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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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century old photo album here in colorado. >> infers to 10 membered county deputies are frantically looking for a woman kidnapped from a motel near interstate 25 they happened about 630 this morning from the budget host motel near johnson's corner the tonight the craggy editor is live with an exclusive interview with the man who witness to the abduction. kidnapping racer in the parking lot of the motel can see the crime tape where it happened is still up before he realized what was happening it he's providing investigators everything he sold to saw to try to help find me a hamilton >> i wish i would've stopped him somehow a shocking crime in a very public place they were packed and ready here
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to work to terminate mama saw this woman now identified as 30 -year-old mia hamilton she left her room at loveland's budget host host motel and approached a parked minivan. >> she went to that door when she seen who was in the door slid she took off running singh who was inside the eddies of the women started screaming and bolted should only got to two about here i think them the van) he grabbed her by the arm and she was in the van and a time she's heard her screams turned pleas for help. >> i kind of ball that appear with my pickup i think may be noticed. and they can squealing around me pictured here in surveillance photos of was like they knew what they were doing because no plates and nothing he says that there were at least two men in the car one man looked right at him was wondering about getting get out and he was
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now he's left a meanwhile in boulder the sketch of a man tried to lower a teenage girl into a car to take a good look at the sketch they say they try to talk to a 14 -year-old girl their broadway baseline 10 days ago he's described as a white man between 35 and 40 years old the heavy build it they say they were driving a late model several sports utility vehicle if you know who this is called boulder police with information in the investigation to the deadly shooting in daily that left the park county deputy dead
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two others injured bureau of investigation tweeted this photo tonight saying it and other law enforcement agencies are clearing the same investigators also reveal the gunman's memory here among worst opened fire on the deputies have in february of 2012 corporal daycare was killed in the shooting as a patrol deputy colby martin had been upgraded to fair condition at saint anthony's hospital captain mark hancock was grazed by a bullet but is now out of the hospital arapahoe county sheriff's deputy bill forman who was critically injured early this month when he was involved in a crash responding to the scene of a homicide he is now listed in stable condition to sheriff's office says he will be moved out of the intensive care unit he's become more alert than the last few days and now able to engage in short conversations if two people have been injured after sports utility vehicle crashed into a wall this happened near hampton and parker and write a hamilton writer hampden avenue
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will bring you any new information as we get it back to a store you saw first on fox 31 denver parents are now demanding answers after a cherry creek school district bus driver is accused of taking students on a dangerous drive is accused of driving drunk while transporting several west middle school students home from school they be unthinking for answers tonight. >> michael hobbs was about to leave on his regular bus at west middle school when a staffer noticed the smell of alcohol on his breath to err on the correct aside she called transportation at that point he'd he been loaded and taken off when his children involved that it would think airing on the side of caution would mean to not allow those children to be driven on the school bus you think the drivers impaired this month the sun was on the bus but by the time dispatch radio the driver to pull it over with 30 of these kids on board the bus had already arrived at its one-stop what concerns me the most was that the teachers had smelled alcohol on the
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allowed him to leave the property to what one observed him walking or talking a radically our surveillance of video on the bus doesn't show him driving erratically you have to wonder how how others made the decision to put the kids on the bus hobbs was unable to walk straight perform simple tasks had bloodshot watery eyes and smells like alcohol after first denying a hobbs admitted he had a beer at lunch. i saw him him cap the driver and put them in the police car he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in child abuse i think there needs to be something so that everyone is clear on what should've transpired and how should it transpired and how they could get the children safe its pilot that they are safe we look at our policies and practices to see the what we might do differently or better hobbs also admitted he was on several medications but stop short of answering any
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medications he's never been fired who will be back in court april 28 a woman facing charges in connection to last night's shooting rampage where three people in the gunmen were killed she is charged with supplying the gunman cedric florida with the weapon used in a crime spree for to serve the restraining order less than two hours before the violence started and believe that's what triggered the attack tonight were letting the ex-husband of the lakewood woman was heard hurt in that shooting in kansas delete hated through stories. >> through detailed the shooting through she got saying he'd been involved adam miller her ex-husband is the father of her eight -year-old son owen she called her former father-in-law when i got a hold of its father on the phone he started telling me
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describing gunshot wounds and that was just a shocking new or had been shot four times and debbie knew she had to be the one to tell what about his dad i knew i needed to tell him so i got down on the floor with him and it told him really plain and simple that his dad had been her and was in the hospital but that he be okay little boy who wanted to know how it happened. >> i told him that someone had come in and had had a gun and that has data been shot to win status something of a hero xl. workers have a code word is used to alert each other about evacuation miller was trying to help a coworker get out safely not realizing it was the shooter. >> my ex-husband saw the gunman didn't realize it was the gunman shot gunmen shot of the word at him in the gunman turned to him and said i know and lifted up a gun and shot him. >> she knows her son will have more questions now are in the day and age it seems like
