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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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happening in alameda, clinton as ll a busy intersection near the common ground golf course. right now best town in alameda to put out the flames. no word how much ground, but wendy in warm weather, fueling the flames there. a crew on the way to the scene where authorities giving an update shortly, follow this breaking story to bring the latest on the out with dave fraser on the weather conditions throughout the newscast. a driver finds himself in a dangerous position dangling over the south platte river in the middle of the morning rush. causing gridlock for commuters. car specked all the way up. the driver's family thankful outcome was not worse. thank you for joining us have five. deborah takahara, the driver and the hospital tonight after
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the crash. wit happened shortly after 6:00 a.m. southbound i-5 near alameda. and the effects four hours after that while the crews cleaned up the scene. spoke with the victims brother-in-law, when the crash happened. like i tell you, looking below, on top of that barrier, 25 feet down to the water. released his identity. lucky to be alive, he message for all other drivers. this is what it thousands of drivers for hours on i-25. and
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family so much stress, anybody stand on his brakes after woman cut him off in their rulings on that stretch of fight 25 near alameda. wasn't talking to anybody. so happy coffee in the morning and p attention to where he was going. every minute they have to close lanes during a next at like this chances of causing other accidents go up exponentially but here, little choice. trapped on the wall, we don't want it to go into the water and create a long delay. positioning of the vehicle required heavy tell, and caused us to have to consume more lanes of traffic. this is what the truck look like towed to colorado installation where the driver works.
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for an old driver, use some caution. and they will be cracking down on distracted driving the summer but this one is still under investigation. back live come a picture of how traffic moves, really moving really high wall and they say they did have to cite the driver for careless driving because he did not maintain control of the truck but also have not talked to witnesses who may have seen the accident. fox 31. the woman accused of killing two motorcyclist while driving drunk appeared in court today. $50,000 bond, over the center line. another motorcyclist suffered minor injuries. still searching for this man, richard munn kidnapping his ex-wife over the we can.
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high school but no sign of him. they say he abducted his wife king super parking lot and took to the mother's house. there he posed for the women to a back bedroom before taking off. developing north ohio. open fire during lunch during the cafeteria entering four classmates. allison junior senior high school and putnam county -- and this -- the shooter david hancock shot to students. the other 2 were from shrapnel entering to get out of the school. hancock ran from the school and drop the weapon. k-9 track to sent in taken into custody near school grounds. and it is said anybody got hurt. i'm not sure why a young man
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that. it affects everybody. murder, salt and other offenses but investigators have an idea the motive for the shooting but already making that public. a neighborhood with the center of a lot of complaints, live west them, and somebody is coming to get killed. this is just part of the problem. all over the yard in the street, and really concerns them and more needs to be done. the building you can't miss at the corner of alameda and canosa, authentic food and parking lot. the neighbors say plenty about the restaurant they wish they did mess. trick -- taking the trash out of my yard, there's been fight over there, noise. loud parties in the parking lot, fighting, liquor, beer bottles on on tampa street but more alarming neighbors say it is a
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we have the right to feel safe and our own neighborhoods. saturday denver police responded to the restaurants parking lot after fires -- shots fired in the air. rapid gunfire. afraid to show his face on camera said he woke up to the police in k-9 searching for the suspect in the yard. it is kind of scary when you think about it especially with kids. several months ago this was the scene overnight argument in the restaurant parking lot led to a driver plowing through a crowded street, hit and run that turned fatal. how much damage does there have to be before that stops? the neighbor say they have a long list of document of problems with the establishment and customers falling on deaf ears. sent e-mails to councilmembers and the attorneys office, government's office, the violence, noise and trash
