvers. after she claims the district fired her for seeking help. >> she claims the district prohibited her from reporting the attack. >> she claims the district ignored her concerns. her injuries. and violent draw ugs like this one. because the student has special needs. even though this picture alone would be enough to expel or suspend a student. in some districts. >> he walked up and open hand slapped me. punched me in the ribs. kicked me in the back. >> she was beaten and bullied by her own student. >> spitting in my face. >> the 13 year-old boy with autism also threatened to kill her. and drew pictures depicting the weapons he would use. >> the entire time with him going are you scared of me. you should be.
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>> instead of punishing the student. she claims the thompson school district prohibited her from documenting the incident. or calling the police. >> i was told that was my job. to take it. i accepted the responsibility of the job. >> still she claim she reported the physical attacks to her supervisor. no less than a dozen times. starting in october. twice in november. december. she says nothing was done.
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a spokesperson sent us a statement. >> there to no proper training. to deal with a violent special needs children. it needs to stop. make changes in the school system. >> i spoke to the father. who says his son is attending a special school. and doing just fine. >> >> from a teacher beating to one accused. a male pe teacher is out of the gym. after suspected sex crimes involving kids. lucas young taught at jefferson county. he was placed on leave on december 17. he's facing 3 charges of sexual
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related to child pornography. the school says the charges do not involve any students. >> above and beyond. the fact this incident happened. is just beyond comprehension. >> the investigators were back at worths home. collecting more evidence. they'll consider his radical antigovernment activity. and other possible motives. >> meantime. the park county community is still trying to make sense of this all. nate may have been a member of the park county sheriff office.
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held many titles. generation. who knew him well. >> . for nearly 7 years now. small towns. what you see in situations like community. figure. a figure who lots of students like to call coach. >> >> people are still trying to comprehend. >> . comprehension comes with question. >> and at the rustic station in bayly. there's one question everyone has been asking. >> are you okay. >> i think maybe third grade. >> having known nate since elementary. hunter says he's trying to
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>> memories are all he has left. of a man who meant so much to him. >> . plenty of good stories. we encourage you to share yours with us.
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>> new information about i 70 over in tkpwhraopb wood canyon. traffic glenwood canyon. traffic moving along again after the rock slide last week. one lane open in each direction. through the canyon. a pace car will lead traffic both ways to maintain a safe speed. >> safety efforts will go on. drivers should expect delays while traveling along the stretch. >> colorado u.s. senator gardener will be paying a visit to gitmo. joining senator of kansas. leading the trip. a spokeswoman for senator says
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before president obama renewed his call to shut down the facility. >> >> and then some. we have been waiting for the big show down. both needed to do something. to knock him from his perch. that's exactly what they attempted to do. they really had trump on the ropes. at a number of points. in the didn't. including issues like immigration. and the substance of his healthcare plan. so.
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nates in the poles. this could start a conversation. who is in the best position week. >> after nevada. obviously rubio trying to make head way. >> . what was interesting about what he did tonight. he played on his past mistakes and remember before the new hampshire debate. he had the really awkward moment. christy hammered him for saying the same thing over and over. he played off that tonight. and actually turned it back on
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>> ted cruise going after him. let's see if we can bring you that exchange. >> we'll see if this has impact on the polls. important for cruise and ruby to have strong showings on super tuesday. with each passing election their path to the nomination gets smaller and smaller. if trump has a big night on tuesday. it might be over.
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>> as soon as we got floyd we were like name tag. chip. insurance. >> . she's in the minority. she already had insurance for her dog goose. it covered several problems. including a tooth procedure. >> it was 27 hundred dollars. and i got 23 hundred back. >> soon after they brought floyd home. he was diagnosed with joint disease. luckily her policy covers breed related i'llness. >> >> erin is like most americans in
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have insurance. but she did have it when he was a puppy. >> it seemed like it was something that wasn't necessary. >> a few years later. she learned he had hip display sha. we have to carry him up the stairs. >> she looked into renewing. but the high cost turned her off. >> when i was a kid. it was like the dog is in the back. took him to the vet maybe once or twice his whole life. >> michael heads up the web site. pet insurance review. which compares pet insurance plans from the 14 american companies. that offer it. >> it's very complicated. >> the main policies are accident only. on pet insurance review you can get coverage for under 3 bucks a month. next. are policies that cover both accident. and illness. some also cover routine care. but you must have an accident
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>> not a single one covers preexisting conditions. >> the insurance companies would go bankrupt. >> . erin will take on her care. all on her own.
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>> over on the southwest side. 30s continue. until you hit sterling. drop to 28. 32 akron. freezing in parker. one above tpha. down in castle rock. here's our future cast. just like today. watch what happens. clock goes into motion. got a few high clouds arpb. and tomorrow for your friday,
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one or two clouds. and that is going to be about it. lows tonight. are going to be in the teens and 20s. in the mountains. we'll have 20s with the few 30s here to the south and east. trinidad staying above freezing. at 33. 26 in denver. and highs tomorrow, good looking day. 50s return for the western valley. wrapped into the 4 corn es area. warmer 40s in the mountains. how about 50s and 60s. ten degree jump over the eastern plains. with the warmest there. close to 70 in the southeast. up and down the front range. 54 lions. same in boulder. 56. 57 in mill foothills will do well. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. like evergreen 49. 56 wheat ridge.
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>> monday night into tuesday. we will have snow when you wake up tuesday. the high 43. at this point. doesn't look like a lot of snow. no need to pwrabg out the shovel. don't put it away completely.
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latest on the latest mass shooting. >> 4 people dead. including the shooter. 20 others hurt. after a series of shootings in kansas. a small town of about 37 hundred. just north of wichita.
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>> another person shot in the leg. the shooter taking off in the victims vehicle. then,. >> we heard gunfire. and we just took our practice into place. >> one person shot in the parking lot. that. we had a report of an active shooter. cover.
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15 people were shot. 4 killed. including the shooter. identified as an excel employee. the fbi is on scene. local law enforcement is still working to identify the victim. >> all right. thanks. thanks. we'll see you then. >> checking the tread on your tire s-s one thing. there maybe something else you're missing entirely. >> cracking the tire code. we'll explain what that is. how they do it. and how knowing a set of numbers could save your life.
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