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don't know what the problem is little boys been texting back months of the top and both of them feel better patients are coming down with months in reporting symptoms even though they've been vaccinated they believe the mumps outbreak began in iowa a resident with the denver's predator three friends and may have spread it to workers at a denver health clinic chris of centennial's any lab test now says that why it's important to get a blood test to make sure you're immune the results will show you if you have an enough antibodies to fight off the mumps or if you need a booster to your vaccine because it can diminish with age since i was born in 1969 and i was sure i was vaccinated as a youngster and never had the measles or the months and i think it would be good to check for antibodies this outbreak is a big concern for denver because according to the cdc of
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the lowest number of vaccinated kindergarten students. >> state campus regulators issuing a marijuana recall concerns about possible pesticide contamination for the fifth time in less than a week; was 446 patches of medical and recreational park world at denver cultivation facilities serving two shots high street growers and with federal and back to the garden on south broadway in lawyer for the owners essay michelle tucker has a state department of agriculture found no violation of the pesticide applicator sacked in demanding the immediate dismissal of the recall order turned to the presidential election now we're learning bernie sanders on sunday in advance of the democratic caucuses on tuesday he will rally supporters at moby arena on the colorado state university campus stores in their open at 4:00 p.m. sunday post a sanders and carolina advance of that
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tomorrow surprise endorsement to the republican race as they look for the super tuesday mary maloney has the latest. >> there is no better fighter than donald trump a newly aggressive marco rubio has his own take on the billionaire rubio ridiculed chumps of the spelling in the spelling of words on twitter. >> looks like a little boy on stage not presidential material he meant as a lightweight but spelled it looks like a little boy on stage not presidential material he meant as a lightweight but spelled it he got that wrong it's rubio each attempting to gain traction
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primary sanders of reiterating his call for clinton to release transcripts of her private page speeches the new york times editorial editorial board which endorsed clinton backing sanders on the issue saying voters had every right to know what mrs. quinn told these groups is the other presidential candidates do the same one group is working to get this a photo album back to a colorado family whose relatives are featured inside you get ready for some big crowds of the most popular restaurants what you need to know is the restaurant week kicks off from day fraser you might want to grow out
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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a random act of kindness opening windows to your ancestors mission is returned or less family documents in their lives their rightful heirs denver's erika gonzalez erica gonzales explains why the company now needs your help you've actually been returning the lost precious family heirlooms for about 15 years hodges and heirloom archaeologist and he presents free time looking their rightful owners to lock treasurers and family memorabilia that's either been found by him or others actually find them across the various channels we found them before at antique stores we
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have people that you reach out to us in this particular item it turns out as a family photograph album in the hillcrest area of san diego is a relic from the late 1800s to research a hodges discovered the album belongs to the green family of colorado since one of the photographs we sent to you this one where he says dad 1908 we typically will look at uniforms originally we thought it was a police uniform is a military uniform from about 1902 the album is in mint condition and contains a sample generations of family photos each photo is labeled with a name and a year it was taken. >> we do it simply for the fact that we would love if somebody that gets an item like this returned they will also carry over that random act of kindness and do something good for someone else larger returned over 200 items in the last 15 years he does not charge a penny. >> we select the items that
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of the family that belongs to. >> and if you have an idea of who the album belongs to euros to contact heirloom archaeology can find a link on our homepage >> a new arrival at the denver zoo will soon be on display this black rhinoceros aimed at rudy arrived from oklahoma city a few days ago it marks a return to rhinos at the zoo after an absence of several months rudy will be in the packet or building when he goes on display sometime in the coming weeks. >> were ending out the week on a great day a lot of sunshine very warm temperatures will see a lot of the readings go higher for your saturday we had mid and upper 60s to the south and east and had upper 50s and low 60s here across the front range and into the denver area and in the mountains and points west other than steam blowing gunnison in the 30s everybody else in the 40s
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61 today tend away from the record of 71 from 1950 and we get closer to our record tomorrow as you will see in a second here is what it looks like outside quiet clear skies and humidity wind is noticeable out of the south at 70 miles per hour 38 downtown were looking at 45 at the airport 39 imprint 35 and four and 38 in lakewood and 39 little tends some of the 30s and what has been a mild friday evening however you're rock parker 33, 441 in the boulder area so what's the tonight statewide quiet tomorrow you will see a little thin band of clouds critical from right here over the foothills between two and five across the denver area and its associated with the gusty wind that will get underway talking -dash 20 miles per hour some guest in excess of 25 miles but that wave cloud