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we know that is an establishment and have to make money. there is no reason to be three, 4:00 o'clock in the morning. the owner of the restaurant responded for comment but i got off the phone with the neighborhood mediation apartment and a list to clean up the area but they say that doesn't work and forced to look at the restaurant hours, west alameda, garfield county with explosive situation. this is a photo of explosives being detonated after found by relatives cleaning up the property and passed away. the initial blast along but the debris that went flying afterwords. authorities say if you find or no but any the banton explosives, do not handle them and called the police immediately. the presidential election, 24 hours colorado and 13 other
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caucus, alabama, alaska, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma tennessee, vermont, virginia in wyoming. that is a mouthful, the republicans caucus include colorado so are you going to go? fox 31 outside of the thousands of precinct locations across the metro area so walk us through all of this, manned up. . >> everybody knows general election, you show up and so well -- fill out your ballots. a similar way, but colorado of course has the caucus by each party separately. thousands of people and tomorrow night. bernie sanders with a campaign office. different teams and some folks, others walking. hillary clinton, denver campaign volunteers. some people, the caucus process
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they are ready to caucus but do you know what to do? a meeting of friends and neighborhoods at a location, usually in their neighborhood. here is how it works you going to the party website, type and the address to see the precinct location but the caucus 7:00 p.m. tomorrow in one of the most important things you will do is vote on which neighbors become a delegate and then cast level from u.s. senate to present at the county location. the difference between parties, democrats have a presidential go . and here is there reason why. it is now and election. we are equipped to run a poll, great concerns about new polls,
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so in the running the republican race expected to dominate the caucus conversation. this is probably the most interesting presidential in my lifetime. they will actually asked people running for delegates who do you support? based on what those answers are. caucus expected to last at each precinct location but make sure you arrive early today, live in denver, fox 31 denver. one night ahead of super tuesday, donald trump secret service headlines, take a look at this, photographer on the ground after chokes ham and slams him to the ground during a protest, time magazine, and the agent put his hands around his neck. they are aware of the incident but do not have all the details. new developments university with
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first time now. confessed to a hostile act in a press conference and accused of trying to steal a sign with political slogan from the walls of the hotel in january. twenty-one-year-old, leeward into a, no act by the us. . it is unclear if cooler to say these things by north korean officials, but they say he was encouraged by his university society and the cia. states rolling out a new drivers license. tonight, to keep your identity
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the future without credit cards. traveled all the way to san francisco to learn about the newest. meteorologist dave fraser at the top of the newscast, things are very dry. we do have a cold front coming
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they are back with there is about money and how to protect identity by creating new ways to pay. planning for future without credit cards, fox 31 denver travel to san francisco with the newest idea and how it could be coming to a car near you very soon. imagine a world credit cards and checks are obsolete anything cash a thing of the past.
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car in and of itself a commerce vehicle effectively allowing you to take out of your lives. we had to see for ourselves, visa headquarters to check out the next generation of car buying experience. may be closer than it appears commit the thing to do with your smart phone. exley leave the car in your lot without having to talk to a salesman. transactions with your vehicle and life a lot more convenient. the possibilities that are out there and what i do my put in my name and it will create an actual account. the chain, secured network identifier. protection or identity. i have some options for my lease so i can choose low, mid, high mileage police. if i plan on driving a lot, choose high mileage lease.
