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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  February 27, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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her throat and waited and called 911 himself. >> weighed it later told investigators he disposed of lee's body in a dumpster police scoured this landfill and they found all of these personal belongings including her wallet cell phone clothing even her jewelry the only thing they could not find wesley lee's family now doubts with story and they won't be satisfied until her body is found. >> she needs to come home with us she needs to be somewhere near her family there hoping someone out there can help
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rest in peace in the town of houston where he worked at ford was killed in a shootout with police were learning ford was left with a restraining order about 90 minutes before that attack he has a lengthy criminal history including theft and domestic violence in update to a story we saw first on fox 31 denver news and wednesday it will county judge has sealed the arrest record of a sex crankcase of law involving lost evidence david maddox was arrested last june accused of secretly recording his former teenage employee eight in a restroom at a little caesars pizza import leptin a few months later police lost their only copy of the video which forced the district attorney's office to dismiss the charges that allowed maddox case to be sealed in the sporting a judge agreed despite testimony from
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>> is disgusting human being and he was a sealed because he doesn't want anyone else to know what he's up to the judge told prosecutors that they can petition the court to unseal the case against maddox at police find the video before lupton police chief tells fox 31 has department has modified the evidence storage procedures people who use prepaid debit cards is suddenly having their accounts frozen after getting the tax refund deposited when local woman told her story to joe st. george. >> for more information on greater good to steve harvey it's a card service you may have heard of green .-dot the reloadable prepaid debit card endorsed by steve harvey in the beginning when you sign-up for you give them your date of birth your social security number a woman signed up so she could have a secure a fast way to get her tax refund after filing with turbotax she said as soon as the money was deposited it doesn't work at atm or
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froze no access am very frustrated i've got children the fact that i'm not getting my tax money sarah was so upset she pulled over to speak with the fox 31 problem solvers after doing a quick search online similar stories reported in houston michigan one person rating and had my tax return deposited on the money card over $8,000 the problem solvers called green .-dot he told us that they would look into the situation by midday sarah called us to say her account should be back to normal next week and say because of rampant tax fraud green frog is demanding extra paperwork on new accounts with large deposits are made regardless sarah says lebovitz explained her when she signed
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her money by green .-dot re: what people can regarding what people can do to prevent that after all a lot of people rely on his tax refunds jcpenney living up to its famous name still ahead once and deals in deals of that are actually not too good to be true and
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that jacket by policy or with whose affecting your money. >> was start with macy's david and fort farwell is that a finding that a registered like you do now coupons. i is a full price in the sale items another jcpenney will offer certain items in its private label collections forget this one sent to the penny days promotion kicks off on sunday
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arizona branded item at a full prize and a second arizona item for a penny for the price of first-class stamp were actually go down it's not a sale or promotion back in 2014 the u.s. postal service was granted permission to temporarily increase their prices the price hike was contingent upon a price drop this year the surcharge is slated to end april 10 the cost of making a 1 ounce mailing a 1 ounce letter will drop from 49 - -dash $0.47 what a bargain commercial prices will decrease for a complete listing check out the postal service website at about the forever stamps at and $0.49 you're losing money. >> i could take those pennies to pennies and by. >> one year ago today no one could agree what color this infamous blue and gold dress was there was white and gold
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jacket is brown and black it's gotthe country divided.
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next >> understanding the history of your car for your money in your report revealing nearly a million coloradans driving vehicles with at least one unfixed safety recall according to carfax or there are more than 840,000 potentially unsafe cars in colorado the report says the majnrity of the vehicles in question are located in a war with denver about and probably not far behind experts say it's important to always do comprehensive research before purchasing a used car a kindergarten teacher in firestone wants to buy new
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chairs and just desks tender the interview explains why. >> was in orinda 11 kristin baker is a kindergarten teacher at an imagine charter school in firestone. >> she's imagining a more creative learning environment for her students and it all starts with them getting off their butts quite literally. >> and giving them a chance to move helps them be able to focus better and helps them to be able to learn better and hopes them to be able to solve complicated tasks according to recent studies and they have to be off there to she's to tackle them tough tasks. >> would you like a desk with the chairs. >> yes. >> why. >> because it mostly makes your body more better. >> okay and according to ms. baker here's the solution. >> the standing desk not
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it you do i call it a workstation because it really promotes collaborative learning multiple kids can use it all standing up for what's to the massive $470 per desk times 10 desks equals $4,700 show off. >> with the chip into by one. >> yes. >> cap ms. baker said of the co- fund the account and will look to get her kids off their butts on their feet and walking to a better future is so far this goal has raised more than $1,200 and still working toward the $4,700 gold they can get up off their touches one year ago today the blue and black was a white gold dress with depending on your vision and nearly broke
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my mind tonight there is a brand-new courting controversy of his time in adidas track jacket is in question take a close look at this picture what do you see what color is. >> there's no doubt about it it's blue and gray. >> it is brown and black. >> rina 10. >> how can we all be seeing different colors obviously two of us are wrong. >> you two are wrong. >> wayne teal is what whitney says i think it's blue and gray diamond squinting in looking at it sideways and still brown and black. >> a lot of people say black and brown others a blue-and-white weep we put the picture up as the dingy as dwight i've ever seen it's not in good next line good lighting we ask what folks saw here on our website it's overwhelming most people think it is black and brown almost 30 percent against poor whites we actually see some green