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sun it won't matter that westerly wind will warm up the temperatures once the cloud rolls over within about two or three hours it's done here in the mountains he was a little bit of snow that's coming late as well you make it a special award to rabbit ears past edition amount to more than an inch or two doesn't last all that long to lose tonight. be called with teens and 20s through the mountains for state freezing and mantras in grand junction will have a lot of 30s over the eastern plains a chilly night to the readings at most places other than women will stay above freezing by several degrees 40s and 50s in the mountains were welcome in the 60s and mantras get close to that grand junction look at the summer 70s returning to southeast colorado from pueblo to trinidad to springfield lamarr la junta and the marla hunter and that we will get close here along the front range denver fort collins greenlee akron even colorado
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door at 70 degrees speaking of which will open the door and let him in denver at 7870 stables and 70 or were at 71 commerce city 70s during upper 60s on the west side and my forecast high as 69 pretty close in the morning we will start out quickly in the 30s jump to near 50 degrees by 9:00 a.m. on our way to 69 by the way the record tomorrow is 73 from 2006 only 4 degrees away from my forecast high from that will knock it down 11 .-dot two -year-old 58 there will be as much when on sunday but a ton of sunshine to great-looking daisy to end of the month actually monday is when we ended out on a monday night into two states as we slip into march we are looking for a little bit of a snow chance it doesn't look like a lot we still could get accumulation of an inch or two so we will watch it for you must've it would be early tuesday morning sun will come out tuesday afternoon start
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whatever snow we get be met but with the wind at your back be back one of the most delicious times of the year tonight with a 200 restaurants multicourse meal for $30 a person that runs through march of six and a link to all the participating restaurants and to the menus on >> and alumni gave the course of field of the night is going to overtime will show you what happened plus where oh where could demarcus ware and cap
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to keep them around
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warehouse is found where on the same boat not many guys that play often we're all going to be sore tomorrow happy to get it over with. >> a former singer lila meal will need a massage or to estimate alumni game of course tomorrow to stay in series between the avalanche of the red wings and what should be the great one with tens of thousands on hand at 1090 appetizer to rivals and meeting for one more battle this one also at coors field in the stadium series alumni game pretty cool to see were spurred lemuel eisenman chelios lidstrom all back in uniform very cool how about this for an attendance 43,319 on hand in the home teen on fire mary kaminski from fact he also scored the first goal and access to everyone nothing
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gets that one passed patrick while we are we're tied it 12 sakic thematic at the end they can get almost physical obviously both runaway and its great competitive game we wanted to put on a show obviously were a lot older i know it was exciting being a part of it being a player here in the stadium we don't get that anymore it was a special time. >> the nuggets in action tonight on the road of visiting the dallas mavericks denver on fire to start check out the new logo and i work in a bus of get a bus of the three and it is good 55 - -dash 32 in the second quarter denver on top the nuggets to blow the lead dirk nevis keypad net fadeaway film as it takes the lead by to him and
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i going to hold on that ankle not good the good news is x-rays were negative but he did not return the nuggets tickets to lead back seconds left up to former nugget raymond felton wide open so this goes to overtime in ot please stop him somebody stop him felton scores it was good enough denver falls 1.2116 switching to the nfl and we're still waiting to see the broncos are going to do a so many free agents heading to the market john elway says linebacker character of a thin protest at the big three awesome weiler and jackson still up in the air elway wants to keep all of them it won't be easy but he will try to negotiate that dale before free agency begins of his other names to think about as well including demarcus ware and injury left tackle elway would love to keep them both but they will have to rework their deals they would carry
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all of last year would get 10.1 million there willing to reduce and there's there's a chance they could stay atop the demarcus of the time that we haven't had up to this point of ill to spend time with them i will be one of those guys we have a lot of different plans in a lot of different situations the closer we get to the deadline deadline is personally late year will start moving that and see how everything take shape is easy to say sure all ticket discount but when the time comes and you have to take a $5 million pay cut it'll be tough it's more on demarcus ware to decide if he wants to stay in go for another championship run or go back to dallas will he will get more money is going to be interesting and will be realized with a good everything he has here there is no question about if you can keep a guy like von miller public jackson and mark demarcus ware and house you've got another chance you don't need a quarterback with that defense if they proved that last year's event for the
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>> it's so easy it's so easy i'm down with that let's make it happen give on that money a family falls on hard time after failing to pay their bill the utility company customer electricity when (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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(donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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firefighter and michigan uses his own money to help a family i made the family falling on
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keep up with their bills when their power was cut they figured seven was on a ventilator after hearing the family story one of the firefighters call the utility company and paid the bill he says it was the least he could do for the family who's already been through so much and that's a great way to end
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