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pop-up, -- once you are signed ten, the software inside the car remembers signature. signature. maintenance, dmv registration. now come i have my lease information that can go to my next contract. things to the technology, insurance companies able to track your driving habits and pay for insurance on the road. hence, lower premiums. it doesn't just stop there. remember visa is turning your car into a credit card. you think about coming to a gas station to get out of your car, what if the car could do that for you and actually communicate with the pump and pay in advance? same goes for ordering food. so you want to order a pizza on the way home. a car can transmit the information securely over they drive up, already pay and they know where you are in hand your
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different and simpler from the ways we are doing it now. easy for consumers to live your live, fox 31 denver. will begin testing in northern california this spring. the motivation for us to do anything. like get out of the car. but it seems like a long time -- a long time. i don't get it. i mean, come i think it is fantastic. nine years and i'm not getting rid of it anytime soon. it will not pump your gas for you. exactly. back out to aurora, live on the scene of this grass fire that broke out things to the dry conditions we have been the winds whipping out there. this is alameda, a pretty good job of mopping this up and getting it under control. they did have to close the road
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a lot of pictures and and the smoke drifting often the distance. let me show you what's going on pinpoint weather, the winds the biggest factor we have been doing the winds late this afternoon in advance of a cold front coming through. right now, the winds coming down below 20 miles per hour, but as you go east and the fire in this area right there, the winds 30 miles per hour. look at the airport, 40. the good news, relax and the next hour or so. i mentioned the cold front, cutting from north to south, over i 70, generating rain and snow showers grand junction towards athens, continuing to come up and down the front range, snow showers blowing around at the top of the continental divide the top of the foothills in this, too well last. we make get one or two showers so i do have that chance in the
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in the planes, the better chance of rain actually out here on these term planes, the front is dropping north to south. that will continue to move to the south. temperatures in the 40s and 50s, and then another very warm day with 60s and even 70s down in pueblo. denver 62 degrees, 13 above normal average, which is now 50. outside, you can see the clouds blowing through as the cold front comes in. down into the 50s already. west winds 26 miles an hour. the cold front, temperatures upper 40s to 50 degrees, south the cold front coming your way, aurora, look back to the north, colder temperature starting to porro pour over wyoming, nebraska 24 hour temperature difference, that is the cold air with temperatures dropping off fast. the winds, but as the front drops to the south, the wind
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in the only winds up and over the mountains tomorrow. the future cast one or two little showers denver 9:00 o'clock tonight the cold front south of us continues to drop away, the skies clear wake-up tuesday with plenty of sunshine as we go through the afternoon. another band of clouds across the area, one or two snow showers in the mountains. began the cold front, it drops, clears everything out, starts quiet for the first day of march coming in like a lamb instead of a line. we will keep it that way with clouds across the mountains late in the day. lows in the teens and 20s in the mountains cold one chilly a lot of 30s over these term planes, denver 27. then tomorrow in the wake of tonight's cold front, 50s and 60s drop off a 10 degrees from where we were today, still great this time of year, 55, 40s and 50s in the mountains commit
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upper 50s downtown denver but again sunshine to enjoy. passing shower but otherwise gusting winds midnight, 27 tomorrow 27, 55 degrees, come a cooler day. than, guys, right back to 60s quickly thursday, wednesday, thursday, friday, the two warmest day 60s for the we can. next chance of rain not coming until monday of next week. i would use caution, very, very dry in this forecast is not hoping. we could go to carlisle, that is good news, long overdue. rare thing that happened at -- to a local mother. not once but twice, surprising story when we come back. within 23 million american struggled with addiction. using oxycontin and i was 20 years old.
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it was coke, ecstasy kemal this week on good day colorado. a special five days series putting a name, face and story to those addicted to. men, women, kids and friends fighting it. inside look at what many are
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bernie sanders -- the courage to stand up to big oil because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline and never waffled. he's also the only candidate to oppose fracking because fracking can endanger our drinking water and threaten our climate. sanders has the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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i like what mother celebrating the birth a brand-new baby on the sleep your day. paid a visit of the hospital. the story does not end there. a special connection between her newborn and 12-year-old son. a common year has 365 days but a lee. we hundred 66. that is february 29. leap year happens every four years to synchronize the calendar year with a solar year. what does that mean to you? great deals at restaurant and tv
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born on this day. no, he's not my tummy anymore. that is where jennifer ten and brand-new baby boy come in. antonio was born on leap day. . [laughter] 3:53, weighing 7 pounds, 5 ounces, please well command tonio. now, the part of the story where we rebuild the surprise me antonio's chana jennifer's second leap year baby. everybody thinks we planned it. we did not play in plan says. this is the first one, giovanni born february 29, 2,004. so you are three years old now? officially. :the dems?
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opportunity. okay come i believe her. so where does dad fit in all this? the bottom of the totem pole. i believe him, too, but at the end of the day commit doesn't matter if plan or not. the fact is little antonio is one beautiful baby boy a. dan daru, fox 31 denver. . >> dmv making major changes. in the only local news, and
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