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weird because you really tricks on you i don't see any brown and i certainly don't see any black. >> that jacket is green and 10 go to our website weigh in on it. >> am telling you right now it is a #it never trended before and never will again. >> this is the stuff we spend our time line and not just us all of you out there to its q2 work with the pinpoint whether it's a good looking weak and coming up get out revel in it enjoy yet it is the last weekend of february and it is going to be fabulous and there is a storm coming in to worry about that all of that as you see the trajectory here you go canada can have it will be left with the tail end of that
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looking pretty good temperatures and we opened the dale were today to the warm-up we got into the 60s and the nose of the 70s is just out there and i don't think the reach of the poor will come close tomorrow outside right now pretty good income, domestic 10:00 o'clock when south 13 miles per hour the 40s 44 in estes park 45 in the boulder area across the rest of the state temperatures all the way out west please got 30s in the mountains and a lot of locations below freezing in steamboat gunnison down to 18 still someone 40s to the south and east is your future cast as i said some of the high clouds drifting in from the west will curl over us as we get to the afternoon and that will be pretty much it highs tomorrow going to be in the 40s and 50s in the mountains a very warm air getting close to 16 grand junction 62 montrose we are going to bring in some of the
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and as i mentioned will come close in denver about as close as you get at 69 degrees for the high will break it down this way 35 in the morning sun will offset that chill will go quickly to 60 degrees it you will get a little bit of when the picking up late in the day with the couple passing clouds 69 my forecast for tomorrow by the way the record is 73 if you have to be up and around tomorrow driving anywhere grab the shades it looks great i got the rest of the seven day forecast unfortunately the warm weather does not stay with us as will bulk of march it's coming in colder and a little bit of snow you're not going to need a blue and gray adidas jacket. >> you need to the brown and black one. >> the nuggets blowing a big lead plus a packed house for the old guys coors field is on fire tonight the ads in the red wings renewing their
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next the latest in all tonight's top stories including a woman kidnapped outside another colorado one witness to the crime is saying tonight and surprise endorsements and unusual attacks the super tuesday getting close to republican
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stops for every last vote it's not often we start with a bunch of old men playing hockey but these old men are legends of the game and boy did they entertain us every time they went head to head in the late 90s and early 2,000's these games were great and they were stanley cup champions but the fights the fights that they were insane with the patrick wall a wild man so many penalty minutes these guys hated each other that they respect each other that's get together for one more meeting this one at coors field in the stadium's alumni came pretty cool you see guys like moss sackett foot forsberg lemieux eisenman chelios lidstrom back in uniform and how about this for an attendance 43,319 on hand in the home team didn't disappoint it was: colorado striking first fun fact he also scored their first goal
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got it as one patrick one we are tied at one unit is also got it just sackett super joe there's a lot back in the day and he scores of beauty two - -dash one against colorado new line hey duke with the goal report tickets and on in on the fun with this one patrick wall was vintage while a brick wall out there the avalanche and when it five - -dash two after the game teams got together for a group picture what a scene so the fans a hockey use the team after the game they had a lot of fun and obviously you knew it meant a lot to the fans packed place atmosphere is outstanding and we really want to think the fans for coming on supporting us it was fun to be part of it was the first time for me to be part of an event like this and i really enjoyed myself. >> the atmosphere was great what a turnout you know coming on the right side of that was a lot of fun. >> 43,000 on hand to imagine what tomorrow will be like the
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currently in a playoff race between colorado currently the wild-card spot in the east and east and west to the teams got together got on to skate on the ice for a brief time conditions aren't great the clear on the ice apparently an issue along with the slick layer of ice on top because the warm weather but it should be better come game time that these guys are ready for this to be some great memories i'm a baseball fan too so it's nice to get just a play in as atmosphere. tonight on the road visiting the dallas mavericks timber got off to a blistering start checkout danilo gala nine from deep in the three ball is good it's 55 - -dash 32 the second quarter denver leading by 23 but the nuggets will believe that their dirt of its key
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news here danilo goes down. >> not good he would hurt his ankle the good news is x-rays are negative but he did not return the nuggets did get the lead back for seconds left up to raymond felton no defense where is the defense were heading to overtime and ot somebody has to help. >> that was good enough denver falls at one - -dash 22 - -dash 116 summer have class will come the guy i just lose with get it from good lottery picks top picks in the draft good point i'm asking you to take the rest of the way
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beautiful day and in the mile high city while the hottest talk cap aj and chris parente today as friday everybody went with the rubber gloves okay eight qaeda stories in honor of the rim and m. we are going to eat all the food that leonardo ate in the movie including raw liver i can even not a joke when you say we i'm a vegetarian it's all
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illustrated we were so proud a woman of side notes mom versus mona mother former model cheryl tiegs is the number one turned on facebook she says this cover sends the wrong message it's unhealthy she doesn't support this i don't like it that were target full figured women because it's glamorizing them in your way should be smaller than 35 you know i'm a lot of us grew us see her as she was modeling valid like to that would like to
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model shouldn't talk able to meet dinner by aging and that we we just don't be mean. you want to be a friday and will do the same as she's that she's basically it all melted candle wax story today a governor and an excess is used decision to make a build occurs or penalties that would allow minors traders working to 17 to do with each other i know about being
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been 14 and 17 younger kids from across acute in so i think it's gonna come to that a 16 -year-old like child porn when all he had was a girlfriends picture pairs of thing we did is draw dirty pictures and then let's talk about going to church
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only going to church because you had kids a new religious film coming out she says today wasn't the cool thing to do kids load them up for going back into church was saddam think we all need it up now use your manners right i do think a good time is still and to give some traditions are rituals you could


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